Aug 042020

Steve Frank interviewed Kathleen Hazelton #SD25, I interviewed #CA10 Nominee Ted Howze and was sent info from #CA35 Mike Cargile that none of them were notified their CAGOP Endorsement was going to be revoked nor were any of them given a chance to defend themselves. I lifted the following off of Mike Cargile’s website and figure this would make some heads explode. This is what I call a real man who gets it. (Probably another reason why he needed to be lynched in the minds of McCarthy and the CAGOP leadership)

Why are Scott Winn and Jessica Patterson scared of this guy?

A couple of weeks ago, I was the object of a lovely little hit piece by the left leaning Media Matters. My opponent, the misguided Rep. Norma J Torres, used it to call me every name in the racist book and demand that I withdraw from the race. Such is politics… For those of you feigning outrage that a white writer would have the audacity to type out the “N” in the dialogue of a fictitious rap character… Let’s keep it real. Many of your kids sing these lyrics. And as most of you know, I hate to waste an opportunity to have a meaningful conversation so…

To the Media Matters case in point: A couple years ago, I engaged in a creative conversation on FB with a childhood friend who is black and was a big supporter of Barack Obama. I had recently had a couple of spirited conversations regarding the prevalence and destructiveness of the “N” word in rap music. This was in response to something I had just heard, something along the lines of Rick Ross’s “Hold Me Back”. For those of you unfamiliar with his work, here is the chorus:

These niggas won’t hold me back
These niggas won’t hold me back
These niggas won’t hold me back
These niggas won’t hold me back
These niggas won’t hold me back
These niggas won’t hold me back
These niggas won’t hold me back
These niggas won’t hold me back
These hoes won’t hold me back
These hoes won’t hold me back
These niggas won’t hold me back
These niggas won’t hold me back

Or it could have been something like YG’s “Stop Snitchin”. For those of you unfamiliar with creative endeavor, here’s a sampling:

Bitch nigga, snitch nigga, ho nigga, bitch nigga
Bitch nigga, snitch nigga, ho nigga, bitch nigga
Bitch nigga, snitch nigga, ho nigga, bitch nigga
Bitch nigga, snitch nigga, ho nigga, bitch nigga
Bitch nigga, snitch nigga, ho nigga, bitch nigga
Bitch nigga, snitch nigga, ho nigga, bitch nigga
Bitch nigga, snitch nigga, ho nigga, bitch nigga
Bitch nigga, snitch nigga, ho nigga, bitch nigga

Regardless, my friend was advocating for Obama’s push to allow transgenders into the military which I strongly opposed. When a person is at war with themselves and their own gender, the last thing you want to do is put them in an actual “war” where absolute clarity of purpose is needed for survival and success. Misguided attempts to sexualize the military and use our Nations’ defense programs like community experiments usually wind up with tragic results like the horrific murder of PFC Vanessa Guillen. I was having trouble getting my friend to see the issue, so like any writer, I decided to role play it out for him.

Let’s have a look at my “racist rant”…

“That’s it! Because of your boy, Obama, I now have the freedom to be whatever I want to identify as! Therefore, for the rest of today, I’m going to identify as an angry black man! Call me…Michael Washington. (I think it’s a whole lot easier to change one’s skin color than change their gender, don’t you?) Unlike that twisted reprobate, Obama.

— Reprobate: someone who is morally corrupt. More than anything, the Obama administration was obsessed with sexual immorality and making it acceptable in all facets of our society. —

But he, he’s my brotha’ now, right? I’m the angry black man. And I’m going to walk around the house yelling “nigga, nigga, nigga” until I get some other words to rhyme around it, then you can call me a Rap artist. I’ll use the name…MC (the C is in reference to my white ancestry) Hammer…No, that’s already taken. I’m be …MC Dolla’ an Fitty Cent. Cause I’ll be worth more than him in the long run. The key is, I have to stay angry. Or at least to pretend to look angry while I’m floating in Benjamins, styling in my Benz, surrounded by my Ho’s…Right?

— At this point in my soliloquy, I transition to a more somber note as I reflected on the realities of many in the black community. The massive oppression due to years of failed liberal leadership and the constant blame shifting.—

But one day, I’ll wake up and I’ll look around at the plight of my brutha’s and sista’s and I’ll say to myself “Why ain’t nobody done anything to help those folks?” Must be whitey. He’s been keeping us down?

— And here’s the solution. The voice of reason from the wizened matriarch who has watched her family and neighborhood ravaged by drugs and violence. She tried to teach her children and grandchildren the right way, the Godly way. But the pull and allure of the easy money, drugs and sex has been too much for many. And its end is always destruction. So she makes one more plea to reason… —

Then my little black grandma turns to me and say “You the one with all the money round here! Your fancy cars and your trashy women. You ain’t helping nobody but yourself! Quit blaming white folks for your problems. Take your black ass out there and show them kids there’s a better way than husslin’ on the street. Go to school.Get a job. Be a doctor. Start a business. Do something with the life God gave you and quit making excuses…”

It’s called “personal responsibility” and it is sorely lacking in today’s world.

America, we are currently in a war. It’s a battle of good vs evil and it has NOTHING to do with skin color. One side is anti-American, anti-Christian and anti-Constitution. It seeks the destruction of the United States. It has historically existed under a variety of different names, but always with the same intent.

Facist, Marxist, Nazi, Socialist, Communist, Klu Klux Klan, Black Panthers, Antifa, White Supremacy and now Black Lives Matter. This evil has eroded the foundations of our educational system, wreaked havoc on the family unit, destroyed our standards of decency, integrity and morality, shipwrecked our judicial system and now is attempting to turbo charge the age-old indictment that America is “racist”.

Nothing could be further from the truth! The vast majority of Americans hate the idea of racism. We do! But our faces are constantly rubbed in it by a media bent on destroying this country. And if you disagree with them, you are immediately stripped of your 1st Amendment Right to free speech and branded with uttering “Hate Speech” by our Nazi-like overlords. These Media Masters are the true racists among us!

It’s not hard to figure out why this is all happening. The more we reject God and the Judeo-Christian principles we were founded upon, the further and further into darkness we descend. Without a standard of behavior that sits above human invention, we are subjected to human opinion based on a mob mentality. Nothing is “right” and nothing is “wrong”. Every action is judged on a relative morality based on how someone “feels” in the moment. This is evil, because the heart of man is inherently evil. The media obsession with skin color, sex and status is simply a distraction. The heart of the issue for the United States is an issue of the “heart”. Unless we turn our hearts back to God, He will surely turn His away from us.

May God extend mercy to the United States,
Mike Cargile
Congressional Candidate CA-35

Blogger’s Note: The sad fact of the matter is that her majesty and her court of squishes could care less. They are lining up their next paychecks and are already trying to count delegates for the 2021 Chairman’s election – truth be dammed. If they cared, they would be asking why Norma Torres supports communists and how she got to the USA in the first place. Don’t worry – we are about to do to Norma Torres what Republicans should have done to her when she first ran for Assembly, let alone congress.

Aug 032020

In taking a look at Karm Bains, I found a couple DUI’s from 1994 and 2001 respectively and another conviction for refusing to take a chemical test later that year. It appears there is some affinity between he and David Reade beyond a paycheck.

Nearly 18 years in to my sobriety, I get that people can change. Karm Bains has also had a slew of civil issues (see also lawsuits). There appears to be a life pattern that we are going to extrapolate.

Karm Bains doing his part to support Gavin Newsom’s shutdown orders

As your intrepid blogger continues looking for information on Karm Bains, it appears that he is a rich kid that grew up with privilege, who always seems to find trouble.

Regardless of him re-registering NPP in order to hide his political allegiances, let’s take a look at his money:

I find Meg Whitman, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Gentleman Jim Nielsen on the list. This explains the affinity of Jim Nielsen for this democrat. It appears that Mr. Bains learned well from his father to throw money around to local electeds.

A review of Federal Contributions shows that Karm and his father have thrown money around for years. Karm’s father contributed to Jerry McNerney  (COM-Stockton) in 2010 who beat Richard Pombo.

There are also donations from Father and Son to both John Garamendi (who threatened to kick Donald Trump Jr’s — on National TV) and Doug LaMalfa.

Now, we have a view of how Karm Bains landed those three endorsements.

Here is a legitimate question though – do we really know where Bains stands on anything? He’s played both sides of the political spectrum for so long it is impossible to know. This is why has appointment by Jerry Brown is informative.

Does Karm Bains support illegal immigrant labor? (He is set to inherit a 40,000 acre peach orchard)

Does Karm Bains agree with the national democrats on de-funding the police?

Does Karm Bains still drink? If so, why given the amount of trouble he’s had related to booze? Wouldn’t that suggest issues with his personal decision making?

Does his pattern of political donations suggest purchase of influence? Should we be concerned about someone this close to the swamp gaining political power of his own?

Karm Bains is in a runoff against Tej Mann for County Supervisor. A lot of people think Bains is the favorite – a lot of people should start asking a lot of questions before falling in line.

Jul 312020

You’d think in a D+25 district no one would care who the Republican in the race is. Media Matters cares, leftist media outlets care. Norma Torres has some skeletons in her closet that need to be looked at as motives for why she is sweating an otherwise easy re-election. Other than the limp-wristed revenge motive of Scott Winn (a tier 2 Republican Consultant in California) and Kevin McCarthy’s weakness and proclivity to throw people under the bus, the attack on Mike Cargile was carried by the far left.

Why? Is it because Norma Torres is really a communist?

Norma Torres has a voting record that any member of the squad would envy. And, she supports de-funding the police and abolishing Immigration and Customs Enforcement. Her opponent Mike Cargile is a chizzled Military Veteran. It is an incredible contrast, one that must have Torres-Barillas buddies in Soros-land freaking out.

Torres was born Norma Judith Barillas in Guatemala in 1965. During the civil war, when she was five, she and her uncle came to the United States (1970); her mother died a year later. Although she had originally arrived on a tourist visa, she became a legal resident in her teens and gained citizenship in 1992 at the age of 17.

At the international level, she has been an activist for opposing the US backed governments in the Northern Triangle (Guatemala, El Salvador and Nicaragua), as well as supporting “compassion for refugees from gang violence” without mentioning the violent gangs like MS 13 from her home country.

Barillas is a common name in Guatemala, almost like Smith or Jones in the US. Torres is also a common Hispanic name. At this time, no birth records have been discovered.  Someone needs to review Norma Torres-Barillas Naturalization Application and disclosure statements required by elected officials.

Was Norma Torres an illegal alien that expired a visa? Do we know what her real name is? Does she have a birth certificate? Norma Torres-Barillas is from Barillas, a jumping off point for MS-13 all around the world. Torres has been in office for years yet never talks about the scourge of drug cartels in her homeland. Worse, it appears she is a communist sympathizer.

Torres avoids any questions of her family’s involvement in the civil war by invoking her childhood, “My story is not much different from the story of the children separated from their parents sitting in cold holding cells at the border,” she recently shared with the Washington Post. “During the Guatemalan civil war, my parents were forced to send me to the United States to live with my uncle. My childhood was stolen from me by the corrupt government officials and criminals running the country then.” Torres arrived in the United States as a 5-year-old who, like illegal migrants today, was growing up amid widespread gang violence.  Guatemala was in the midst of a civil war then, and Torres’ parents who lived in the communist dominated region were worried about her safety. They sent her to live with an aunt and uncle in Whittier.

During the Guatemalan Civil War, much larger numbers of Guatemalan immigrants came to the US to flee the political and economic oppression of the socialist governments and the vicious communist guerrillas which eventually became the drug gangs like MS 13. From the beginning of the civil war to its end in 1996, the population of Guatemalans in America grew from 6,000 to approximately 350,000 with the majority located in California.

I find it amazing that Norma Torres-Barillas is a communist sympathizer as her home area was overrun with communists and controlled by communists (who massacred and raped people like the good communists they are). Those communists turned in to the founders of MS-13. Torres is remiss to say a thing about the impact of MS-13 and other gangs while opposing efforts to secure America from them.

As I am looking in to the Norma Torres experience, it makes sense why George Soros and crew are concerned about protecting her. It also makes Scott Winn look like a slimebag and Kevin McCarthy look like a fool for participating in the lynching of Mike Cargile by the CAGOP leadership – look at who they aided and abetted.

Oh, it gets better. To be continued…

Jul 302020

Allow your intrepid blogger to give some background as to why I even care about this ballot measure. As I was investigating the insider politics of the CAGOP, the hidden financial transactions, massive paychecks, candidate lynchings, insider control and the like – Prop 19 came on to my radar.

I was first informed that David Stafford Reade was calling people on the initiatives committee of the CAGOP. In and of itself, that is not an issue – but the deliberations were mostly being done privately and rank-and-file delegates really were not participating in the process. Then, I found out that David Stafford Reade is alleged to be on the payroll of the No on 19 effort along with someone who may or may not be Tom Ross. Ross is an alternate on the CAGOP Board of Directors in order to skirt conflict of interest rules as he is a partner in a gigantic California GOP consulting firm. Since the actual member he serves as an alternate for never (literally never) shows up for meetings, Ross is effectively a member of the CAGOP’s Board of Directors. This needs to stop.

Tom Ross also directs millions of expenditures related to the CAGOP as the grand poobah of “Team Cal” (read the CAGOP By-Laws it is in there). How is this not a conflict of interest?

Jessica Patterson was telling people she had the votes to kill Prop 19 on the Initiatives committee, as if we needed any more proof that Patterson is far from a fair CAGOP Chairwoman. The issue is not these people making a living, it is the lack of transparency and the insider game where a shrinking coven of control agents get rich off of failure.

For years when I did campaign work, I could predict the endorsements for each candidate based on who their political consultant was. While I never had any direct proof, it was and is common knowledge that Jon Coupal would accept donations to Howard Jarvis for endorsements. I was told but could not prove that Meg Whitman paid for her endorsement in 2010. I’ve been told by three different consultants that they had discussed “honorariums” with Howard Jarvis, Gun Owners (Sam Parades) and others. David Stafford Reade, Jon Coupal and Sam Parades go back years. Even if they did nothing illegal, the stench of insider politics is strong. I watched patterns for years which is why I knew then that endorsements were not worth the paper they are printed on.

I am not alone in my opinion of Jon Coupal being a coin-operated fraud. Jon Coupal got nuked in the 2010 Meg Whitman campaign by Dan Morain. While Dan Morain is a liberal, he has tarred Liberal and Conservative alike for being a phony.

The meaning of purity depends on who does the defining. Coupal promotes initiatives to limit campaign spending by labor and is a critic of public employee unions and their pensions, even as the organization has accepted $42,000 from the California Teachers Association and $10,000 from the California Correctional Peace Officers Association. Both donations were earmarked for Jarvis-backed initiative fights.

Millions pass through the Jarvis organization each year. The Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association, the main umbrella organization, disclosed that it raised $12 million in 2008.

That’s right – Jon Coupal took money from the Teacher’s Union and should be disregarded as a serious conservative let alone Republican. He and Jarvis are nothing more than political consultants or paid bloggers. It’s time for Jon Coupal to man up and be honest about who he is.

This gets me to Prop 19, it is something Howard Jarvis has allegedly been fighting to get passed for years. I have a hard time believing that Jon Coupal arrived at his conclusion to oppose Prop 19 on his own, similar to David Reade and Jessica Patterson.

Get rid of the hyperbole – Prop 19 100% exempts the entire farm. Land and the home – the farm transfers in its’ entirety to the heirs with the lower tax base from the deceased family member. This is the main thrust of Prop 19, to save family farmers from losing their farm due to a re-assessment at death of the farmer. 

Perhaps this is why James Gallagher and Megan Dahle voted to put Prop 19 on the ballot – both are unassailable conservatives.

Prop 19 gives the elderly and the disabled the ability to move anywhere in the state and take their prop 13 base with them. 3 times! Right now it can only happen once and then, only in 11 counties.

This means that an elderly couple trapped in San Jose can move to Modesto without being bankrupted.

When Prop 58 was passed, it gave people the ability to transfer property to their heirs. In the words of Jon Coupal:

Still, Coupal said he believes voters did not intend to grant as broad tax relief as they did when they passed the 1986 measure.
“The average voter probably did not have in mind a multimillion-dollar property being given [to children] that they could use as income-producing property and then live out of state,” Coupal said.
What changed Mr. Coupal?
Coupal, the Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Assn. president, said the inheritance tax break provides policy benefits. He argued those who want to live in their parents’ homes, maintain family farms or hardware stores or inherit small apartment buildings shouldn’t face huge property tax bills after their parents die.
Proposition 19 gives the heirs of the deceased a year to either sell the property or occupy it as their primary residence. Otherwise, if it is kept as a rental it is assessed at current market value. Right now, California is the only state that allows rental properties to flow through with such an exemption.
This is why the wealthy “Team Cal” people like Howard Hakes, Tom Ross and others hate Prop 19. They could care less that it helps the elderly and disabled move to other areas, and they could care less about a family farmer being exempted from higher Property Tax basis forever. Their rental property on the Santa Monica coast that they inherited under the Prop 58 exemption (aimed at families passing primary residences down to each other) will suddenly be taxed at current market value. Meantime, the people that need the Prop 58 tax break will actually be able to get it under Prop 19.
Currently, 60% of parent-child transfers are rental properties. In Coupal’s own words this was not the intent of Prop 58. In Coupal’s own words family farmers need to be protected. What changed in just two years?
The thing I find amazing is that the wealthy fat cat opponents of Prop 19 have the ability to set up trusts and do complex estate planning that could shield any property affected by Prop 19. The ordinary folks (like say me) that leave a house for their children have an extra $1 Million of protection added by Prop 19 that is not present currently.
This means, you leave a house for your kids that was assessed at $250K when you bought it and it is worth $1,249,900 when you die – your kids do NOT have a step up in property tax base weather or not they occupy it.
If you are a victim of a natural disaster (beyond Gavin Newsom), Prop 19 will also allow you to move without a re-assessment in all 58 counties. Right now only 11 Counties have such a provision. There is no such protection or ability under the current tax code in the other 47 counties. Think about the massive wildfires that have lit up California – face it, conservatives won’t have a majority any time soon to deal with the extreme left wing enviros whose lawsuits have thwarted land management. This means somehow we need to deal with the here and now until we can unseat a generation of leftist judges and legislators. Why continue punishing people in the North and Center of California because someone is mad over their beach house getting re-assessed?
Farmers grow food. They deserve to be protected for generations. The elderly deserve to be able to move away from neighborhoods that have been forcibly gentrified by Sacramento. The Disabled are usually disabled through no fault of their own. People whose houses burn in wildfires the same. It just makes sense that they deserve help from the tax code instead of a one-size-fits all hammer that has been abused for 30+ years.
You get to choose, Help Family Farmers, the Disabled, the Elderly and Wildfire victims – or let the people who abused Prop 58 spend millions convincing you to let them continue to do so.
Vote yes on Prop 19.
P.S. If you still have doubts about the voracity of Howard Jarvis’ opposition to Prop 19, Take a look at this:

The organization (Howard Jarvis) has taken other stands that were more remunerative than popular. In 2004, Coupal appeared on television commercials attesting to the wisdom of an initiative sponsored by the Agua Caliente Band of Cahuilla Indians, which owns two casinos in downtown Palm Springs and in the outskirts.

The initiative, Proposition 70, sought to give tribes unlimited authority to expand their casinos on their reservations so long as they paid the state part of their earnings.

“With Proposition 70,” Coupal said on the commercials, “casinos help share the burden for schools, health care and public safety.”

Voters rejected the measure, but it was not a total loss. Agua Caliente donated $1.825 million to one of Jarvis’ political committees.

Jul 292020

Did you know that the feckless weak-kneed spineless weasels at the top of the CAGOP’s court of squishes are letting Politico and Media Matters pick candidates? Perhaps there is a revenge motive? Or a financial motive? Let’s take a look at what’s happening…

So would this social media post get me banished by Her Majesty and the Court of Squishes?

In the opinion of this blogger there are several reasons why Jessica Patterson, David Reade, Jeff Randle et al are hunting down GOP Nominees.

The first and most obvious is the Convention in 2021 where Her Majesty is running for re-election (unless the court of squishes determines she can’t win, in which case she will be encouraged to move on). Ted Howze #CA10, Mike Cargile #CA34, Kathleen Hazelton #SD25, Buzz Patterson #CA07 will get delegate appointments. All are not supporters of Jessica Patterson even before they got on to the list. The squishes behind the curtain know that if they can drive down their election numbers, this can shave delegates off of them in Feb 2021.

I’ve seen these squishes do this for years, including last minute filing a second Republican to knock all the Republicans out of the general election.

Very important: Jessica Patterson has called every GOP nominee of 2020 in an effort to try to con them in to supporting her in 2021. Her talking points are ironic: Anti-Establishment, and how party leaders have failed in the past. I know of two specific instances of her talking to nominees. It appears that Hazelton was not buying what Jessica was selling – thus she was in line for execution. 

Jessica Patterson will not return phone calls from several county chairman key people to organizing and winning elections, but is calling former write-in candidates that qualified for the fall election? Yeah, she knows how to count votes and knows her base is eroding due to her terrible performance and the surrounding circumstances.

The Second and less obvious is revenge. Kathleen Hazelton filed as a write in so no one saw her coming. I am aware that Scott Winn (who we burned as the author of the letter to do in Ted Howze) hates Ted Howze (who would not hire him). I was told by Mike’s people that he actually interviewed with Scott Winn regarding a consulting arrangement. Cargile did not hire Winn. I am also aware that #CA07 Buzz Patterson may well have interviewed Scott Winn as well.

Your intrepid blogger has been told by insiders that Buzz Patterson and a couple other GOP Nominees are on the list to get lynched.

The cover story for lynching Ted Howze, Mike Cargile and Kathleen Hazelton was due to alleged “Racist” posts. Perhaps now that the Scott Winn connection is being vetted and the leak of the CAGOP’s Board Meeting agenda to your intrepid blogger we can see that this 1990’s era consultant drill of trying to screw party nominees not known to be loyal to the regime will be thwarted.

There is a third nexus that is overlaid in all of this. Q Anon. Media Matters has been obsessed with this (more so than the paranoid conspiracies of Q anon themselves). They have been systematically smearing and “outing” Q Anon candidates. Kathleen Hazelton is a Q Anon supporter. I do believe that Media Matters, politico and the LA Times have been tipped off regarding Ted Howze and Mike Cargile in terms of the specific opposition research being sent to them on a tee. The timing was too compact, the articles too easy and the reaction from the court of squishes was way too quick for there to not be some sort of coordination – and Jessica gets to exterminate delegate appointments from the CAGOP gene pool to protect her paycheck in 2021.

Remember, Media Matters are proven liars funded by George Soros amongst others. Yet, Jessica Patterson and crew are using them for cover as they lynch candidates they perceive as not being loyal to the regime.

Consider the above and watch carefully who the next candidates the leadership of the CAGOP are going to try to lynch. It is clear that Jeff Randle and company are already sweating Jessica Patterson’s re-election. These people are ruthless and play for keeps. If you google my name, you will see age-old smears dating back to 2009, 2010, 2011 when Randle, David Reade, Karen England and crew tried to kill me off. Ironically, My second career as a paid political operative and blogger was launched by the publicity these people got me when engineering smears in the local media. Many people that get smeared like this are not as tough and crazy as I am and usually fold. This is what these people are counting on when they trash and destroy Republican volunteers.

If you care about the future of the CAGOP – pay attention to the long game. Andy G, David Reade, Jeff Randle, Tom Ross, Jessica Patterson, etc are all lining up their next paychecks for 2022 and beyond. They are attacking on multiple levels while people are focused on the here and now.

Here is the moral to the story – get to know your Republican nominees. Make sure they are protected if they are not Jessica supporters. If they are Jessica supporters or have been called by her, find out what was said and why they bought in to it.

Get to know your local GOP Chairmen. The best hope to dealing with the court of squishes making tens of thousands of dollars off of losing elections is with the County Chairs, they get a ton of delegate appointments to the CAGOP. Trust me, the court of squishes probably are already tracking their movements. When I worked for Travis Allen, I knew that Jessica’s convention staff had every delegate pegged with 12 votes. (They did not know that Antonio Sabato and others were going to bail on Travis)

Get to know the people getting rich off of the failure of the CAGOP. It is not hard to uncover Six-Figure salaries. Andy Garakhani, Tom Ross, Jeff Randle, David Stafford Reade, Jessica Patterson, Matt Klemin, Rebecca Luby, Molly Parnell, etc. Why are they being paid so much to lose elections? How come their salaries, fees and conflicts are not better known to the rank and file CAGOP member?

When “leadership” are trying to get business done on short notice, there is a reason. This is typically done to ensure an outcome. Pay attention to this and make sure other CAGOP delegates – even those friendly to Jessica know about the dirty insider tricks. Fair-minded people resent these sorts of things.

The court of squishes have written the CAGOP’s by-laws and they know them. (and how to circumvent them) If you want to write the rules in the future, you are going to have to beat them at their own game.

Meantime – if you are thinking about running for office, if you interview Scott Winn you had best don a flak jacket if you don’t hire him. (There are other GOP consultants like this as well, I may write about them in the future)

P.S. Kathleen Hazelton was not notified she was going to be lynched before the CAGOP Board Meeting 7-25. Mike Cargile was not notified before being lynched in June. Ted Howze was not notified before his lynching and even John Briscoe #CA47 (not John W Briscoe of CIR, different person) was not notified that the report drafted about him was going to be acted upon on 7-25 either. Think it through and ask questions.