Nov 032016

Gary Miller will scream bloody murder, in fact he already has over my assertion above. He thinks he is a man of faith. The truth is that the faith Miller practices is centered around his lifestyle, which has no separation or boundary from who he is as a person, as a school board member or professionally. This is why when you cross him you become a bigot.

If you read Gary Miller’s autobiography on – it is quite a revealing entree in to who he is as a person and his life story of being a Gay Activist.

A lot of people try to tell me that I should separate my faith from my politics, why should I? Gary Miller doesn’t, nor do most on the left – this is why so many of them freak out when challenged.

Take a look at Gary Miller’s statement of faith in his own words:

I left the Methodist Church and became a Quaker before leaving Kansas City Missouri. There are two main branches of the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers’ official name). One branch is still struggling on the gay issue. It’s very Christocentric and they say they believe the Bible is THE word of God. The branch I belong to is universalist and accepting of all.

My group has no paid clergy, and for worship, we sit in silence waiting for God’s word, which can come from a vocal ministry of someone in the congregation, or perhaps that still, small voice within.

Quakers have no ministers in the traditional sense. Each year someone is chosen to lead the congregation. I was chosen and have served as head of my local Quaker group for three years, and began another year in May 2015.

Yes, Gary – Evangelical Christians (of which I am one) and Mormons/LDS believe that their religious texts are indeed the Word of God. Perhaps this is the basis of Mr. Miller’s disdain for people of faith – we are too “Cristocentric”.

The second fallacy is that the only way you can be accepting of all is to be “universalist” versus having a clearly defined set of values. This is a classic logical fallacy of the far left and where Miller proudly highlights just how extreme left he is. He has no room for people of true faith whose religious tenants are specific about sexuality, marriage, family and the like.

I have gay friends. One of my top allies in the GOP is gay. At least 10 of my Facebook Friends that I banter with consistently are Gay. They know where I stand, I know where they stand. We get along with each other.

The homosexuals that I work with in politics understand that I deserve religious freedom as much as they deserve sexual freedom – while they disagree with the moral stance of my faith, and while I disagree with their lifestyle. Gary Miller is incapable of that – and this is one of many reasons why Miller is unfit to serve on a school board.

This kind of statement of values and intolerance is not what we need educating our children. More to follow.

P.S. Gary Miller is an incumbent on the Roseville City School Board. I am advocating for his defeat at the ballot box in November. In Gary’s mind that makes me a bigot.

Oct 262016

IMG_4693 (1)I wrote the following about Gary Miller in a post dated 8/18 with a summary of the Cast of Characters running for local office:

The Roseville City School Board is a different deal – Extreme Left Wing Homosexual Activist Board Member Gary Miller recruited democrats to run for that board in an attempt to engineer a democrat takeover of it. Gary Miller is out and proud for 40+ years, by the way lest you think I am “outing” him. The overriding issue here is Miller and his demonstrated disdain for conservatives and people of faith.

Mr. Miller apparently went berzerk. Either he has an over-inflated opinion of himself or he simply goes bonkers over the truth.

I did receive a facebook message from him, several forwarded emails and accounts of at least two phone calls with other people. I am proud that Mr. Miller has elevated me to the ranks of “Homophobe” along with every other person of faith who supported Proposition 8.

Miller is one of those that has fallen in the the common trap where his lifestyle, politics, personal beliefs and status are so meshed that if you support traditional marriage, you’re a bigot.

Of course in an email – he attempted to contest the point about his antipathy for people of faith. I will have plenty to say about that very soon.

Here are some biographical points about Miller from – a Website with Historical and factual data about out and proud leaders in America.:

Conscientious Objector
These were the years when young men had to register for the draft. The teachings of Jesus, Martin Luther King and Mahatma Gandhi told me killing was wrong and evil begets evil. I applied for a Conscientious Objector status.

The draft board refused my request and I was then forced to take a physical. I wore peace symbols on my jockey brief butt cheeks. I answered all their questions truthfully, including “Have you ever had a homosexual experience.” I said “yes.”  They finally gave me a 4F classification.

So, he skipped out of serving in Vietnam. I have several family members that served in Vietnam. I find his anti-American stand offensive. But it makes sense why he loves the patently unpatriotic Barack Obama.

I also find it outrageous that he demands special treatment and rights from a country he refused to serve when called upon. Perhaps this is why he is playing the Bigot card similar to Hillary Clinton playing the race card against Donald Trump.

Gary Miller is wrong for Roseville. Gary Miller has made his homosexuality as much of an issue as I make my sobriety – as in we wear them on our shirtsleeve. If someone calls me a drunk, I say exactly with a smile while they are guzzling their box wine. When I called Miller on his behavior, wrong-headed politics and attitude toward those he disagrees with, I am instantly a homophobe. Miller wants all the accolades of being out without the scrutiny of being called on it in a political sense.

He wants to continue in a position of responsibility for our children’s education with his world view. That would be about as ridiculous as buying me a liquor store to manage.

Miller’s Biography is an accomplished list of a hard-left activism focused primarily on Homosexual issues – long before LGBTQ was ever a term. If you’re reading this blog regularly, fasten your seat-belt because Mr. Miller has earned a 9 week feature on RightonDaily. This is how I deal with people that call me a racist or the equivalent, especially those I have never met in person.

Miller is not just a Democrat, but he is a malignant extreme-left wing activist democrat. He has no business in office anywhere, much less in Roseville.

Oct 242016

8 more calls since the 2014 election. How many of you reading this have had the cops out to your house once? Once in 10 years? 20 years? 30 years?

Rene Aguilera infests the Roseville Joint Union High School Board. He needs to go. I have endorsed Andrew Tagg, Julie Hirota and Paige Stauss. Do not under any circumstances vote for Rene Aguilera.

On 5/12/2016 – you will see that references to Drug Activity at 136 Donner Ave have not stopped. Does Rene Aguilera Live at 136 Donner? If he does, is he selling narcotics? How is he supporting himself as his form 700’s list no income at all for years? These are legit questions to ask.

The most recent call to 136 Donner Ave was on 7/12/2016. Despite getting destroyed over the previous 44 calls in the 2014 election, Rene Aguilera appears to have learned nothing. (Nothing except for how to get free trips to Washington D.C. from NALEO and other groups.)

I am sure Mr. Aguilera, whose 18,000 Judgement is still active with no action and interest accruing is an innocent victim of 52 Police Calls to his home. Perhaps Gary Miller will invite him to his “Church” and Rene can sit there and wait for gas (I mean the spirit) to lead him to some sort of inner peace.

Of course, we here at are doing our part to help Aguilera achieve peace. We are helping reduce the stress in his life by helping to relieve him of his obligation of being a school board member… which he does a poor job at anyway.

Let’s recap the Police Activity at 136 Donner Ave (Rene’s Home address of record):

There is an annoying thing called public records. The calls have come in batches – Here is Batch One and here is Batch Two.

Here are some statistics from the police logs:

11 references to Drug Deals / Drug Activity

4 references to Arrests Made

7 references to disturbances between 11:45PM – 4:20AM

Why is Rene Aguilera on a School Board? Why is Gary Miller allied with this guy? They both have extremely poor judgement and Aguilera is a threat to public safety by virtue of the fact that 136 Donner Ave may well be considered a nuisance property.

Oct 172016

Aguilera - you took the Republican DownThey got caught. Perhaps the discovery of this is why Rene Aguilera did not recruit anyone in 2016, in order to save his own tail.

In 2012, Rene Aguilera’s core supporters knew the score, with one bragging – “You took the Republican down!”

The left know there is no such thing as a non-partisan race.

Gary Miller, as documented on this blog, has a long history of far-left activism centered around the fact that he is gay. He also is keen on attempting to spread his brand of cancer to other districts as well as his own.

Rene Aguilera and Gary Miller are known to associate and communicate about said plans to try to take out more Republican officeholders.

Both Aguilera and Miller are aware I have been poking around with Freedom of information act requests. It is also the reason why in my mind that Gary Miller has started the worn out and old He’s a bigot attacks.

Then there is this – an email between Gary Miller and Rene Aguilera which shows their collusion and proof of their attempt to take out Scott Huber (who is LDS) and Linda Park (who is an Evangelical Christian) from the Roseville Joint Union High School District Board in 2014.

Gary Miller Asks, “Can’t we find someone to run against those two right-wing wackos who are running for re-election to your board?”

Whoops. The left knows there is no such thing as a non-partisan office.

It gets better. Because of their solid relationship with the teachers of the district, the teacher’s union endorsed Scott Huber and Linda Park for Re-Election.

As of the date of Miller and Aguilera’s attempt to unseat Huber/Park in 2014, neither Huber nor Park had met Miller. Linda says that she still has not.

Then the next email obtained by your intrepid blogger should be even more disturbing:

(From Gary Miller to Brandon Dell Orto – the President of the Teacher’s Union)

… Scott Huber Gave Money to Prop 8, I have emailed him to see if he has changed his position on this issue.

I am assuming Linda Park is just as homophobic, but I have an email in to her as well…

Then Miller concludes with the following:

The CTA was very strong against Prop 8 and has been very good on Gay Issues, don’t spoil that record by endorsing homophobes.

So there you have it. Gary Miller and Rene Aguilera spreading unity and tolerance in the community.

Why is it that emails and democrats don’t seem to mix very well?

Sep 262016

IMG_4693 (1)Despite what Gary Miller and others would tell you, the Republican Party and Donald Trump are stronger advocates for Gay Rights than the democrats could ever be. We believe that people have a right to their life despite our personal feelings about what they are doing.

Gary Miller’s version of Gay Rights is fining a baker 130k for not baking a cake or the “human rights” commission in New Mexico telling a photographer it it their civic duty to photograph a gay wedding. No freedom for those that disagree.

Miller, by virtue of this facebook post is practicing the Far-Left Alinsky tactic of “Shaming”. He believes that because he thinks I am a bigot that everyone that associates with me should stop doing so. Not only is that bigoted in its’ own right, it is extremely arrogant.

Hillary Clinton, for her part has made it clear she will be an enemy of religious freedom:

“Laws have to be backed up with resources and political will,” she explained. “And deep-seated cultural codes, religious beliefs and structural biases have to be changed….”

Sounds eerily similar to Gary Miller and his diatribe on “Cristocentric” religions.

Hillary Clinton did not even wait for the bodies from the Orlando Pulse Nightclub massacre to get cold before she was calling for gun control.  (she wasted no time in taking to twitter)What about the 50+ dead homosexuals, murdered by a Muslim because they were gay?

Clinton did indeed meet with families over a month after the massacre. She has yet to talk about radical islam and their hatred for anyone they disagree with.

CrUYRzkUIAIUygCPerhaps Clinton is deign to rip in to the real villians, and take notes Gary, who are Muslim (not Christian or LDS) because of the cash flow.

Well look here at the major Donors to the Clinton Foundation – a who’s who of the oppressors of Homosexuals everywhere.

Perhaps the correct label for Gary Miller is extreme left-wing hypocrite activist. If Miller was really all about Gay Rights – he’d sternly condem Hillary Clinton for profiting off of the barbarians in the middle east that throw gays off of rooftops or hang them in the streets.

Of course we will never see that.

What we did see, was Omar Mateen’s father sitting in the VIP section of a Hillary Clinton Campaign appearance in Florida. Imagine Gary Miller’s outrage if Mr. Mateen was seen at a Trump rally instead?

Gary Miller was a Bill Clinton delegate in 1992 to the DNC Convention. He is fully invested in the corruption of the Clinton family, perhaps this is another reason why he needs to run around the community trying to invoke pity over all the mean homophobes trying to hold him accountable for his intolerance of Christians?

Once again, Gary Miller is demonstrating that he is not qualified for anything other than private life. He can’t even be consistent in the single most important thing to him – while attempting to scapegoat Christians and Mormons for every bad thing that has ever happened to him.

Perhaps Miller should move to a Muslim Country as he appears all too willing to give them a free pass. Let’s see how that works out for him.