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Jan 232020

Tim Donnelly is a political fraud

REALITY: Donnelly stood with Nancy Pelosi in opposition to Trump’s signature tax reform plan.

REALITY: Donnelly, as an Assemblyman, voted with San Francisco liberals to pass legislation lightening sentences for drug dealers, including those working for Mexican cartels.

REALITY: Donnelly cannot legally own a gun due to his criminal past, which includes multiple convictions spanning several decades.

REALITY: Donnelly, as an Assemblyman, authored a bill preventing California from handing over to the US military suspected terrorists, thus creating the first ‘sanctuary’ state for terrorists in the country. Specifically, the bill prohibited “an agency in the State of California [or] a political subdivision of this state… from knowingly aiding an agency of the Armed Forces of the United States in any investigation, prosecution, or detention of a person within California pursuant the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2012 (NDAA).

If that sounds a lot like California’s “Sanctuary State” laws, you’re right. Donnelly’s bill was the model.

REALITY: Donnelly needs money, and being in politics pays well — hence he keeps running for office. In his own words to the senior citizen he scammed for tens of thousands of dollars, “If I do get back in office or get more steady work, I’ll get a loan, and pay you off in full immediately.


  1. California Governor in 2014, for which, Jack Pitney, professor of politics at Claremont McKenna College, wrote, “[Donnelly] has about as much chance of becoming governor as (former Gov.) Arnold Schwarzenegger has of becoming pope.” Why did he run? Money. He needs it, and he’s learned to skim money from his campaigns.
  2. State Senator in 2015, less than a year after his run for governor.
  3. Congress in 2016, where he failed to make it out of the primary.
  4. Congress in 2018, where he is finally being exposed as a criminal and fraud.
  5. And again Congress in 2020.

Sounds like a politician.

REALITY: Donnelly owes tens of thousands of dollars personally and even scammed the SB 277 (anti-vaccination) campaign.

Donnelly took $30K in per-diem each of the four years he was in the assembly +  $32,000 taxpayer funded vehicle. When asked about it, he said, “It’s part of the deal when you get elected…”

Tim Donnelly is the biggest political fraud in California.

Tim Donnelly was named Right on Daily’s Grifter of the Decade 2010-2019 for stuff like this. To be continued…

Endnote: CA-08 = California’s 8th Congressional District, this is the seat of retiring Republican Paul Cook.

Jan 222020

Full disclosure – I am Kirk’s Campaign Manager.

Lousy place for a postal smudge – should read 27% rate hike.

The intention is to be simple and straightforward. The Placer GOP endorsed Kirk Uhler and here’s why. If you live in Center-East Roseville and Granite Bay – please join me in voting for Kirk Uhler.

Jan 222020

This is what I like to see. GOP Groups taking out the trash.

Let’s start with Tyler Diep – who in the opinion of this blogger will Bolt the GOP after the March Primary. Note – Prop 14 does NOT require the top two candidates to runoff with the party preference they took in the primary. The individual is the nominee, and has nothing to do with the political parties. To think, every time a resolution to oppose Prop 14 has been brought up, the party apparatus has killed it. Tyler Diep will join the Chad Mayes Party in March, perhaps he waits until November if he survives both halves of the election. (But my money is on March for him to Diep in to the ranks of NPP)

Similar to how the Orange County Realtors continue to support William “Bill” Brough in defiance of the facts – they are also pouring money in to the corrupt Tyler Diep because they believe it will buy influence with him. (That is the only conclusion I can draw for why a local group would continue investing in such people of low character)

Of note – Matt Fleming who is a paid consultant of the CAGOP wrote an op ed defending Tyler Diep a day before former OCGOP Chair Scott Baugh tore him apart.

Secondly, the CAGOP’s BY-Laws indicate that for a candidate to have a CAGOP endorsement, they must have at least 80% of the underlying counties. Tyler Diep now has 0% of the underlying counties. Will the CAGOP follow its’ own by-laws and yank the endorsement? (If Matt Fleming has anything to say, nothing will happen)

Live action shot of Bill Brough on the 241 Freeway

ORANGE COUNTY, CA – Hon. Fred M. Whitaker, Chairman of the Republican Party of Orange County, released the following statement regarding the endorsement of Assemblyman Tyler Diep:

Yesterday evening Republican Party of Orange County Central Committee met in Executive Session to discuss the Petition of Assemblyman Matthew Harper to rescind the endorsement of Assemblyman Tyler Diep.

The petition was based on a series of votes incongruent with the Republican platform. After a comprehensive discussion and debate, the endorsement of Assemblyman Diep was rescinded by a majority vote, as required by our bylaws.

Chairman Whitaker stated – “This is a sad day when an incumbent Republican member of the legislature loses the local party endorsement, but the party felt there had to be accountability for voting patterns. There are two Republicans running in the primary for the 72nd Assembly District, and the voters can decide which one best represents their district without a recommendation from the local party.”

Assemblyman Diep is still endorsed by the California Republican Party.

And, then there is the curious case of the raging alcoholic Bill Brough. The booze must have been talking in his last email:

Brough has built a vast organization for his March 3 re-election. The resources allow Brough to get his message out and counter the negative, dishonest attacks by his opponents. Comparing fundraising numbers, electoral and a proven conservative record, it is clear that Brough is in the best position to win in March.

Everyone whines about attacks being dishonest which is why your intrepid blogger cites sources, uses photos and provides links to articles and documents. I’d encourage Brough to put the bottle of Popov down and have a look at the dozens of media articles and thousands of pages of public records related to him. Perhaps this is the vast organization he was referring to?

Two other “Vast Organizations” lit him up good: (But in Brough’s mind intoxication it is all about his sudden opposition to the 241 Toll Road expansion…)


Two Orange County Republican leaders today demanded the immediate resignation of Assemblyman Bill Brough from office (R – Assembly District 73).

At least four women have publicly accused Brough of unwanted sexual advances and inappropriate touching. Brough is currently under investigation by the California Assembly for some of the accusations.

“It’s time for Bill Brough to step aside, resign, and open the door for a candidate who can represent South County without degrading the name of the Republican Party,” said John Warner, President of The Lincoln Club of Orange County.

Steve Craig, Chairman of The New Majority joined in the demand. The Lincoln Club of Orange County is the oldest conservative donor group in California. The New Majority is a powerful right-leaning political action organization.

“The allegations against Mr. Brough are serious, and we take them seriously. Every one of Mr. Brough’s constituents should too,” said Craig. “South County deserves a representative who isn’t dogged by allegations of the worst kind of behavior toward women.”

The Republican Party of Orange County in September called on Brough to not seek reelection and to retire at the end of his current term.

Several accusers have made their stories public through press reports: One said that, after almost two years of sexual comments and advances, Brough pressed himself against her at a Sacramento hotel in 2015 and propositioned her for sex. In 2011, according to another accuser, Brough grabbed her by the shoulders from behind, propositioned her, and refused to let her go. A third said that in 2018 Brough put his hand on a wall behind her, blocked her from moving, and began touching her face and neck. She says he told her, “We should get out of here… You look like the kind of girl who would like to have fun.”

“Accusations about Brough’s conduct have been made by women who knew Mr. Brough and worked with or around him, including an elected Orange County Supervisor,” said Mr. Craig. “Several of them told friends shortly after Mr. Brough approached them and have filed formal complaints against him. They’ve taken risks by coming forward.”

Brough is the County’s only incumbent elected official who hasn’t been endorsed by the Orange County Republican Party or the California Republican Party. Because of the accusations, The Lincoln Club of Orange County and The New Majority rescinded their endorsements of Brough in September.

Brough was also warned by the California Fair Political Practices Commission about the misuse of campaign funds for a week-long trip to Paris in July of 2016. That commission is also said to be investigating a complaint alleging that Brough spent roughly $200,000 in campaign funds on personal expenses over four years including meals, cigars, a custom liquor cabinet, cell phone bills, and family vacations.

Brough is the Assemblyman for California’s 73rd Assembly District, which includes Mission Viejo, Laguna Niguel, Dana Point, San Clemente and other South Orange County cities and county areas.

Good for these groups.

Tyler Diep

Jan 222020

Remember this photo:

It turns out there is an active case in Shasta Superior Court against Mr. Feucht for fishing without a license. Might the above photo have been shot on a trip lacking said license?

MCRDCRM 180000159002
Disposition: Status:PENDING

I’d remind Sean that the Bible is clear about following the laws of the land, especially if you see yourself as a new apostle.

Sean also owns 4 modest properties in Pennsylvania. A check of records shows that Feucht is a laxsdasical landlord. It looks like he was cited for maintenance issues on one of his properties.

On 6-14-2018 and then in 11-08-2018 Feucht was cited for overgrown weeds and then overgrown trees on a piece of property in Cumberland Pennsylvania.

Further checks of records shows that Mr. Feucht has a parking ticket in 2016, a vehicle registration ticket from 2015 and a DUI/Reckless from 2001.

Lastly, It appears that Feucht got popped in Colusa County for speeding in I-5. At least he was actually IN CA-03 when he broke that law. (In 2019) Was he on his way to some sort of campaign event when he got pulled over? (Note, records indicate that Feucht went to traffic school)

Here’s the point. Feucht is claiming to be the candidate of morals and is basically running a televangelist style campaign while his personal life demonstrates a lack of discipline and a lack of regard for the law in the municipalities he is actually connected to.

Sean Feucht also has three corporations that he is listed as a principal in. All are non-profits. In a future post, we may open some of these up as we are getting contacted regarding the operations and the disposition of them.

Regardless of how far you will go to justify these recent issues – the point stands, John Garamendi is going to have a field day with this nimrod. The 18 year old DUI/Reckless is kind of a bonus to the more recent issues for Mr. Feucht:

2015 – expired registration
2016 – Parking Ticket
2018 – two Civil Misdemeanors for allowing one of his properties to become an eyesore and a mess
2019 – 2020 criminal case for fishing without a license
2019 – Popped for Speeding within the boundaries of CA-03

Now – when you add in that he lives 150 miles outside the district, (and has only been in California since 2016) and the rest of the package we’ve written about… the profile becomes clearer.

To be continued…

Note: CA-XX = California’s XX Congressional District.

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