Mar 032021

That’s right, we are supposed to worship the “Chairwoman” – the first “Latina” (or if you ask the pander to minority caucus, Latinx) Chair of the CAGOP.

11 Dead County Parties. 16 More with 10 or less elected members.
Assemblyman Bill Brough Raped a woman, Sexually Battered another and harassed 5 more (that we know of) and our esteemed Chairwoman has been silent.
The rampaging Mike Madrid was a delegate to the CAGOP for 8 months while she covered up and stonewalled a complaint against him. Madrid was part of the Lincoln Project – which has since been shamed for corruption and covering up pedophilia.
2 Lost State Senate Seats. 2 Defections from the Assembly.
44,000 volunteers no one has ever seen
A net loss of 1,300,000 voter registrations under her tenure
Party leaders recruting non-Republicans to run for office in SD15 and SD30

But she did write down Laurie Wallace’s and Lani Kane’s names in order to retaliate against them later for daring to ask questions and for voting against grossly conflicted appointments to CAGOP committees.

Where was the “Chairwoman” regarding the PDI election data firm? Crickets. Party caught with its’ pants down. Now they are scrambling to get a new data provider.

Speaking of outreach, we now learn courtesy of the national media that Jessica Patterson may well have attempted to cover up a Racial Discrimination complaint. At best, she did what she does best, cut and run from any sort of contraversy.

We detailed how corrupt the CAGOP’s staff were in the run up to the convention, stonewalling requests for information, allowing gross violations of election and party by-laws, screwing with timing of release of information, election software full of bugs and the like… it looks like the Staff is even worse than the incompetent folks that called the FBI on me.

California GOP Employee Claims Racial Discrimination in Suit

The California Republican Party has been sued by an employee alleging racial discrimination by a colleague and retaliation for reporting it.

By Associated Press, Wire Service Content March 3, 2021, at 8:58 p.m.

U.S. News & World Report

California GOP Employee Claims Racial Discrimination in Suit

Retaliation? Jessica Patterson has proven to be vicious and vindictive at her core. In front of witnesses, she wrote down Lani Kane and Laurie Wallace’s names to remember the for future retribution. It appears this is nothing new. (BTW – I have known about this behavior pattern of Patterson’s for years. Witness the FBI at my door for pete’s sake)


SACRAMENTO, Calif. (AP) — The California Republican Party has been sued by an employee alleging racial discrimination by a colleague and retaliation for reporting it.

Lawyers for Botisha McKnight, who is Black, filed her lawsuit against the party and two former employees this week in Sacramento County Superior Court. The suit alleges McKnight’s supervisor, Alice Jungwirth, repeatedly made discriminatory remarks about Black people, at several times acknowledging the her remarks were racist.

It further alleges Cynthia Bryant, the party’s former executive director and Jungwirth’s aunt, retaliated against McKnight by giving her more difficult work outside of her job description after McKnight filed a complaint. Managers at the California Republican Party failed to stop Jungwirth’s conduct, it alleges.

There it is again, conflict avoidance and trying to ignore stuff hoping it will go away.

McKnight “has been subjected to an unending cycle of racially-charged and inhumane harassing, discriminatory, and retaliatory behavior at the hands of her supervisors,” the lawsuit alleges.

Jungwirth and Bryant both stopped working at the party last year, while McKnight still works there. Jungwirth could not be reached for comment and Bryant referred comment to the party spokesman.

“The CAGOP is an equal opportunity employer and has always employed and been welcoming to team members from all backgrounds. We immediately investigated these claims when they were first made back in late-2019 and took prompt remedial action at that time,” Hector Barajas, the party spokesman, said in an emailed statement.

Insiders I have spoken to contest Mr. Barrajas’ characterization. Both Bryant and Jungwirth were purged by Jessica Patterson in her rampage, and would have been canned regardless of this lawsuit.

Barajas pointed to a financial disclosure report showing Jungwirth’s final salary payment in January 2020 when asked what remedial actions the party took. He did not answer specifically when asked if she was fired due to McKnight’s complaint.

Make a specific note of that emboldened sentence. I was told specifically the lawsuit was not a factor in any of the rampaging purge of Jessica Patterson.

McKnight worked as a “cage assistant” for the party, a job that includes directing and sorting mail, processing checks and credit cards, making daily deposits and record keeping, according to the lawsuit.

Jungwirth subjected McKnight to “indescribable racism” including saying her first name sounded Black, asking if her hair was real, and using a racial stereotype in response to learning McKnight was older than 40, the lawsuit alleges. Jungwirth also allegedly told McKnight she heard that Black women have lots of children without fathers present and were on welfare.

McKnight alleged Bryant began assigning her difficult tasks that she was not trained for after she filed a formal complaint about the harassment with the party.

McKnight was the only African American employee of the party and she faced regular discrimination that her white colleagues were not subject to, the suit alleges. She suffered loss of earnings, emotional anguish, humiliation, and emotional and physical stress due to the environment, the suit alleges.

In early 2020, the California Democratic Party settled three lawsuits alleging its former chairman, Eric Bauman, engaged in a pattern of misconduct, discrimination and unwanted sexual advances. Bauman resigned in 2018.

Now – let’s add a snippet from the Sacramento B.S.:

Months later, McKnight emailed a formal complaint to California Republican Party Chairwoman Jessica Patterson about the harassment, the suit alleges. After McKnight made the complaint, she alleges she experienced retaliation from Cynthia Bryant, Jungwirth’s supervisor. Jungwirth is Bryant’s niece, according to the lawsuit.

Whoopsie. a Racist Chairwoman, a conflict avoider, a cover up, and retaliation. What a package!

The CAGOP Delegates just took ownership of all of this when they re-elected her too. It is a team #EPICFAIL…

To be continued…

Mar 022021

So – here is the famous “noogie” photo:

Someone sent me photos of a couple of mailers sent blasting Moorlach.

The top mailer was clearly sent to Women It is brutal. The bottom was clearly sent to Republicans. It really sucks to be John Moorlach.

Moorlach is stuck running videos on social media from Female employees talking about what a great employer he was – doing two things, highlighting his primary weakness and of course attacking Trish Todd by inference. Felony stupid campaign tactics.

Feb 262021

Paul Mitchell is a former democrat consultant. He is a flaming leftist. Here he is participating in attacking Morton’s Steakhouse because they GASP don’t require a biohazard suit from their patrons. I decided to engage him…

I did find it ironic that a man whose wife makes hundreds of thousands of dollars off of mass murder (aka Abortion) was talking about saving lives. This is also the proprietor of PDI.

Somehow the braintrust at the CAGOP did not plan for this guy to return to his baby-killing roots and terminate their contract? Has the CAGOP staff been asleep the entire time that the Newsom Recall has been in effect? Anyone that thinks the decision by Mr. Mitchell to abort the CRP’s contract for election data has NOTHING to do with the eminent qualification of the Newsom recall is completely out of their mind.

Then there is this email from the CRP that was leaked to me last night. I did not realize that this was some sort of secret until another CRP activist told me that Mitchell indicated he was doing a press-release today about it.

Dear County Chairs,

This afternoon we did a call with Political Data Inc. (PDI) where they informed us that they are shifting their business model to only service Democrat and Progressive candidates and causes moving forward. Political Data Inc (PDI) has been the CRP’s primary data provider for over ten years.

While the timing of this announcement is sudden and disappointing, it seems typical of the left’s cancel culture these days to go after vendors when they become desperate.

In the short term for the Recall and races where CRP is involved, we will be shifting our primary data provider to the RNC’s GOP Data Center. CRP will be taking on the responsibility of enhancing GOP Data Center with more frequent updates to the statewide voter file and Vote by Mail Return data. We are moving forward with ensuring Republican candidates, conservative causes, and our county parties have the best data possible when making strategic decisions.

In addition, our Data team led by Michael Escoto is in the process of archiving all relevant models, voter contact flags, demographic data, vote history data, voter registration history, and any other important pieces of data for migration.

Today’s news, while sudden, provides the CRP with an opportunity to ensure that the party has total ownership and control over its data, which is something we’ve wanted and talked about for several years.

While the California Republican Party has had over a decade-long relationship with Political Data Inc., we will not be deterred in our efforts to recall Gavin Newsom. We will continue our efforts to support the recall of Gavin Newsom — the worst Governor in California’s history. We’ll also continue our efforts to help successfully manage the data for the thousands of local, county, state, and congressional campaigns we run each election cycle.

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns regarding today’s news please do not hesitate to reach out.

Thank you,

Bryan Watkins

Deputy Executive Director

California Republican Party

If the CAGOP staff and the “Chairwoman” actually cared about grassroots, they’d have had a contingency plan. Perhaps this will also cause a change, where candidates are able to get data and support from the CAGOP again. The refusal to provide data or people like Mr. Watkins going completely silent on nominees was a consistent theme I have heard for the last two years.

It is time for another purge within the ranks of the CAGOP, as this is the latest embarassment. This is hardly a “California Comeback” (the synchronized messaging of the Faulkner campaign and the CAGOP) they are dreaming of, this is a straight up #EPICFAIL.

To be continued…

P.S. Please note that the CAGOP was approached last year by a vendor called I360 offering a more accurate product as PDI is fraught with errors (as has been my personal experience by the way) and at a lower rate. As it was put to me, the CAGOP turned them down cold.

Feb 252021

Some people have complained that my comments about the CAGOP’s staff being corrupt and in the bag are too harsh.

I lifted this off of Twitter on 12-26-2020. My guess is the tweet was week old when I lifted it off of Twitter. Note the CAGOP liking this tweet. I’ve yet to see the CAGOP “liking” anything from John Cox, Doug Ose, Major Williams, Errol Webber, Diego Garcia or any other rumored governor candidate.

Note that just days after I lifted this tweet – Faulconer signed the recall. They had this planned from jump street and STEVE FRANK BLEW IT UP. They may have stopped him from getting elected Chairman but Conservatives ran the table on them all week.

Then there is this – Faulconer Sycophant former CAGOP Chair Ron Nehring was on the dope rhyme… and so was CAGOP Staff again:

Whoopsie. No wonder why I could not get information from them and I had to blow my stack. No wonder why I was able to prove so much so easily about the convention just passed. Take note, this will happen again and again unless these people are terminated from employment and office.


Feb 252021

Are you willing to fight for real Republican values? Are you willing to hold people accountable for building the party instead of their wallets?

Don’t forget that fighting the establishment has consequences. I played a major role in taking down an incumbent assemblyman with almost the entire establishment against me, as the corruption and inertia in favor of these people is engrained and very deep. The FBI visiting me was only the most recent example.

If you’ve read this blog for any length of time, you will know that I have written about Bill Brough, the monster of a former assemblyman I believe raped my wife’s friend Trish Todd. What many of you don’t know is that the attorney that responded to the 200+ count campaign finance complaint against Bill Brough (that was over 15 pages long) was Ashlee Titus. Ashlee is the CAGOP’s attorney.

I have a lot of negative history with Mrs. Titus dating back to 2004 when her affair with a married man of 20+ years led to her marrige to him and his divorce from his wife with whom he had children. I saw this firsthand while helping a congressional campaign in Sacramento County.

If you think for a second that this had nothing to do with Mrs. Titus being instrumental in the FBI coming to my house, think again.

If you fight these people, make sure your own personal affairs are in order and you are prepared for legal threats (I’ve gotten 31 legal demand letters in my political lifetime) in addition to the FBI at my front door. I’ve been physically assaulted 7 times, had my name smeared multiple times in the local media at the behest of consultants like David Stafford Reade, been thrown out of groups, have people I’ve never met that hate me – all this only to work for a bunch of candidates that forget my name 5 minutes after getting elected.

At least I’ve been getting paid most of the time to do this stuff the last 12 years so I get a soothing ointment before the inveitable.

What can you as Conservatives do to deal with the establishment?

Many County Parties are moribund – which is the way the establishment wants it. Vibrant county parties disperse power. Still others like Santa Cruz, Glenn, Yuba, Tehama, Alameda are shells that are controlled by consultants. Activists need to get involved in these groups weather or not those currently clinging to power want you there or not.

CRA and CIR – these are the two conservative groups in California. There are large parts of California with no CRA units or CIR chapters. If you have groups of like minded activists, there are opportunities to form clubs that will give activists a rallying point. There are other areas were clubs are weak and in need of new blood. Having strong volunteer clubs forces the local electeds to take notice and participate. When you have influence like this, you can force change.

One of the biggest ways the establishment keeps power (besides flaunting the by-laws and maintaining fake county parties) is a cadre of nominees for office in marginal districts. It is time to challenge the perenial moderate losers that keep running year after year and handing their delegates to the establishment. Luis Buhler recruits an opponent to Conservative Pastor Mark Gilham in AD22 every election cycle, why can’t we do the same to the squishes in other districts?

There are some rules I have learned in 20+ years of blood soaked political battle. (Uh-Oh trigger words again)

There is no such thing as a conservative once they get elected. 95% of them will follow and do whatever “leadership” tells them to.

Never ever put anyone in office on a pedastool. Beyond being flawed human beings, the pressure of the system breaks all but the strongest of people.

Always track people’s self interests. Politics attracts extreme people that are not a representative sample of the real world. Expect the worst out of people and 90% of the time you will be right.

Conservatives had better unify and work together or we will all get hung separately. Those in power will hunt us all down, let my own story stand as proof of that. Part of the reason why I get attacked as much as I do is obvious, I have a platform, I am bombastic and effecitve. However, people feel emboldened to retaliate against me, because I am perceived as a lone ranger. If you have numbers, there is safety in numbers. The fact I have been able to survive as long as I have been able to without severe personal consequences is a testament to the calling I feel to do this stuff – this may not be the case for others of you, so heed the advice about forming groups.

I have made it clear I do not like Jessica Patterson at all. It is only my loyalty to the cause that keeps me from openly cheering for her to fail. However, let’s take a look at her attributes as a “leader” as an antedote for others to learn from. Also, let it be an allegory to why Trump lost. People in the CRP seemed to care more about Steve being aggressive than the totality of the issues within the CAGOP. The voters appeared to care more about Trump’s twitter account than the consequences (see also $4 a gallon gas, on its’ way to $5… green energy fails, open borders, iran and the like) of electing Joe Biden. It is a sad truth that the truth-teller (Steve) becomes more of the issue than the truth.

Jessica Patterson has zero empathy and is as mean as a junkyard dog. I have not written about this a lot, but people have told me stories about how she treats her husband and campaign staff. I spoke to a campaign staffer that ended up in counseling because of the treatment by Mrs. Patterson. Do not treat people like this. The Establishment had to gloss this over because keeping control of the CAGOP Chairmanship was paramount.

Jessica Patterson is vengeful. When she won the election and gave her pre-canned acceptance speech, she made no mention of Steve Frank or those that supported him. I’ve been told by insiders that during floor sessions her handlers are constantly nervous that she will snap at people and drop F-Bombs on the floor of the convention. She also wrote down the names of the two new CAGOP Board members when they dared to oppose some of her conflicted consultant appointments to committees. It is clear she intends to retaliate against them later. This sort of boorish behavior is nothing new, most of her handlers operate the same way.

She refused to interact with county parties that supported Steve or Travis in 2019. They deliberately left conservative groups off of party communications. She presided over the collapse of 27 county parties – because it suits her and her handlers. This is not leadership, this is the behavior of a tyrant.

I am expecting her to continue her pattern – emboldened because of the margin of victory. Anyone that complains about her behavior should look in the mirror because your vote (or non vote) has enabled it to continue. At least the 438 people that Voted for Steve will have a legitimate gripe when Patterson and crew try to isolate and marginalize them.

The calls for unity are a lie. Her track record proves that.

The claims of voter registration are a lie. The GOP has had a net loss of about 70K so far this year alone.

The claims of fundraising are a lie. Several insiders have detailed that to me and why.

She and her crew opposed the recall and only came forward kicking and screaming. Then, they attempted to rig the CAGOP convention in favor of Kevin Faulconer.

The failures will continue. In 2022 there may not be the temporary reclamation of 4 seats in congress (that she had nothing to do with) to paper over the rapid decline of the CAGOP. People ignored the loss of 3 legislative seats because it was easier to do so than face failure. It is human nature.

With the facade shattered in 2022, what will be the excuse of CAGOP delegates in 2023? Given that roughly 40% of the CAGOP’s delegates are staffers and consultants – it is going to require a much younger and dynamic conservative to strip away the excuses from people that hate change to bring the focus on to what is important within the CAGOP.

I had attempted to extend an olive branch to Jessica Patterson after the 2019 campaign. It was rejected. My decision to not congratulate her on her re-election was deliberate and especially after the FBI came to my door, I intend to continue shelling her and her crew for as long as it takes to break them all. (more trigger words) I am only 50 years old and I am patient.

If you are a Conservative, that cares about the CAGOP – heed my advice, organize, set specific goals and acheive them. Recruit good candidates and rally. This is the solution, you have 13 months to the March Primary and about 2 years before the next CAGOP convention.

P.S. I do not send anonymous texts or emails. I also do not blog anonymously. Remember that if you’ve received any, thank you.