Dec 072019

Bill Brough’s world is collapsing rapidly. Similar to someone in a downward spiral due to self-destructive behavior, Brough is blaming everyone else for his maladies.

Your Intrepid Blogger obtained a copy of William “Bill” Brough’s candidate statement for his re-election attempt. It is clinical – similar to the narcissistic-rage rampage of Chad Mayes, Bill Brough’s spiral is a classic pattern of an addict. Chad Mayes will engage in a series of self-destructive acts to prove once and for all he is right and everyone else is wrong. Bill Brough so desperately wants to keep his frat party lifestyle that he is in a similar trap of calling everyone around him a liar and using a political issue as a straw-man.

All clinical diagnosis aside –  Bill Brough’s Ballot Statement is a disaster.

#1 The tone of the ballot statement is angry and defensive. It sounds like it was written in a drunken pity party while Brough was thinking about all the meanies doing mean things to him.

#2 A discerning reader would compare paragraph 2 to paragraph 5 and realize that out of the list of stuff in Paragraph 5 was not accomplished, only the two items referenced in paragraph 2. Brough just handed his opponents fodder to call him a failure. (In addition to crooked and/or a pig)

#3 There are a few grammatical errors in the statement. Definitely an #EPICFAIL for an incumbent.

#4 There are also two easy to prove outright lies in Brough’s Ballot Statement as well. I am not sure if he will be forced to correct them before publishing or not – but we will detail those lies in later posts.

#5 He focuses on an issue that appears to only matter in 1/3 of his district, and makes it the straw man for everything that has befallen him. No Professional Consultant would ever allow this in a ballot statement. However, when the bottle is your best friend, it does not lend itself to rational thought.

#6 He mentions the scandals that have befallen him. This is quite possibly the dumbest thing I have ever seen in a ballot statement. In 22 years in politics I’ve never seen this done before…

… It appears that Andrei Popov or Viatchaslav Smirnoff is William “Bill” Brough’s campaign manager.

This morning the OCGOP endorsed Laurie Davies for Assembly. The vote was 37-6. The 6 votes were refuseniks, not Bill Brough supporters. Bill Brough did not get a single vote for endorsement from the OCGOP, on the heels of getting humiliated unanimously by the OC Lincoln Club – who also endorsed Laurie Davies.

The OCGOP just abandoned an incumbent, something completely unheard of.

I can not understate what a political earthquake this is. Your intrepid blogger is 6 months in to blasting Bill Brough, and it has taken until the last month or so to see real movement from the political leaders. I can not understate how proud I am of the women who stood up to intimidation and came out publicly behind their claims. These brave women gave a human face to what the Right on Daily Blog was writing about William “Bill” Brough. 

I feel like I was doing my part to protect them when I turned in over 200 pages of evidence to back up a multi-faceted FPPC claim against Brough. I’ve written about a dozen posts about Bill Brough’s financial maladies, and a refresher course on the dirty dealings may well be on the docket shortly.

For Bill Brough, no on the Job Training IS necessary, just a political Beer Truck with his name on it is barreling down the 241 Freeway towards his rented home in Dana Point…

Bill Brough getting things done with Gavin…

Dec 052019

Chad Mayes thought he had pulled a fast one by waiting until the day before filing to leave the GOP. It appears that part of the metric was to run as an NPP without a Republican on the ballot.

Right On Daily had previously endorsed Andrew Kotyuk over Chad Mayes. Read the post I wrote almost 2 years ago. It is timely in light of Chad Mayes current actions.

Let me keep this short and sweet.

I know that Andrew Kotyuk is a full portfolio conservative. Like anyone in local government he has had to make some extremely difficult decisions dealing with the unfunded mandates that people like Chad Mayes cut deals to foist on them.

In the world of Chad Mayes and his new way GOP everything is negotiable and personal relevance and justification takes precedence over good policy. The values of one’s youth are subordinated to the urgency of today.

Mayes would have you know that Andrew Kotyuk is not perfect. I’d have you know that as a Conservative Christian, I have watched Chad Mayes compromise and prostitute every value he said he had when he first ran for office. It is embarrassing as it makes people think less of my faith and my values when reflected against the hypocrisy of people like Mayes.

I know 100% about the opposition research file on Andrew Kotyuk. They are allegations and the rest is civil. It does not rise to the level of moral corruption on display with Chad Mayes.

I write this endorsement knowing full well that Gary Jeandron has unloaded a chunk of his personal wealth in to his campaign.

I write this endorsement knowing full well that at least $1MM in independent expenditure money is coming in from the swamp that has taken over Chad Mayes empty soul in an attempt to protect their investment.

I despair to believe that Mayes will be able to come back from the narcissistic scorched earth pattern he has set for himself because his inner need to be right has consumed him and supplanted the faith of his youth. I also despair to see the widespread destruction his narcissistic rage is causing the GOP as he cavorts with jilted GOP losers like failed governor Arnold and John Kasich who will never be able to recover from losing the 2016 Presidential primary.

Andrew Kotyuk represents more than an Assembly Candidate. Flawed though he is, Kotyuk represents the real GOP and the principled GOP that has decided to take a stand against the swamp and its’ millions in independent expenditure money used to secure legislation that enriches their profit margin at the expense of the middle class. Kotyuk represents the little people that want representation from someone that lives as who he says he is, warts and all.

Gary Jeandron has tried and failed multiple times. He is yesterday’s news.

Chad Mayes represents a wing of the GOP that needs to be cut out like a cancer, the “I am moderate because I need to be relevant” wing of Republicans that bail on major issues not out of principle, but because they need attention and relevance. That sort of moral and ideological bankruptcy is useless to everyone regardless of party.

I have serious doubts about weather Kotyuk will be able to beat the tsunami of money against him. In this case the contrast is so important that I’d be shirking my responsibility as a Republican leader in California by not taking a position. Therefore I am endorsing Andrew Kotyuk out of a sense of duty to California and the California Republican Party. Fire Chad Mayes, elect Andrew Kotyuk.

Here’s the deal – it is being put to me that the local GOP are moving fast to endorse Andrew and if everything works correctly, Kotyuk will be endorsed in time to file his ballot statement. It has also been put to me that money is going to be directed to him by specific donors and/or parties (LEGALLY by the way) in order to enable Mr. Kotyuk to file.

Finally, it has been put to me that Kotyuk will have the endorsements he needs to clear the way for him to be the GOP standard-bearer in AD-42.

Your intrepid blogger will fill in details about the Republican Leaders and Parties involved in this effort once it is completed.

Dec 052019

I will write this again, anyone that cares about the state of California wants a healthy vibrant GOP. As such, I want Jessica Patterson to succeed as Chairman of the CAGOP.

I have been outspoken in my criticism of the current CAGOP Leadership. This one they got right. Along with others, I was frustrated when Chad Mayes was endorsed by the CAGOP in the first place, but today’s action was excellent.

The first two paragraphs are not conflicting statements, as I attempt to offer solutions with the criticism and attempt to balance criticism with recognizing when they do right.

With Chad Mayes, Jessica Patterson was in between a rock and a hard place. Remember, Assembly GOP Leadership are huge boosters of hers and Chad Mayes endorsed her for Chair. Had Patterson run Chad through, she’d have been guilty of a smaller betrayal than Mayes did by leaving the GOP in the underhanded manner that he did. Given that the Assembly leadership are still angry over the CAGOP standing up to Mayes in the first place, the CAGOP leadership were almost stuck having to wait for Mayes to do what he did.

The truth be told – the fact that four board members stood up against the endorsement was really unprecedented. Usually, by the time an endorsement gets to the CAGOP Board, it is unanimous.

I’ve written that Jessica Patterson has been hopping mad behind the scenes about Bill Brough. I will have more to say about Bill Brough and his sexual misconduct soon – but Patterson was also privately backing up some of my accounts about some of the monsters in the body politic I’ve been writing about recently. Perhaps this very public rebuke of the Assembly Leadership and the CAGOP will be a wake up call and people like Marie Waldron will stop interfering with the CAGOP leadership actually leading.

What Jessica Patterson did today was outstanding. Her leadership in getting the CAGOP to set fire to Chad Mayes was excellent. I am looking forward to seeing her become more bold and being willing to deal with problems before they get to the Bill Brough or Chad Mayes level.

This response was one of the best political emails I have ever seen.

There is no doubt that Chad Mayes’ exit was pre planned. Other things have been happening that I have been writing about that have made it clear there was movement. While Mayes will get the short-term narcissistic supply to fuel his psychosis, long term he will be remembered poorly by everyone whose admiration and opinions he craves.

In the mean time Madam Chairman saddled up a dump truck and took out the trash. Here’s to more housecleaning.

Dec 052019

Thank you North Coast Vice Chair Matt Heath. Thank You RNC National Committeewoman Harmeet Dhillon. Thank you CAGOP Secretary Randy Berholtz. Thank you to an unknown 4th board member. These are the four CAGOP Board Members that voted against a party endorsement of Chad Mayes. CAGOP Treasurer Greg Gandrud abstained.

To everyone else on the CAGOP Board, you’ve got egg on your face.

There are several dominoes falling as a result of the narcissistic rampage of Chad Mayes – the most obvious and anti-climactic happened today.


This is going to have a ripple effect for a bit beyond the obvious nexus of Chad Mayes getting revenge on the CAGOP for having the audacity to call him out for his bad behavior.

#1 CAGOP Chair Jessica Patterson did a lot of work for this guy in a previous life. All the GOP Establishment types are going to blame the conservative outrage over Mayes’ Cap and Trade in order to assuage their bruised egos and so as not to have to admit that they hitched on to an unprincipled man. However, no amount of blame shifting can change the fact that most of the consultants and elected party leaders were involved in the creation of the Chad Mayes monster.

#2 Marie Waldron loses a leadership vote. One of the repeated theories (confirmed by insiders off the record, mind you) was that Waldron was protecting and running interference for the deranged Bill Brough because he was vote #10 for her in a 10-9 caucus. Well that decision looks even worse than protecting a monster like Brough, there are always too many variables in politics to control. Doing the morally right thing is never the wrong decision. Marie Waldron failed miserably as a political and moral leader.

#3 “Elected Leadership” has made it clear they resent any attempt by the party apparatus meddling in their affairs. AS such, they took a series of moves that gave Mayes a larger megaphone and platform to carry out his rampage. They also made it easier for caucus members to misbehave and lastly, the #MEXIT by Mr. Mayes is the outward manifestation for the complete breakdown in caucus discipline.

#4 This also signifies a complete meltdown and failure of the #NEWWAYCA movement. Once again, after over two decades in politics, I’ve watched squish after squish lecture conservatives. Then they lose and when they lose they exit the party. #NEWWAYCA should be called #MYWAYCA or #MEXIT

#5 Where does this leave Jordan Cunningham? He was to have been the third member of the Chad Mayes “Independent” Caucus. Brian Maienschein, Mayes and Jordan Cunningham allegedly had a mutual suicide pact and were all going to leave the GOP together. Then, Mainschein jumped the gun and took care of himself going full democrat.

Then we have the curious case of Kristen Olsen. She is a sitting County Supervisor and is the disgraced former CAGOP Vice Chair, preceding the conflicted Chinese (ahem Taiwanese) Businessman Peter Kuo. One of my posts about some of the current CAGOP Leaders was showing the money they earned from Olsen’s Supervisor Campaign in 2018. Now Mrs. Olsen appears to be following the lead or acting in concert with her former flame and fellow adulterer Chad Mayes:

So sorry Jesus Andrade – It looks like Kristen Olsen is headlining an event for your Democrat Incumbent Opponent in SD-05. You know, #NEWWAYCA – be a democrat to be relevant.

Rarely have I ever regretted torching a squish. Usually, when your intrepid blogger recognized the egomaniacal narcissism of a candidate without a poilitical soul the pattern repeats with disturbing familiarity.

The next step is for Mrs. Olsen to #MEXIT. Perhaps Arnold will too. It is the #MYWAYCA or the Highway movement.

And in the case of SD05 – it looks like Kristen is on her way out the door too.

Dec 052019

A few weeks ago, we covered how the San Joaquin GOP stiffed Republican Tom Patti for Supervisor, and endorsed an un-funded Trump-Hater for Congress in CA-10. We believe it had a nexus with the paying clients that the local political boss is running for election.

Welcome to CA-09. Today’s featured attraction is a 4-time failed candidate running for office trying to make it a 5th.

This would be Antonio “Tony” Amador. From Vote Smart:

Candidate, United States House of Representatives, California, District 9, 2016

Candidate, United States House of Representatives, District 9, 2014

Candidate, California Assembly, District 9, 2012

Candidate, United States House of Representatives, District 11, 2010

The candidate snubbed by Stockton’s Tammany Hall? William Martinek. Check out Martinek’s website and read his story. It is pretty cool and represents a candidate with youth and potential. Tony Amador is 75, twice Martinek’s age.

While I think it is awesome that Amador is still involved publicly and interested at his age, the issue is his 4 failed runs and the laziness of the political machine in San Joaquin County with regard to finding candidates. Both Grifters recruited by the San Joaquin Tammany Hall live in CA-09 and neither will have enough money to walk and chew gum at the same time in their primaries. You’d think that they would do better than a 4 time loser in his mid 70’s?

This is Tony Amador circa 2016

In years’ past I supported Tony Amador, however, once a candidate runs and loses 3 times and they keep running (A la Suzanne Jones) it is hard to view them as any more than a grifter. It is a shame actually that Mr. Amador has allowed himself to be retreaded a fifth time and this time allowing himself to be used as a tool of retribution by jilted political bosses.

The Grifter in CA-10? She actually ran for CA-09 in 2018! Prior, Tony Amador ran for CA-09 in 2014 and 2016. Are you confused yet? Don’t be, that is a whole lot of losing in San Joaquin County.

To be continued…

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