Jul 132018

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Remember Sgt. Christian Dekker? His coworkers call him the Baluga – a reference to a Baluga whale. There is a resemblance.

4 $150 Checks to the Sheriff, check.

Teaming up with Correctional Sgt. Martin Tochtrop (even calling for snipers on the roof of the jail) to set up an inmate. Check.

Milking overtime (including a recent example of soaking up 10 hours on a holiday while beached in his office). Check.

Illegally recording his co-workers to try and play whistleblower. Check.

Suing and winning an employment practices lawsuit against the same department. Check.

He has met the qualifications to be a Lieutenant.

Sheriff Sniff is on a Narcissistic Rage, he is going to burn the department down on his way out. Look for a series of moves designed to tell the rank and file to go to hell. Christian Baluga Dekkker is reviled by the rank and file and it was on his watch (as the admin sgt) that the garbage at Jurupa went down. Remember the busted A/C Unit and the gaggle of fans (more arrived after the station made the blog)? Yes, this bumbling idiot that did not get the A/C fixed is becoming a Lieutenant.

Swat Team? Who needs a SWAT Team? All the bad guys are getting early released anyway, right?

 The next rumor is that Stanley is rolling up his sleeves about to pull a rabbit out of his hat to make Kevin Jeffries happy. Supposedly he is going to disband the SWAT team and make it a collateral Duty assignment and send all those deputies out to the county areas especially Lake Elsinore. It’s All Temporary and nothing but smoke and mirrors until the election

If true, I guess that is my answer to my open letter to Kevin Jeffries. Similar to refusing to cooperate with ICE and stuffing the Serial Child Molester Investigation in to Kevin Duffy, it looks like the Sniffmeister is getting ready to run a Potemkin Village Drill in Riverside County to try and give a false appearance.

At the same time, Sniff gets revenge on more people and decimates another team… thus extending the Narcissistic Rage.

The Riverside DA’s Office Did What? 

Did you hear the DA’s office is requesting the defense attorneys automatically requesting pitchess motions on any deputy/Inv who goes to trial that was involved in the cheating scandal?
That in itself is causing quite a stir on the second floor
For those of you that are not aware of the mass cheating scandal in the department, you can read about it HERE and HERE. Due to a media blackout and sparse coverage of scandals within Stan Sniff’s department – we decided to post the entire list of cheaters in a later blog.
The entire list is posted here in this blog for your reference and to make sure the DA’s Office has it.
It looks like the “Second Floor” is losing contain on all the crap they have been covering up.
The funny thing is that the DA’s office is just trying to be upfront before the case starts so that they don’t end up losing the case and being sanctioned for not disclosing the information they had knowledge of.
The second floor is all pissed off telling them that they are overstepping their bounds
Watch for more stuff like this as Sheriff Sniff is scorching the earth on his way out the door…
Jul 122018

We are keeping you up to date with the latest from the Riverside Sheriff’s Office because we care.


Jason Huskey has never looked better, don’t you agree???

Jul 112018

Back in 2008, we had a 5 Republican Board of Supervisors in Placer County. By 2012, it was 2.

In 2018, a motion to oppose Sanctuary State died for lack of a second, why did that happen? (note that the local media are celebrating it’s demise)

IN 2010, the Late Rocky Rockholm was up for Re-Election. Jack Duran, a School Board Trustee ran against him and was not found on the campaign trail. Duran in person is combative and was not a good candidate. So, the Democrat operatives running his campaign put him on ice and made the whole campaign about Rocky Rockholm’s taking a plane trip at the cost of $8,000 to return to vote on a project in North Lake Tahoe called the 3-lane hybrid.

They took Highway 28 in North Lake Tahoe and reduced it from a 4 lane expressway with no turn lanes to a 2 lane highway with roundabouts and a center turn lane.

Rockholm lost 100% because people cared more about the Plane Ticket than any other issue.

District 5 Supervisor Bruce Kranz had beaten the far-left Rex Bloomfield in 2004. Kranz went ballistic over the 3 Lane Hybrid Project and a lot of the animosity over that episode carried forward in to 2008. Bloomfield recruited Jennifer Montgomery, herself a Bernie Sanders type of Democrat to run for Supervisor and she won.

In the meantime Jim Holmes, a lifelong Democrat, turned Republican beat Alice Dowdin in 2004 for Supervisor. During 2011. Jim Holmes un-registered as a Republican and went DTS because he was upset with the County Party for consistently opposing Bonds and Parcel Taxes that local government are fond of floating.

So, just like that in 2010, 5 Republicans. In 2013, 2.

Worse, no one opposed Duran for Re-election in 2014. Now, in 2018, Duran was drubbed by 22 points by Bonnie Gore… who will not be sworn in until December 2018.

Holmes has been opposed both times he has run for re-election, but not by anyone serious. In 2016, Montgomery drew no serious opposition as 5 people filed against her.

Robert Weygant is the dean of the Board of Supervisors. He is a moderate / liberal Republican. He knew that the Sanctuary State Resolution did not have 3 votes, so he did not see fit to second Kirk Uhler’s motion to oppose the Sanctuary State. In his mind, there was no upside to taking a position sure to fail.

Robert Weygant is one of the breed of Republicans that Chad Mayes / John Kasich / Arnold are trying to promote. He has been in office since 1994 and on most all county issues has voted with Conservatives.

This leaves us with Kirk Uhler, the son of Lew Uhler, Placer County’s lone Conservative (at least until Bonnie Gore is sworn in) Supervisor.

The sad irony is that several within the Placer GOP’s Central Committee supported a liberal Bay Area transplant against Mr. Uhler in 2016. I’d lay odds they will leave Uhler alone in 2020 and go after Holmes and Montgomery. (One would hope)

Kirk Uhler is the one supervisor pictured without a “hat” on.