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Feb 192018

Check out this comment left on another post a couple of days ago:

Rumor is that Purvis played a major role in the cheating scandal to cover it up.  Insiders claim that investigators did the interviews of all the involved players and those interviews were turned over to the second floor where “group think” actually wrote it.  They even omitted some of the players.  The investigator who has their name attached to it wrote nothing. That is apparently common practice in the Mark Bostrom era, where digital copies of reports are routinely changed after they are turned in to meet the needs of an unethical administration.
Secondly, we’ve determined through inside sources that Leonard Purvis lost a promotion from Captain to Chief Deputy due to the exposure of his malfeasance. We are not done with Leonard Purvis or anyone else that has been an instrument of Stan Sniff. (whether they have their own issues or not)

Lt. “Investigate to Terminate” Mark Bostrom appears to be almost universally loathed within the Riverside Sheriff’s Office. He appears to have cost the County of Riverside some serious money.

Witness this anonymous email I received:

So here is another “investigate to terminate” story with some documentation. Gabe Dennington was fired from RSO something like 5 years ago. The word is that during depositions the “investigate to terminate” came out and his settlement offer from the county went from $250,000 to $2.2 million. This is supposedly the reason Bostrom was moved to the academy. Word is that Dennington told the county to go f*** themselves and is seeking damages and his job back. Attached is a photo I received showing his case is over.
This is a regular thing, people get fired and get their jobs back. The department knows what it’s doing and knows how bad it punishes people.
Its funny how certain ranks in the department are untouchable. Capt. Dave Nordstrom was investigated for handcuffing his step daughter to her bed at night (his current wife is a CSO and it was her adopted daughter). The investigators working the case were slowed in their efforts and they are almost certain Nordstrom was given the heads up before they did the search warrant at his house. He got a misdemeanor filing and it was dragged on for years before getting nothing. People are freaking out about the Turpin child abuse case in Perris and we had one within our own department. Nothing internally happened to him and he is still employed with us today!
I am also aware that the captain central to the Thermal Station caper is also seeking to get his job back. Additional information on that case about his behavior is equally as disturbing as the above.
If the anonymous email is true, and I have asked others who believe its’ contents are indeed true, then add these two cases to the growing list of misconduct by the Sheriff and his minions. Captain Dave Nordstrom seems to have gotten away with Child Abuse again, if this anonymous email is indeed true.
We’ve seen the cover blown off of the cheating scandal which is opening pandora’s box. To those of you that have suffered injustice at the hands of Stan Sniff’s regime, help is here. You can remain anonymous. To Be Continued…
Feb 192018

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In Hemet, Dave Brown’s first platform for being made Hemet Police Chief several years back, was that he was raised in Hemet and he was fully committed to staying and fighting for the betterment of his city.

When he subsequently realized the crime in Hemet was too big for him to handle, he decided to retire and run for Riverside County Sheriff 2018.

According to a couple of his fellow officers; When Brown was a patrolman, he was often caught not patrolling his area but found parked behind buildings working on a laptop inventing acronyms for programs he wanted to impress the then HPD Chief in order to build his CV for future Chiefdom. (Source; retired HPD officer)

He was so desperate to become chief, he offered to forfeit his benefits if they made him chief. (Source; HPD officer)

When little Hemet was experiencing crime rates higher than any other city in Riverside County, Brown shared in the Press ‘his’ program called “Taking the fear out of crime”, where he publicly encouraged citizens to feel safe and to go into downtown Hemet day or night to shop, eat, and visit friends because his troops were there. (PE.com)

This was a time when criminals were kicking in front-doors, beating up elders and robbing them blind in their own homes, rapes, mugging people on the streets and in shopping centers, and car/home theft were at ridiculously high levels. Murder was at never before seen highs.

Brown broadcast this foolish encouragement to insure Hemet citizens would spend their money in Hemet and not shop in safer nearby towns. He said he was confident that while short-staffed, his officers had a handle on crime.

This move by Brown was based on his inflated Barney Fife ego, and it was an irresponsible and dangerous recommendation to send citizens into the danger. He subsequently put on a big slideshow for the citizens at council meeting of how he was going to ‘Take Back Hemet’ from the criminals. Again, more attempts to boost his ego and prepare himself for his run for Sheriff.

It was in late 2015 or early 2016 Brown was finally forced to admit publicly that the crime was greater than he and his officers could handle. (PE.com)

Brown decided that a patrol car parked in a visible spot in a high crime area would help deter criminals in that area. This became a huge embarrassment to Brown in-that he forgot about that patrol car and it sat unmanned and unmoved for a couple of days. (Hemet/ROC city minutes)

Brown then decided to start the ROC (Reviving our Community) program where the city/PD bought an old SWAT wagon and painted it up like, well, most called it an ice cream truck or pimp-mobile. PE.com/VChron. It was to be a promotional tool, used at schools and city events where children could meet the officers and citizens would think that the ROC mobile would be patrolling their neighborhoods preventing crime. Their other intent was to use it to roll to high crime areas and ‘lean on’ landlords who were renting to gang members and troublemakers. This embarrassing project had a big problem in-that no-one with PD was properly licensed to drive it, thus it has spent most of its time sitting in the police yard.

Under Brown, many Hemet citizens were furious that several murders had gone unsolved. Brown does not pro-actively have his people work on murders claiming lack of staff. (Truth: incompetence). Source: Myvalleynews

One alleged suicide with the victim’s drunk girlfriend in the next room, went without GSR testing, and a search for the shell casing didn’t take place for 5 months. Of course, they didn’t find the ONE casing.

Brown then buddied up to and struck an agreement with a transient town yokel, last name George, who claimed to be a newscaster (ahem) and who wanted to follow first responders to calls in order to report on them for Facebook readers. Brown agreed and a picture of the two shaking hands was published. (Hemetnews) George quoted as saying “we’re buddies”.

This bromance didn’t last long when complaints were filed that George’s people were chasing too close to police, ambulance and fire rigs creating dangerous conditions. In one incident, one of George’s team threatened to sue HPD when he was roughed up by an HPD officer when the reporter (ahem) interfered with the investigation of a traffic accident.

Brown, was a strong proponent for Measure U, a much needed tax to be used only for public safety. i.e, hiring more ‘boots on the ground’, more crime fighting programs and for Hemet Fire Department needs. However, per an HPD officer, Brown has had a problem finding lateral officers in-that; 1. Qualified officers don’t want to work Hemet (“reputation” of city or police chief?), 2. Salary isn’t sufficient for the risk. 3. Little to no advancement opportunities.

If Brown couldn’t woo laterals to Hemet, what makes him think he can convince qualified deputies to work for the Sheriff’s department when Riverside Sheriff’s Department has historically had a very difficult time recruiting people to work for them?

How is it that this little ‘friendly’, Barney Fife police officer, who’s only experience has been working the small city of Hemet and failed as police chief, and failed with his silly programs, and NOW quits his hometown job because he thinks he can run for Riverside County’s High Sheriff, (the 5th largest county in California) and make a difference? Little man big ego syndrome? Don’t we already have one of those in Sniff?

Dave Brown has NO experience in the county court system, or the jail system, or working anything larger than the small city of Hemet. All of which should be a prerequisite for the High Sheriff position.

Brown’s only bragging rights are his arranging a cooperative with Murrieta’s SWAT team and negotiating with CHP to patrol Hwy 74/Florida on the West end (which was CHP’s area but had not been patrolling it). Brown also had a volunteer (retired) police officer on a motorcycle patrolling Florida during the day but this ended a few months later.


Feb 182018

Disclaimer – since there are lawyers floating around writing demand letters (It’s only February, imagine what May is going to be like!) and people scurrying around trying to cover themselves – let me disclaim this entire post as the opinion of the editor and therapist of the RightonDaily Blog. There are a few people I don’t like very much (based on what I’ve learned), and hopefully when I am done writing about this race for Riverside Sheriff most of the voters won’t either…

I started blasting Stan Sniff in October of 2017. After roughly 11 weeks of lighting Sniff up people in Riverside County started taking notice and coming forward. Now there is a full-blown insurrection, and the traffic on this blog is shattering previous records.

Immediately, I was struck by the abject fear of many. It was unnerving to see hardened veterans of years of service within the Sheriff’s Department who deal with Blood and Gore afraid of the Sheriff and his retaliation. What also struck me was the decimated morale within the ranks as well.

One of the biggest issues brought up repeatedly was the culture of promotions being largely subjective. In particular almost everyone I communicated with complained about the cheating scandal. I started writing about it three weeks before someone leaked the Internal Affairs file to the local media. The issue with the cheating scandal is the cover up and the resulting legal issues related to anyone convicted of a crime based on the testimony of anyone involved.

Just recently, there were a spate of promotions. Several of them appear to have been “Friends of Stan”. Similarly, within recent history, a lot of senior management promotions were clearly political. Still other good people were taking lateral transfers to other agencies or simply retiring to get out from under the tyranny. There seems to be no middle ground, either you are in the bag for the Sheriff or you are an outcast.

Names like Leonard Purvis, Jason Horton, Ray Wood, Kevin Vest, Mark Bostrom, Ali Mazarei and a host of others have made their way on to this blog. A tyrant like Sheriff Sniff needs enablers and hatchet men. Nicknames like Captain Tripod and Eggplant underscore the absurdity of how the department is run under Sheriff Sniff.

I’ve learned about cover-ups of investigative failures, suicide attempts, fraud, embezzlement, politically motivated investigations, officer involved shootings and an array of corruption. I’ve written one story out of every 10 I’ve been informed about as the ever-present threat of libel lawsuits is real. A good example is that it is common knowledge within the department that CCW permit issuance is subjective and friends of Stan get their permits issued much faster than the rest of us (who even after a two year wait get mostly declined).

Sheriff Sniff has failed under every objective measure of what a Sheriff should be:

He has proven he can’t manage his budget

He refuses help

He threatens innocent people

He manipulates duty rosters and jail staffing in an attempt to gain political advantage

He claims to be pro-gun, yet refuses to process CCW requests like other counties

He covers up corruption

He destroys careers of people with differing opinions

He has fostered a culture of immorality within the ranks of his senior management

He even participated in an attempt to destroy the Banning police department

Stan Sniff has proven that he is unworthy of public trust and should be fired post-haste (if not prosecuted as well).

The RightonDaily Blog is writing things we believe to be true when we write them. We’ve been validated in two major ways, the Cheating Scandal was blown completely open and the Leonard Purvis – Stan Sniff conspiracy to eviscerate the Banning Police Department to turn it in to a franchise of the Sheriff’s Office being the other. We even broke the news about the $300K check to Chad Bianco on 1/29/2018 some 2 1/2 weeks before is was written on 2/14/2018.

Stay tuned, we believe that more of the issues we are writing about and disclaiming as being from anonymous sources will come to the forefront with evidence.

Feb 172018

For Immediate Release

February 16, 2018

Contact: Andre Levesque

Phone: 916-626-6804

Amid Scandals Surrounding Sheriff Candidates Sniff and Brown, Riverside Deputy Sheriffs Give $300,000 to Lt. Chad Bianco

RIVERSIDE COUNTY, CA – – With two candidates for Riverside County Sheriff embroiled in scandals in their departments the Riverside Sheriffs’ Association affirmed their support for Lt. Chad Bianco who has emerged as the only qualified candidate capable to lead change.

“There is no true leadership at the Riverside Sheriff’s Department and as a result, public safety is dangerously threatened,” said Ian Anderson, District Attorney Investigator who also serves as Vice President and Chairman of the Riverside Sheriffs’ Association political education committee.

“Lt. Chad Bianco has a distinguished record supervising staff and managing resources in this department while protecting all in Riverside County. Bianco has earned our endorsement and has the full support of the county’s 2,300 law enforcement professionals who put their lives at risk patrolling our streets every day. We need real change in leadership to restore integrity, efficiency and accountability to this department. That’s why we are 100 percent supporting Chad Bianco.”

This week a new scandal involving Sheriff Stan Sniff caught national attention as it was learned that he ignored a cheating scheme within the department and later promoted those involved in the cheating.

Read More About the Cheating Scandal Here

This scandal comes as Sniff’s department faces huge budget overruns and a mass staff exodus which led to Supervisor Tavaglione to state, “He is unable to manage his organization in an effective way.”

Read More About the Budget Problems At the Sheriff Department

In addition, it was revealed that second tier candidate Dave Brown a former Chief of Police in the crime-filled city of Hemet faces a scandal of his own. A former Hemet police officer alleged the Hemet Police Department was destroying evidence, used racial slurs and abused a prisoner while Brown was in charge.

Read About the Hemet Police Department Scandal

The election for Sheriff will take place in conjunction with the June 5th Statewide Primary election. For more information visit www.ChadBiancoForSheriff .com.

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P.S. Please note, if it was not obvious already, the RightonDaily Blog has endorsed Chad Bianco for Sheriff.

Feb 172018

Hemet Dave Releases Plan to Restore Public Trust in the Riverside Sheriff’s Department

Proposal would establish facts and restore accountability in response to the promotional testing scandal

Former Hemet Police Chief Dave Brown released a plan today that would rebuild public trust in the Riverside Sheriff’s Department following revelations, first reported by The Desert Sun and featured in USA Today, of a promotional testing scandal.

Click to Read the Full USA Today Article
“I am calling upon our region’s respected county, prosecutorial, and civilian oversight leaders to begin the process of restoring trust in our Sheriff’s Department through full transparency and accountability,” said Brown.

Brown has called for County Counsel to reaffirm protections for deputies or county employees who act as whistelblowers, an inquiry by the District Attorney’s office regarding the impact these revelations may have on criminal convictions, and a thorough investigation by the Riverside County Civil Grand Jury.

“I have a long track record of fair and equitable executive leadership that sets clear standards and expectations and rewards excellence. However, I’ve also dealt swiftly and effectively with allegations of wrongdoing. There is simply no room for wavering as a chief executive, especially when the public trust hangs in the balance. Sheriff Sniff owes the citizens a thorough explanation of this scandal while protecting the privacy of the employees and the integrity of the investigation,” concluded Brown.