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Reality is a stubborn thing.

Mar 222023

Here is a national fox news story about the Sacramento Bee apologizing for Hannah Holzer’s Libeling of Charlie Kirk. Holzer’s claim that Kirk called for the lynching of Trans people was part of the pretense for the riots and property damage at UC Davis when Kirk went there to do an event.

Hannah Holzer is a reporter/opinion columnist for the Sacramento Bee. Your intrepid blogger frequently blisters her for outright lying in her “reporting” for the Sacramento BS.

Those of us in Placer County are no strangers to Holzer’s tactics under the pretense of Journalism.

The American Council had this to say:

Wow — what a week it has been here in Placer County, California! Today, local and state officials from Placer County sent a letter to the Sacramento Bee in response their fallacious reporting about community and faith leaders over the last 3 years.

The reporter, Hannah Holzer, has a long history of writing erroneous pieces about churches and conservative leaders. Her recent article about Charlie Kirk visiting UC Davis claimed he called for the “lynching of transpeople” – which turned out to be false. Her words led to a violent confrontation at UC Davis in which a policeman was injured.

“We’re concerned that if Ms. Holzer isn’t held accountable for her actions that future violent acts might occur in our region. Ms. Holzer clearly has an agenda. She will hide facts, omit context, and purposely misrepresent an individual or issue to promote her ideology. Journalism is about finding the truth. And Ms. Holzer continues to cross that line.”

We commend these Placer county officials who, through their clout and courage, are displaying real leadership in our community. As a recipient of Hannah Holzer’s many articles, The American Council stands with these leaders in calling for accountability.

The letter is posted here for your reference.

IT was signed by 27 local electeds in Placer County who have all been smeared by Hannah Holzer at one point or the other. 

We would like nothing more than to work with The Sacramento Bee knowing that what we are doing or how we communicate to the public will be accurately reported. Unfortunately, we are not confident that this will happen given Ms. Holzer’s long history of false narratives. We feel her intent is always blatant in an effort to stir up controversy and perhaps even worse, violence. We also feel that her editors continue to allow it.

Ms. Holzer’s caustic reporting has a trickle-down effect. Given the history, elected officials in Placer County have grown weary about engaging with any reporter from the Bee. We hope that there are serious consequences for Ms. Holzer’s most recent and blatant lie, and we hope that our complaints about Ms. Holzer’s past actions in her betrayal of elected officials and of issues in Placer County will now be taken seriously.

We feel that this is an opportunity to help rebuild trust between Placer County and The Sacramento Bee and hope that you take our concern with Ms. Holzer’s agenda-driven approach more seriously now, too.

We welcome the opportunity to talk with you directly about our concerns. But none of us will work with Ms. Holzer ever again.

Interestingly, one of those the letter was addressed to was none other than Marcos Breton who loves getting in the social media echo chamber with the UC Davis Graduate to amplify her garbage.

And, your signatories???

Joe Patterson, California State Assembly, District 5
Bonnie Gore, Supervisor, Placer County
Holly Andreatta, Council Member, City of Lincoln
Danny Cartwright, Mayor, Town of Loomis
Stephanie Youngblood, Council Member, Town of Loomis
Amanda Cortez, Council Member, Town of Loomis
John Allard, Former Mayor, City of Roseville
Julie Hupp, Board President, Rocklin Unified School District
Tiffany Saathoff, Trustee, Rocklin Unified School District
Dereck Counter, Trustee, Rocklin Unified School District
Rachelle Price, Trustee, Rocklin Unified School District
Pete Constant, Board President, Roseville Joint Union High School District
Heidi Hall, Trustee, Roseville Joint Union High School District
Marla Franz, Trustee, Roseville Joint Union High School District
Scott Huber, Former Board President, Roseville Joint Union High School District
Jessica Spaid, Trustee, Placer Union High School District
Jayson Wedge, Trustee, Placer Union High School District
Mendi Chadwick, Trustee, Loomis Union School District
Scott Otsuka, Board President, Dry Creek Elementary School District
Jean Pagnone, Trustee, Dry Creek Joint Elementary School District
Jason Walker, Trustee, Dry Creek Joint Elementary School District
Jon Fenske, Trustee, Dry Creek Joint Elementary School District
Julie Constant, Trustee, Roseville City School District
Jonathan Zachreson, Trustee, Roseville City School District
Marjorie Proffitt, Trustee, Western Placer Union School District
Dr. Robert Jamieson, Trustee, Eureka Union School District
Erin Grover, Trustee, Eureka Union School District

Aaron F Park, your intrepid blogger would like to let the above know that they can talk to me any time and I will report accurately on the facts of whatever the subject matter is.

Mar 202023

The Sacramento Bee needs to come clean. It is clear they hate anything to the right of a liberal democrat, as evidenced by their withering attacks on Republican officeholders and their grotesquely biased endorsements of candidates.

Time and again, the Bee advocates for the farthest left of positions and candidates – yet they point the self-righteous finger at people like your intrepid blogger. Unlike the Bee, your intrepid blogger is proud to be a “religious conservative,” and I am clear that is my paradigm. The Bee needs to admit they are completely sold out to Socialists and the extreme Left.

One perfect example of the Bee’s bias is their refusal to cover some of the worst of the behavior of the democrat supermajority in Sacramento, killing tougher sentences for Sex Crimes in Committee. The actions were so bad they made national Fox News and even the San Francisco Chronicle covered the issue!

Another example is them sticking their noses into a local issue with a “Church” in Placer County that promotes drag shows, transgenderism, homosexuality, etc… and does so to children.

The show — hosted by the Landing Spot, an LGBT youth support group in Placer County — was intended to be the third iteration of a fundraiser for the group, with proceeds going toward a summer camp program, said Casey Tinnin-Martinez, a pastor and founder of the Landing Spot.

According to Tinnin-Martinez, the group’s drag shows are “wholesome, family-friendly” events where the students lip-sync to age-appropriate songs. The group had previously held two prior drag shows to sold-out crowds in 2020 and 2022 without incident.

Note the deceptive wording of the Sacramento Bee, they imply that the first two shows were on the RJUHSD Grounds, and the statement of “without incident” was put in to make it appear that this refusal to rent space was some sort of change in policy.

Tinnin-Martinez has bigger problems now than colluding with the Sacramento Bee to smear opponents of the filth he promotes. Project Veritas Nailed him to the wall with his own words.

  • Reverend Casey Martinez-Tinnin, Loomis Basin UCC, The Landing Spot: “When they [parents] know that their queer kid is coming to me for support, they’re going to be upset.”
  • Reverend Martinez-Tinnin: “In my mind, how communities thrive is through intergenerational relationships.”
  • Reverend Martinez-Tinnin: “Parents don’t want me talking – encouraging this lifestyle, right? Like, that’s the thing.”
  • Reverend Martinez-Tinnin: “So, if we can start helping parents talk about, ‘How do you talk to your kids about puberty? Have you considered blockers?’”
  • Reverend Martinez-Tinnin: “I call CPS [Child Protective Services]” when parents misgender their kids.

That is a pretty interesting person that the Sacramento Bee has aligned itself with. Based on this video, it is clear that the “Pastor” is taking the place of parents and is intent on exposing young impressionable kids to graphic sexual content. This is also referred to as Grooming. Encouraging kids to lie to their parents is also a hallmark of grooming.  Also note the reference to him pushing medical treatments and abusing CPS to separate kids from parents.

Great Job Sacramento Bee, Hannah Holzer and Robin Epley… you have now taken ownership of blatantly exposed deviant behavior.

Holzer’s extreme left-wing attack job was entitled: “A Placer County high school agreed to host a drag show. Then conservatives found out”

Epley’s was entitled: “Placer school is too scared of drag to allow performance.”

Here is a key quote that demonstrates the UC Davis Graduate’s hatred of Religious Conservatives:

Placer County’s religious leaders have been vocal about their opposition to the drag show. Roseville’s The Family Church Senior Pastor Matthew Oliver had taken to Facebook to express his “outrage” over the drag show, and Rocklin megachurch Destiny’s Pastor Greg Fairrington called out “the progressive liberal agenda that has been birthed in the pit of hell” in a recent Sunday sermon that also mentioned the show.

Placer County has struggled with a blurring of church and state. RJUHSD School Board President Constant, for instance, is not only a faculty member at Rocklin’s William Jessup University, a Christian college that has previously been accused of homophobia, but his consulting firm was also hired by Oliver’s city council campaign.

Amazingly, when I met Pete Constant, he was regarded as a social liberal moderate from the Bay Area! He came in to GOP politics from the Bay Area moderate GOP Machine. Dear, Hannah, once again it is called research getting in the way of a good hit job. I also remind the Bee that “Separation of Church and Mind” is not in the constitution, it is a fabrication of the American Left in an attempt to remove the church from society. (Unless it is the “Church” from Loomis)

Also note that the tenor of Holzer’s attack implies that the “Homophobia” accusations are true… this is also a pattern of hers, to promote unvetted and unfounded accusations from the left as facts.

The Landing Spot’s drag show was planned as a family-friendly event and would have featured performers between the ages of 14 and 18. Drag allows performers to express themselves — and, in a conservative community like Placer, a safe space to be unabashedly queer, passionate and artistic is a rare and beautiful experience for so many of our young queer and trans neighbors.

Without a venue, The Landing Spot still planned to move forward with the drag show on March 31. But after speaking with Landing Spot parents, Tinnin decided to cancel the show after a number of hateful and threatening messages sent to the organization raised fears about the safety of performers and audience members.

Note that none of the “Hateful” messages were published by the Bee, just an article taking the word of people they agree with as gospel. This rings very familiar to your intrepid blogger.

But now that the “Pastor” has been exposed on camera with his true agenda of subverting parents and making sure young children are exposed to graphic sexual content, the Bee is exposed for the extreme left wing agenda peddlers I have known them to be. In addition, their intellectual bankruptcy is also laid bare. Encouraging kids to lie to their parents is also a hallmark of grooming, I can only conclude that lying must be so common to the Bee’s staff that they did not recognize this pattern.

In both Epley and Hozer’s pieces was this gem. I will bet the Bee’s Editors wish this had never been put in print given what we know now…

“There have been recent efforts by some conservatives to brand drag shows and drag culture as inherently ‘predatory,’ while others have claimed that drag ‘grooms’ or ‘sexualizes’ children. This is patently false,” she wrote.

“ The Landing Spot’s drag show was planned as a family-friendly event and would have featured performers between the ages of 14 and 18. Drag allows performers to express themselves — and, in a conservative community like Placer , a safe space to be unabashedly queer, passionate and artistic is a rare and beautiful experience for so many of our young queer and trans neighbors.”

Whoopsie, now the Pastor is on tape spilling the beans on the entire agenda. Those dammed religious conservatives were right all along and were smeared by the Bee. Sounds like the Biden Laptop and the Covid stuff all over again, just right here in Placer County.

Anytime in the future, when a Conservative is attacked for taking a pro-family, pro-values position by the Bee… you should use this blog post as a pointed example of the Bee’s agenda and complete lack of moral standing to say a thing about anything.

Please note that the RJUHSD removed the organization (the Landing Spot) from the wellness centers, including Drag Show event on 2-15-2023 long before the faux outrage from the Bee. So, the RJUHSD was ahead of the curve once again.

P.S. The three articles I refer to are posted here only for attribution:

Article 1

Article 2

Article 3

Mar 192023

As I wrote previously, I spoke to an opposition leader at some length. He told me Joseph Grcar went completely rogue and left the team the weeks before the convention. Grcar’s actions damaged the credibility of the opposition greatly. Grcar has long been known for his bizarre behavior and based on what I have seen from him, I believe he is insane.

In my final post about the convention, one of the points I made was to pick your allies carefully. Had the opposition done some due diligence, they would have understood that Grcar is insane.

It appears that Grcar is attempting to use Right on Daily to validate his insanity.

While I stand by my post from June 2022… Matt Klemin did nothing wrong with regard to Grcar and I 100% back his and the CAGOP Staff’s actions with regard to removing Grcar from the convention. I hope the appropriate people / committee remove Grcar as a delegate to the CAGOP as well. 

I also 100% agree with and THANK the security staff at the convention center for doing what was needed to remove the crazed Grcar from the convention. Having seen Grcar’s theatrics, he is the only person that believes he needed physical medical attention, it is the opinion of this blogger that he needs long term phycological help most likely from a Dr. of Psychology.

I only posted Grcar’s entire email so that the readers of this blog had the full scope of the lie-infested and deceptive creation of an unstable mind.

Note: Grcar is a delegate to the CAGOP because he was the only Republican who filed for AD20 in 2022. Grcar finished 4th(!) with a paltry 11% of the vote.

Mar 152023

It is simple, really. Years of campaign work have shown me that I can work with anyone inside a campaign. I have even worked with some of the people I have woofed on in this blog.

(Grcar is pronounced Gritcher. I prefer to say State Mental Facility myself)

I want to lay out some stuff for my readers, many of whom are aligned with the opposition to the current leadership of the CAGOP. Frankly, this goes for the current administration as well. I would like to share with you some thoughts about how to move forward.

Be willing to own your mistakes regardless of whether the other side will.

I have forgiven the CAGOP’s staff for calling the cops on me. Remember, I had a part in that as I freaked out some of their staff, precipitating the call to the Sac Sheriff. It is not intellectually honest for me to 100% play the victim even though the CAGOP’s staff never dreamed the FBI would end up at my door at the behest of the Sac Sheriff. The actions of the CAGOP Staff since have shown me that they regret that incident as much as I regret blowing my stack and freaking out a couple of the kids they had working for them. I smacked the two people that mistreated me at this convention because their behavior was beneath the professionalism that a party’s staff should exhibit.

Also, remember, I blog under my own name and always take calls and emails from people. I will correct and remove posts if there are inaccuracies and errors.

Be willing to work with political adversaries for common goals.

I have worked with Scott Winn and Andy G on stuff in the past. If it happens again in the future, I will have no problem joining them to accomplish the goals we share. All of you should take the same attitude. Republicans are grossly outnumbered in California, and we can’t tolerate divisions if we expect to get anywhere. The family feud is over, and I will be there waiting again in a couple of years.

Be Part of the solution, don’t just attack people. 

Wait a minute, isn’t the Right on Daily Blog some right-wing attack site? That is part of what I do… but note at the end of the 1800-word long rant about the Credentialing Process, I suggested modifying the By-Laws and writing a policy and procedure manual for the Proxies and Credentials Committee. If Luis Buhler and Billy Essayli contacted me, I’d help them. The same goes for Drew and Scott on the Creds Committee.

The Opposition should be willing to work with the current leadership of the CAGOP. If they do, it will go a long way to helping everyone focus on chipping away at the woke disease that overran California.

Also, remember, I blog under my own name and always take calls and emails from people. I will correct and remove posts if there are inaccuracies and errors.

I met Greg Wallis in person at the convention. He is a good dude, a total moderate, and I can tolerate that because that is who he is, and he is in a D+9 district and only won by 80 votes. I could nuke the guy, but that would help elect a Democrat. Can you make peace with that?

Leaders Lead. Be Willing to Resolve Conflict.

The CAGOP has had a need for more leaders willing to get their hands dirty with regard to conflict resolution. Leaders are willing to upset people to bring long-term resolutions to issues.

I’ve been told that many within the CAGOP have finally recognized the systemic issues with the delegate appointment / credentialing process. We need to encourage the leaders in the effort to modify the CAGOP By-Laws and put aside the anger over the way the conflict has been handled and avoided to make sure the changes are what they need to be.

In addition, if the leaders present effective solutions… we should all applaud the solutions and the leaders for doing so.

Do a Better Job of Recruiting.

Take more time to learn about candidates instead of supporting candidates based on tribal affiliation. Had this happened, the opposition would not have been embarrassed by some of the people associated with them. Had anyone used google about Soo Yoo and paid attention to the crap being circulated against our current CAGOP Vice Chair, this would have helped the opposition steer clear of that disaster.

Further, attempting to ascertain political allies’ character is a must. A member of the opposition and I had a long call, and this leader related to me the circumstances with Joseph Grcar and two others that went completely rogue. The Brutal reality is that those three people represented most of the bad behavior I wrote about. There are consequences to going into battle with unstable or low-character people.

What is Your Reason for Being a Part of This?

I can answer that quickly, Abortion is Murder, and I got involved politically because of the holocaust called Abortion. As an unabashed Social Conservative, my faith and values propelled me to the political arena. Did I ever think I’d become a paid consultant? Not when I got started in 1997. My passion for impacting the political arena took me to places in the political world I had never dreamed of.

My faith in Christ governs my life, and my political work is an extension of that. This is also why I blog under my own name; I can handle criticism and fix stuff when I get it wrong.

What Will You Do When You Lose or Get Attacked?

Some may not realize I have been smeared by a dozen media outlets, physically assaulted 7 times, lost a business, talked to the FBI, been sued, thrown out of CRA, and gotten 31 legal demand letters. Yet, I have never held office! However, every time something “bad” happens, I get stronger. What is your staying power? What keeps you in the game? It is natural to be frustrated and think about quitting when you lose an election fight. I keep getting back up because political work is the job I was chosen for.

My value and purpose comes from my faith in Christ. I have been in the game for 26 years, and I am 52 years of age.

It is not about you. Get your ego and personal agenda under control. 

I made a decision years ago that I was never going to run for public office and that I would dedicate myself to influencing who does hold office. It freed me. I have no agenda to be some elected somewhere.

If you are involved in politics to get money, get laid, gain power, get control, get a resume, etc., you will get cut to pieces. You will end up with a bag of fool’s gold and memories of temporary gains with a personal life that is like three-mile island. I’ve seen it many times from a lot of people.

You will also get exposed eventually. Is it worth it?

Be Consistent.

I will never work for a candidate I would not vote for. Over the years, it has cost me a lot of money, and I am entirely at peace with it. I sell insurance, too; God has taken care of me just fine.

Make sure actions and decisions are consistent with your values and personal mission that got you into the political arena.

Remember, you are dealing with people.

The CRP’s Staff are flesh and blood human beings. Jessica Patterson is a human being. Andy G. and Scott W. are human beings. These folks all have feelings, families, lives, etc. If you take a break long enough, it will become much harder to hate your enemies and to work with them under applicable circumstances.

Sometimes I have gone too far when I have lit some people up because I forgot this basic principle. I can’t undo that, but I can tell you this is an important lesson to internalize… and this will inherently cause restraint. If you practice this principle, you will never have to deal with people irrationally hating you the way I sometimes do. It will also enhance your problem-solving ability and increase your effectiveness in campaign situations.


Why are you here? Why are you involved? Answer those questions first and foremost.

Are you willing to be a part of the solution? Even if it means working with political adversaries?

I sincerely hope everyone can come together and fix some of the structural problems within the CAGOP structure in order to move on with a healthier party. It is that simple.

Mar 152023

In the first three installments of our summary on the 2023 CAGOP Convention, your intrepid blogger has excoriated the opposition for various issues. This post is 100% on the CAGOP Staff and the consultants that control the CAGOP. Buckle up.

Remember, your intrepid blogger still abhors proxies and wants to see them banned or severely restricted.

The CAGOP By-Laws need major reform. They are limited and inadequate, exposing the CAGOP to unnecessary liability and creating a clear impression of impropriety. Note that all of the delegate disputes from two years ago have never been addressed, and deliberately so.

I have been around the CAGOP for 20+ years; the other disturbing pattern is conflict avoidance. The people that run the CAGOP, which applies to the so-called squishes and conservatives alike, all major on avoiding conflict and sweeping it under the rug. Another way this manifests is in the dishonest game the Rules and Credentials committees play, telling people with disputes that the other committee has no jurisdiction.

Then, conveniently, both meetings get scheduled simultaneously at the convention to prevent any adjustments. I no longer believe the explanations about the availability of meeting rooms. The convention centers have plenty, and this one was the same.

The real issue is that the CAGOP Staff have made themselves believe that their paychecks depend upon keeping the opposition out of office. This is my opinion based on years of evidence. It is sad because these same people that called the Sacramento Sheriff on me (leading to the FBI visiting because I live in Nevada) have gone out of their way to be friendly and polite to me since. (Except for Mr. and Mrs. Butthurt-Klemin)

The even bigger issue is that absent a major effort to address glaring holes and silences in the CAGOP by-laws, it will require a lawsuit from someone with money to burn who does not expect financial damages from the CAGOP to force the reform.

The control agents all understand there is no accountability, so their actions have become blatant and overt.

This makes me as sad as some of the bad behavior I saw from the opposition. I care about the party’s health; seeing the corruption is disturbing.

Let’s talk about the Rules Committee, but the real story is the Proxies and Credentials Committee.

The CAGOP system is rigged against the opposition because the Rules Committee is appointed 100% by the CAGOP Chair. Then, said committee, on a simple majority vote of the committee, can “Kill” any rules change. This means that the dead rule has to be brought up on the floor in the Sunday General Session and takes a 2/3 vote to be adopted. Effectively this is impossible.

This CAGOP convention was no different. The proxy system is vigorously defended, and a proxies and credentials committee full of appointees that will protect the status quo is the second part of the gatekeeping process.

It may surprise some to read me writing this. Just because I support candidates that my friends in the opposition don’t sometimes, this does not mean my personal views of the party’s problems have changed.

The CAGOP Rules Committee is more like a kangaroo court. It is what it is.

The CAGOP Proxies and Credentials Committee has become a corrupt joke. It sucks, too, because I know many of the people involved in both committees, and they are good people. What they are doing sucks. The decisions being made, even if being done so innocently and without malice, cast dispersion on the CAGOP and expose the organization to liability.

Sometimes I wonder if I should be spending my precious time and blog electrons writing about this stuff…

I just can’t quit the CAGOP.

Did you know that the CAGOP’s bylaws say nothing about an electronic system being used to appoint delegates? This means that people should be able to mail in a list or email in a list as the CAGOP By-Laws are silent. Yet, Modoc Chair Bob Zane was torched by the biased Proxies and Credentials Committee because he did not know how to use the system.

How many times since the online portal was created for delegate appointments have people aligned with the establishment been given grace for not being able to use the system? The refusal of the Proxies and Credentials Committee to accommodate Bob Zane is terrible form and bad faith that would not go over well with a judge. (Update: Zane never complained or appealed to the committee – he just emailed staff about the problem after the deadline)

In addition to Modoc, Bob Brunton, a nominee, got three delegate appointments. Bob said he was waiting until the last minute to make his appointments. When he went in, they were already done. He did not do them. But, the biased Proxies and Credentials Committee told him to go to hell, and three delegates loyal to the establishment were left in the queue. I could not imagine that a Judge would view this favorably either. (Update: I now have information that conflicts with any story that Brunton may have had his delegates “ripped off” – it is likely he made the appointments and then thought better of them)

Did I mention that Scott Winn, a paid consultant doing proxy gathering work, is a committee member? What would a judge say about that conflict of interest? I have a huge problem with paid political consultants that may have an interest in the outcome of things CAGOP being delegates to the party.

The CAGOP By-Laws must be amended with an INSTANT dispute resolution process to address issues. What the consultant-controlled Proxies and Credentials Committee did was corrupt and in complete bad faith.

Did you know that Kathy Kneer in Shasta County appointed delegates before quitting the Shasta GOP altogether? Kathy is by all accounts a fine person with many friends, but her move was in complete bad faith. A new Chair was elected in enough time to have made the appointments themselves.

Hugh Bussell did the same in Alameda. Again, a new Chair was elected in enough time to have made the appointments. I have issues with the new Chair, David Chan, but those are not germane to this discussion about the crooked proxies and credentials committee.

This is where the CAGOP Staff Came in. They recognized the delegates appointed by the establishment-aligned former chairs of both counties. Then, they claimed the CAGOP By-Laws did not allow the Proxies and Credentials Committee to “remove” delegates.

Further, an attorney on retainer for the CAGOP inexplicably said that “General Elections” only happen once every 4 years. (regardless of what the county party by-laws say or reality that is every two years) This insane opinion would get laughed at by a judge. Still, more importantly, it shows the pre-meditation by the control agents to rig the outcome of the credentials committee meeting.

Then the Proxies and Credentials committee told the new chairs of both counties to go to hell. What a great look when juxtaposed with a call for unity from the re-elected CAGOP Chair.

Had I been on the committee, I would have recognized both sets of delegates.

It will likely require a judge to resolve these issues as the rules committee would rather die than address this situation in the by-laws or by adopting a policy and procedure manual for the Proxies and Credentials Committee.

It gets worse; based on how the CAGOP By-Laws are written, we do not know when appointees become delegates. There are three possible interpretations. This also leaves the door open for the CAGOP to get sued for their consistently biased decisions regarding these issues.

Why do I keep talking about the CAGOP getting sued? They do not consistently apply the few by-laws they have, and many decisions made by committees are cowardly conflict avoidance. Being a coward only breeds more significant conflict down the road.

If you want unity, it requires strong leadership and negotiation. What we have is a committee with paid political consultants and members with other conflicts rendering biased decisions.

There are long-term consequences – all of the elections for corporate officers that occurred with these decisions standing could be challenged. How about a tenacious leftist lawyer with practical litigation skills taking down the CAGOP’s corporate veil because of the appalling one-sided and wonton disregard for propriety. Then these control agents would all be calling their homeowner’s insurance carrier, as each of them would be personally liable for the issues with the corporate veil shredded.

To any attorneys out there, don’t scoff; I’ve seen corporate veils get shredded a few times in my life as an insurance agent.

Then we have the crazed Omar Navarro. He was stripped delegate appointments because the committee saw social media posts they believed were “proof” that he lived out of state.

G. Rick Marshall showed up on behalf of Omar Navarro with proof that he was still a resident of California. Scott Winn, a paid political consultant who gathers proxies for the establishment, demanded a power of attorney from Marshall to speak on behalf of Navarro. Winn would get fried faster than Grimace can grab a box of McDonald’s cookies by a judge for what he did.

The Proxies and Credentials Committee violated the CAGOP By-Laws and Roberts Rules in the case of Omar Navarro. He was entitled to two delegate appointments…

Hey, wait, I thought the Proxies and Credentials Committee could not remove delegates? I guess that only applies to Hugh Bussell and Kathy Kneer’s appointments, not Omar Navarro.

Worse, showing incompetence to add to the corruption – the same committee allowed Omar Navarro’s own individual proxy in lieu of his Regular Delegate status to be validated! I thought he lived in another state and could not make appointments… why in the hell was his own credentials recognized?

You’d have to be a complete idiot to not believe the common thread here was the alignment of the people they victimized. What kind of group  tells two newly elected county party chairs to go to hell, and then strips a California Resident nominee of their delegates? A group that was given direction and instructions beforehand on what to do.

The total number of delegates affected by this is 12 that should not have been recognized versus 12 that should have been. In addition, 9 more that should have been allowed to be appointed. This is a total swing of 33 votes…

Regardless of how you are aligned, these situations should give you all pause. 28 out of 1361 votes is statistically significant.

I hate that this happened because it gives credence to the hair on fire election fraud conspiracies and legitimizes the email Mike Cargile just sent out claiming the convention’s results were pre-ordained.

I was personally fully invested in the election of several new CRP officers, and the Rules / Credentials Committee situation cheapens the efforts of all of us.

If you think only people like me want this, witness Harmeet Dhillon’s comments about the Alameda GOP situation in the post-convention board meeting. She clearly said the process is severely broken and needs to be reformed.

Start by banning paid political consultants and political staffers from the rules and credentials committees. The CAGOP’s By-Laws need major reform, and there needs to be an operations manual drawn up for the proxies and credentials committee to standardize the process.