May 122019

In the North State, the results were as mixed as they were all over the state. The drama, however is just starting.

At least in the North State the pitch to people was “We need to keep the platform the same”, we can’t have people stirring up drama… etc etc etc. I found that rather fascinating as the people that were out of favor and being campaigned against by the establishment were all known conservatives. (as in, they support the current platform)

With few exceptions on my end of the state, the favored candidates were staffers, and in the case of AD-08 Candidate Besty Mahan, the Chair of the Sac GOP, a reputed liberal Republican.

In AD-01, Lassen GOP Chairman Joseph Turner beat out the candidate endorsed by every Republican elected in the north state. (Except for Kevin Kiley and Tom McClintock – McClintock could not be bothered and Kiley will only endorse with a gun to his head)

In AD-03, James Gallagher / Jim Nielsen acolyte Ryan Edson beat Butte CIR President Colleen Waugh. Edson was one of the few County Chairs in the North to endorse Jessica Patterson. The same consultant that worked for Jessica recruited most all the opponents for the known conservatives in the North State. I know Edson is not a liberal, but he is not independent and will follow orders.

In AD-06 (my home district) Staffer Landon Wolf who worked for Jim Nielsen before his current job with my Supervisor Bonnie Gore beat Ken Campbell (who I voted for). Landon is a good kid and is a conservative, but I am not sure how independent he will be.

In other districts in the north the results are equally as murky, AD-09 will Ray Livengood be an advocate for Conservative Republican Values, or will he follow the consultants trying to elect his wife to CA-10? Livengood defeated CRA Vice President Carl Brickey, a known Conservative. In AD-11, Jim McCully who loudly opposed the CAGOP board slamming Chad Mayes (when he was North Coast CAGOP Vice Chair) is the member there. Will he find an excuse to support shredding the CAGOP Platform, or will he stand up for Republican values?

Speaking of CA-10, it appears to be a confusing mess. Charles Dossett appears to have been abandoned by those allegedly supporting him. Ted Howze appears to be flat-lining and local conservatives are starting to take a long look at Marla Livengood, can Livengood consolidate support? (CA-10 is the Jeff Denham seat in Congress) It makes for a fascinating backdrop and problem for Ray Livengood on the platform committee as a lot of people will be watching him. In AD-12, the former home of Drucilla Kristen Olsen, Susan Vander Schaaf, a known Conservative is on the platform committee as well. What will she do in the upcoming platform war? (Some think she is an acolyte of the establishment, others think she is a solid conservative) That said, don’t look now, but Drucilla herself may jump in to the CA-10 race, the typical actions of someone who has an out of control ego and no shame whatsoever.

The next step on the platform committee is that the 200 or so members will pick a “Drafting Committee” of 1/4 of the members. This smaller subset is where the real damage will be done. This is where the platform the left wants will be ratified, forcing the committee at large to either do a substitute motion or spend hours amending it. The “Run Out The Clock” strategy has been employed by Mr. Buhler and his minions many times, as they have usually been in the minority in party fights. This time around, with so many electeds picking controllable delegates specifically for their CAGOP Chair Vote, the mix of people is about dead even.

This is why Conservatives need to watch the platform process closely at each step and track who is doing what. Similar to 2011, when we narrowly stopped the establishment from decimating our platform, we are right back in the middle of the same drama in 2019.

Why are Luis Buhler and other paid consultants working so hard to shred the CAGOP Platform?

  1. As I’ve written before, there are a crew of people that believe in “Reframing the Message“. This is not some paid sell-out, just accept that as a fact. 22 years later, I’ve seen both good, ethical, moral people and bad unethical, amoral people use the same talking points on me in discussions. It is a flawed belief system that violates one of the primary principles of marketing – that is you need something unique not the same as the other guy to sell. It is also in my opinion a very lazy solution to the problem of losing elections, in trying to reduce the issue set you are giving your opponents less ground to defend. This is why liberals like Catherine Baker got hammered as bad as Conservatives like Matthew Harper in 2018. The direction of the CAGOP Caucus allowed the dems to focus their massive resources on a smaller ideological battlefield. In the case of some of the consultants pushing to shred the platform is some good old fashioned hatred of conservative values, there are only a handful I put in that category.
  2. Stick it in President Trump’s Eye. Do not discount the chatter from establishment Republicans and Never-Trumpers in California (about the only place never-trumpers still exist in any significant numbers). Similar to the intellectually vacuous and morally bankrupt belief that Conservative Values are a problem at the ballot box is an equally as strong belief that President Trump is the biggest problem the CAGOP faces. Make bank that if these paid consultants succeed in their efforts to shred the platform, it will be spun by them (and their willing whores in the media) as a Repudiation of President Trump by the largest Republican Party in America. Do not think for a second that these well-connected people have not been talking to John Kasich, William Weld, Mitt Romney and others – most of them worked for Romney or Kasich at one time. (BTW – Jessica Patterson never worked for Mitt Romney, let’s correct that assertion from a previous post here) It is rumored and fairly well known that at least two top GOP Consultants have inked deals with the campaigns of Trump primary opponents.
  3. Arnold, Chad Mayes and Kristen Olsen’s Ego. Never, EVER underestimate the bombastic egos of people in public office. Ever. Anyone observing California Republican politics when Chad Mayes became public enemy #1 in the GOP should know that he has been on a rampage to prove how right he was over Cap and Trade ever since. Mayes and Olsen were once Christian Conservatives, but beyond their highly publicized affair (with each other) have supplanted their faith with their ego (my opinion based on their behavior). In doing so, their behavior has been consistent with a megalomaniac whose life goal is to prove how right they are (which is what happens when you take the place of God in your own life). Perhaps this nexus is part of why several insiders believe that it is Arnold’s money and donor connections facilitated by people who may or may not be Chad Mayes, Kristin Olsen and others financing the effort to decimate the platform. Think it through, the players spending hours on the effort to annihilate Conservative Republican Values do nothing for free. Regardless of the psychological angle, money is flowing freely in to this effort.

It appears that #NEWWAYCA thinks their convention attended by 80 people casts a compelling vision for the future of the CAGOP.

I will conclude with this message for everyone reading.

Control is an illusion. The harder you try, the worse the results get. There is zero doubt who is in control of all facets of the CAGOP and they will own the consequences of what happens in the CAGOP Platform drill and the fallout from it. They will also own the impending 2020 election results regardless of President Trump. Meantime, to the Conservatives forced out who are looking in – fight for what is right because this 2019 platform battle is far from over. Despite their efforts to eliminate your voice and influence, you still have a voice and influence.

May 102019

Your intrepid blogger has been receiving tips and leads from all over the state.

The bottom line – a group of political operatives and consultants are attempting to consolidate their control of the shrinking Republican Party. Research and sources indicate that the fundraising levels are significantly lower post Jim Brulte. Sources and research also indicate that several existing Republicans are looking to jump ship for greener pastures.

Let me start by repeating something, I do not dislike Jessica Patterson, Madam Chairman of the CAGOP. She has a lot of friends and respect in the insider community. She is an insider that that is the key problem that I believe could doom her chairmanship. She is simply not in the position to stand up for GOP Values, or worse is of the same belief system of those seeking to finish off the CAGOP.

The California GOP insiders have been obsessed with three things – 1. is Re-Framing the Message, the same warmed over New Way, Old Way, squish out way that has been talked about by (fill in the name of squish here) since before I (20+ years in the CAGOP as a Conservative Activist) got involved in CAGOP politics in 1997. This is why they engaged in the Platform Committee fight, they truly believe that shredding the CAGOP Platform is a key step to returning to the promised land. (More on that in a separate blog)

2. Get as far away from President Trump as possible.

3. Consolidating control. This means making sure a shrinking list of consultants get the shrinking list of contracts. This also means attempting to throttle the flow of information outside of a small fraternity and also attempting to re-arrange the deck chairs by lining up candidates they can control for a shrinking list of “target seats”. The vetting process appears to be simple, find Non-White Candidates (if possible), then vet said candidates for controllable personality traits and then create resumes if they lack one on the natural.

For example in CA-10, Charles Dossett who I attacked for re-registering GOP the day before becoming a delegate seems to be the pick of the #NEWWAYCA crowd. But, it now appears they are bailing out on him and are instead looking over Marla Livengood a former Richard Pombo Staffer and lobbyist that ran for CA-09 Last Year. Her Husband, Ray was recently elected to CAGOP Platform Committee (in AD09) and was backed by the insider crew in his effort against CRA Vice President Carl Brickey. The insiders wanted to stop Brickey at all costs. in CA-10, it appears #NEWWAY and some of their allies in the Oligarchy of Controlled Failure have declared Ted Howze public enemy #1 despite Howze being the only GOP candidate with significant resources. Remember, Drucilla herself lives in CA-10. (Kristen Olsen)

In CA-45 and CA-49, I am being treated to emails and poorly placed social media ads for retread candidates seeking to re-take those seats. Another example is in CA SD-05, there appears to be an unnecessary primary fight among Republicans for the privilege of getting hammered by the Dem Incumbent next fall. I have heard next to nothing about attempts to re-take the 5 assembly seats that were hemorrhaged in 2018 other than a few unimpressive candidates. Maybe there really is no plan. In CA-45, CA-48, CA-49 and CA-39, it looks like Virginia Based consultants with gigantic staffs are arguing over the positions of the deck chairs on the Titanic (while charging $10,000 a month retainers).

The following is an incomplete – yet cogent list of “Vulnerable Seats” aka “Target Seats” and what I think / know is happening and why I believe that a loss of 4-6 more seats at the California State Level is an entirely reasonable assumption. The sad part is that Jessica Patterson will get blamed for it, but it will really be laid at the feet of the same “Oligarchy of Controlled Failure” that are executing a strategy to shred the platform and consolidate control (as they have been for 20+ years).


CA-50 Duncan Hunter, regardless of his guilt in the Campaign Finance Scandal, he is toast. He does not know this of course – but Republican Vultures are swirling. These include Newly minted Senator Brian Jones, #NEWWAYCA hero Rocky Chavez who is running specifically to split votes off of Republican Candidates in a revenge mission and Larry Wiske a Conservative Veteran. Unless someone asserts leadership – there is a high likelihood of another AD-76 2018 repeat where two dems make the runoff.

CA-42 Ken Calvert, Calvert is a squish and one of the top members of the Tuesday Group (used to be Mainstreet Partnership). Like a lot of districts in Riverside County, it is slipping. The RIVCO GOP was running strong voter registration efforts until internal party politics and control issues dried up their money.

CA-08 Paul Cook. My sources indicate Cook is running again. However in 2022, look for a Jay Obernolte vs Chad Mayes vs Psycho Tim Donnelly (and at least 3 other Republican gadflies because that is how it always works) blowout barnburner. The registration in CA-08 is marginal and getting more so by the week.

CA-22 and CA-23. My guess is that Devin Nunes and Kevin McCarthy get drawn in to the same district as the dems will influence the tainted redistricting commission to attempt to shrink the GOP to 4 seats. Being left to choose between those two is a choice I won’t have to make as I don’t live down there.

CA-01 and CA-04. Both Doug LaMalfa and Tom McClintock are facing well-funded psychotic democrat opponents again in 2020. I think they will both survive, but McClintock’s margin will shrink further as his abusive behavior towards constituents and his refusal to lead are steadily eroding his base. McClintock refuses to engage on behalf of conservatives and despite being in Congress for over a decade still does not live in CA-04. McClintock is the poster child for Republican Leadership Failure. It is the opinion of this blogger that LaMalfa and McClintock will get drawn in to the same district in 2022. I also believe that Kevin Kiley (Ad-06) will attempt to run for Congress against the two of them as well.

I believe CA-50 turns blue in 2020 and CA-08 could as well. I also believe that the CAGOP will not successfully flip any one of the 7(!) Congressional Seats we lost in 2018. I am of the same belief as it pertains to the 5 lost Assembly Seats as well. I’ve seen some of the people lining up to run for lost assembly seats and I have not been impressed as of yet by any of them.

AD-77 Brian Maeinschein became a democrat in an act of cowardice and self-serving. He was rumored to be working with Chad Mayes (Ad-42) and Jordan Cunningham (Ad-35) on forming a third party caucus of #NEWWAYCA members. Mainschein’s New Way was out of the GOP. Mainschein gets re-elected as a dem.

AD-76 This is the #NEWWAYCA Hero Rocky Chavez’ former seat. Similar to Chad Mayes’ ego-fueled rampage, Chavez went after CA-49 in 2018 and is going after CA-50 in 2020. But first Chavez is running for Oceanside Mayor to split votes off of a Republican Mayor Candidate before going to CA-50 to do the same. This is what the #NEWWAYCA looks like – pumping up empty shell candidates who then start to believe their own BS.

Let’s look at vulnerable Incumbent Republican Assembly Members:

AD-72, Tyler Diep. Survived ballot harvesting in 2018 by having his own drill. Diep is a deeply flawed candidate and it remains to be seen if he can survive. He is also virtually useless on an internal party level.

AD-68, Steven Choi. Hoarded over $400K in his campaign account similar to AD06 (Kevin Kiley) while the GOP got slaughtered. He could be vulnerable in 2020, or post 2022. He is emblematic of the every-man-for-himself mentality that has ruled the CAGOP post term limits

AD-71 – Randy Voepel. Randy is an old white guy. His district is also completely encased in the CA-50 District where Duncan Hunter is about to get hammered.

AD-42 – Chad Mayes, he is sitting on $1MM and his district has gone to plurality dem registration. Does he start actively campaigning as a liberal democrat? Does he care about trying to keep Republicans on the reservation? Since he is angling to run against Jay Obernolte for Congress soon, what is his next move? (Other than clandestinely funding and participating in political revenge missions that is…)

AD-36 Tom Lackey. Good Dude. District is D+9. I hope my friend George Andrews can be effective in his effort to save Lackey, I am not optimistic. It is my understanding though that Lackey has been effective and engaged in his district which gives him a better than average shot of surviving.

AD-35 Jordan Cunningham – It is the opinion of this blogger that Cunningham is going to bail on trying to get re-elected to the Assembly. SLO County is one of the strongholds of the liberal Republicans trying to destroy the CAGOP Platform so protecting Cunningham (a cap and trade vote) is a top priority. Does that change if Cunningham runs for Supervisor, County Wide or CA-24? When Cunningham bails on the Assembly for greener pastures, the GOP loses that seat for sure versus maybe if he stays.

AD-33 Jay Obernolte – His district has deteriorated in Registration to the point of being even as well. However, he got re-elected with over 60% of the vote. Perhaps a clinic on not being lazy, arrogant, and actually working/caring about your district is in order for some or all of his colleagues?

State Senate – Seasoned observers understand that the GOP Nearly lost SD28 Stone and SD36 Bates in 2018. The Dems poured money in to those districts, long considered “safe” and narrowed both of their margins to single digits… while at the same time defeating former SD38 Senator Joel Anderson for Board of Equalization. (The dem that won is an 80 year old with a nice batch of legal maladies) Undaunted, Joel Anderson is seeking yet another office.

Perhaps Joel Anderson’s humiliating defeat is why SD38 Senator Brian Jones is looking at challenging Duncan Hunter in CA-50 along with run-for-everything-Rocky Chavez. Jones has a “free shot” and who knows what the 2022 redistricting does to his Senate District?

SD29 – Ling Ling Chang. Given how weak politically Ling Ling Chang is and how liberal she is, does she re-register democrat like Maeinschein? Do her issues bleed over to the CA-39 Race preventing a Republican victory there? What is the impact of Ad-65 and the likely strong run of its’ Dem incumbent on both CA-39 and SD-29? Chang is a far left Republican a la Catherine Baker, who got blown out of AD-16 in 2018, will Chang’s Gun Control and pro-death votes in the State Senate help or hurt in that district?

SD21 – Scott Wilk is in as deep a trouble as Tom Lackey is. Wilk is probably in more trouble than lackey as he appears to have less of a connection to his district. It also appears that there are not strong recruits manifesting in CA-25 or AD-38, (both lost in 2018) to help buttress SD-21.

SD23 – Mike Morrell (Morrell is term limited), Remember AD40 was lost out from under this district and parts of now-marginal AD33 and AD42 underlie this district. The GOP is going to have a tough hold on this seat.

SD37 – John Moorlach. Moorlach cares more about settling scores than doing his job as a State Senator. It is also clear that Moorlach is going to bail on re-election opting instead to prepare a run for County Supervisor. If Moorlach runs for re-election, I’d consider him vulnerable.

The makings for another 2018 style bloodbath are clear. Once again, Ballot Harvesting and President Trump will be blamed. The formula has been the same since I have been aware, a generation of controllable candidates and a shrinking coven of controllers getting controlled failure.

Apr 162019

I’m sorry folks. I feel it coming.

Your Intrepid Blogger has three theories, none of them good

In various districts “Conservative” elected leaders are supporting candidate for CAGOP Platform Committee that are aligned with the center-left of the GOP. Still other So-Called Conservative Platform Committee candidates are clearly under the influence of their local party bosses.

Then there is the full-blown and all-out effort in the Bay Area, that has been confirmed, even by some of the players involved.

Something that is stuck in my mind is this document sent to me by then CAGOP Chairman Candidate Travis Allen. Reframing the Message.

I hope I am dead wrong on this. My instincts are telling me that the Chad Mayes manifesto is guiding a lot of the usual suspects. With the recent entry of William Weld in to the Presidential Race, rumors of Larry Hogan and the king of Butthurt John Kasich (Chad Mayes’ Godfather) making noise, it would appear that the insiders are lining up for their next Presidential gig. What better a way to build a resume than to shred the CAGOP Platform as a laboratory for “Reframing the Message” away from Trump?

I found limited evidence about Jessica Patterson’s disdain for the President. Despite reports of her allegedly avoiding the Trump question in Public forums, I’ve seen no movement against the President on her part. At least one of her close associates is rumored to be on William Weld’s Payroll and/or short list for the payroll. Still others are rumored to be lining up for Kasich. Kasich and Weld are both embarrassing shells of men who allowed President Trump to violate them on a deep emotional level and they have never recovered. Now they think they can be President.

The parties involved in attempting to recruit platform committee members are the familiar names from 2011. I’ve avoided mentioning them by name in order to not re-inflame old wars.

I have three theories:

  1. The Platform will be gutted by a full frontal attack and California will be heralded as an example for the GOP in the rest of the Country. Not likely.
  2. The Platform will be gutted by a “split effort” tailored to the portion of the state it is being run in. For example, the former Chair of the San Joaquin GOP, while Conservative is reputed to take orders from the “Leadership Whip Drill”. In the North State, Conservative Elected Republicans are endorsing moderates for Platform Committee. Calls are being made in the North to try and get people to vote for “Reasonable Members” in order to “Avoid a Fight”. I take note as I have received reports back that the favored members of the establishment are taking pains to avoid taking a stand on the platform itself.
  3. Chad Mayes (aka Arnold) is funding a drill to shred the CAGOP Platform. I give this credence only because it was Mayes that raised the alleged $250,000 to fund the partial birth abortion of Republican Values known as “Reframe the Message“. What is happening is too disorganized to be a fully funded or professional operation. This is why I favor item 2, as the Platform manipulation looks just enough unique by area and seemingly disorganized to not be centrally controlled by a single funder.

Update From Susan Vander Schaaf: Thank you for listing me as a Christian conservative.  I fully support the current CAGOP platform and do not support “reframing the message”.It was my idea and decision to run for the Platform Committee.  No one recruited me.  I have earned the respect of my peers and believe I would be the best choice to serve and represent conservatives in the platform committee for AD12.  

Take note that neither Shannon Grove nor Marie Waldron have weighed in on the Platform. People that have contacted me challenging my assertions about a liberal gut the platform operation have avoided telling me where they stand on the platform issue.

The apparent lack of leadership from the top of the GOP means one of two things. There is no leadership at all and the minions are running amok, or they too are complicit in the effort to “Reframe the Message“.

I do not believe Jessica Patterson is a part of these drills to recruit platform committee members. I believe that she is not standing up to the people that are as they were key players in her election and current fundraising efforts. The fact that Luis Buhler and others are calling in the Bay Area honestly soliciting platform destroyers and other members of the insider crew are calling in the North and Central State recruiting people that “Are Reasonable” to “Avoid Drama” is a pattern. Both efforts will yield the same result – Pro Life Gone, Pro Family Gone, Gun Rights Gone and anything else these linguine-spined moderates lay awake at night trembling in fear of.

Now is the time for the insiders – especially those that suggested meeting or talking on the phone with your intrepid blogger at the recently concluded CAGOP convention to stand up and be counted. Either take a stand for the current GOP Platform or clearly state your support of “Reframing the Message”, it is really that simple.

Meantime, the paid insider minions are lining up jobs with primary opponents to President Trump, whilst calling people to manipulate the outcome of our platform in 2019.

Let’s Reframe the Message Boys, by hook or by crook

P.S. I hope I am wrong and I get to write about the platform fight being a nothingburger. I just know better…

Apr 082019

Information continues to pour in from the North State, with very little from the south.

First off IF YOU WERE LEFT OFF THE PLATFORM COMMITTEE BALLOT LIST IN YOUR ASSEMBLY DISTRICT – Call the CAGOP or EMAIL THEM. They are contacting people one at a time. There was some sort of epic fail with their database. I spoke to someone in the CAGOP’s office, they are well aware there are several errors. Call and get your situation fixed. There is no nefarious agenda here, just a screw up.

Second, your ballot MUST BE RETURNED IN THE US MAIL. Otherwise, it will not be counted.

Third – see below.

Vote for your person by X’ing the box.

Then, Sign the Ballot.
Put a real stamp on the envelope after you’ve put your ballot in the envelope. In my case, I need to finish putting my return address. But ALSO SIGN THE ENVELOPE.

I am putting my ballot in the mail for Ken Campbell in AD06 Today. You can even follow up with the CAGOP to confirm they got your ballot if you like.

Now – Update on the machinations:

Luis Buhler, Sue Caro and others are calling through the bay area. There are several areas where their person is going to make it uncontested. Unlike AD06 where I live that has 40 delegates, most Bay Area Assembly Seats have 4-6. Some have as few as 2. Remember, Sue Caro was a loud opponent of Calling on Chad Mayes to resign over Cap and Trade.

I now have confirmation that in San Joaquin and Stanislaus, there is a recruiting effort underway. I received an email from an AD12 Candidate that had exactly nothing about where she stands on any issues. (This is a major red flag) While the candidate is a known Christian Conservative, it is alarming that her introduction email said nothing of substance about the platform itself. It also followed the template of Luis Buhler candidates in the Bay Area.

In the North State, the calls that are being made by the establishment are under the guise of not changing the platform. Given that in past years, proxies have been twisted under false pretenses for the purpose of gutting the platform, there is a natural skepticism about motives.

As of Today, according to several sources (adding an Assemblyman to the list) there is no organized drill in the South of California related to the Platform Committee. It appears that most just want this thing to go away with a minimum of drama. It is the opinion of this blogger that Jessica Patterson could put her foot down and tell Luis Buhler and others to stop what they are doing and make it clear the platform is to not be messed with.

This would be consistent with what she said during her Chair Campaign – that she supports the existing platform with no changes.

The reticence I have is that the players making phone calls in the North and the Central Valley were a part of the 2011 Platform destruction derby. If they truly are trying to avoid a disaster in the Platform Process in 2019, they should state as such publicly and call on people like Luis Buhler and Sue Caro to stand down and stop sewing division. Their recruits for Platform Committee should state clearly their conservative values and their desire to see them continue in the CAGOP Platform. None have done so. (another red flag)

I expected Luis Buhler to ignore calls for unity as he has a lifelong history of disdain for Conservatives and a life goal of yanking the pro-life and pro-family language out of the CAGOP platform. It is what it is.

I have a personal opinion about what is happening that I will refrain from putting in writing. That said, I am not optimistic about this process at all given what I know internally and what I know about the players involved.

To be continued.

Apr 042019

I am going to once again preface this post to say that I believe Jessica Patterson is NOT involved in this effort to shred the California Republican Party Platform. I have also spoken to one of her close associates, a Congressional Chief of Staff, a CRP Board Member and an Assembly Chief of Staff and none are aware of an organized effort within their own ranks.

However – your intrepid blogger, with the help of several confidential informants has determined there is an organized effort the shred the CAGOP Platform. This is not the way Jessica Patterson needs to start her tenure as CAGOP Chair. It is the opinion of this blogger that Madam Chairman needs to step on these people and tell them to knock it off.

Some may be wondering why your intrepid blogger is making a big deal out of Platform Committee Membership for the CAGOP. Take a look at this manifesto called “Reframing the Message“. This was the result of a reputed $250,000 expenditure and this document was produced some time pre-2018 elections. (I am now being told it could have been $350K)

Mr. Buhler has gotten Sue Caro Involved as well

The Platform Committee is made up of roughly 220 people, of which 80 are elected. The key is when the committee meets and selects a “Drafting Committee” – if you read my expose’ on the 2011 effort, the real damage was done by the Platform Drafting Committee.

Your intrepid blogger has received emails from three of the establishment candidates for CAGOP Platform committee. It is clear from the presentation and formatting that there is coordination and a template they are operating off of. The effort to shred the CAGOP Platform is organized and systematic.

Sue Caro has made calls and gotten a long time staffer (good dude by the way, just really moderate) Jonathan Madison in AD15. Dan “Platform Destroyer” Trimble is running in AD20. Given that there are so few delegates in those districts, neither race will be much of a contest. The extreme left-wing Republican Catherine Baker is making calls for Dominic Pruitt in AD16. (I do not know Dominic at all)

Caro’s pitch has been refreshingly transparent – “We Really Need to Change the Platform”. I will tip my cap to her for her honesty, the others in her crew should follow her lead.

In AD01 – when we wrote our post lambasting Deborah Wilder for her allegiance to the far-left of the GOP, including her public and aggressive defense of Chad Mayes and her loud opposition to anything that enables the rank and file delegate – we were 100% aware that Wilder was already on the Platform Committee by virtue of her installation as Northern Region Vice Chair. The criticism stands, Wilder is a product of all the staff and consultants that live in the Northern Region (see also Southern Placer County about 20 miles from the capitol), and is way to the left of the real Republicans in the region. It is the opinion of this blogger that Wilder was telling people she was running until she could find someone acceptable to the liberal GOP drill.

To that end, it appears that Wilder and someone who may or may not be David Stafford Reade have recruited an ally from Shasta County named Cathy Kneer to oppose Lassen GOP Chairman Joseph Turner.

It is clear based on intel that Luis Buhler, David Stafford Reade, Sue Caro, Deborah Wilder and others are working together to elect a slate of establishment candidates to re-write the CAGOP Platform.

To see the minutes of the 2011 Platform Drafting Committee Meeting Click on this Hyperlink.

To see the votes of the actual entire platform committee when they overrode the drafting committee click on this hyperlink.

Just what are they trying to do in 2019? In addition to the disaster known as “Reframing the Message” that is linked above and again here… this is an analysis of the 2011 platform they attempted to adopt.

I’m going to conclude this post with a warning to everyone. When you try to get someone to buy something, you usually have something to give them as a reason to buy your product. While I was thrilled to see the new GOP leadership doing voter registration seminars, the literature I was handed copies of was so milquetoast and watered down I’ve been wondering how I can use it to convince someone to register GOP. That is not hyperbole it is legitimately and honestly how I see it.

Secondly, Those that say the platform is a piece of paper no one reads are a lot of the same people recruiting moderates and RINOS for the committee to draw up a new platform. I thought it didn’t matter to them?

It does matter and it matters a lot. I’ve written before and I will write it again, people like Kevin Krick, Dan Trimble and Luis Buhler have been obsessed with pulling the pro-life plank and others out of the platform for years. There are a dedicated group of liberals that are making a play again in 2019.

Blogger’s Note: I am not accusing anyone of doing anything illegal or unethical. This is a mini campaign within the California Republican Party. Either the Conservatives mobilize or the liberals will win. 100% of my gripe is that this whole thing is an unnecessary fight especially leading up to the MARCH 2020 Primary.

This time it is the liberals picking the fight, not the conservatives, and they are doing exactly what your intrepid blogger predicted pre-convention. Running people off of Central Committees, preparing assaults on Central Committees and attempting to gut the CAGOP Platform. Who needs democrats?

Your intrepid blogger is wondering if newly minted CAGOP Chair Jessica Patterson is going to have to intervene, just like Jim Brulte did in 2015?