Feb 202021
From Carl Brickey:
CRP Interim Director Sarah Nelson and CRP Operations Director Danielle Cullum are either incompetent or they intentionally mislead me.
Nelson and Cullum were copied on every challenge and Nelson specifically stated in the email below that these challenges are properly addressed to the Proxies & Credentials Committee.  The challenges were submitted to the Proxies and Credentials Committee because I was told to send them there.
The CRP staff and Proxies & Credentials Committee Chair Patricia Welch have been in possession of these challenges for several days and could have sent them to the Rules Committee themselves or told me to send them to the Rules Committee.
This is an entirely corrupt process and so are the individuals involved.
Carl Brickey

From: Sarah Nelson <[email protected]>
Sent: Monday, February 15, 2021 3:11 PM
To: Carl Brickey <[email protected]>
Cc: Danielle Cullum <[email protected]>; Patricia Welch <[email protected]>; Aaron Park <[email protected]>; [email protected] <[email protected]>; [email protected] <[email protected]>
Subject: Re: Challenging Regular Delegate Status of Linda Alston

Your email has been received. If you believe that Mr. Holtsclaw and Ms. Alston are not properly seated as delegates, you may address your concerns to the Proxies & Credentials committee.
Thank you.


On Feb 14, 2021, at 10:49 PM, Carl Brickey <[email protected]> wrote:


Please see attached letter challenging the regular delegate status of Linda Alston.
Carl Brickey
Appointed Delegate, California Republican Party (2021-2022)

<Tehama County Challenge 02.14.2021.pdf>

Feb 202021

Blogger’s Note: Scott Winn and Corey Uhden turned in 300 Proxies at the CAGOP Convention. Both were voting on accepting proxies at the meeting. Both were paid to gather proxies. Cozy.

The CAGOP Proxies and Credentials Committee met.

The Chairwoman, likely on the advice of David Stafford Reade added six members to the committee. The composition of the members was as deliberate as the rules committee.

Notable members are Scott Winn, Corey Uhden and Jason Scalese. They all work together. Udhen and Winn are out in the public Trump Haters who advocated for Impeachment. Winn orchestrated the lynching of Ted Howze.

Jessica Patterson also put Michael Holdsclaw – the “Chair” of Tehama on the committee whose Central Committee did not meet and did not organize.

In addition Mandy Edson, a delegate from the fake Yuba GOP whose husband Ryan Edson is the chair of the fake Glenn GOP.

There are two other members whose status was also challenged.

See how that works?

What the lawyers that run the CAGOP did in order to avoid dealing with the problem and to seal the fraud is said the complaints should have been sent to the rules committee. No one told us beforehand, in fact Sarah Nelson who called the FBI on me told Carl Brickey to send them to proxies and credentials. Once again the Staff of the CAGOP stuck their finger on the scale in order to manipulate the outcome. Click here to see the CAGOP Staff in action participating in the cover up.

Meantime, the Proxies and Credentials Committee has more conflicts of interest than Tom Ross.

In the meeting they admitted several violations of CAGOP By-Laws and State Election Law and then did nothing about it.

The staff of the CAGOP admitted in the public forum that they neither follow up nor verify submissions from counties – as in they just take their word for it.

The CAGOP is corrupt and needs to be cleaned up big time.

BTW – if we’d have sent the complaints to the rules committee, they’d have said we were supposed to send them to the Proxies and Credentials Committee.


They are now cheating.

The Proxies and Credentials Committee just allowed proxies with no dates, Cross-Outs, and one with a forward date according to people watching the meeting.

It finally took the humiliating duplication of Kevin McCarthy’s proxy to stop some of the corruption.

When Kevin McCarthy’s proxy came up with duplication, that finally stopped the democrat party tactics of count every ballot regardless of the rules.

Three proxies with scratched out dates were allowed, all three were Jessica Patterson votes. Speaking of rigging the system. And, they keep going back and forth.

The CAGOP Staff are the same people that called the FBI on me.

UPDATE 2: They have admitted about 10 proxies with clear rules violations.

UPDATE 3: They are targeting Steve Frank proxies, they threw out Mark Gilham’s Proxy because Gilham’s pen ran out of ink and he signed a second time. But, they have allowed Patterson proxies missing dates, with scratchouts, etc.

UPDATE 4: scratched out names allowed. Multiple people texting me about graphic bias in favor of Jessica Patterson supporters.

UPDATE 5: just accepted a proxy from a patterson supporter who did not know their own address

Feb 192021

NOTE: The CAGOP Election vendor is now admitting that people can register for the convention and then foward their secret link to others in order to vote it. This confirms what I wrote yesterday about how the consultants will rig the election and further violate the CAGOP’s By-Laws.

Well, here you go. Similar to some of the groups that endorsed Jessica without inviting Steve to speak or compete for the endorsement, we have received word from several people inside LA County as follows:

Aaron, I must remain anonymous, but this

“Endorsement” is quite concerning to me. According to my recollection, the LAGOP Central Committee NEVER held an endorsement vote. How do endorsements happen? Unless the Executive Comm has the right to endorse without the knowledge of the Committee at large, I don’t know how this is legitimate.
Your recent column indicates you have the Minutes of LAGOP meetings. Perhaps I missed something.
You may contact me but PLEASE do not disclose my name m
I left the typos in the email on purpose so you’d see it is authentic.
I also have Rick Marshall who has video of the meetings, and three other delegates from LA County who have told me that the LAGOP did not elect the 12 empty district nominees, nor did they have a vote to endorse Jessica Patterson either.
It is clear that the consultants are flaunting the CRP’s By-Laws and daring anyone out there to do anything about it.
I am being told by insiders that the CAGOP’s staff and others are trying to figure out how to deny all of the complaints about election fraud. I am also sure that the control agents are also attempting to cover their tracks as well.
Feb 182021

Come On Guys – we have contracts on the line!

For those of you scoring at home, the scorecard for rigging the CAGOP Convention stands at:

Modoc = -7 from Steve

Tehama = +2 for Jessica

Yuba = +8 for Jessica

Glenn = +8 for Jessica

Los Angeles = +12 for Jessica

That is a total swing of 37 votes so far in a 1430 voter universe. That is 2.5% of the universe folks. That is a statistically significant sample, and guess what – we have some fraud in Orange County coming soon to a theater near you.

I’ve had several off the record conversations with insiders – they all are telling me this is not deliberate but that the CAGOP’s staff is incompetent and is being taken advantage of by consultants. I am struggling to 100% agree with that due to the amount of game playing I have seen thus far. I will concede that some of this is indeed lacksadasical enforcement of the by-laws. There is simply too much of this for it not to be fraud and malfeasance at some level. I wish I could prosecute the consultants that are shepherding this fraud.

So the latest installment surrounds cheating in LA County:

February 18, 2021
Patricia Welch, Proxies & Credentials Committee Chair
California Republican Party
1001 K Street, Fourth Floor
Sacramento, CA 95814

Madam Chair:

I hereby challenge the credentials of twelve (12) regular delegates allegedly elected by the Los Angeles County Republican Central Committee (LAGOP) to fill delegate vacancies in State Senate, Assembly, and Congressional districts.

The delegates are Conyers Davis (SD 30), Megan Dutra (CD 38), Alex Early (AD 46), Eric Eskandari (CD 29), Eddie Kouyoumdjian (AD 48), Charles Moran (SD 35), Fernando Ponce (AD 58), Rodrigo Santillano (AD 51), Sergei Shubin (SD 33), Scott Snapp (AD 50), Sylvia Southerland (SD 32), and Chris Wangsaporn (SD 22).1

Section 2.01.05 (C) (2) of the Standing Rules and Bylaws of the California Republican Party states:

For a vacancy in the office of a nominee for the Member of the State Senate, Member of the State Assembly or Member of the United States House of Representatives, the vacancy shall be filled by the election of the Republican County Central Committee that has the largest number of registered Republicans within the respective Senate, Assembly or congressional District of any county that contains a portion of the district. An election to fill the vacancy shall be held not later than 60 days after notice of the vacancy is sent by the Committee to the appropriate Republican County Central Committee or Committees. A vacancy in such office shall be filled only by a person who is a registered Republican voter within the Senate, Assembly or Congressional district to be represented.

According to their draft meeting minutes and the statements of committee members, the Los Angeles County Republican Central Committee (LAGOP) did not fill the delegate vacancies by election for any of these districts. See the attached draft LAGOP meeting minutes for December 2020 and January 2021.

Because these delegates were not elected to fill the vacant districts by the county central committee in accordance with the Standing Rules and Bylaws of the California Republican Party, as last amended on September 8, 2019, they must be removed from the CRP delegate list.

My purpose is to make sure all county central committees are adhering to the bylaws and I am sure you will agree. If you have any questions, I can be reached at [email protected] or (XXX) XXX-XXXX.

Respectfully submitted,
Carl Brickey
Appointed Delegate (2021-2022)
California Republican Party
1 CRP Delegate List, accessed February 8, 2021.

P.S. There is already a nominee in SD32, Rita Topolian… that should have never been entered in, on top of the absurdity of what they accepted from Richard Sherman and Andy Garakhani. This is just more proof that the staff of the CRP are either in on rigging this election or they are completely asleep at the switch.

Blogger’s Note: I am not posting the draft minutes from the LAGOP at the request of Mr. Brickey. However, it appears that Sherman had them delayed in a vain attempt to cover up what he attempted to do in violation of the CAGOP By-Laws.

There are millions of dollars of consulting contracts riding on this election, and re-electing Jessica Patterson by any means possible is part of that metric.

Feb 182021

The logo is hysterical. But the voting system itself is secure

I am 100% convinced that the Staff of the CAGOP is in on it. It is what it is. I also had a private session with the election vendor who made several statements in the meeting suggesting he had been breifed by the staff before the meeting what to expect from “Our Side”.

We’ve laid out a ton of games being played and some grotesque violations of Party By-Laws. So let’s start with some facts:

Tehama County – 2 dubious votes for Jessica and Deborah Wilder

Glenn County – 8 Dubious votes for Jessica and Deborah Wilder

Yuba County – 8 Dubious votes for Jessica and Deborah Wilder.

Unlike President Trump, we are laying out our evidence of fraud and cheating BEFORE the convention and making specific requests of the governing bodies to deal with the fraud.

Then there is Modoc County which was crushed by the CAGOP’s staff. 7 votes ripped out of the Steve and Laurie Wallace Column.

There is no guarantee that the CAGOP’s Proxies and Credentials Committee – that were all appointed by Jessica Patterson will rule in any manner that makes legal sense. They could very well make a political ruling. There is no telling how the complaints will be resolved.

If that 18+7 = 25 votes issue is not enough, consider this scenario that I ran by the election vendor:

The CAGOP’s By-laws require people to be present with no proxies at the Northern Region Caucus (or any other). With on-line voting, there is nothing stopping David Stafford Reade from paying the dues and registrations of all the staffers that normally give proxies only and then logging in to the Northern Region Caucus on multiple computers – thus circumventing the by-law mandating in person attendance.

I got the vendor to admit to me that people could forward their secret link to anyone else to use. This means 10 people could cast 100 votes in the Northern Region Caucus meeting and re-elect Deborah Wilder. 

This violates the in person rule.

This violates the 2 proxies per person rule.

This is also grossly unethical.

Fraudulent Counties. 1 Man 10 votes. This is how you rig an election.

If I’ve thought of this, you can make bank the bullies rampaging around the north state have demanded people forward them their links with which to vote and have it all lined up.

I am going to say one thing at the end here. The election software is secure and solid. I am not worried about that part.

I am concerned about the above scenario, on top of the cheating we’ve uncovered already and the fact that I have been getting negative reports about the voting system’s training seminars. Most people have not been happy with the system at all and do not find it easy or straightforward to use.

Now multiply this by 10 and you have the chair election on Sunday. This what I think and why and since I know the people involved and the ghastly amount of money riding on the election, I put nothing past them.