Sep 192020

HI, I’m Aaron, your intrepid blogger.

Apparently, there is a crew of moonbats trying to get me shut down and or prosecuted because they can’t handle the beating. I am one dude, you’d think I was CNN or CBS lying about the President every day! I have been doing political work since 1998 and have amassed 28 legal demand letters over my career. I’ve never even been served let alone been to a hearing or discovery.

Still others don’t know how to click links on social media or look at the “About” section on stuff they see. It is pretty easy to figure out what I am doing since I don’t hide.

I am the President of the Placer Good Government PAC and despite the efforts of the Placer Moonbat crew our facebook ads are still cranking because we know election law and play by the rules – unlike liberals that want to harvest and fabricate mail ballots.

Moonbat” is a pejorative political epithet used in United States politics, referring to liberals, progressives, or leftists (especially the far-left), a possible parallel to the pejorative “Wingnut” attributed to American conservatives, and right-wing politics.[1]

We have two official logos for the Placer Good Government Pac – the first logo is proudly displayed on our website:

The second logo you will find proudly displayed on the Placer Good Government PAC Facebook Pages:

Third is an example of the vital public service we are performing as we inform Placer County who the candidates of Good Government are. Strong Police, Fire, no Lockdowns, no Dehumanizing Mask Mandates, we support Having Children in School and Business open. Our candidates understand that Churches are more important to society than “peaceful riots” and desire Placer County to stay one of the last livable areas in California. The PGGPAC was literally founded to forestall the tide of people moving in from other areas that neither understand Placer’s way of life nor how they are trying to wreck it by importing politics from other parts of the country.

Perhaps this is why leftist bureaucrats and the Placer Moonbat crew are trying to silence us.

Get a good look, because a lot more of these ads are coming and there is nothing you can do to stop them. Placer County is not a communist utopia with a mayor and/or a DA that support and encourage riots. Placer County is like the rest of America.

Come Get Some.

— Love Aaron, YOUR Intrepid Blogger.

Sep 152020
Blogger’s Note – the following email was forwarded to me. It originated from Informed Parents of Rocklin.


Rocklin Unified School Board Election

Valued Concerned Citizen:

This year, Rocklin Unified School District has 3 excellent candidates running for its Board of Trustees. Rachelle PriceTiffany Saathoff, and Julie Leavens Hupp have stepped up to serve Rocklin parents in this turbulent season in public education.

We have come to know these women, all mothers whose children have attended Rocklin schools for many years, and we are confident they will stand up in support of the issues that matter most to parents and community members like us.

For more information on their platforms, and to know them better yourself, visit their websites, Facebook pages, and share them with your friends.

We have all had concerns with the School Board. This election is a key time for the future of our schools. We encourage you to stay involved now by getting involved in supporting these candidates – please reach out to the candidates, offer to place a sign in your yard and/or make a campaign contribution. Now is the time to make a difference.

With Gratitude,
Rachel and Courtney

Meet the Candidates:

Sep 122020

Meet Rick Miller’s Choice for Rocklin USD.

This photo was taken at her home (note that the address and street are completely out of view lest anyone whine) – which has also been a staging area for Brynne Kennedy, the Massachusetts Liberal trying to filch CA-04.

3 moms, Tami Seigal (Rocklin), Michelle Sutherland (Rocklin) and Molly Walker (Loomis).
We have had encouraging personal conversions with the Rocklin police department, Mayor Ken Broadway, and RUSD Superintendent Roger Stock.
Our focus is on School Safety. We want to hear the voices of students, faculty and leadership from throughout Placer County.
Event date: March 24
Time: 12:00pm
Location: start at RUSD HQ March one mile to Quarry Park (tentative)
Rally held at Quarry Park after the March. 

Got it? Michelle Sutherland – front and center trying to disarm the police and schools under the guise of gun safety. If you remember, Tami Siegal ran for RUSD in 2018 and distinguished herself by alienating people with her far-left conspiracies. I am told that Sutherland is a little more refined, but no less communist in her views. (Perfect recruit for Rick Miller and the human mushroom Camille Maben)

In Case you forgot who Camille Maben is- here is a mailer I created against her in 2016: (Feel free to take any images on right on daily and use them)

Sep 102020

When your intrepid blogger took up the case of the Western Placer Waste Management Authority, little did I know I’d literally set off a dumpster fire.

We got a lot of responses from a lot of people. Insiders believe it appears that solid fiscal management is going to reign. Quoting our first piece on this issue:

20 years ago was the last time the WPWMA went out to bid. At that time, they hired NORTEC waste to manage the Athens Ave Dump.

In the 20 years the facilities have been operated by Nortech, they have made no substantial investments in modernization or innovation. Put bluntly, the operation is outdated. After over 20 years of having one contractor running the waste and landfill operations (two separate contracts) it appears that even in the in the face of serious reservations on the part of Mayor Allard and Councilmember Bill Halldin, there seems to be a concerted effort to award a sole-source, no bid contact to the same provider.

Based on comments at WPWMA board meetings, it appears that this effort to keep a sole source contract is being fueled by secret negotiations with the current operator, Nortech.

John Allard and Bill Halldin have both led the charge to get the WPWMA to go out to an RFP (aka bid) for services. By accounts it now appears that all of the board members are on board with the concept of soliciting new bids for the 20 year old contract that was last bid in Y2K (remember that hysteria)?

I’ve also been told that Supervisors Bonnie Gore and Robert Weygant support doing due diligence as well after a lot of discussions related to the shortcomings of the current circumstances were vetted. As fiscal conservatives, both supervisors appear to be interested in significant technology upgrades and the like. This means that the message about the current provider’s obsolete technology has been received loud and clear.

If indeed the board of directors for the WPWMA chooses to go to an RFP (Request for Proposal, as in soliciting a bid) this will be a clear mandate for governmental transparency and a desire to explore alternatives to landfilling, which has been the status quo for entirely too long. Furthermore, the rate payers will be the over winners when then gain the opportunity to get state of the art services possibly at a lower cost.

As the board meeting is 9-17, we are thanking them in advance for doing the right thing.

Aug 312020

Only in the mind of the Sheriff’s Union is cutting a future increase “defunding the police.” The Placer DSA does not care that Businessowners are bankrupt and people are unemployed (causing revenues to plummet) due to COVID and the stupidity of California. They are angry because they are going to have to forego some raises.

You’d also think given the public assault on law enforcement that police union operatives would be more careful. I guess not:

I am unsure of Garret Byers rank – but he should be brought up on a PERS for a hyperbolic lie that is beneath his uniform. In a county that supports law enforcement he is abusing that support in a disingenuous attempt to help the union gain leverage in a contract negotiation. It appears that Byers is not alone as other union members have been pushing the same lie. The Placer DSA has been running a full on media assault and it has deceived several people as to the real issue. No cuts in staff no cuts in service – just a cut to future pay raises.

The bottom line is that the Placer DSA has been getting more and more left leaning in the last decade as they become almost myopically focused on their compensation package.

This is from Supervisor Weygant. Shanti is his district director.

Launching a screed like this will certainly NOT help them get the contract they want and looks more like stepping on a rake. Dear Placer DSA, stop lying and stop being stupid. Don’t abuse a pro law enforcement county like this.

Here’s the irony – I am very public in my support for strong pay and benefits for Law Enforcement including a 3% at 50 pension. I know the board of supes are too. If they are having to throttle back, there is a very good reason. Running a social media drill with an outright lie is counterproductive. See Placer County Supervisor Kirk Uhler:

Now – the Placer County Deputy Sheriff’s are threatening my wife. Why? Because I stood up to several of them on social media and called them out on their lie. My wife used to work for 103.9 the FISH in Sacramento before moving to Reno with me. You will see that this bully did not do her homework:

Placer County DSA to citizens: ‘You can have an opinion, just keep it to yourself”

Then the bully doubles down – telling my wife that she called the radio station to try and get her fired: (Note that Mrs. Park is plenty capable of defending herself)

Note that the coward shut off her messenger when the conversation was not going the way she wanted.

Great Job Placer County Sheriff’s Union! You just pissed away all of your goodwill by both lying and then doubling down on the lie with bully tactics.

The bottom line: Placer County’s Budget has been shredded by COVID 19, loss of property tax, loss of sales tax, foreclosures, busines failures, people being laid off, businesses being throttled by Gavin Newsom and the DSA decides to launch a deceptive attack because they think they should be exempt from budget cuts.

What are the cuts you ask? Not jobs. Not services. Nope. Just cuts to future scheduled increases in pay and benefits. Only in the minds of a union (or other government workers) is a cut to a future increase defunding.

Terrible optics. The DSA Lied. The union reps that I jousted with on line don’t care about all the people that lost jobs/businesses. Then, because I stood up to their social media blitz they sent a bully to try and intimidate my wife. What a bunch of fools, they are going to end up with nothing and a PR nightmare.

Update: The President of the union reached out to me and then backed out of having a chat. He did indicate that they called the woman that went after my wife and denied that they had anything to do with what she did. Given the near hysterical nature of the claims they are making on social media it is easy to see how people would be motivated to resort to these tactics. These are the times we live in now.