Oct 142020

And, of course Jessica Patterson and her handlers have done nothing about these people.

On the Left is Mike Madrid – still a delegate to the CAGOP on National Television opposing President Trump. Two over from him is Steve Schmidt – architect of Arnold bankrupting the GOP and shredding the down ticket races in 2006. Jessica Patterson worked with Steve Schmidt on several campaigns – Schmidt is not a California Resident anymore.

Also Pictured is the bankrupt Rick Wilson and Reed Galen – who I met when he was attacking Conservatives in 2014 in favor of Neel Kashkari.

Three months ago, complaints were filed against Mike Madrid and Luis Alvarado and nothing has happened. In addition, Ben Avey and Cassandra Pye have also joined the public anti-trump hit parade.

The CAGOP By-Laws are clear – oppose the nominee of the GOP and you are done. In this case the above four are actively campaigning for Joe Biden. Jessica Patterson has done nothing.

It has been put to me by several people that Jessica Patterson is herself a never-trumper and it sure looks that way as long as she is tolerating these sorts of people within the ranks of the party delegates, or perhaps it is because they are all votes for her chairmanship?

Given that the party is broke – the number one selling point related to Jessica Patterson’s chairmanship has been shattered.

What we are left with is cronyism, favoritism and a brood of vultures that have picked the CAGOP clean for massive paychecks while we are on the tracks for a disaster.

But hey – you, yes you can get your very own CAGOP Membership Card!


Oct 122020

Doorhangers. Easy stuff right?

Nope. Not when you have a party leadership that is not committed to grassroots.

Note the lack of perforation to hang on a doorknob. This was true of all of the doorhangers I learned about

Something piqued my interest. Where’s President Trump? Congressman Mike Garcia is on these as are Nominees Mark Reed and Rhonda Baldwin-Kennedy. Of further interest was the complete slate of CAGOP Endorsements for Ballot Measures.

It seemed to me that it was another in a long list of Party Leadership Types dissing President Trump or trying to avoid the “T” Word.

Then I started reaching out.

Placer County got their Doorhangers and specifically had to request President Trump be included on theirs (in the form of adding him to their list) and got roughly half of what they ordered.

Madera County had to specifically request President Trump be included and again they got half their order. They were told President Trump could not be included because of a “federal money” issue. Was it a smokescreen or was it because the CAGOP was broke?

In Santa Clara County – a stunning harbinger of what I learned after getting this email several days ago:

Door hanger sample in mail to you.  Not only is there no cut out for door hanging, but CAGOP only printed 40K of the 70K order because “they ran out of money”. 

I guess we need to THANK YOU because the door hanger says PAID FOR BY THE VENTURA COUNTY REPUBLICAN PARTY

Santa Clara County has a chairman that is hostile to President Trump and who is the Chief of Staff for failed SD15 Candidate Johnny Khamis (who left the GOP over Trump). Naturally, President Trump is not on the Santa Clara Doorhanger. (The Doorhanger is to large to post – so a snippet is provided)

Again, note no perforation to hang the thing on a doorknob

That email was sent on 10-5-2020. Had the CAGOP run out of money days before I learned about it? 10-8-2020 we broke the news that the CAGOP was out of Candidate Dollars.

Tuolumne – as of the date I wrote this blog had not received any literature despite ordering it.

Santa Barbara – apparently the county committee decided to have President Trump added to their doorhangers. They also got less than they ordered, not specified how much less.

Other counties, such as Contra Costa and Alameda do not have President Trump on their websites (but I can’t speak to their doorhangers, if they got any). You’d have to wonder if there was some sort of consensus in the Bay Area Counties against displaying President Trump on any of their communications. Note that other federal candidates are present.

The Conclusion – the Doorhanger drill was beset with a complete lack of regard, attention to detail or organization. Why do you do doorhangers without perforation? Was it to save money because the party was/is broke? We were told about multiple typos and formatting errors as if the operation was being run haphazard.

Some counties were told they could not include the president, others were. Some counties excluded the President. One County got no literature and all the others got roughly half of what they ordered.

Two counties were told, “They ran out of money”.

But in all cases the doorahangers we’ve seen all thanked “Chairwoman Jessica Patterson” for the effort. Yikes. I am not sure I’d want to take credit for this.

What a dumpster fire. We were told that Jessica Patterson could raise the money and “take the fight to the democrats. Right now I’d settle for her proving she could take out a Hamburger from the drive-thru.

Oct 082020

There are a lot of accounts the CAGOP uses and a lot of internal machinations they use. If you’ve gotten mail from the CAGOP – it has most likely been funded with “Pass Through” Money. This is money sent to the CAGOP by an endorsed candidate or by the campaign of a ballot measure endorsed by the CAGOP. Pass through money is legal when done right – it generally looks like sending the CAGOP $50K for a mailer that costs $45K and the party keeps a commission of $5K off of sending the mailer. The Party gets way lower rates on mail and advertising thus making such a move make sense.

One tangible example of “Pass Through” Money is this:

This was basically paid for by the five ballot measure campaigns. Note that the party is so weak, they could not include Yes on 20 on this mailer. They could have told the donors they were including the other measures on the mailer but since the party has been near broke they have no leverage to do so.

Prop 20 is the measure that would gut many of the crimes Prop 47 , 57 and AB109 basically made legal returning them to felonies.

The sources confirmed that the CAGOP is out of “Candidate Dollars” – meaning that while some mailers may be in production now, that is the ballgame unless there is a miracle. Any future items will likely be funded in full by the candidate “passing through” money to pay for it.

What this means is that while the CAGOP may be able to pay rent and their staff – they have no resources left with which to promote endorsed candidates.

Ling Ling Ling Chang, John Moorlach, Scott Wilk and Rosilicie Ochoa-Bogh are all in danger of losing. This would leave us with 6 GOP Senators left. The CAGOP is broke.

Jordan Cunningham, Tom Lackey, Janet Nguyen, Phillip Chen, Stephen Choi are all in danger of losing. This would leave us with 13 GOP Assembly-members left. The CAGOP is broke.

It was put to me that the Assembly Caucus is broke and Marie Waldron has done such a poor job of fundraising that Shannon Grove had to move money from her State Senate Caucus to the Assembly Caucus to backfill the Assembly’s commitment to the targeted races. No wonder why Diane Dixon in AD74 was strung out to dry. No wonder why Andrew Kotyuk #AD42 was strung out to dry. Let the list go on to others.

Here’s the ballgame – do not be confused by the 13-15 accounts and the daisy chain of PAC’s that the CAGOP / “Leadership” has. Don’t be confused by the leadership fund, etc. The CAGOP is broke and has no money for Candidate Dollars. The Caucuses are not far behind – especially if Shannon Grove had to prop up the feckless Marie Waldron.

I’ve been made privy to poling data and anywhere south of the Kern-LA County line is not pretty for Republicans.

The CAGOP has been paying gigantic salaries: $250K to Patterson for starters. $25K a month to David Carney (brought in by Shannon Grove). We have seen payments to a lot of political consultants (Tom Ross, Jeff Randle, etc) and staff. Looking at past reports I’ve seen fundraisers getting paid $1,000,000 or more in fees on reports.

Other items of interest include terminating Matt Klemin – beyond the fact that Matt was a five-star jerk, it very well could have been a salary dump in addition as he was getting $152K a year. Senator John Moorlach in SD37 fired Tim Clark for incompetence (as it was put to me) and hired Steve Presson at the behest of “leadership”. I’ve been told that Moorlach is in extreme danger of losing his Senate Race. Clark was taking $10K a month from Moorlach (which I saw coming out of one of the CAGOP / Senate Caucus accounts – it is hard to keep them all straight).

Cynthia Bryant was also fired and allowed to stay as a consultant. It was also put to me that Kevin McCarthy sent Jeff Miller to do that deed. Were Cynthia Bryant still the CEO of the Party this disaster would have never happened. She’d have never let the well run dry just before the election.

I was not predicting a loss of 6-8 seats in the legislature in a vacuum. I did so even before I was informed of this disaster.

Should Jessica Patterson even be allowed to run for re-election given what’s coming? I will GLADLY eat crow if the CAGOP somehow has a miracle and we lose less than 4 seats – but even with a 2-3 seat loss is that the platform for re-election? What about paying out Millions in Salaries and Consulting fees, leaving a party that is broke 3 weeks out from election day? A Party so weak they can’t include Prop 20 on a mailer? Lynching nominees?

Next week, we have some more internal CAGOP items we will be bringing in to daylight, because “everything you do matters” even as a lot of the players try to hide in the shadows.

But, hey – they are lining things up for Kevin Faulconer in 2022.

Oct 072020

There is a reason why I am predicting a loss of 4-6 seats in the legislature for the GOP (It could be as many as 8, by the way) and have been stating as such for several months. The current leadership of the CAGOP are failing miserably.

Please take a look at a recent blog from Steve Frank that lays it all out clearly:

Frank: Massive Voter Registration Losses in California GOP Targeted Races

It is time to end the happy talk, the crowing about voter registration and by omitting the facts, district by district registration numbers.  In the past few days, CRP Chair sent the following to Republicans:

  • “422,225 New Republicans registered since CAGOP Chairwoman Jessica Millan Patterson was elected in 2019
  • 113,744 New Republicans registered since the last report in July 2020
  • 289,473 New Republicans registered since the beginning of 2020”

Not mentioned: in spite of the lack of a California Republican Party voter registration program.  Not mentioned: that as Chair she receives over a two-year period, $500,000 in salary, but the allocation for voter registration in the same period is $50,000—and most of that money is UNSPENT.  The Board has set its priority and voter registration is NOT on the list.

MOST IMPORTANTLY SHE DOES NOT MENTION THAT IN THE SAME TIME PERIOD THE DEMOCRATS REGISTERED 1,500,000 NEW VOTERS! THAT IS THREE AND HALF TIMES THE NUMBER OF Republicans registered. This is the classic definition of failure that they unwisely drew attention to with a misleading email.

Elections are won district by district. So how did we do in the targeted, hard fought races around the State?  Below is a list of ten targeted races.  In EVERY one we had massive voter registration losses, from January 1. 2019 to the 60 day close, September 4, 2020.

Massive Voter Registration Losses in California GOP Targeted Races

Stephen Frank, Exclusive to the California Political News and Views,  10/5/20

The first step to recovery for an addict is to admit you have a problem.  The California Republican Party, led by Chair Jessica Patterson is not ready for recovery.  Instead of explaining why they do not have a voter registration program, they publish partial statistics—read it carefully, they never say that their programs are successful, just that while in office these people registered as Republican.  Not mentioned in their propaganda is that during the same time period, January 1, 2019 to September 4, 2020, the Democrats registered 1.5 million NEW Democrats.

As we watch the returns on November 3, remember these numbers.  We have lost two years of voter registration under the current Chair.  Actually, the CRP stopped voter registration in March of 2013. (This is not a typo.) If 400,000 people registered as GOP’ers on their own, imagine how many more would do so if the CRP had a registration program!

Due to the massive registration losses in targeted races, we must spend more money to keep or win those seats.

This is what Politico wrote, using facts, not hiding them:

THEY’RE NUMBER TWO! — “California Republicans reclaim second-place status from independents,” by POLITICO’s Jeremy B. White: Still, the party has lots of work to do. There are still fewer registered Republicans than there were between 2000 and 2012, although the party is rebounding from its 2016 nadir. … Democrats saw the largest overall gains since last cycle, adding some 1.6 million registered voters. Their edge over Republicans increased by some 1.3 million voters between 2016 and 2020.

“And the numbers could indicate a negative development for Republicans: more no-party-preference voters registering as Democrats While Republican’s share of the electorate remained stable from 2018 to 2020, Democrats expanded their share as the proportion of party-less voters declined. … There are now 21.2 million registered voters, which is 84.7 percent of the eligible voter pool — the highest share in the last 68 years. It’s also some 3 million more registered voters than in 2016.”

Here are the real numbers, all from the web site of the California Secretary of State.  Is this a winning hand?

21 Congressional District  Valadao

2018  Dem   99,763  GOP  62,571  NPP  58,229

2020  Dem  110,367  GOP  68,664  NPP  57,949

Dems net gain over GOP since January 1. 2019   4,611

25 Congressional District  Garcia

2018   Dem 144,965  GOP  127, 900   NPP  100,137

2020  Dem  168,344   GOP  136,138  NPP  95,496

Dems net gain over GOP since January 1. 2019:    15331

39 Congressional District  Young Kim

2018  Dem  125,668  GOP  123,679  NPP  110,842

2020  Dem  149,989  GOP  166,251  NPP 102,767

Dems net gain over GOP since January 1. 2019    14,735

45 Congressional District  Raths

2018 Dem  128,450  GOP  157,929  NPP  121,613

2020  Dem  157,989  GOP  166,251  NPP  114,394

Dems net gain over GOP since January 1. 2019    15,217

48 Congressional District   Steel

2018  Dem 121,523  GOP  144,872  NPP—-110,842

2020  Dem  156,646   GOP  167,375   NPP—102,023

Dems net gain over GOP since January 1. 2019    12,620

21st State Senate  Wilk

2018  Dem  176,769  GOP  149,437   NPP  120,548

2020  Dem  208,289  GOP  166,384  NPP  117,003

Dems net gain over GOP since January 1. 2019     14, 593

29 Senate District   Chang

2018  Dem  163,812   GOP  144,318  NPP  129,043

2020  Dem  193,226    GOP  156,169   NPP 124,115

Dems net gain over GOP since January 1. 2019     17,988

37  Senate District   Moorlach

2018   Dem  168,586   GOP 196,990   NPP  156,260

2020  Dem 205,778  GOP  207,533   NPP  145,192

Dems net gain over GOP since January 1. 2019      26,659

35  Assembly District  Cunningham

2018  Dem  87,690    GOP  86,691    NPP  63,537

2020   Dem  100,413  GOP  91,534   NPP  56,901

Dems net gain over GOP since January 1. 2019     7,480

55 Assembly District  Chen

2018  Dem  79,363  GOP  85,278   NPP  70,340

2020  Dem  96,274   GOP  92,629   NPP   72,770

Dems net gain over GOP since January 1. 2019     9,580

68 Assembly   Choi

2018  Dem  80,493  GOP  95,468      NPP  74,978

2020   Dem  101,034  GOP  101,525  NPP  72,589

Dems net gain over GOP since January 1. 2019     14,474  

There is not a single legislative district in California where we had a net gain over the Democrats.

What has the CRP done over the past two years?  The first responsibility for a political party is to register voters.  Also note that on the ballot, between Assembly, State Senate and Congress there are more than 25 races without a Republican on the November ballot.  No voter registration, few candidates— the CAGOP leadership need to tell the truth and stop distracting us with misleading numbers that do not tell the full story.  We are adults, we deserve the truth.

All of these numbers came from the Secretary of State’s web site.  We deserve better than this?  As I like to say, “Leaders Lead”—is this leadership?

Sep 302020

But – at least they mentioned President Trump by name, if only to fundraise off of it. Many have asked me why the CAGOP sends sometimes as many as 7 emails a day. This is because they are effective. Do not be surprised to hear about some gigantic fundraising numbers.

Don’t be fooled, the CAGOP had to pay for lists and develop them. This is expensive and will eat in to the margins significantly. This does not have to do with Jessica Patterson spending hours on the phone soliciting checks from major donors like past chairs did.

Remember, the CAGOP has also leeched money off of the Gavin Newsom Recall Effort while privately attacking it before finally publicly endorsing it to leech street cred.

Lest you think they are sincere, have a look at this:

This was written before Chris Wallace interrupted President Trump the first time. Seems rather smarmy and insincere. I’d also lay odds that they were whining about the debate in their private meetings while trying to fundraise off of it. These people don’t understand President Trump and never will – including how to fundraise off of him.

Don’t forget – they are going to blame President Trump for the loss of legislative seats that is coming. My guess is at least 2, probably more like 4-6.