Jul 062020

AD73 Assemblyman William “Bill” Brough – a man I believe is a a pig, an alcoholic, a rapist and a serial abuser of women has consistently blamed the Orange County Toll Road Authority (OCTCA) for his downfall. While Brough may never admit his alcoholism or sexual misconduct – the OCTCA has been on defense for the last 5 years ( long before the truth about Brough’s double life was known) and certainly did not have the where-with-all to do a thing to anyone in any office. Meantime, the San Clemente City Government may well have just exposed themselves to civil liability and criminal prosecution regarding their role in trying to thwart the OCTCA from accomplishing their mission.

CA-49 Candidate Bryan Maryott and former Senate Permanent Minority Leader Pat Bates were also in on the cabal against extending the Toll Road in South Orange County.

The two women that came forward to tell me their stories of being raped by Bill Brough certainly were not connected to me by the OCTCA. None of the info I disseminated about William “Bill” Brough was from the OCTCA – people were all too willing to talk to me about Brough.

The OCTCA has been under assault from the Sun-Tzu quoting Harvey Englander since 10-2015.

In past blogs – you’ve read our expose about Harvey Englander and his antics. Let me summarize them:

Part One of Our Expose on San Clemente and Harvey Englander. He loses the TCA Contract then goes to San Clemente to get hired to oppose the TCA’s planned Toll Road Expansion.

In Part Two of Our Expose on San Clemente and Harvey Englander we detailed how Englander was abusing Public Records Requests (over 100 of them), triggering audits of the consultant that beat his firm for the contract, organizing intimidation of local electeds and organizing the talking points of local opponents and supportive local electeds and the like. It was nothing short of running a protection racket.

In Part Three of Our Expose on San Clemente and Harvey Englander – we detailed the only publicly known payment to Englander ($97,000) and local elected Kathy Ward publicly attacking the OCTCA that she was a member of. The expose’ also included a link to a poll mistakenly published by Englander and a fake facebook page Englander and crew were running.

I have known Jeff Corless for years. I watched him get smeared by Harvey Englander on behalf of the City of San Clemente. I also watched in horror as good people like Don Wagner vented their frustration with Jeff by accusing him of felonies from the daius of their local government chambers. While I was prone to doubt his integrity due to the effectiveness of the smears, Venture Strategic has passed 4 audits. Rumors of a Grand Jury investigation have never been corroborated.

Unlike the others that have attacked Mr. Corless, I apologized to him man-to-man for doubting and starting to believe the smears.

Read the article detailing the vindication of Jeff Corless and Venture Strategic here.

Jeff Corless and Venture Strategic were targeted by Harvey Englander. I am convinced of it. EKA is the entity mentioned in public records that was paid by San Clemente and it is Harvey’s Consulting Firm.

I am not going to hold my breath waiting for Don Wagner and others to apologize to Jeff Corless for accusing him of felonies or participating in efforts to destroy his business – this sort of unethical behavior is commonplace in politics. Corless worked for a political opponent to Don Wagner, that alone is grounds for felony imprisonment apparently.

But Harvey Englander appears to have been getting $32,500 a month to file lawsuits, public records requests, oragnize opposition, run facebook pages and other sundry smear campaigns. Don’t take my word for it – the City of San Clemente just admitted as such in their reports. We have only been able to confirm $97,000 to EKA up to this point, now the City of San Clemente in City Meeting Minutes states that EKA was being paid $32,500 a month.

Please also note that a confidential informant with direct knowledge who was also involved with Gene James’ City Council Effort indicated to me that “Englander got paid a lot of money, somewhere around $2 Million”. The conversation I had with the informant was verbal and the informant requested confidentiality at the time, thus I refrained from writing about it in any detail beyond that quote.

So let your intrepid blogger ask some questions:

Did EKA get paid $32,500 a month since 10-2015 when they were officially “hired” by the City of San Clemente? Was it some shorter period? If so when?  From 10-2015 this almost exactly adds up to the $2 Million one of my informants told me Englander got paid as of late last year when I was told as such.

Why have public records requests not been able to uncover the payments? Where they hidden in contracts with other city contractors? If so, through whom?

It has been alleged without proof that EKA’s payments were being hidden through one of the City’s Contract Attorney’s – likely one of the firms filing lawsuits (I think were frivolous by the way) against the OCTCA. That theory is as plausible as any.

It is time for OC District Attorney Todd Spitzer to take a break from retaliating against political opponents to climb up every orifice of the City of San Clemente. That City is a total mess. Frankly, Spitzer should look in to the criminal allegations against William “Bill” Brough as well, now that we know at least two of the female victims had their claims validated by the Working Committee in the State Legislature.

BONUS: Harvey Englander’s Nephew has been indicted for corruption related to selling influence on the LA City Council. Mitchell Englander is pleading guilty to felonies related to taking bribes, gifts and the like from people with business before the city. I guess it runs in the family. If OC DA Todd Spitzer was willing to do his job, perhaps Uncle Harvey could be a cellmate for his Nephew? (If that form of money laundering between San Clemente and Englander (that is what it looks like to me) is not a felony, I will gladly correct this blog)

Lastly, William “Bill” Brough and Senator Pat Bates have both attempted to run legislation to kill the Toll Road expansion in Southern Orange County based largely off of the smears of EKA paid for by the City of San Clemente. Brough, because he saw a chance to get more campaign cash to feed his lifestyle and Bates because she has gone nearly insane with rage over the demolition of her protege Bill Brough. She has repeatedly defended William “Bill” Brough because it appears the 80 year old Bates has determined that admitting a mistake is worse than the annihilation of her own credibility.

BONUS 2: Meantime Well-Known Republican Operative Sam Oh is trying to wreck CA45 Nominee Greg Raths despite the National Importance of that race. Orange County is a mess.

The OCGOP has a lot of issues as the democrats have overtaken them in registration – look no further than the behavior of San Clemente, Bill Brough, Bryan Maryott, Pat Bates, Don Wagner and others with regard to the OCTCA as a part of the long list of poor decisions that have contributed to the dispersion of Republican dominance in Orange County.

OCDA Todd Spitzer. Time to do your job. Find the money. $390,000 a year is damn hard to hide.

Jun 012020

It is the opinion of this blogger that William “Bill” Brough is a sociopath. He has no shame and no conscience. This is the only plausible explanation for his insolence and his consistent responses to more exposure of his behavior.

The Sheriff of Orange County needs to Revoke Bill Brough’s CCW Permit asap. I am being told by more than one person who was a source for info about Brough that they fear what Bill Brough will do with the gun he carries.


When dismantling a candidate, injecting humor in the to Demolition is something I try to do. It is near impossible to think of Bill Brough in any sort of humorous manner. It is now my opinion that in addition to being a sociopath, Bill Brough is a serial sexual predator. The man has no shame and no comprehension of his own behavior.

What I know about Bill Brough, before talking to yet another victim today is:

A woman known to me but requesting anonymity told me that she was sexually assaulted by Brough over 30 years ago when they were in high school.
He is alleged to have contacted and harassed Lisa Bartlett in 2011
He is alleged to have pressed his erection against a lobbyist/staffer who he later outed in a fit of retaliation
He was PROVEN to have propositioned a then-capitol staffer for sex in exchange for political influence. (Why he is not being prosecuted for corruption is beyond me) – this woman was also outed in an act of retaliation and that was also noted in the same report
He is alleged to have made crude and sexually charged statements to a local realtor and countless others

In addition, I was made aware of at least 6 more complaints related to Bill Brough’s sexual misconduct that were sent to the “working committee” in the legislature.

Brough is known to use his capitol office to throw parties (as of today, he still has the office despite being stripped of his committee assignments). Brough is known to be a heavy drinker and binge drinker.

We’ve written extensively about Brough paying Bar Tabs, family dining, groceries, alcohol purchases, cell phone bills and vacations tabs out of his campaign funds. He even bought cigars, a humidor and a “Burbon Barrell” custom portable bar with his campaign money.

We’ve also documented the insanely weak leadership of Marie Waldron who was more worried about Brough being upset and having to deal with him through the end of his term than she was about getting the scourge cleared out of the legislature.

We’ve also documented the insolence and intransigence of the 80-year-old Pat Bates who continues to defend Brough. Pat Bates is currently carrying legislation on his behalf because of her own ego and desire to never have to admit fault. Perhaps Bates will carry legislation on behalf of sexual assault victims?

Perhaps Pat Bates and Marie Waldron will resign in shame after reading today’s addition to the victim list of the man they defended and refuse to hold accountable.

On Friday 5-29-2020, I spoke to a woman that I know through a variety of means. She outlined an incident that I believe is a description of her being raped by Bill Brough.

The victim was clear with the date, time and place of the attack. I was told by the victim that she has text messages, photos of her injuries from the assault and ample evidence that she told several people at the time it happened. This is similar to the pattern of the other women that came forward. They could prove that they reached out to people within hours of the incident.

The details of the rape are extremely graphic. Brough is alleged to have assaulted this victim in her car, penetrated her anally and injured her in multiple places while holding her down. Brough is an above-average sized man so it is easy to assume that he probably was more than 100 lbs heavier than his victim which explains the physical injuries the victim suffered.

The victim went to a legislative Chief of Staff who advised her against filing a complaint or going to the DA. The victim’s attorney who has the evidence I detailed above was also advising the victim against filing a police report. It appears that this legislative Chief of Staff (who I know well, but I am withholding the identity of to protect the anonymity of the victim) lied to other people saying the victim did not want to come forward while calling people describing this incident. I had to connect the dots as I’ve heard many stories about Brough, including this one, but today I have spoken to this victim and have all the details.

The victim was told her career in Sacramento would be over if she reported the rape by Bill Brough.

It is clear to me that the victim was frozen in place as the culture of the legislature then was to ignore complaints and retaliate against people that complained about sexual misconduct. This victim was also financially vulnerable at the time, which made her a bigger target.

It is my opinin that Bill Brough should be prosecuted. Since Brough is no longer in a position to retaliate against anyone, any of his victims should feel safer now. There have to be a lot of them.

If what I was told this morning (5-29-2020) is true, Bill Brough raped (not just simply harassed or sexually battered) a second woman that I know of. If both Women whose sexual assaults at the hands of Bill Brough over 30 years apart are telling me the truth, we have a serial sexual predator on our hands when you add in the other incidents and his sociopathic behavior. Given that other stories about Brough have been corroborated and this victim’s story had been told previously by others – I believe them all.

We have a documented pattern, with ample proof of Brough’s behavior.

Meantime – your intrepid blogger had to deal with Republican Leaders calling our expose’ on Bill Brough “a political hit job”. Even though Brough has been stripped of his committee assignments – he still has his cush office.

If you have been a victim of Bill Brough – please reach out to [email protected], you can remain anonymous. I am not letting up on him until he is in prison for what I believe he has done.

To be continued…

Mar 182020

Take a look at Tyler Diep how is now about 1,000 votes down. We wrote about him on Monday 3-16-2020. If I am DieDre Nguyen, I am not looking forward to what is in store for me. Janet Nguyen is one of the few Politicians that I respect for their willingness to kick some tail. (This is an EXCEEDINGLY RARE commodity on the R side of the aisle)

William Bill Brough is burnt toast. Let’s soon see that report on him from the assembly working committee about his maladies with women, Ok? Now that there is no political advantage to be gained for Anthony Rendon sitting on it, it is time for the Report which we know was finished in early February to come out.

IN AD74 – I proudly helped Diane Dixon, but the incumbent is sitting on 52% of the vote. Cottie Petrie-Norris-Norris is going to be a tough target.

Earlier, We detailed how William “Bill” Brough’s TOP 2 supporters – the crazed on-again and off-again Republican Art Sanchez and Sex Robot Shawn got less than 3% of the vote in their efforts for OCGOP Central Committee in AD73… we have NEW and exciting news to report:

DUI Debbie wrapped herself around a political telephone pole. She is down 199 votes with next to no ballots left in Orange County to tally. Remember, because of the dispersion of votes in a vote for 6 race, 199 Votes may as well be 1,000.

The OCGOP dodged a major bullet and barring some idiot elected appointing her as an alternate, SHE GONE. The members of the OCGOP will get some peace from her six-page emails and unhinged rants.

Mar 062020

Little did I know that I’d be helping people victimized by Brough 30+ years ago get closure

Looks like Bill Brough is toast. No offense to toast. Now the world truly knows what I have known since I was XX years old (51 next month). He’s a scuzzbucket. Wonder what he will do now with his filthy self. I do feel sorry for his kids. He seemingly never gave them a thought as he boozed it up and tried to screw everything with a pulse. He did it to himself and got away with monstrous behavior for decades. Victimizing women,  and getting off on it. No longer. The predator has been exposed. 

All the best to you,  Mr. Park. Take care.
I edited the age out in order to protect the anonymity of the woman that emailed me. She was a teenager when victimized by Mr. Brough. While this is disturbing, I am really not surprised by this at all. Best wishes to the Woman who emailed me, I hope she gets some closure.
I want to dedicate the AD73 Victory to her, Heather B., Lisa B., Jennifer A, the Realtor from South OC and the at least 6 other victims whose identity I know nothing about. Here’s hoping the report gets released finally now that there is no political advantage to be gained by the democrat Assembly Leadership.
Mar 042020

We did it. Thanks to your support Right On Daily played a major role in unseating a corrupt bully. William “Bill” Brough goes down. It get’s better. Sex Robot Shawn and Art Sanchez went down with him:

I don’t know how you run for office and get 2.78% of the vote or 1.17% of the vote like the crazed Art Sanchez did.

Laurie Davies finished first despite being attacked by Frank Ury 4 times in her home city of Laguna Niguel. Ury’s buddy Ed Sachs finished dead last.

Laurie’s campaign sent the following:

Mayor Laurie Davies Wins GOP Nomination
The voters of South County have overwhelmingly chosen Mayor Laurie Davies to be the Republican nominee for AD-73 in November
For Immediate Release
Contact: Peter Towey, [email protected]
Laguna Niguel, CA – Today, Mayor Laurie Davies is the clear winner to move forward into the general and as the GOP nominee to compete on the November ballot in AD-73. With 69% reporting, Mayor Davies is the top voter getter with 28% of the vote, besting the other Republican and Democrat candidates. The voters of South County have sent a clear message that it was time for someone new to have the chance to be their representative in Sacramento.
At this point in time, the GOP candidates received 60% of the total votes cast which puts Mayor Davies in a strong position as we head into the General Election.
Mayor Laurie Davies commented, “I want to thank the voters of South County for giving me the chance to be their next representative in Sacramento. I want to thank the volunteers who walked tens of thousands of doors with me, made countless hours of calls, and were there with me from the beginning. Thank you to my husband, who has been my biggest fan and encouraged me throughout this entire campaign. Thank you to all those that endorsed my candidacy and put your faith in me. I want to thank the others who also ran in this election; I know each of them put a lot of time and energy into their respective campaigns.”
“Now, as we move towards November, I plan to share my record and how I believe our community should be represented in Sacramento. I will work to defend the original Prop 13, protect our communities, and make sure to offer realistic solutions to our state’s problems rather than the radical ideas that come from the extreme liberals in Sacramento. South County needs someone in Sacramento that will fight against the socialist policies of the left and fight for what’s best for South County.”
Davies added, “I look forward to working with the rest of our great candidates running through Orange County. We have great congressional candidates that are running to best represent our communities’ values in Washington, DC, rather than just vote the party line.”
About the 73rd
The 73rd State Assembly district covers South Orange County – including the cities and communities of Aliso Viejo, Coto de Caza, Dana Point, Ladera Ranch, Laguna Hills, Laguna Niguel, Mission Viejo, Rancho Santa Margarita, San Clemente, San Juan Capistrano, and Trabuco.
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