Oct 292020

Update: I got this from Scott Wilk:

I have a 100% career pro-life position according to the CA Pro-Life Council.
I’m endorsed by HJTA because of my opposition to taxes.
If your on Twitter, Equality CA is coming after me because of my opposition to the trans-gender bathroom bill.
The reporter never spoke to me or Mike.
I think the point of the article is that our campaigns took a different approach. Mike hard-core base messaging & our campaign communicating to “persuadable” voters. That is true.
However, we coordinated our campaigns the entire time.
If Trump doesn’t tank on the East Coast (and I don’t think he will), we’ll both win, although by closer margins that we would like.

Two articles appeared today. It is clear that they were both planted in the media as the narratives and the people quoted in them are way too familiar to not be coincidental.

One article featured Rob Stutzman, a Trump-Hating Alumni of Arnold and Meg who is a buddy of failed CAGOP Chairwoman Jessica Patterson. The other article featured Patterson herself, former CAGOP Chair Ron Nehring and others from the San Diego squish cartel. As I am reading the tea leaves, Stutz and Nehring are part of the Kevin Faulconer for governor crew.

Faulconer is going to campaign on a move the CAGOP so far left they are moderate democrats platform and of course Orange Man Bad.

Not coincidentally the two articles seem to be way too convenient with that narrative. The first article basically says Senator Scott Wilk will get re-elected because he has squished out on Abortion, Gay Rights, Taxes, Environmental Policies and the like. It also asserts that Congressman Mike Garcia will not get re-elected because he likes the orange man too much and has voted as a Conservative.

Bad Mike. No Trump! Rob Stutzman says so.

The article was on KQED – a PBS affiliate. This is the far left media network that we are all ripped off as taxpayers to fund.

“I would say a candidate like Garcia has committed to a strategy that his reelection becomes reliant upon the president likely winning that congressional district,” Stutzman said. “He has decided not only does he have nowhere to hide from the president, but let’s go all in and try to optimize and basically run a base election strategy.”

The article extols a slew of democrat votes by Scott Wilk. At the end of the article (so typical of the leftist media) is this gem:

But Wilk’s bipartisan efforts haven’t shielded him from a fierce challenge from Democratic candidate Kipp Mueller, who has called out Wilk’s past opposition to gun control legislation.

And the very same groups that gave Wilk a positive rating for his votes, including the California Federation of Teachers and Planned Parenthood, have donated to Mueller’s campaign.

So the narrative is set, Wilk’s squishing is good. Garcia sticking to Conservative Values is bad – yet they are both in serious danger of losing. Do not be surprised to see people in Jessica Patterson’s crew blame President Trump almost immediately for the losses. I have information that shows every Republican in a competitive seat in California are in serious trouble, and the only way the people like Jeff Randle, Rob Stutzman et. al. can make the case to re-elect Jessica Patterson Chairwoman of the CAGOP (post a Nagasake style election) is to have a straw man.

Enter the other part of Jessica Patterson’s crew: Team Faulconer. Faulconer needs to have the CAGOP in the bag. He is Meg Whitman without her money. He is Neel Kashkari without his record of success in finance.

Faulconer’s team are a who’s who of trump-haters and Meg Whitman alum. Many of them happen to be taking tens of thousands of dollars from the CAGOP and related entities. And, they are all losing even worse than before.

Add in Maienschein and it is now -14. Will we get to -20 after Tuesday?

The same people that brought us California Trailblazers (aka California Trailfailures) are now trying to Blame President Trump and set up another Leftist Republican for Governor.

Elephant in the Room: California Republican Party needs a Trump Loss to Move Forward. This is the actual title of the Column that Team Faulconer / Patterson had planted in the SD Union Tribune. At least they are blatant and honest in their stupidity.

Moreover, the president may have so fundamentally changed the national Republican Party that Trumpism could be around for a while, whether he’s in the White House or not. He has drawn new people to political activism, and they are passionate in their support for him.

“The impact of the national party brand is consistently underestimated,” Ron Nehring, former San Diego and California Republican Party chairman, said in an email. “. . . The reality is there are no state-level party brands in America. They are always — ALWAYS — set nationally.”

Ron Nehring is a supporter of Kevin Faulconer and is a Never-Trumper.

Note the word “Trumpism”. I am surprised the word Orange is not being thrown around as well.

The Columnist quoted some of Jessica Patterson’s past statements about “Big Tent” and inclusion, but it is clear that Jessica is not speaking to the media except in controlled circumstances to avoid another George Skelton type of disaster.

The Columnist spends another 400+ words tearing in to the Republican Platform and making the case for squishing out an abandoning anything resembling the President as the way to the promised land. The rhetoric is eerily similar to the words being used by Kevin Faulconer – the embattled former Mayor of San Diego who these same people are pushing for Governor in 2022.

The narrative is set – do not Blame Jessica Patterson, Tom Ross, Jeff Randle, and all the others that bled the CAGOP Dry for hundreds of thousands of dollars for the failure. Blame the President. Blame Conservatives. It reminds me of everything I was told by a lot of the same liberals and moderates in 1998 when I first got involved in CAGOP politics.

How many times do these people need to have their tails kicked before they realize that the same solutions aren’t working? It is a testament to Hubiris and establishment inertia.

All the above said, it looks like the narrative is set for the CAGOP officer elections coming soon. It’s not the CAGOP’s fault, it’s all Trump’s fault.

Aug 192020

I still remember being a target of the Meg Whitman for Governor crew. They really did not like me hammering her on the redcountyblog system (it is long since defunct as it’s founder was a complete fraud and ended up in a ton of legal trouble). A couple of media stories later, your intrepid blogger discovered that the Meg Whitman team paid Red County $30K for advertising 4 days before I was thrown off the platform. After I was expelled from the platform, Right On Daily was born. It is my own site and is beholden to no one, I bet they wish they would have left me alone.

Getting attacked by Jeff Randle and David Reade publicly in the form of planted media articles from 2010-2011 launched my career as an opposition political operative. Many other victims of them have not been so lucky. I write these posts as a warning about who these people are, they are as lethal as you think your intrepid blogger is. Make sure you are prepared when you deal with them and know that eveyone in politics has an agenda and connections of their own.

For those of you newer to the CAGOP political game, let’s take a look at the $150 Million Train Wreck Meg Whitman for Governor. She spoke at the DNC Convention, and also endorsed Clinton in 2016. Her staff and consultants? Just wait – the names are all familiar and once you know the who and why, you will understand why Jessica Patterson and the oligarchy of controlled failure have been tagged as trump-haters by your intrepid blogger.

If you click on the link – just notice the blurry array of consultants on the Whitman Payroll.

We will go in alpha order

Luis Alvarado – currently working with the Lincoln Project, currently subject of a Complaint for being a CAGOP Delegate openly campaigning for Biden. This connection to Jessica Patterson and others suggests a reason why the complaint is being stuffed.

Hector Barajas – a career staffer and current/former CRP Employee.

Frances Barraza – a Trump-Hater and staffer for Mayor Kevin Faulconer (in our opinion the CAGOP leadership and consultants are lining everything up for a governor run for Faulconer in 2022)

Russ Bogh – Albeit a small reimbursement, his Cousin’s Wife Rocilicie Ochoa-Bogh is the $3Million Dollar Woman in SD-23 (small world, isn’t it?) Bogh was an assembyman then and helped Meg Whitman nail down a lot of endorsements and money early.

Richard Costigan – Trump Hater, Lincoln Project Participant and Meg’s connection to Team Arnold.

Todd Cranney – is careful about his public profile, but was one of meg’s main hatchet people and a total insider. His Bio includes Romney and Bush.. Also there is this:

Note the date of the tweet

Duane Dichara (Then known as Revolvis Consulting) and DSR Enterprises. DSR is David Stafford Reade – I mention them both as they are the exceptions in this list of Trump-Haters. Dichara was an original Trumper and Reade, who worked with Meg and most of her crew on team Marco Rubio – is now working as a bundler for President Trump. (But, both are working to set things up for Faulconer 2022)

If you take the time to look up several of the consultants, you will be amazed to see how many mainline GOP Consultants there are that got some of Meg Whitman’s Money.

Green Faucet LLC, my favorite – the entity that owned the Red County Blog system. LOL

Kristen Hueter – made over $100K on the report. Worked with Grow Elect since its’ 2013 founding. (small world, huh?)

Latino Political Consulting, LLC (Think Grow Elect)

Jessica Patterson herself

Sarah Pompeii – Whitman and Romney and former CAGOP

Randle Communications – at the Center of Most everything CAGOP for 20 years. This is Jeff Randle and Mitch Zak’s Firm. Randle himself was paid $25K a month by Whitman separate from his firm.

Megan Range – long time CAGOP Staffer

Michael Saragosa – now a Placerville Councilmember, but part of the list of consultants associated with Grow Elect, etc. Has several anti-trump tweets still showing.

Lindsey Stetson – a current CAGOP Board member. Also reputed to be a never-trumper

Rob Stutzman – another Lincoln Project Booster. Stutz once ran Prop 22 the original defense of marriage amendment and since worked for McCain, Romney, Whitman, Arnold, etc.

Kathy Tavoularis – a complicated figure, but she was defeated by two votes by Greg Gandrud for CAGOP Treasurer in 2019. It was believed that Jessica’s Crew were helping her, and this is the reason why. Kathy is not a liberal nor a never trumper however. She makes the list as it demonstrates how small the political world is. Do enough research and you will connect everybody eventually.

Mitch Zak – also received $15,000 a month from Whitman.

As I googled several of the consultants – it is a who’s who of Marco Rubio, Mitt Romney and John McCain type of people. I even saw one of the lead consultants for the trump-hating Larry Hogan (Governor of MD).

So this is the reason for this post –

#1 Given the pedigree of this crew should we be surprised at all by what we are seeing? (candidate lynchings, racism against White Male Candidates, etc)

#2 Should anyone donate to much less have confidence in the CAGOP given that their staffers and consultants have a clear history of losing and antipathy towards the current President?

#3 Should anyone trust these people to do the right thing?

#4 Given these connections – is anyone surprised about the origin of groups like California Trailblazers and Grow Elect? (aka paychecks for insiders)

#5 It explains the current circumstances within the Party leadership – Ignoring County Chairs, Lynching nominees, trying to control delegates, forcing out the grassroots, loyalty tests and the like.

Given that Meg Whitman was on a national stage (TWICE) opposing President and Candidate Trump – you can easily draw the conclusion that did not happen in a vacuum and without support. Jessica Patterson, Jeff Randle and others have done nothing to disavow the actions of Whitman and others they are so closely tied to. How could they? Their employees and consultants and mostly like minded trump-haters!

No wonder why Jordan Cunnigham (AD-35) is receiving zero pushback for his open hostility towards the president and the local grassroots!

Bonus: Lynn Vakay was also on the payroll of Meg Whitman. Lynn would later become Lynn Haueter. Bob was a top operative in the Bill Thomas, later Kevin McCarthy crew. Bob Haueter, then the Chief of Staff for CA-25 Congressman Buck McKeon helped me run several drills within CRA. The point here is that Jessica Patterson has a relationship with AD-38 candidate Martinez-Valladares going back years and is yet another explanation for her disproportionate interest in AD-38 to the exclusion of others.

Politics is an extremely small world. When you sneeze 100 people catch a cold. (which would probably be called COVID now in order for a hospital to get stimulus money sigh)

Jul 292020

Did you know that the feckless weak-kneed spineless weasels at the top of the CAGOP’s court of squishes are letting Politico and Media Matters pick candidates? Perhaps there is a revenge motive? Or a financial motive? Let’s take a look at what’s happening…

So would this social media post get me banished by Her Majesty and the Court of Squishes?

In the opinion of this blogger there are several reasons why Jessica Patterson, David Reade, Jeff Randle et al are hunting down GOP Nominees.

The first and most obvious is the Convention in 2021 where Her Majesty is running for re-election (unless the court of squishes determines she can’t win, in which case she will be encouraged to move on). Ted Howze #CA10, Mike Cargile #CA34, Kathleen Hazelton #SD25, Buzz Patterson #CA07 will get delegate appointments. All are not supporters of Jessica Patterson even before they got on to the list. The squishes behind the curtain know that if they can drive down their election numbers, this can shave delegates off of them in Feb 2021.

I’ve seen these squishes do this for years, including last minute filing a second Republican to knock all the Republicans out of the general election.

Very important: Jessica Patterson has called every GOP nominee of 2020 in an effort to try to con them in to supporting her in 2021. Her talking points are ironic: Anti-Establishment, and how party leaders have failed in the past. I know of two specific instances of her talking to nominees. It appears that Hazelton was not buying what Jessica was selling – thus she was in line for execution. 

Jessica Patterson will not return phone calls from several county chairman key people to organizing and winning elections, but is calling former write-in candidates that qualified for the fall election? Yeah, she knows how to count votes and knows her base is eroding due to her terrible performance and the surrounding circumstances.

The Second and less obvious is revenge. Kathleen Hazelton filed as a write in so no one saw her coming. I am aware that Scott Winn (who we burned as the author of the letter to do in Ted Howze) hates Ted Howze (who would not hire him). I was told by Mike’s people that he actually interviewed with Scott Winn regarding a consulting arrangement. Cargile did not hire Winn. I am also aware that #CA07 Buzz Patterson may well have interviewed Scott Winn as well.

Your intrepid blogger has been told by insiders that Buzz Patterson and a couple other GOP Nominees are on the list to get lynched.

The cover story for lynching Ted Howze, Mike Cargile and Kathleen Hazelton was due to alleged “Racist” posts. Perhaps now that the Scott Winn connection is being vetted and the leak of the CAGOP’s Board Meeting agenda to your intrepid blogger we can see that this 1990’s era consultant drill of trying to screw party nominees not known to be loyal to the regime will be thwarted.

There is a third nexus that is overlaid in all of this. Q Anon. Media Matters has been obsessed with this (more so than the paranoid conspiracies of Q anon themselves). They have been systematically smearing and “outing” Q Anon candidates. Kathleen Hazelton is a Q Anon supporter. I do believe that Media Matters, politico and the LA Times have been tipped off regarding Ted Howze and Mike Cargile in terms of the specific opposition research being sent to them on a tee. The timing was too compact, the articles too easy and the reaction from the court of squishes was way too quick for there to not be some sort of coordination – and Jessica gets to exterminate delegate appointments from the CAGOP gene pool to protect her paycheck in 2021.

Remember, Media Matters are proven liars funded by George Soros amongst others. Yet, Jessica Patterson and crew are using them for cover as they lynch candidates they perceive as not being loyal to the regime.

Consider the above and watch carefully who the next candidates the leadership of the CAGOP are going to try to lynch. It is clear that Jeff Randle and company are already sweating Jessica Patterson’s re-election. These people are ruthless and play for keeps. If you google my name, you will see age-old smears dating back to 2009, 2010, 2011 when Randle, David Reade, Karen England and crew tried to kill me off. Ironically, My second career as a paid political operative and blogger was launched by the publicity these people got me when engineering smears in the local media. Many people that get smeared like this are not as tough and crazy as I am and usually fold. This is what these people are counting on when they trash and destroy Republican volunteers.

If you care about the future of the CAGOP – pay attention to the long game. Andy G, David Reade, Jeff Randle, Tom Ross, Jessica Patterson, etc are all lining up their next paychecks for 2022 and beyond. They are attacking on multiple levels while people are focused on the here and now.

Here is the moral to the story – get to know your Republican nominees. Make sure they are protected if they are not Jessica supporters. If they are Jessica supporters or have been called by her, find out what was said and why they bought in to it.

Get to know your local GOP Chairmen. The best hope to dealing with the court of squishes making tens of thousands of dollars off of losing elections is with the County Chairs, they get a ton of delegate appointments to the CAGOP. Trust me, the court of squishes probably are already tracking their movements. When I worked for Travis Allen, I knew that Jessica’s convention staff had every delegate pegged with 12 votes. (They did not know that Antonio Sabato and others were going to bail on Travis)

Get to know the people getting rich off of the failure of the CAGOP. It is not hard to uncover Six-Figure salaries. Andy Garakhani, Tom Ross, Jeff Randle, David Stafford Reade, Jessica Patterson, Matt Klemin, Rebecca Luby, Molly Parnell, etc. Why are they being paid so much to lose elections? How come their salaries, fees and conflicts are not better known to the rank and file CAGOP member?

When “leadership” are trying to get business done on short notice, there is a reason. This is typically done to ensure an outcome. Pay attention to this and make sure other CAGOP delegates – even those friendly to Jessica know about the dirty insider tricks. Fair-minded people resent these sorts of things.

The court of squishes have written the CAGOP’s by-laws and they know them. (and how to circumvent them) If you want to write the rules in the future, you are going to have to beat them at their own game.

Meantime – if you are thinking about running for office, if you interview Scott Winn you had best don a flak jacket if you don’t hire him. (There are other GOP consultants like this as well, I may write about them in the future)

P.S. Kathleen Hazelton was not notified she was going to be lynched before the CAGOP Board Meeting 7-25. Mike Cargile was not notified before being lynched in June. Ted Howze was not notified before his lynching and even John Briscoe #CA47 (not John W Briscoe of CIR, different person) was not notified that the report drafted about him was going to be acted upon on 7-25 either. Think it through and ask questions.

May 262020

Racism and Sexism 101 – hiding behind demographic labels to overcompensate.

We were told as CAGOP delegates that we needed to elect Jessica Patterson Chair of the CAGOP because she can take the fight to the democrats. What has happened so far is that she can’t take a hamburger out of the drive-thru and she is virtue-signaling like a democrat.

So, what has Jessica Patterson’s Leadership looked like so far?

  1. All Travis Allen and Steve Frank supporters were exterminated from CAGOP Committees (with 2 exceptions).
  2. The “do not hire” list was revived and stocked with Travis Allen and Steve Frank supporters.
  3. She and her handler Jeff Randle have purged the CAGOP’s Staff. Save a couple people known to be loyal to the regime, everyone else has been terminated or “resigned”.
  4. She has not raised much, if any money. It has been people like Molly Parnell, Rebecca Luby and Tom Ross that have done the heavy lifting (BTW – Thank You).
  5. The Candidates she has touted and supported have made it clear there is a racial litmus test for “Preferred” CAGOP candidates.
  6. The pattern of party involvement in endorsements has bordered on immoral and has certainly been arbitrary. (This will be the subject of a follow-up post)

On Friday – we blew the lid off of Jessica Patterson’s role in trying to cut the throat of #CA10 Nominee and GOP Rockstar Ted Howze. Information has flown in to your intrepid blogger since that post. We now know that

  1. Ted Howze supported Travis Allen for CAGOP Chair
  2. Jessica Patterson pushed the CAGOP Board to revoke the #CA10 endorsement WITHOUT notifying Ted Howze NOR giving him a chance to defend himself.
  3. Jessica Patterson attempted to engage the Stan GOP and SJGOP AFTER the fact in providing political cover for the CAGOP pulling the endorsement WITHOUT notifying them beforehand
  4. The Letter Jessica Patterson sent to the County Chairs was drafted the morning after the revocation by Scott Winn – the consultant for jilted 3% loser Marla Sousa Livengood
  5. Ted Howze never asked the SJGOP for their endorsement post primary. This is likely because the SJGOP is controlled by Scott Winn. The SJGOP endorsed 3% Loser Marla Sousa Livengood. (Livengood never used her maiden name of Sousa in her past campaigns by the way) Yet the Chairman of the SJGOP was solicited by Winn/Patterson to sign a letter asking the CAGOP to revoke it’s endorsement the morning after it was revoked. (there is no SJGOP endorsement of Howze to revoke)
  6. SJ County Supervisor Bob Elliott wanted to run for SD05 Until Patterson / Shannon Grove and others pressured him out of the SD05 race in favor of Jesus Andrade. Despite $150K of the meager CAGOP resources going in to Andrade, he got hammered and Jim Ridenour is the nominee (who was promptly abandoned by the CAGOP – it is because he is an old white guy like Elliott?)
  7. Patterson has sent emails out on the CAGOP’s system promoting candidates – but none of the featured candidates are White Males except for…
  8. Patterson has abused CAGOP Party resources to feature SD Mayor Kevin Faulconer multiple times. It is a poorly kept secret that he is the next in the long line of squishes favored by Jeff Randle and crew for statewide CAGOP office – namely Governor. As is Kristen Olsen for #CA10 in 2022 or CAxx as drawn up next year.
  9. My opposition research in to Jessica Patterson indicates she is a Never-Trumper, as are Jeff Randle and Scott Winn. In fact, Winn is and has publicly opposed PRESIDENT Trump post election.

Jeff Randle is the man behind the curtain of things CAGOP these days. He was the mastermind behind Meg Whitman a “Republican” Governor disaster in 2010 (Faulconer is almost a carbon copy of her ideologically). Randle was also responsible for a 1990, 1992 effort led by Pete Wilson to primary challenge Conservative Republicans unwilling to go up on Wilson’s Tax increases. That is ironic, as the current assembly permanent minority leader signed a letter demanding a $1 Trillion Federal Bailout for California and has been advocating emptying prisons in the name of “sentencing reform”. Is Marie Waldron getting her cues from Jeff Randle?

I keep mentioning Jeff Randle because he is a key linchpin to this whole operation. His presence explains several things I have been seeing, liberal Republicans are obsessed with racial quota recruiting. It appears that the Andy Vidak wins in a heavily democrat State Senate District (he won twice and held the seat 5+ years!) are completely lost on these people.

We wrote extensively about Rocilicie Ochoa-Bogh whose State Senate race was almost the singular focus of CAGOP leadership. Lloyd White who started election night in first place was assaulted with $1 Million dollars that could have been spent elsewhere. Rosilicie may well be a compelling candidate in her own right – but the pattern exhibited by the race-baiting pandering leadership of the CAGOP is clear. White Men not named Kevin Faulconer need not apply with the CAGOP.

Lest you think the attempted assassination of Ted Howze in #CA10 is an isolated incident or was legitimate because his social media posts may have offended you – take a look at the next post as we lay out in spades the hypocrisy of CAGOP leadership and their selective application of morality.

If you are a Conservative, and especially if you were a supporter of Steve Frank or Travis Allen – Jeff Randle and Jessica Patterson have a list and you’re on it. It is time for conservatives to unite against this Oligarchy of Controlled Failure as they seek to decimate what’s left of the CAGOP so they can have total control and monetize it for their own brand of squishes. (with what little money they do have that is.)

If you care about being a part of things CAGOP – this is the time to put up or shut up because Jeff Randle and Jessica Patterson are playing for keeps. If they continue getting their way there will be no place for any of us at all… which is why you need to stay tuned for the next installment of our expose’ of the moral bankruptcy of their leadership.

Dec 052019

I will write this again, anyone that cares about the state of California wants a healthy vibrant GOP. As such, I want Jessica Patterson to succeed as Chairman of the CAGOP.

I have been outspoken in my criticism of the current CAGOP Leadership. This one they got right. Along with others, I was frustrated when Chad Mayes was endorsed by the CAGOP in the first place, but today’s action was excellent.

The first two paragraphs are not conflicting statements, as I attempt to offer solutions with the criticism and attempt to balance criticism with recognizing when they do right.

With Chad Mayes, Jessica Patterson was in between a rock and a hard place. Remember, Assembly GOP Leadership are huge boosters of hers and Chad Mayes endorsed her for Chair. Had Patterson run Chad through, she’d have been guilty of a smaller betrayal than Mayes did by leaving the GOP in the underhanded manner that he did. Given that the Assembly leadership are still angry over the CAGOP standing up to Mayes in the first place, the CAGOP leadership were almost stuck having to wait for Mayes to do what he did.

The truth be told – the fact that four board members stood up against the endorsement was really unprecedented. Usually, by the time an endorsement gets to the CAGOP Board, it is unanimous.

I’ve written that Jessica Patterson has been hopping mad behind the scenes about Bill Brough. I will have more to say about Bill Brough and his sexual misconduct soon – but Patterson was also privately backing up some of my accounts about some of the monsters in the body politic I’ve been writing about recently. Perhaps this very public rebuke of the Assembly Leadership and the CAGOP will be a wake up call and people like Marie Waldron will stop interfering with the CAGOP leadership actually leading.

What Jessica Patterson did today was outstanding. Her leadership in getting the CAGOP to set fire to Chad Mayes was excellent. I am looking forward to seeing her become more bold and being willing to deal with problems before they get to the Bill Brough or Chad Mayes level.

This response was one of the best political emails I have ever seen.

There is no doubt that Chad Mayes’ exit was pre planned. Other things have been happening that I have been writing about that have made it clear there was movement. While Mayes will get the short-term narcissistic supply to fuel his psychosis, long term he will be remembered poorly by everyone whose admiration and opinions he craves.

In the mean time Madam Chairman saddled up a dump truck and took out the trash. Here’s to more housecleaning.