Dec 042020

Having Tim Clark handle crisis communication is like asking Michael Jackson to Chaperone your kids’ slumber party. Look at this Gem from John Moolach:

It is time for Tim Clark to be prosecuted for Covering up a rape and for John Moolach to get out of Orange County Politics.

John Moolach Lied. He knew about the rape of Trish Todd. I knew about the Rape at least 6 months ago when she told me. Even before she came out in detail, she had alleuded to it in previous conversations before telling me in graphic detail on May 28, 2020. Trish Todd has been a friend of my wife’s since 1-2014 and maybe before that. I encourage my wife to have lots of friends and I don’t keep tabs on them. Trish came to me in 2019 to talk about her former life in the Capitol when friends of hers started sending her my bombs against Bill Brough. Trish had forgotten that I was Aaron from Right On Daily after leaving the Capitol in 2016.

John Moorlach’s above comment which is consistent with the corrupt, dishonesst crisis communication I have seen from Tim Clark over the years and is an outright lie. Tim Clark lied to the Orange County Republican Party – alternating between calling Trish a liar and telling others that she was not credible. Other communication I have received indicated that my 11-21-2020 blog detailing the rape with more specific information than the 6-1-2020 post was a “Smear” and a “Political Attack”. Anyone that said this is going to get their ass kicked by the Right On Daily Blog, resign now or it is coming. Trish got raped. Heather Baez was sexually Battered, Lisa Bartlett has nightmares, Jennifer Alizeri was harassed, an unnamed Dem Staffer was cornered, a realtor from South OC was propositioned and touched – AND MANY OCGOP LEADERS IGNORED THE WHOLE THING! How many more women did Bill Brough abuse because these people did nothing?

WHO THE HELL DEFENDS WOMEN when our leaders won’t? Worse our leaders appear to be the worst predators we have in society.

We know John Moolrach Lied because the Orange County Register – who I have talked to multiple times about Bill Brough – NAILED Moorlach to the wall. How did the OC Register know to contact Dick Ackerman? I TOLD THEM TO via Michael Schroeder her attorney. Ackerman had reached out to me via a third party after my 6-1-2020 post. It was put to me that ackerman and others in the Sacraemento Scene knew of the attack years ago when it happened and my post triggered memories of it.

GOD BLESS YOU DICK ACKERMAN – I’ve only met you once, but you are a stand up guy for stepping on and going on the record. Ackerman did so even as all the cocktail party mavens in Orange County were having a group kool-aid drink on the Moorlach train. I wonder how the New Majority, the Lincoln Club and the OCGOP feel right now? This is what happens when you Trust Tim Clark, you GET SCREWED.

Ackerman said he’d read about Todd’s accusations in, a blog by Aaron Park that tracks GOP interests in Sacramento. That blog item did not use Todd’s name, at her request, and it was posted months before she filed a criminal complaint.

Ackerman said Moorlach didn’t clearly address the allegation during their conversation, focusing instead on criticism of Park.


Heck, Moorlach and Clark couldn’t even tell the truth in their own campaign announcement about their vote totals!!! 

I should not be surprised as John Moorlach on two occasions that I am aware of threatened to withold his endorsement of a candidate I was working for because I was working for the candidate. Not bad, as I have never met John Moolach in person but I live rent-free in his head.

Did Tim Clark ever ask the Rape Victim how she was doing? Did Moorlach? Nope. Moorlach’s above post rings completely hollow and is nothing more than damage control.

Tim Clark said in his statements to ABC7 who ran a story and to the Orange County Register that he did not report the issue himself becuase “It happened outside of work hours”. So now we know that Tim Clark is a filthy liar. (I’ve know this about Clark for about a decade, just this incidence is so obvious that even Fred Whitaker could understand it) Clark now admits the attack happened after smearing the Rape victim in phone calls to OCGOP members calling the rape allegation a smear and a lie. When confronted with Media questions, he changed his story.

What the hell kind of boss refuses to help a subordinate raped by another employer in the same building because the rape happened after hours? Someone who is either a heartless fool or someone who is making up another lie to try and cover up the original cover up of a felony. Clark is both. BTW – several worker’s comp court cases have indicated there are no office hours for public figures because of the nature of their job. This means Trish could have actually filed a worker’s comp claim for her injuries – adding another claim for a potential lawsuit against Clark and Moorlach. (I do Insurance for a Day Job)

For reasons I don’t understand, John Moorlach has allowed Tim Clark to have a psychotic grasp on him for years. I had a front row seat to watching Tim Clark manipulate Moorlach in to separating himself from friends of 20-30 years so Clark could have the whole Senate Special election in 2014-2015 to himself. I’ve been told by at least a dozen people in politics that Tim Clark owes them money (some even characterize it as stealing from them). John Moorlach has been Tim Clark’s meal ticket for years as Moorlach is the only candidate Clark has not been able to wreck at the ballot box despite his stupidity.

When I did some work for Tim Clark it was always last minute with little or no notice. Given that fact that Clark gouged his clients for $5k-$10k a month retainers plus gigantic commissions of 15-20%, why the hell weren’t his requests better thought out? I saw his mail and campaign communication in the Jack Sieglock for Assembly and the Phil Libertore for Congress Campaigns for example – both were top flite candidates that could have won easily – and it was terrible, unimaginitive and looked amateur. I’ve seen Clark manage at least a dozen losses that I can recall, for example Robert Rao for Assembly, Andy Vidak for Congress, and I’ve seen scores of others that fired him mid-campaign because he was a blithering idiot, dishonest or both.

If you think that Clark’s cover up of the rape of Trish Todd was about anything other than trying to stop bad news for his boss who was brand new in the senate at the time, you do not understand the moral and emotional corruption of that man. Healthy people would have dealt with the issue head on, and helped the victim. Not Clark. He threw her under the bus. So did John Moorlach. They should both be removed far, far away from anything resembling political authority.

TRISH TODD GOT RAPED. They didn’t give a shit.

Tim Clark lied at least three times in the Orange County Register Article. It was like re-injuring the rape victim all over again, but the media outlets let the corrupt Clark hoist himself on his own petard.

If you think I am being hard on Tim Clark, he is also a coward. Because he could never get to me directly, he retaliated against my Brother in 2016 to get even with me over the Moorlach Senate Specal election. Both George and I worked for Ben Carson in 2015-2016 in Northern Nevada (where we both now live). We were both supposed to be brought over to the Trump campaign when Carson endorsed Trump.

I did not ask, because I knew what a petty vindictive loser Clark is and that he holds grudges. (I have worked with dozens of consultants over the years who I have shredded in prior campaigns because that is how it is supposed to work – witness my work with Travis Allen in 2019 CAGOP Chair election after trashing his Governor Campaign in 2018, witness that I have helped Dave Gilliard’s interests from time to time for example)

However Tim Clark saw to it that my brother was not hired. He was too much of a coward tot tell him, he made one of the other people brought over from the Carson Campaign do it. Within 2 months, everyone brought over from the Carson campaign was fired. This is how Tim Clark rolls. While busy screwing over all the ben Carson people in his region, he was ignoring volunteers (several of whom told me in spades what Clark did not do), and running the California delegation drill in to the ground. A literal Nazi named William Johnson ended up as a Trump delegate to the RNC. That made headlines.

So Am I surprised that Moorlach and Tim Clark covered up a rape? Nope. Am I surprised that Tim Clark Lied and smeared the Rape Victim? Nope. Am I surprise that Moorlach ignored the Rape Victim when Dick Ackerman called him to focus on me? Nope.

The part that makes me the angriest is that Tim Clark plays the Jesus card everywhere while living his life at the lowest common denominator. He was so toxic that he got fired less than a year in to his cush Washington DC Job in the Trump admin because of stuff on his twitter account. This suggests that his colleagues could not stand him in DC (just like most could not in Sacramento) and went to politico to get him lynched. The politico story is still there and I also wrote about it.

Tim Clark is a disaster. He is succeeding in finally destroying John Moolach (with Moorlach’s participation and consent) like he has pretty much everything else he has touched in politics.

TRISH TODD GOT RAPED. They didn’t give a shit. 

Dec 032020

Your intrepid blogger has been on the case of (Now former) Assemblyman Bill Brough since June 2019 when Lisa Bartlett stood up and finally told her story of the 2011 incident. At that time, Fred Whitaker, the Chairman of the OCGOP attempted to hide the allegations and “keep it in the family”. The next morning your intrepid blogger was contacted by someone in the meeting and it touched off a series of events that would end the political career of William “Bill” Brough.

It also exposed OC GOP Chairman Fred Whitaker as a feckless relic of the 1980’s that refuses to defend women. His initial instinct to try and cover up the Lisa Bartlett allegations, followed by dishonest comments in the media set his pattern up to and through today.

It is time for Fred Whitaker to resign as chairman of the OCGOP

Your intrepid blogger has been told by several political insiders that Tim Clark, the then boss of the rape victim (Who worked for John Moorlach) has repeatedly attacked her credibility and Fred Whitaker has done the same. They did so in order to pave the way for the OCGOP to endorse former State Senator John Moorlach for Orange County Supervisor.

Today, the Orange County Register blew the rape allegations against Bill Brough wide open. We learn that there is significant evidence, including pictures of her injuries and doctor records as well as people that were told of the attack right after it happened.

Now they both have a major problem. The victim is real, credible and on the record. These two men should be ashamed of themselves for what they have done. Tim Clark Lied. Fred Whitaker joined in. Tim Clark is the campaign consultant for John Moorlach and this scandal is going to have far-reaching effects.

Michael Todd, begs reporters to hold Orange County Assemblyman Bill Brough accountable for allegedly raping his wife, Patricia Lenkiewicz Todd, right, in 2015. They were in her lawyer Michael Schroeder’s office in Orange on Wednesday, December 2, 2020. (Photo by Mindy Schauer, Orange County Register/SCNG)

This is the victim whose story I first wrote about on June 2020. I have known Trish for several years as she has been friends with my wife since before Bill Brough raped her in July of 2015. She did not make the connection that I was Aaron from Right on Daily and the husband of her friend Jodie (my wife) until the last year. She came forward to me first before finally having the courage to go to the media. This has added a personal level to the emotions and my anger towards both Fred Whitaker and Tim Clark. I have spent today in a very emotional state.

I fear that the GOP will get completely wiped off of the map because of failures like Fred Whitaker and corrupt dishonest political operatives like Tim Clark. These two men have led the OCGOP, the New Majority, the Lincoln Club and other groups off a cliff.

18 Months later, I have not been paid a dime by anyone to take down Bill Brough. Let that sink in. Re-read this sentence as many times as needed. In my opinion, he is a predator that needs to spend the rest of his life behind bars. In my opinion, everyone that has attempted to cover for him need to pay with their titles, positions, careers and the like. I helped get Brough elected in 2014, and this became a personal mission to atone for one of the biggest mistakes I have ever made in my political career. It got even deeper and more emotional when I started talking to women – whose stories were real and verifiable – while political leaders in the GOP Female and Male alike were shunning them. Contrast this with the behavior of Tim Clark who has lied habitually and Fred Whitaker who makes ego-based status-conscious political decisions.

Quoting the OC Register: (Trish Todd is the victim)

Todd said she went to work the rest of that week, even as bruises developed on her arms, legs, left hip and right hand. She said a friend, who is an attorney, encouraged her to take photos of the injuries. She shared those photos with the Register.

That friend also urged Todd to go to a doctor, since she was still dealing with bleeding and bruising. Todd followed that advice and tested negative for any sexually transmitted disease. She has told investigators about those dated medical records.

Todd said she later told her direct supervisor at the time, Moorlach’s chief of staff Tim Clark, about the alleged assault. She says Clark urged her not to report it to anyone.

I knew about the photos. She told me she had them and I knew about them when I first reported about the Rape on 6-1-2020. I only learned that she had a medical examination shortly after the attack within the last few days. WARINING – the Post tells graphic details about the rape that are not in the OC Register Story. Photos, a Medical exam, telling friends immediately, things CREDIBLE victims do when sexually assaulted.

Tim Clark claims to be a Christian. He openly plays the Jesus card to anyone who will listen. If Mr. Clark actually lived his faith, he would not lie to people. If he lived his faith, he’d have driven Trish to the doctor, stood with her at the Sheriff’s Office to file a criminal complaint, would have backed her up to file a complaint with rules. Instead, Clark was worried about bad news affecting his boss who was new in office at the time and throttled the victim who has held this horrific attack in her mind and heart for over 5 years.

I will expand on Tim Clark later and in graphic detail at a time of my choosing. But let the reality of what he did to this rape victim in 2015 and then again in 2020 to support his personal paycheck sink in. Any candidate that hires Tim Clark is a fool and does so at their own risk. The man should be shunned permanently from the political gene pool.

Fred Whitaker? Weak. Ego-Driven. Poor Political Instincts. He needs to resign from anything resembling responsibility as TWICE on his watch Women with real claims of abuse have come forward only to be met with scorn and disdain by Mr. Whitaker in the name of political expedience. Mr. Whitaker has no moral standing whatsoever. If Whitaker won’t resign, someone needs to take him out as Chair of the OCGOP.

To be continued.

P.S. The Sacramento Bee has picked up the story. This will get legs.

Nov 252020

Blogger’s Note: I received an email forward. It is an email from Fred Whitaker, the Chairman of the OCGOP. He is doubling down on supporting John Moorlach, despite credible allegations that a member of his staff was raped in 2015 and said rape was covered up by John Moorlach’s Chief of Staff Tim Clark (who is still Moorlach’s campaign manager). If it was not clear before – it is 100% clear that Whitaker’s ego is involved and he’d rather die than let Right On Daily claim another scalp in Orange County. Please also note that the source could not forward the email to either my insurance office or my yahoo account until Fred’s email address was removed from the text – suggesting that Fred Whitaker has blocked both of my email addresses. This is cowardice.

Allow your intrepid blogger to point out the obvious. Had Bill Brough not been a pig, a drunk, a rapist, a slimebag and embezzled his own campaign money – I’d probably be writing about other things. Had Fred Whitaker and others not bungled the response so badly, I’d be writing about something else. Yet, here we are.

I will guarantee the OCGOP something. You all saw me take Bill Brough from a shoo-in for re-election to a political has been. His legacy of destruction is not done. My guess is Brough has dozens of victims, and we may never know the extent of his lifetime of destruction. 

In response to credible allegations that a staffer of John Moorlach’s was raped, and said rape was covered up, Tim Clark, John Moorlach’ then Chief of Staff (and current campaign consultant) and others are attacking the veracity of the rape victim. Fred Whitaker is calling the allegations libel. Everyone that buys in to Fred Whitaker and Tim Clark’s line of logic will end up as humiliated as they will be when this is all said and done. This is a warning and not a threat or hyperbole.

For the rest of you reading that are in other counties – take a look at Fred Whitaker’s email and juxtapose that with the fact that a Staffer of John Moolach’s got raped by Bill Brough (I believe her and I know there is proof as I have written before). The OCGOP is being pushed by Fred Whitaker, in what I believe is an ego-feuled rampage to endorse John Moorlach for Orange County Supervisor despite this issue. The email Fred Whitaker Sent follows (I have emboldened the key parts):


I’m reaching out to you to ask a personal favor, because we are at a critical point.  The absolutely false accusation against Sen. Moorlach is threatening the ability of the party to unite behind one candidate for this special election, where only one more vote wins. The Democrats have only one candidate – Katrina Foley.   We have 4 candidates, and now even Diane Dixon says she wants to run because of the allegations against Moorlach.  That would be 5 Republicans (three City Council members from Newport and one from Huntington Beach and Sen. Moorlach).   I have commitments from two of our candidates they will withdraw for Moorlach, but not the others.   Once we show courage, others will follow.

I believe that if we consolidate behind Sen. Moorlach, we will have the most well-known candidate as the only candidate. We cannot say that with the others in the race – the city council members will not get out for each other and they are not known past their cities.    John Moorlach as always fought the principled fight. We need to fight for him.

I personally, think the blog was sent out just to sow disarray in the party by those that want to see us divided, since they know we can’t unite behind one of the others.  I know you know how it feels to be wrongly accused and have libel sent out against you.   Please help John fight this. Would you please “reply” that we can count your email as support for Sen Moorlach’s endorsement?   I appreciate the consideration.



Let the words above sink in. Everything I have written about William “Bill” Brough has proven to be true. So will this. Fred Whitaker, Tim Clark and John Moorlach will hear from me quite a bit for the next few months and even more so once the victim who is being smeared by these three men has had her case made and evidence known.

The victim was raped. Tim Clark Covered it up. John Moorlach did indeed know about it. The rape is real and verifiable. The truth is on the way, and when it comes out make sure Fred Whitaker, Tim Clark and John Moorlach are held accountable for what they did years ago when the rape happened and what they are doing now.

P.S. Wait until the democrats get ahold of the evidence that is coming out. The OCGOP will pay dearly as will our candidates. Think it through. The optics are horrible.

Nov 242020

Get a good look. This is the man pushing the OCGOP, Lincoln Club and others (along with Jon F.) to go off the cliff for John Moorlach

We’ve written about former State Senator John Moorlach’s Consultant / Former Chief of Staff Tim Clark for years on the Right On Daily Blog. Expect to see some refreshers so you can re-acquaint yourself with the lack of integrity, demonstrated dishonesty and overall lack of ethics that define Tim Clark. (and we have evidence too) I’ve known Tim Clark as a consultant and have seen his poor political advice, bland messaging, procrastination (everything is last minute with him), what I believe is overbilling, and tactically poor decisions made to maximize his own profit while he shoves everyone else out of the campaign. I’ve seen Clark wreck years-long relationships between candidates and others in order to gain complete control of candidates.

Right now, Tim Clark is working overtime behind the scenes with people on the OCGOP to smear the good name of a rape victim who told him her story. Tim Clark covered up the attack and ample people over the years knew about it. (More coming soon as the bear trap tightens around Clark/Moorlach and crew)

I had warned the former Moorlach Staffer who I believe was raped by Bill Brough that Tim Clark would lie about the events and attempt to smear her. It is happening almost like clockwork. With people like Fred Whitaker whose ego is wrapped up in everything OC (aka he cares more about how the scandals reflect on him than on the party itself), Clark who I know to be a master manipulator has an easy mark and accomplice to further his latest paycheck.

Please note that Tim Clark is on the Right on Daily all time top ten list of political losers (Note: Brough supplanted the corrupt former Sheriff of Riverside County Stan Sniff for number 1)

Allow your intrepid blogger to remind you of how Fred Whitaker responded to the Bill Brough scandal June 24th 2019:

The Bee continued with a fairly detailed story ending with these comments from the feckless void known as Fred Whitaker:

Fred Whitaker, chairman of the Orange County GOP, said the county party will not tolerate harassment but is unaware of any ongoing investigations into Brough’s behavior.

“The Republican Party of Orange County has no tolerance for sexual misconduct,” Whitaker said in a statement. “We are not aware of any pending investigations. All claims of sexual misconduct should be reported to and investigated by law enforcement or state legislative ethics committees to allow for a fair and thorough investigation, so that victims can be heard and an accused can present a defense. If an investigation is initiated, any request for endorsement would be dependent on the results of the investigation. There is no request for endorsement pending at this time.”

Fred Whitaker lied to the Sacramento Bee by omission. He saddled up on a technicality to dodge the question. If he does not Resign in disgrace, the OCGOP should vacate the chair at the next meeting. Whitaker knows full well there is a problem and the committee voted to refer the matter back to the endorsement committee for an investigation – prompting Brough to withdraw his request. The honest answer would have been, “The OCGOP referred the endorsement matter back to the endorsement committee for a review of issues after Mrs. Bartlett’s remarks at the Monday Evening meeting and Mr. Brough withdrew his request for endorsement two days later. As such, there is no current investigation or request for an endorsement”.

Whitaker’s legally-parsed response is yet another example of the moral bankruptcy that is rampant within the ranks of political leaders at all levels. At least we now know where Fred Whitaker stands, avoid the issue at all costs and defend the incumbent.

It took mere weeks for Whitaker to eat major crow as victims and corroboration poured out against Bill Brough. Mark this blogger’s words – climbing in bed with Tim Clark is a career-ending move. If Clark calls someone a liar or attacks their credibility – which Moorlach’s staff also appear to be doing – you can make bank that person is worth listening to.

Then, take a step back and think through how victim shaming is going to look in the community at large. There were a variety of ways for Moorlach to respond, having Tim Clark handle crisis communication is like inviting tobacco companies to research lung cancer.

Meantime – Fred Whitaker is on his way to screwing up colossally for a second time in his tenure as OCGOP Chairman. He has now established a pattern of callous disregard for female victims of misconduct by legislators. This is going to be ammo for the OC Dems and the union Independent Expenditure Committees to use.

Nov 232020

A conservative Latino’s view on politics…

Upon entering local politics in 2015, I learned the San Diego County Republican Party’s (SDCRP) one of California’s most successful! It’s where Republicans thrive, with the board of supervisors showcasing our dominance since the 1990s. Unsurprisingly, that’s come to a crashing end!

Reading the San Diego News Desk article, “Democrat Victories in San Diego Spell Troubling Future,” made me think about current supervisor Kristin Gaspar’s rout. My friends, there’s no doubt this was a beat down!

The Democratic Party taking the board of supervisors’ district three, and district one races, along with Nathan Fletcher’s (D) 2016 mugging of former San Diego District Attorney Bonnie Dumanis (R) in district four, gives them a 3-2 majority.

This loss by the Grand Old Party (GOP) is a culmination of at least a decade of Democratic Party dominance and Republican Party ineptitude throughout the state!

What’s worse? Gaspar was a rising political star. Now a veteran, party elder, and leader. Yet, that wasn’t enough to unite everyone – party, grassroots, and candidate – to thrust her to victory.

Reality vs. Fantasy

SDCRP leadership always treats me well. I have great respect for them as individuals and fellow Republicans. Still, something must change – we repeatedly lose! Politics is an industry that’s more cutthroat than any business. It’s an industry of scheming and despicability to an exponential degree. The SDCRP has no answer to counter what’s happening.

  • San Diego’s failed politics are now out in the open versus the fantasy we’re the model for the rest of the state.
  • A Democratic Party “blue wave” in San Diego County is ongoing. It’s massive and comprises the last two election cycles with no end in sight.
  • The situation’s grim because we’re so deep in losses – county and statewide. It’ll take more than a generation to overcome.

Success in politics comes through winning elections. In that, the CAGOP and SDCRP are failures. That’s not a personal or spiteful comment, but a fact.

It’s not only local leadership that’s failed. We must rid ourselves of current state leadership and ineffectual county chairs. Also, consultants, whose only goal is to make a buck versus helping their candidates win. Until we do this, we won’t move forward!

Why We Lose: CAGOP Template to Failure

In 2016, local leadership – establishment and grassroots – told me:

  • it’s the Republican Party’s job to get Republicans to the polls.
  • It’s the candidate’s job to go out and find votes among any non-republican out there.
  • Registration drives are nonexistent. Expanding and recruiting the Republican Party base is no longer a goal.

Leadership appears to have no qualms with this template. They view it as one that creates responsibility with accountability. Yet, grassroots aren’t on board, dealing with complete frustration and powerlessness.

  • This model destroys us from within and creates losses up and down the state with no end in sight.

Watching the “establishment” dismantle and destroy local grassroots to their detriment? Beyond comprehension.

The California Republican Party (@CAGOP) focus is not a robust grassroots infrastructure. Rather, technology and media (mailers, later social media). I’m simplifying. Yet, the CAGOP infrastructure to victory has become a template, ignoring foundational politics for a consultant’s takeover of campaigns.

All this is to the disadvantage of candidates. But with history giving us a decade of data, they should know better.

CAGOP Winning Template – The Reality

The Republican Party’s template to win is a complete and utter failure with defeat after defeat. Sure, we earn a victory here or there, but nothing more. Yet, leadership shows no will to change, and candidates show no resolve to do what’s needed to win – instead, allowing consultants to lead their campaign toward defeat.

We’ve gone from a prosperous red to a deep blue state – led by a hybrid socialist-Democratic entity that looks more and more like serfdom. With abuses from the executive, legislature, activists, and local party leadership.

Why We Lose: No Unity

Upon hearing this winning formula, my immediate thought, “We not only lose, but we lose all the time!” It’s obvious; we lack unity!

  • The union of candidate, party, and grassroots are a necessity to win.

The SDCRP and Kristin Gaspar failed to follow basic political fundamentals. In contrast, Democrats understand the importance of grassroots working with party leadership and the candidate.

Democrats abused belief of a “greater good” enables leftists to win – over and over. The Democratic Party understands the power of “the will of the people.” The Republican Party does not.

Why We Lose: Burp and Chirp Grassroots

Are you wondering what the term “burp and chirp” means? It’s a fitting term, and it was a grassroots activist from who I first heard it.

Most groups meet once a month – coming together with like-minded souls. Ready to hear conservative speakers talk about our beliefs and ideology.

Here’s what happens.

  1. Individuals show up and order their meals. Eat, and enjoy catching up with fellow conservatives.
  2. Listen to a conservative speaker. When done, he or she pushes their t-shirts, books, etc.
  3. The meeting closes on a high note. There’s optimism because righteousness will overcome hate.
  4. There’s rarely, if ever, a call to action.
  5. Individuals go back home and do no volunteering to help a candidate or cause.
  6. They then “rinse and repeat” this process.

That’s the grassroots we have – at least in San Diego County, but we can surmise that’s up and down the state.

Why We Lose: Weak Grassroots

Our grassroots are lacking. Most local groups are “burp and chirp,” with activists seeking popularity, not results. There are others, but an easy example is the North County Conservatives.

  • They care more about complaining than helping candidates.
  • There’re too many coaches and not enough players.
  • They lack youth and a willingness to find them.
  • They’re absence of diversity.
  • Activists care more about “selfies” and popularity than helping a candidate win.

All this creates problems that result in losing, allowing the Democratic Party to take over a SDCRP.

2016: Foreshadowing Difficult 2020 Re-Election

In 2016, Gaspar battled a very flawed Democratic candidate in incumbent Dave Roberts. Roberts had various accusations ranging from:

  • hostile work environment.
  • Retaliating against an employee.
  • Misuse of county resources.
  • Employee favoritism.

There were other issues, yet Gaspar almost lost. Winning by a scant 50.23% to 49.67%. A difference of 1,272 votes!

Gaspar nearly lost a race in 2016 that should’ve been a blowout, shows a united and robust Democrat base. But part of that’s because they only hear one side of the story.

Again, Republican candidates rarely venture into Democratic strongholds. They don’t speak, hold rallies or do town halls. The signs were there in 2016 with many races. Her loss shows she ignored the data, or the strategies and tactics used were inadequate.

Reasons for Gaspar’s Beating

  1. Gaspar didn’t pursue non-Republican voters to sell herself. She only went to the predictable watering holes.
  2. There was a lack of cooperation with the party and grassroots to reach into non-Republican strongholds.
  3. She abandoned constituents and donors with a hopeless run for Congress. Likely losing her grassroots and donor support.
  4. Her political values, like the Second Amendment, don’t always align with conservative values.
  5. Gaspar’s 2016 primary win came by a vast, “establishment” war chest. Defeating the grassroots candidate left a lingering resentment toward her.
  6. Gaspar’s a divisive candidate, trying to work both sides of the aisle yet appealing to none.

This race is a repeat of the Dumanis loss last cycle. The answer’s obvious. Democrats outnumber Republicans, and that will grow under the current CAGOP policy. A diminishing Republican voter base means we must take our values to non-Republicans!

We’re not doing this; thus, we’re not growing the base to win. We’re our own worst enemies!

Truth? We Can’t Even Compete!

There’re approximately 7,500 ballots left to count in San Diego County. Gaspar’s flogging is about 50,000 votes, which equals a 16% loss. It wasn’t even close!

It’s significant because Dumanis’ assault by Fletcher in 2016 showed Gaspar what they would face. Dumanis lost district four by 34.8% and about 74,000 votes. Party leadership was in early denial but realized the race’s reality as it went on. Confirming what we already knew – the numbers and Dumanis’ strategy and tactics never added up.

We must ask if either the SDCRP or Gaspar didn’t consider or care to realize the reason for Dumanis’ loss. To overcome the future, you study the past. It was clear the lack of reaching out to non-Republican voters never was a serious strategy. I know – that sounds crazy, but it’s true!

Don’t forget; #CAGOP strategy believes a grassroots infrastructure is no longer necessary. Gaspar’s loss continues to show we’re not even competing in what were once GOP bastions.

Routs will continue. Until we determine as party, candidates, and grassroots – reaching out to non-Republican voters is the only path to victory. By not doing that, it’s the primary reason we can’t even compete, much less win!

Not Learning From Past Failures

The SDCRP should’ve seen this coming and prepared. They knew what the numbers were once term limits became law. Yet did nothing to prepare for these uphill battles. Instead, using strategies and tactics from past cycles of failure.

Gaspar should’ve taken what made her a successful businesswoman into the campaign. Instead, she accepted the CAGOP’s flawed policies. Policies that only help those in the system – consultants.

Results of Loss = Massive New Perpetuity Programs

Our board of supervisors is a rarity in politics today. It’s fiscally sound with billions in reserves, allowing us to keep a high credit score. This score enables funding during emergencies such as wildfires, homelessness, or anything else.

  • COVID-19 will be the excuse that begins depleting these reserves.

Billions will disappear. Our credit rating will sink like a rock. We’ll lack the funds during emergencies and go in the red as Democrats put in new programs. They’ll tout them as temporary. Yet, they know full well, once started, they’ll continue in perpetuity.

CAGOP Still Refuses to Learn Basics

From local to statewide, we must realize, it’s not only money, but a base infrastructure must be in place to win – one composed of ready-to-move, savvy, and policy educated volunteers. You don’t build an infrastructure overnight, but we must start now or repeat a losing cycle!

Without a vibrant volunteer labor force, combined with candidates promoting proven conservative values and policies, losses will continue.

Losing the board of supervisors falls on party leadership and flawed candidates. San Diego County’s transformation from deep red to a blue takeover is now complete.