Sep 082019

When I was first sent a photo of this convention handout, I thought it was a gift from Peter Kuo. I am still not sure who sprung for these, but they should have spent an extra nickel for ones without a sticker.

I wrote yesterday about mixed committee votes on the platform – specifically about the Log Cabin Republican led effort that came within 2 votes of making an earth-shattering change to the CAGOP Platform. Either David Stafford Reade and the oligarchy did not care about this issue OR they lost control over several of their platform committee recruits.

Given that a vote about Parental Notification only succeeded 50-39 and amendments to oppose forced vaccination failed by similar margins there was no scripted outcome, only a direction of influence. This is markedly different than things under Jim Brulte (Or Duf Sundheim for that matter).

Your intrepid blogger discovered that the legislative leadership did not pay a ton of money for a funded operation going in to this convention. This left David Reade, George Andrews, Andy Garakhani and others to have to do a lot of the job themselves. When you do not have tens of thousands of dollars to use on staff, phone calls, social media and mail it makes things radically different.

Reports indicated that there were roughly 600 people in attendance and something like 300 proxies. That is ridiculous that 1/3 of the vote was not present. And the attendance was the lowest I’ve been aware of in the 20+ years I’ve been around this. There are something like 1400 total delegates and less than half were physically in attendance.

I was told that something like 30-40 “Conservative Proxies” were rejected. Most of this appears to be because a Tea Party Group did what groups like that do best – change the rules they don’t like. In this case, they did not use the official proxy form, they made their own. I don’t like the CAGOP’s rules any more than the “Tea Party”, but them’s the rules and until you can change them… deal with it.

The College Republicans Lost their permanent charter. The CFCR – which appears to be a broad spectrum of youngsters (not just squishes) was chartered on equal footing with the CCR. The California College Republicans did not acquit themselves well this weekend as even the most hardcore anti-Jessica Patterson people I spoke to had nothing good to say about the folks present to plead the CCR’s case. Whoops.

Tom Del Bacardi, who is now a former chairman and non board member of the CAGOP has a new girlfriend (at least that is what convention-goers thought). (He usually has 3-5 a year) She apparently is running for congress somewhere in San Francisco against SFGOP Chairman John Dennis. Dennis is a well known quantity and had been a Tea Party favorite in the past. (This is Nancy Pelosi’s district) Both Tom and the woman deny they are dating.

We’ll likely be following up on this later, but suffice to say, this woman was a former flame of the unstable Omar Navarro. Navarro for his part, was escorted out of the CAGOP Convention due to his behavior and this led to a call to the authorities. Apparently the authorities also had to come fetch someone who passed out higher than a kite in a hospitality suite as well.

I was also told by a first-hand witness that the shameless Navarro attempted to engage Brad Parscale in conversation and Parscale said “Not Gonna Happen” and turned away with his security detail stepping in.

On the floor of the convention a couple arguments occurred over proposals to change the proxy rules.

It was reported to me that David Reade, Luis Buhler and others were nervously pacing around the room making eye contact with people attempting to enforce discipline. Having dealt with them both for 20 years this is 100% believable as I’ve seen it myself many times. Only, this time they did not have megabucks behind them.

One rule proposal related to requiring proxies to match the county of the giver was defeated by about 10% from a majority vote.

Another proposal related to requiring proxies to be designated only to an alternate of the giver was defeated by a slimmer margin.

The floor fight over proxies featured the former CRA Pol-Pot bellied information minister in rare form. Without Steve Frank present at the convention and Mike Spence deceased – Hudson was doing the heavy lifting 100% himself.

The accounts of the altercation between Jessica Patterson and Tom Hudson during the Sunday floor session vary, but everyone agrees that Tom Hudson was being a loudmouth and Jessica responded in kind to Hudson’s condescending comments (my opinion) earning her boos from some of the delegates. In the 20 years I have known Tom Hudson, I have known him to be relentless and obsessive yet completely without empathy or shame. Jessica Patterson overstepped her bounds attempting to shut Hudson down, thus enabling a usually pitiless character to have a brief moment of victim hood.

You can make bank Hudson will roll in again and again, convention after convention. If he is the dude leading the conservative movement – we may as well re-write the CAGOP platform now because it will go down faster than Hudson is reputed to slam box wine.

I am not a fan of the people controlling outcomes in the CAGOP – but Jessica Patterson deserves credit for remembering Mike Spence’s untimely and tragic death due to his addiction. She also mentioned Steve Frank’s wife who is seriously ill. I guarantee you 20 years of knowing Tom Hudson tells me if he had the gavel and it was Luis Buhler’s wife in the hospital or David Reade who had passed – he’d say nothing.

I can also tell you this, while I am sharply critical of a variety of things, I am not rooting for Jessica Patterson to fail. There are too many people that don’t think that way and it is a high pressure situation for anyone – especially someone like Mrs. Patterson who is a career operative not an out front leader. Jessica Patterson deserves a chance to succeed and I type this while still scratching my head over her completely one-sided list of committee appointments (95% are moderates or staffers/consultants) and selective responsiveness to various delegates that reach out.

It is my opinion based on talking to about a dozen people present that David Reade / Luis Buhler and crew are losing their grip. The Log Cabin drill / social liberal drill on the left of the party in defiance of the keep the peace edict coupled with the floor fights and the consistent pressure from the right of the party are showing serious fissures in the coalitions that former CAGOP Chair Jim Brulte largely kept together.

Another example that came to mind was the announcement that live streaming from the convention is not allowed unless the oligarchy of controlled failure gave you permission to do so. You only do this when you are worried your machinations will make it out in public. Reade was apparently watching undesirables like a hawk during the floor session. This edict appears have been a response to Luis Buhler being filmed as he was giving instructions to the CFCR faithful in their meeting room. (again, they really don’t like public exposure of their behind the scenes manipulations)

That filming edict was just not a good look with the police state style responses – especially since the media are allowed to film. Got it? The enemy (the media) can film but delegates can’t.

In addition, the nervous pacing in the floor session by Reade and crew was something else I found noteworthy.

The party announced about $1.6MM in the State Account and less than $300K in the Federal Account. I was told that they had to pay a significant sum to get Scott Walker out to speak and several of the meal events had space available. I am hoping for their sake there is a profit as that is all federal money from this weekend.

One thing I will be tracking closely – It will be interesting to see if Harmeet Dhillon and Shawn Steel draw opponents at the May 2020 convention in LAX.

There were multiple sightings of CAGOP Vice Chair Peter Kuo with a youngster carrying his violin for him. Your intrepid blogger was also told that legislators were scarce in any of the contentious or controversial items of the weekend. Why am I not surprised.

Sep 072019

I’ve been told by several that David Stafford Reade is trying to make sure the CAGOP Platform comes through the committees largely as is.

To that end, he recruited legislative staffers and political consultants to run against Conservative Activists in several areas of the state. As I’ve learned repeatedly, control is an illusion and Reade’s drill that included recruiting known liberal Republicans for his team about backfired on him.

I had committed to Charles Moran that I was going to support the Chartering of the Log Cabins, I ultimately gave away a proxy because I could not get to peace with making that vote myself. In the back of mind always were thoughts about how that group may work to change the traditional values of the GOP. I was told that the Log Cabin Republicans rank and file members were over-represented in the Platform Creation Process and made a full scale attempt to re-write the values portions of the platform.

By a 43-46 Vote a Preamble to the platform was rejected. This was the first sign of trouble, as the one-page document was basically the CRA or CIR’s principles in a one pager.

(Note – Roxeanne Beckford Hoge’s preamble was adopted. It was different than the one above that failed)

It was relayed to me that Reade was texting like a madman during the meeting and apparently was coordinating with Betsy Mahan and Deborah Wilder amongst others.

An Amendment to add in Parental Notification only passed 50-39. At that, the amendment was watered down significantly from its’ original form. Were those 39 the same ones that wanted to gut pro family and the pro life plank? Or were they conditioned to vote no on everything at the behest of Reade who ran the original drill to try and control the composition of the committee?

90 of the 150 Platform Committee Members were present. Note that most of the votes do not add up to 90. (See my rant about conflict avoidance and cowardice in GOP leadership)

An Amendment stating the GOP opposes Racism and Xenophobia passed 65-22. Does this mean the GOP supported those things before? Or, was this a swipe at the President? Or was this just stupid pandering? You don’t need to tell anyone you oppose Racism and Xenophobia unless you live your life like a defeated idiot worried about what people think of you – otherwise said attacks are idiotic and stupid when juxtaposed with the character of 99.99% of society.

Another amendment sought to use the word sex rather than Gender. That amendment failed 25-59. Remember, the progressives started using the word Gender instead of Sex about 10 years ago as a preparatory move towards the latest chaos inflicting social change. (aka your anatomy does not mean anything anymore)

An amendment that was purportedly from the Log Cabin Republicans seeking to redefine what comprises a family failed 42-44. David Stafford Reade came that close to a disaster with this micro group of insiders that do not represent a real cross-section of the party almost stepped on a land mine.

I want to thank Susan Van Der Schaff from San Joaquin County for speaking eloquently and forcefully related to the issue. Given how close the vote was, I am sure her passion made an impact.

Lastly, as expected David Reade had pre prepared his controlled entities to rebuff any attempts to oppose the crowning achievement of the Oligarchy of Controlled Failure – an amendment opposing Proposition 14 failed 32-51.

Addendum from a comment:

Please update on the position that was rejected to oppose mandatory vaccinations and restrictions on travel and commerce if not within Unconstitutional Orwellian compliance.

The Platform Committee voted against the 5th and 14th Amendments.

This is the sort of disaster you get when the delegates are selected for loyalty and control rather than party service.

There is another possibility, Reade and Jessica Patterson did not care about the disposition of the Gay Marriage and Family Values debate. I lean against that one because Reade has been overheard saying he does not want Jessica Patterson’s legacy to be defined by major leftward changes in the party platform.

That said, Kevin Faulconer was a keynote speaker at the CAGOP Convention. He is a known Trump-Hater, is Pro-Choice, Pro-Gay Marriage, a Gun-Grabber and likes open borders. He comes from the same lineage as Nathan Fletcher and Brian Maienschein. I am old enough to remember when Fletcher was billed as the future of the GOP, when I met him the one and only time I was taken aback by his ego and pomposity. I never Met Maienschein, but once insiders started talking him up, about 15 minutes of research revealed how far left of the GOP he was before he followed Fletcher out the door.

Only in the minds of the squishes and country clubbers can candidates use the GOP to promote themselves, bleed out campaign money, lecture people on how wrong they are and then when they bolt the GOP to serve themselves – people who never participated in their election or campaign get blamed for the defections.

When I see Faulconer, I see more of the same squish factory that produces the unprincipled.

Apparently, I am not alone in my opinion of Faulconer.

He’s just not very good at getting the job done.

If this week wasn’t his worst yet, it’s only surpassed by the weeks his initial inaction and the bungling of his administration contributed to 20 deaths and 406 hospitalizations during the 2017 hepatitis A crisis. It’s hard to believe Faulconer was considered gubernatorial material 18 months ago.


Wednesday, a signature-gathering campaign spearheaded on his behalf by labor, business and civic leaders fell embarrassingly short of the signatures it needed to put Faulconer’s No. 1 priority — the convention center expansion — on the November ballot, despite a campaign that cost more than $1 million and an effort that backers called “Herculean.” As the mayor who called the convention center measure “the most important decision before voters in November” and who vowed to “work tirelessly with the coalition to get it passed,” Faulconer merits some but not all of the blame for this failure. But he should have managed the project better and — all together now — seen this coming.


It appears that the convention is fairly lightly attended (about half what was there in March) – but the results are basically the same. Promote (fill in the name here) liberal Republican for statewide office, rah rah stuff and a committed group of insiders lerching the party leftward.

P.S. CAGOP Vice Chair Peter Kuo (and senior adviser to Congressman Ro-Kanna D-Bejing)  has been spotted with someone who is carrying his Violin for him.

Sep 052019

You can find some amazing things in internet archivesdid you know that CAGOP Vice Chair Peter Kuo was a senior advisor to Congressman Ro Kanna? Perhaps some of the party faithful should inquire of Mr. Kuo about his side gig. I do notice that this biography does not include mention of JDX Coin. (Remember that one?)

Peter Kuo – international man of mystery and an inviting target for some serious issues within the CAGOP.

There is some pending drama with the California College Republicans. There are now two groups, the CFCR which is where the squishes and establishment types went after a disaster of an election process a few years ago. The CCR seems to be where the Conservatives and the Libertarian wackjobs went. For me, it is kind of like watching the Chargers Play the 49ers. No one to root for.

All this said, there are some very interesting sidebars. #1 The national college republicans are run by trump-hating country clubbers and chose to recognize the squishes. (CFCR) #2 Both the CCR and CFCR are split evenly between trump haters and trump lovers – yet the CCR is trying to claim the trump mantle. #3 I’ve been told that CAGOP Chair Jessica Patterson has taken a side, but not the one people think. It appears that neither group is going to get de-chartered, rather the permanent charter of the CCR is going to get removed from the by-laws and both groups recognized.

Since I think permanent charters are recipe for membership fraud (paper units, fake members, etc) because there is no bi-annual audit by the volunteer Organizations Committee – I’d favor eliminating them all.

David Stafford Reade and crew have been running a proxy drill. It is likely that they will have more proxies than bodies as this convention will be lightly attended. Be on the look out for the leadership text messages telling people how to vote – similar to the message telling people to vote for Peter Kuo.

They will be interested in controlling resolutions, rule change 9 that removes CCR from the list of permanent charters, controlling endorsements and of course protecting their precious Prop 14.

I doubt Bill Brough will be in attendance if yes, check his burbon level. 10 trips to Safeway, 5 Trips to Bevmo and a Custom Bar all show up as office expenses. I’d never leave the office ever if I was him… but I did think this recent facebook post was quite ironic related to his drinking…

How many people show to the CAGOP Convention? How do the late announced speakers work out? Is brough bringing Lorena Gonzalez with him to the open bar at the CAGOP Convention?

P.S. someone please send me a copy of the treasurer’s report – I’ve been told the numbers will show some life, I’d love to see them!

Aug 212019


September 13th is a critical deadline. All GOP Central Committees need to notify their county registrar of their intention to appear on the ballot. Remember, due to rules changes Cent Com elections have to be on the ballot or that county committee loses all of their CAGOP delegates.

Remember, in 2016, knowing they were going to spend millions on County Central Committee races some consultants got the CAGOP rules changed to strip GOP Cent Coms of delegates that did not apper on the ballot. This affected 8 Northern California Counties – even though the rules change was passed by Bay Area and LA liberals. The rules change was designed to force all counties on to the ballot so their millions could dictate the composition of party leadership.

I am not alleging any malfeasance nor am I alleging that they are trying purposely to not tell people so more counties lose their delegates.. I am taking an opportunity to rail on the people that engineered this rules change, and your intrepid blogger will rail on them and tell the story until the rule is repealed from the CAGOP ByLaws. ( This is 100% because I know the intent of the rule and how they intended to use it when they got it passed)

However, I’ve been informed that at least two regional vice chairs (Wilder and Heath) have notified the committees in their regions of the deadline. Your intrepid blogger is joining in to get the word out. I’ve also been told that some of the Bay Area liberal puppet-masters (for obvious reasons) have been telling their Central Committees to notify their registrars.

Aug 162019

I’ve spoken with several insiders this week. As such, I have gained some clarity as to what is going on. The exclamation point was David Carney appearing in a politico article trashing the President and the President’s former Campaign Manager. Corey Lewandowski is looking at running for US Senate in New Hampshire. It is believed that Corey Lewandowski would turn an easy re-election for Jean Shaheen in to a war.

David Carney and his fellow swamp dwellers have some insiders recruited to run for those seats.

And Dave Carney, a longtime New Hampshire-based strategist who’s worked on an array of statewide Republican campaigns, called the idea of a Lewandowski candidacy a “joke.”

“He adds nothing to the ticket and doesn’t help the president or the ticket in any way,” Carney said. “Corey is a political hack. Political hacks make bad candidates generally.”

I had characterized David Carney as a Trump guy, slowly over the last month I had been walking that back… especially as I learned how he got hired by the Assembly and State Senate caucuses. Now, here is Carney going full anti-trump attacking Corey Lewandowski.

Considering that recently, your intrepid blogger had a public dust-up with Senate Permanent Minority Leader Shannon Grove, and I have been forced to bomb Senator Pat Bates for her role in trying to protect the embattled (and scandal-riddled) William “Bill” Brough, I’ve been looking for answers.

This week several insiders requesting confidentiality helped provide some context for what I have been seeing.

I’ve been accusing party leaders of having “Stockholm Syndrome” – this appears to be true of the leadership in the two GOP Caucuses. It has been confirmed repeatedly that there is no discipline in either caucus and it appears that the individual members are “on their own”. There appear to be a few exceptions, but most staffers appear happy to draw a paycheck and go out drinking with their democrat colleagues after work.

There also appears to be little or no vision from the leadership of either Republican Caucus in the legislature – borne out in the absolute lack of messaging on SB27 before it passed both houses of the legislature.

This is why David Carney publicly attacking Corey Lewandowski matters. The people that were celebrating the passage of SB27 (the Trump Tax Return Bill) appear to have been Caucus staffers and staffers of members (like Chad Mayes for example) – but not the elected leaders or consultants of the State Party. Now you have the “Leadership’s” $25,000 a month consultant in the national media attacking Trump’s former campaign manager. It is unlikely Carney would do this without thinking there would be no consequences from his clients in California.

I had not been providing clarity in past posts, so let’s separate the two. Jessica Patterson and the CAGOP are separate from “Leadership”. “Leadership” are the consultants, staffers and elected members in “Leadership” of the two caucuses in the state legislature.

I’ve written in recent posts two important things about Madam Chairman of the CAGOP. #1 People have been restraining her from being more aggressive in public and #2 She has raised a fair amount of money for the CAGOP. (something like $2 Million)

As a new #3 It appears that Jessica Patterson (Madam Chairman) and her crew may well have accounted for most of that money raised.

For 22+ years, I have seen a pattern of hostility and resentment between “leadership” and the CAGOP. “Leadership” would prefer for the CAGOP to just go away, as typically they only involve themselves in officer elections and little else. An independent CAGOP is annoying to people that don’t want to be bothered upsetting the status quo.

What are the stakes? Stephen Choi, Tyler Diep, Tom Lackey and Jordan Cunningham could all lose their assembly seats. Jay Obernolte and Chad Mayes have watched their districts slide. Randy Voepel’s District is completely encased in the Duncan Hunter congressional seat. Then there is the scandal-riddled Bill Brough! With no vision or Cohesion, the Assembly GOP Caucus are like sitting ducks. The Senate Caucus is not in much better shape with at least three of their members considered vulnerable: the Catherine Baker clone Ling-Ling Chang, John Moorlach and Scott Wilk.

It has been put to me emphatically that Jessica Patterson is quite upset by the Bill Brough scandal (among others) but has not intervened because of “Leadership” who believe that the Bill Brough situation is their territory. (remember, Mrs. Patterson has called one of the victims to offer support) It has also been put to me by several insiders that the holdover staff of the CAGOP – many of whom are retreads from Senate or Assembly Jobs have been fighting Jessica Patterson’s desire to be aggressive. Should Jessica Patterson assert herself over the leadership, she would risk losing their support and thusly a couple hundred delegates to the CAGOP – this is the brutal reality of the current rules of engagement in party politics.

The Assembly Caucus and State Senate Caucus’ alleged interference in the Bill Brough situation may also have caused OCGOP Chairman Fred Whitaker to be much slower to engage on the issue. Given the meltdowns and issues I am seeing, I am open to any possibilities. Given that so many that get elected to the Assembly and State Senate could care less how small the caucus gets (as long as they are one of them), I discount none of the stories I hear of extreme and unhealthy behavior.

While I have been critical of David Stafford Reade for many years, I will reiterate that he is a conservative who “gets it” with regard to campaigning. (If I had an insane moment and wanted to run for Assembly, I’d show up at Reade’s office with $500K for my campaign and a contract for him to sign to run it.) It also appears that some of the consultants, (along with Jessica Patterson) who may or may not include David Reade have had arguments with the same CAGOP staffers that just want to go along to get along. This internal fight is occurring while the GOP caucuses are shrinking so small you could fit them in a mailbox and while those feckless, lazy Staffers and “leadership” people are calling the base of the GOP racists! (Along with their drinking buddies from the other party.)

I am open to the possibility I very much misread the internal struggles within the CAGOP. If this read today is correct, then it explains that the steady stream of CAGOP Staff turnover means that the feckless cowards are being eliminated in favor of new staff that want to “Take the Fight to the Democrats”. It is impossible to be aggressive against the democrats if you secretly support running trump off the ballot and are calling his supporters racists…

The new information about David Reade and Jessica Patterson gives me a better perspective for the resolution of the CAGOP Platform. It also informs me for how efficiently the College Republicans issue is being handled at the state level. Both appear to want to fix problems quickly with a minimum of collateral damage and get to kicking some dems out of office.

I am open to the explanation of internal workings (staff and conflict resolution) being true as again the “Stockholm Syndrome” among the ranks of “leadership” is palpable. It is like the “leadership” are happy being captive and playing in a shrinking sandbox as long as they get the committee assignments they want and their allocation of pork barrel projects for their districts. Meantime, the rest of us eat —- while Bill Brough harasses women and spends his campaign cash on Bar Tabs, Junkets and Burbon Barrels with his colleagues blissfully ignorant of the whole thing.

I can put up with a lot of squishyness in CAGOP leadership if they are willing to be aggressive and burn stuff down. In fact, If Jessica Patterson, David Reade and crew succeed in remaking the culture of the CAGOP in to an aggressive campaign machine – there would be a lot less controlled failure and #WINNING may return to the lexicon of the CAGOP. This would be despite the best efforts of “leadership”.

Interesting stuff.

P.S. None of the above means I am happy with the party committee makeup or the way the platform drill was resolved (even though I like the result). But if you support the CAGOP, then it goes without saying that criticism needs to be balanced with facts and acknowledgement of things you agree with. Meantime, there is Bill Brough… oh the irony…

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