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Oct 192018

Right on Daily has written about the corruption of local gun rights groups in Riverside County. In particular is H Paul Payne of the local NRA. He and his crew launched SPAM drills against previous posts against him in an attempt to silence your intrepid blogger.

H Paul Payne controls the NRA in Southern California and is a morally reprehensible human being. (At least that is what I think of him and you will also once you are done reading this series)

H Paul Payne is an out and proud Stan Sniff sycophant. Evidence I have collected tells me that he has seen to Sniff being endorsed by the NRA consistently over the years despite 2+ year waiting periods and very narrow and subjective criteria for CCW Permits. Sniff believed that the CCW Permit issue had become so toxic for him, that months after predicting doom for the Sheriff’s office over the FY 2018 budget, he “found” $10 Million to pay some retired guys and divert others to processing CCW Permit applications. There was a backlog estimated at 10,000 applications (there is no way of knowing since the real numbers were concealed).

Even with the wait now cut to something like 4 months, there have only been about 2,000 more Permits issued. Contrast this with Orange County that has issued some 5,000 new permits in the first half of 2018 and boasts well over 12,000 in force. (Orange is roughly double Riverside in Population)

However, Sniff is still declining CCW applications for absurd and arbitrary reasons. This is why Cal Guns and 4 other groups have sued the Corrupt Sheriff over his CCW Issuance practices.

Sniff has been the subject of withering criticism over the CCW Issue for years. His CCW practices have been the subject of many confidential informants. Sniff has long been accused of selling CCW Permits (and Helicopter Rides) to donors. I’ve been told several stories about this from people with first hand knowledge. However, based on conclusions I have drawn, I am of the opinion that the officers currently processing CCW Permits that are familiar with the corruption of the process want to keep their paychecks. See our exhaustive Expose’ of years-long criticisms of Sniff CCW permits.

One such person may or may not be Frank Aguirre, a TAP Employee processing applications who was one reputed source of complaints about the abuse of process.

Desiree Payne, the soon to be ex-wife of H Paul Payne has gone on the record with your intrepid blogger. She has provided me emails, photos and testimony about several questionable actions by Payne. Payne appears to be mentally unstable, a bully and corrupt to his core. No amount of threats from his divorce attorney will disabuse me of that opinion. (Ask Mohammad how having an attorney threaten me works) It is also the opinion of this blogger based on facts I have learned that the Corrupt Sheriff may very well be providing cover for Payne’s personal corruption.

So many others have had their bad behavior covered by the Sheriff, why not cover the gatekeeper of the local gun groups?

See a recent social media screed from Sniff’s primary CCW Vendor who fails to mention his financial interest in the Sheriff’s Race. This guy is another in the filthy web that has become the Sheriff’s Office and the sick joke that the NRA has become in many parts of the country.

You can read more here about H Paul Payne’s personal conduct that led to a temporary restraining order.

Then you can read more about the web of Team Sniff and a possible cover up of Payne’s Domestic Abuse Issues.

When H Paul Payne was not busy rigging the NRA endorsement for Stan Sniff – who is now being sued over his arbitrary an dunconstitutional CCW Issuance practices – he also planted a GPS Tracker in his wife’s car and attempted to blame Chad Bianco for it. Kinda sounds like Mohammad trying to frame Heidi Chebetah for Sign Damage, or Halimah Shengur faking a hate crime or the corrupt and unhinged Kurly running to the Palm Springs City Council with hysterics.

I give CalGuns a major Hat Tip for standing up for Gun Rights and not selling out like the NRA, H Paul Payne or other vendors with financial conflicts of interest.

To be continued…

Oct 192018

Remember when we told you about the county’s maintenance contracts and vehicle lease arrangements? These have been in place for a while, which adds to the absurdity of the following article. Remember, also the run-and-gun battle between Stan Sniff and the Board of Supervisors who he has attacked incessantly over the years about his budget. Then you see things like this 5-0 vote on some stupid spending requested by Stan Sniff and start wondering if Stan Sniff suffers from schizophrenia in addition to being a garden variety Tyrant.

Riverside County Sheriff Stan Sniff today received the Board of Supervisors’ OK to make a $2 million purchase of vehicles and equipment slated for use by deputies who work in the court system.

The board without comment voted 5-0 to authorize the sheriff to draw budgeted funds from an internal account in order to acquire 36 vehicles, as well as radio gear and other hardware. In documents posted to the board’s policy agenda, sheriff’s officials said the court services fleet is in need of replacement and upgrades.

The board-approved purchase will enable the sheriff’s department to procure 28 Ford Interceptors, five Ford Expeditions, two Chevrolet Tahoes and one Toyota Camry hybrid.

The Camry retails for just under $30,000. However, most of the other vehicles average between $58,000 and $60,000 each after modifications.

Thirty vehicles will serve as standard black-and-whites, but five of the vehicles will be designated for “stealth” operations, sheriff’s officials said, without elaborating.

Court services deputies sometimes take part in undercover stings in which they stake out courthouses and wait for known unlicensed motorists or those with suspended licenses to leave hearings and attempt to drive away — only to be arrested for violating their probation.

Deputies assigned to the sheriff’s civil division are also responsible for serving bench warrants and other writs.

Some of the existing court division vehicles have not reached half the county’s 115,000-mile replacement standard, so those vehicles will be transferred to patrol stations for use after the new units arrive.

The $2.09 million purchase will include acquisition of gear to network each vehicle into the county’s Public Safety Enterprise Communication System, as well as equipment to directly  facilitate “civil process operations,” documents stated.

All the funds will be drawn from the Sheriff’s Write Assessment account. Every time a deputy serves a court order in a civil matter, the sheriff’s department collects a $12 fee, officials said.

We’ve written at length about the consequences of Stan Sniff’s fiscal bungling, so we are asking the obvious question – why are they incurring more leases of $500-$850 a month each to the county, more $60 a car parking fees, more $125 Oil Changes, $500 brake jobs and the like when criminals are being “Fed-Kicked” every day because Sniff refuses to staff the jails?

Yet, here we are buying equipment to be used to track unlicensed motorists and people with expired tags when drug dealers are released regularly 24 hours after arrest.

Then there is this:

The Board of Supervisors today approved Riverside County Sheriff Stan Sniff’s request to purchase an armored truck for SWAT operations at a cost of just under $300,000.

The Ballistic Engineered Armored Response Counter Attack Truck — BEARCAT — is needed to supplement the sheriff’s current fleet of three armored vehicles, according to Undersheriff Bill DiYorio.

“This is becoming standard equipment with SWAT units,” he told the board. “We use these vehicles because of the types of individuals we’re encountering.”

The customized BEARCAT will be procured from Pittsfield, Massachusetts-based Lenco Armor without seeking competitive bids from any other entity. Officials said Lenco is premier in the industry.

(Blogger’s Note – sounds like the overpriced drones or Bob Epp’s choice of Bomb Squad Equipment, doesn’t it?)

“Lenco’s passive multi-hit armor system provides ballistic protection and is built with military specifications,” according to documents posted to the board’s policy agenda. “With the use of the Lenco BEARCAT, law enforcement officers, crisis negotiators and tactical medics can safely roll face-to-face with an active shooter or barricaded gunman. In the past, negotiators and medics remained outside the ‘hot zone,’ several blocks away.”

The four-wheel drive armored truck features a camera system to cover all angles surrounding the vehicle, a topside turret system, bullet-proof windows, an intercom for use in and out of the vehicle and a 6.7-liter, turbo-charged engine.

The armor plating is the same used on military and U.S. State Department vehicles.

Officials said that in the last 18 months, the sheriff’s current armored vehicle fleet has been taken out of service 27 times because of maintenance and repairs, leaving tactical units with no means of heavy-duty transportation.

The new BEARCAT will help fill the gap, DiYorio said. “We have to have a reliable piece of equipment,” he said.

The total cost, with modifications, will come to $299,917, covered by asset forfeiture funds already in the sheriff’s budget.

The sheriff’s SWAT personnel are centrally located in Banning for deployment to all corners of the county, according to DiYorio.

Take careful note of the above – with their current fleet in disrepair because Sniff is not smart enough or engaged enough to recognize the broken system for maintaining vehicles, the solution is to buy another vehicle.

I also take note that Leonard “Lenny” Purvis also bought something like this when he was running the Banning PD in to the ground. It sure seems there is something in the DNA of Team Sniff.

Is it just me or does it seem felony stupid to buy more equipment when you can’t or won’t maintain what you have?

Is it just me or does it seem felony stupid to enforce traffic stuff when felons are getting released from jail before and after conviction due to budget issues?

Is it just me or does it seem felonious as in the stuff we’ve uncovered about the abuses of budget, time cards, cheating, maintenance and budgeting? Doesn’t it seem like yet another coverup with regard to the war between Sniff and the Board of Supervisors (in particular the war against the KPMG Audit of Sniff’s department)?

It seems to your intrepid blogger that just the dozen or so documented examples of fraud and waste, if remedied would free up millions.

Yet the latest reason to fire Stan Sniff.

Oct 192018

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Sometimes, I need a while to process things. This was one of those times. I’ve been writing ad-naseum about how Contract Cities are getting hammered. I was contacted by another informant and told about another ghastly rip-off of all cities, not just contract cities.

We’ve written about the incompetence of people like Captain Coby Webb (known as Captain Tripod), Lt. Werges (worthless), Captain Kurly and others that constantly are screwing Contract cities over with massive (and mandatory overtime). In the case of Webb, one time she was short 700 hours on a contract. In the case of Werges, he screws up almost as much as Colleen Walker used to. Time and time again, I am told stories about how Contract Cities are getting ripped off.

Contract Cities are paying for a certain number of deputies during certain time periods and they are not getting that service.

The Cities know about the overtime game and there is growing discontent over the budget shell games.

Contract cities can be real budget killers. If you don’t have enough manpower to cover your contract, you run short on billable hours. Deputies working OT to cover the lack of staff and create billable hours cut into the cost recovery since they are costing 50% more to provide the service. This means that Sniff’s decimation of department morale is costing the department a ton of money in the form of needless overtime, worker’s comp claims from exhausted employees (that Sniff and the County litigate and fight), and shortages of staff to cover minimum commitments.

Contract Cities are getting lousy service and their budgets are stretched so thin that it is not feasible for them to start their own departments.

It takes approximately 18 to 24 months to recruit, process, hire, and train a new deputy (laterals excluded). This costs the county approximately $150,000 to 175,000 before that deputy is ready to handle calls on their own. At that, repeated stories I am told indicate that training levels in the department are slipshod and poor.

You’d think with 250 deputies leaving the department in the last year that there would have been roughly $25 Million materialize in the Budget. Sniff miraculously claims to have “found” $10 million to put toward the two-year backlog of CCW Permit applications. This means that money is being used for a one-time band-aid so non-donors to Sniff can get their CCW Permit applications rejected sooner rather than later. Is the Riverside County Board of Supervisors aware of the horrendous attrition? Are they OK with it? Have they asked where the $25 Million went?

Rumor has it that Stan Sniff is going to announce that he has “Found” another $13 Million. My supposition is that he is ripping off one-time expenses to try and put out fires in advance of this election.

There have been several decisions that Stan Sniff has made that have had instant impact on the budget – such as losing $900,000 a year from ICE once he made the decision to discontinue cooperation with them.

The brain-drain in the Riverside Sheriff’s Office is having real-world consequences. A generation of incompetent Lt’s and Captains that can’t manage budgets are upon us. It is a daily occurrence that I get photos of broken down cars and busted equipment. The failure to maintain equipment is another sub-set of the mismanagement and incompetence.

Then in my conversation with the administrator I learned that every rolling three years, every jurisdiction does a statistical analysis of all the bookings their police departments cause. (Corona PD, Banning PD, Riverside PD, etc) The next year that number is set as a baseline.

If the jurisdiction exceeds their baseline, they are charged $600 per booking.

As you know, Riverside County has one of the most severe early release problems in the State of California. This means every city (not just contract cities) are paying for bookings where an inmate gets incarcerated for periods as short as a few hours.

It gets better. Let’s say inmate A is sitting in jail. The jurisdiction that sent him there has already paid for the cost of booking him (either thru the contract with the RSO or County Funding of the Jail or the $600 excess booking fee). Inmate B shows up, do you kick inmate A out and lose the fees associated with booking him? Or do you take the fee on B and then kick him a few hours later?

AB109, known as re-alignment shifted a lot of state level scum to the counties. Because a lot of counties were not prepared, it is effectively giving a lot of scum a get out of jail free card. AB109 was supposed to reimburse counties for the cost of incarcerating scum. It pays part of the cost, not all. However, the AB109 money that Riverside County gets is significant.

However, when Stan Sniff is gouging Cities like Hemet, Murrieta and others for the $600 booking fee, he is also getting AB109 Money. Whoops. We call this double-dipping.

Worse, Riverside County is alleged to be the only jurisdiction in the State that does not hold parole violators for the 100 day period. Probation Violators get released early, too. (as in go violate your probation, nothing will happen to you) Sources in the Probation Department indicate that it is a common occurrence for the Sheriff to early release people on a 100 day probation violation hold within 48 hours.

Now, why is Stan Sniff always whining about his budget? It is clear he is ripping off a lot of jurisdictions with poor service, overtime and now double dipping booking fees.

Stan Sniff appears to be ripping off the State of California, too. There are multi-jurisdictional (or departmental) teams that have a State Grant-Funded slot for a deputy. Several teams do not have their RSO deputy on them, yet the department still gets the grant money. Does the State of California know about this?

Basically Cities that are aggressive about arresting scum are getting double screwed, they get to pay big fat booking fees only to have the scum put back on the street the next day. The State of California is getting screwed. The citizens of Riverside County are getting screwed.

With all this money, it is an absolute outrage that Sniff has threatened to leave the new Indio Jail 80% empty. The new Indio Jail (which is a fraction of what it should have been thanks to the late John Benoit and Stan Sniff going along with him) is supposed to be 1690 beds. It is replacing a 353 bed antiquated jail.

Given all of these machinations, Stan Sniff is without an excuse for why he can not staff the new jail. The jurisdictions that are getting hammered by Stan Sniff should revolt and demand the board of supervisors address this issue post-haste. Meantime, Supervisor Kevin Jeffries needs to pull his endorsement of Stan Sniff as this is indefensible.

Chad Bianco needs to get a forensic audit of every nook and cranny of the Sheriff’s Department done. It is clear why Stan Sniff fought KPMG tooth and nail, there are unethical shell games, budget tricks and phantom deputies everywhere. Any level of cooperation and KPMG would have found it.

To be continued…

Oct 182018

1. March 13, 2017 – Karen signed letter supporting SB 1 on behalf of the Corona City Council. This is the very tax she claims to oppose now. Did her connection to Donald Dix get her a free pass to participate in this event? Did the Riverside GOP know about this?

2. Southern CA Association of Governments (SCAG) RTP/SCS – Karen Spiegel voted for final report on April 7, 2016.

These sources include adjustments to existing state and federal gas tax rates. Value capture strategies, potential national freight program funds, tolls for specific facilities and private equity participation. Pg. 131

Revenue Source – State and Federal Gas Excise Tax Adjustment to Maintain Historical Purchasing Power

Description – Additional $.10 per gallon gasoline tax imposed at the state and federal levels starting in 2020 to 2024 to maintain purchasing power.

(She is supporting an additional Federal Gas Tax increase in addition to the one at the state level)

Revenue Source: Mileage Based user Fee (or equivalent fuel tax adjustment)

Description – Mileage-based user fees would be implemented to replace gas taxes – estimated at about $0.04 (in 2015 dollars) per mile starting in 2025 and indexed to maintain purchasing power.

Actions to ensure availability: (automatically increase)

3. Riverside County Transportation Commission Vote – January 26, 2018

Karen Spiegel left the room before a vote to oppose the Repeal the Gas Tax effort rather than standing up and taking a position.

4. Signed letter supporting Cap and Trade on behalf of Corona City Council.


5. Voted for $350 Ambulance fee

6. Voted for a 1% cable tv tax

7. Property Tax Bond Authorization

So what will Carl DiMaio do when he finds out the TRUTH about Karen Spiegel? Will she still be allowed to speak? Will someone have the guts to stand up to Donald Dix and his crew related to their financial interest in Spiegel? (I am sure Dix won’t shake my hand at any future events now, but at least he will have a legit excuse now)

Someone has to hold the Riverside GOP accountable for ignoring their own platform. Will you?

Oct 172018

Sniff complains about unions spending big against him, but fails to acknowledge his history of taking union money.

He’s against employees contributing to campaigns, unless it’s to him.

Over the years, Sniff has happily accepted nearly $200,000 in union contributions.

Specifically, Sniff has taken over $140,000 from the Riverside Sheriffs’ Association.  Snif has also boasted in past campaigns that the RSA (his employees) have endorsed and supported him.

See for yourself the $30,000 check Sniff took. (He is on Camera lying, stating he only took $20K total from the RSA. He got $30K in one check)

See for yourself the report that states Sniff’s $94K Haul from the RSA in a single election.

Now, he complains about union money being spent against him.

Here are the total contributions Sniff has taken from unions.

Intl Brotherhood of Electrical Workers                        $200

Riverside Firefighters Legislative Action Group                   $250

Palm Springs Police Officers Association                            $500

Plumbers & Pipefitters Union                                      $1,000

CA Correctional Peace Officers Assn                         $1,000

Service Employees Intl Union                                     $2,500

Riverside Police Officers Association                         $4,400

Southwest Regional Carpenters Union                      $11,000

Laborers Intl Union North America                             $31,500

Riverside Sheriffs’ Association                                    $140,650


TOTAL                                                                         $193,000

When the Sheriff is a proven liar, who are the honest people in Law Enforcement? That’s right, the 90% of the rank and file that want Chad Bianco and are pouring their money, time and talent in to him.