Nov 112019

I am not sure who is advising Kelly Ernby, but I feel for them. It appears that Kelly Ernby’s ego is gigantic and uncontrollable.

The AD74 race has kind of taken a back seat to AD73 as AD73 will likely be decided in the primary unless the extremely damaged and contemptible William “Bill” Brough makes it through to the runoff. In AD74 the issue is having a strong challenger to Cottie-Petrie-Petrie-Norris. The dem leadership have recently set up Mizz Petrie Dish with a couple of feel-good bills so she could mug for the Camera. (I noted Bill Brough in some of the photos looking hung over as well)

What I was told by several insiders in Orange County was that some stakeholders in Orange County arranged a meeting with Kelly Ernby. Mrs. Ernby has missed the memo that she is polling around the same region as a sugar pill would poll. Mrs. Ernby by all accounts has raised less than $100k and her rate of bleed with Anne Dunsmore and Duane Dichara on the payroll means she will run out of money shortly. It is the combination of these factors that motivated said stakeholders to call on Mrs. Ernby.

The meeting did not go well as Mrs. Ernby demonstrated a lack of maturity and hubiris that no one seemed to have detected. (They should have asked your intrepid blogger, I’d have told them)

Kelly decided to respond by detonating herself in an email to the Orange County Republican Party. Mrs. Ernby knows that Diane Dixon is very close to the 2/3 threshold and she likely thought that unloading a tirade may provide that little something extra… to motivate undecided or the refusnik (never endorse for any reason anytime) members of the OCGOP in to the Dixon Column. I just could not see Duane Dichara or Anne Dunsmore signing off on the email I am about to post.

From: Kelly Ernby <DELETED>
Date: Fri, Nov 8, 2019, 5:43 PM
Subject: Can we stop the dirty politics and let the voters decide?

Dear Members and Alternates,

In our last central committee meeting in October, Diane Dixon and I both agreed to withdraw our names for endorsement for the 74th Assembly District seat.  In the words of Diane Dixon herself, it was “for the sake of the party.”  Since that time, I would like to bring to your attention to two significant events.

First, Diane Dixon has apparently changed her mind and is now seeking the endorsement at the next central committee meeting.  I was told this was calendared by Chairman Whitaker without any notice or consultation with me.  At a minimum, I would ask you to reject this item purely on the way it was presented, particularly after a deal had been struck.  It would be manifestly wrong for Diane Dixon to slip in this endorsement request without an invitation being extended to me to do the same, especially in light of our previous agreement.

The second item is more disturbing.  And I bring it to your attention because it directly affects whether this party should be endorsing in this partisan contested primary in the first place.  Some members of our Party have asked me to leave the race to reduce the costs of the primary.  They tell me I should have started my political career by running for a different office.  There is nothing wrong with these comments.  However, lately, this same “advice” has come from Diane Dixon’s campaign with a much different tone.  Specifically, earlier this week, Teresa Hernandez, who many of you know, suggested I leave the race for Assembly and run for a different office—either Huntington Beach City Council or Superior Court Judge. Mrs. Hernandez identified herself as one of the people who recruited Mrs. Dixon to run and she is now one of Dixon’s strongest advisors and advocate.  She told me that if I did not drop out of the race, Mrs. Dixon was prepared to spend $400,000 in the primary campaign for Assembly to “bloody me up” and smear my good name.  As a result of the negative campaign I should expect from Mrs. Dixon, I was told, my reputation would be so tarnished that I would never be able to run for public office again.  Further, if I refused to drop out, Mrs. Hernandez advised that Lincoln Club and Party members would be told of my lack of compliance with her demand, implying that my lack of cooperation would be seen in a negative light.  Similar calls, with similar language of threats to me have been made specifically by Mrs. Dixon’s campaign staff to others connected to my campaign.

Mrs. Hernandez offered me an alternative to the grim picture she painted were I to remain in the race.  Should I accept her invitation to drop out of the Assembly race, she offered considerable help in my suggested campaign for judge or city council.  She told me that Diane Dixon only planned to remain in the state assembly seat we are both seeking—District 74—for 2 to 4 years, and that Diane would offer the Assembly seat to me when she steps down.  Mrs. Hernandez offered me endorsements and help fundraising for these alternative public offices if I complied with her demands.  I did not.

I have written this letter to get all of this into the open. Our mutual goal is to defeat Cottie Norris in November, and I believe transparency among Republicans is essential towards that end.

I am committed to staying in this race and no amount of money or promise of money or endorsements will make me change my position.  I would also like to add that I have sought counsel with my supporters, in Huntington Beach and throughout the district, about this situation, and received feedback ranging from disbelief in these tactics to strong re-confirmation of support for my campaign.

In closing, I reiterate my support for the Republican nominee whomever it shall be – in accordance with the agreement made at the last central committee meeting.  Further, I respectfully request that you reject the invitation to revisit the early endorsement decision in this race.  Rather, in the great tradition of this Party, let the primary voters decide who the 74th Assembly District Republican nominee should be.

May the best candidate win.

On to victory for the GOP,

Kelly Ernby

Kelly Ernby |

Candidate for CA Assembly District 74

The truth about what happened is somewhere in between what Kelly Ernby’s tirade indicates and what I was told in confidence. But, let me state the obvious:

#1 As a candidate, attacking a stakeholder and donor by name is not a wise strategy. Should Mrs. Ernby somehow get beyond 4% she will need these people she attacked. That ain’t happening.

#2 Should Ernby lose, she is toast for at least 10 years, maybe more due to the way she has conducted herself. People do not forget fits of narcissistic rage.

#3 Ernby is advocating “No Endorsement”, this is an admission that her support among Republican stakeholders is weak. A smart candidate regardless of strength or weakness would ask the Party to endorse her.

#4 Ernby attacked the largest (or second largest depending on who you ask) donor group in Orange County by name. This is felony stupid.

#5 It is my understanding there was never a deal related to the AD74 Endorsement at the Central Committee Level. It is my understanding that the dynamic at the meeting was such that Diane Dixon chose to postpone her request as she was not sure she had 2/3 or may have been short a vote or two. Ernby is re-writing history or at worst is telling an outright lie.

It is likely that Mrs. Hernandez was sent to speak to Ernby on behalf of several people and asked Ernby to consider running for Judge with a promise of significant financial support in the form of her and her friends in the Lincoln Club. Hernandez likely pointed out that staying in the Assembly Race meant that Ernby would experience more pain than just the Right On Daily Blog (ahem- beyond what a bottle of wine can soothe).

Kelly Enrby, incensed that Hernandez would dare not kiss her ring conflated an attempt to negotiate as some sort of attempt at a felony (bribery) and a threat.

Once done with the meeting it is likely that Ernby thought about how she could use said meeting to teach everyone who is boss, thus the above email (embellishments and all).

What we now know is that Kelly Ernby has the pre-requisite hubris required to be a partisan officeholder. Almost coincidentally, Ernby’s entire grassroots army descended on my facebook page, (all 3 of them) leaving comments about what an evyl person Diane Dixon is. One of Ernby’s trolls lost a Costa Mesa city council race by the same 30+ points Ernby is down in this one. (That could explain the affinity)

Ernby and Brough likely have the same therapist in my opinion.

Nov 112019

Bill Brough may think he got a break while I was whaling the tar out of San Clemente Councilman-Elect Gene James. Nothing could be further from the truth, it may well be that the attacks on Gene James abusing homeless people actually helped him in San Clemente. The problem for William “Bill” Brough is that AD-73 is a hell of a lot more than San Clemente. The other problem for Bill Brough is that Gene James (and others) recognized how toxic Brough is and during his campaign, Gene distanced himself from Brough.

Here are items we are tracking:

We are getting mixed signals indicating that the Republican “Leadership” have finally gotten out of the way, when as recently as 5 days ago it still looked like blocking and tackling.

This means Brough could lose more endorsements. This suggests that people like Tyler Diep, Stephen Choi and John Moorlach – all imperiled by the Brough scandal may well jump ship and endorse one of Brough’s opponents. It appears that “Leadership” are finally starting to see the deleterious effect of the Brough scandal on anything Republican in Orange County.

Ed Sachs was seen in Sacramento this past week. This suggests that institutional donors who would usually never give a challenger to an incumbent the right time of day are talking to Laurie Davies and Ed Sachs. This further buttresses the notion that Republican “Leadership” are getting out of the way.

Brough has been seen around the district, at least two of the sightings were in local haunts and Mr. Brough was intoxicated in those two events. At other sightings event related at earlier times in the day, Brough has appeared subdued and sullen.

Do we get shifts in major endorsements? Do we get donor shifts? What is coming out of the capitol? What is the status of the well-known investigations in to Bill Brough’s fiscal and female malfeasance? I am being told things that indicate that Brough’s world is going to shrink significantly and we will see things happen this week that are in line with the 4 month old streak of bad news and accountability that has befallen Bill Brough. Filing is not until early december and it is really going to suck to be Bill Brough (unless he bails out, of course) as the walls close in.

CA-25 is a mess. Here is your field: (citation: Around the Capitol)

  • Mark Cripe (Republican) –     
  • Michael Garcia (Republican) – Veteran/Businessman  
  • Angela Underwood Jacobs (Republican) – Councilmember, Lancaster    
  • Steve Knight (Republican) – Former Member of Congress    
  • George Papadopoulos (Republican) – Advisor/Author    
  • Charles Patron (Republican) – Businessman    
  • David Rudnick (Democrat) – Small Business Owner  
  • Christy Smith (Democrat) – Member, State Assembly    
  • Christopher Smith (Democrat) –  (nimrod)

Let’s sum it up as best I can.

Steve Knight decided to jump in just a few days ago and some folks on an ego-fueled rampage attempted to muscle other candidates out of the race. It didn’t work.

Angela Underwood Jacobs has modest funding and some GOP organizational support. She is an officeholder and has potential to be competitive

Mark Cripe and Charles Patron appear to be also ran candidates

George Papadopoulos is being derided as a convicted felon by the local whores media, indicating that they are scared of his candidacy. I don’t know enough about his operation to make a determination if he is a serious candidate. It is assumed he will have “Trump” support. We all know what assumptions get you in the political game.

There is also Michael Garcia who has a lot of support and endorsements. It was put to your intrepid blogger that he has about $600K as well. He has the McKeon-Strickland crew in his corner.

Christy Smith is the current Assembly-mess who was ordered by the dem party bosses to make the jump to Congress. She appears to have few, if any original thoughts in her head. She will have plenty of money and will have some top-flite thugs in her crew harvesting ballots.

The other two dems do nor appear to be viable.

This is what I am looking for – does Kevin McCarthy attempt to meddle in this race? If so, how? I’ve been told of a variety of potential money dumps in this race. George Papa is expected to announce on Tuesday.

Underlying all of this is Suzette Matrinez-Valladeras in AD38. One of the rumors was that the ego-fueled rampage by the aforementioned Steve Knight supporters included muscling Michael Garcia in to AD38. Garcia killed that rumor himself with a campaign email.

The CA-25 Race is going to be a free-for-all trainwreck between now and the March Primary. It is possible that we could have an RvR or a DvD runoff as much as it could be Garcia v Christy the Puppet. Everything is on the table and political nerds from across the US will be looking at this race.

I do not have a horse in AD-73, AD-38 or CA-25. (Except for opposing Bill Brough)

NOTE: (CA-XX refers to a congressional) as in CA-25 = California’s 25th Congressional District. (AD-XX) as in AD-73 = California’s 73rd Assembly District.

Nov 102019

If there’s one type of person you don’t want to trust, it’s a grifter: someone who cheats others out of money. Grifters are also known as chiselers, defrauders, gougers, scammers, swindlers, and flim-flam men. Selling a bridge and starting a Ponzi scheme are things a grifter might do. The difference between a grifter and a thief is a grifter tricks you out of money through lies, while the thief takes it by force. The end result is the same.

Thank you

Grifter of the year nominee Deanna Lorraine Tesoriero (CA-12)

(Note: CA-XX, references Congressional District XX)

Here are some ways YOU can get yourself highlighted as a Grifter by the Right on Daily Blog:

Prerequisite requirement – you must have few if any endorsements and limited if any personal resources with which to start a campaign.

  1. Talk about God by day and party and/or sleep around by night.
  2. Use religious manipulation to get support
  3. Live in Your District for 5 years or less.
  4. Not Live in your district at all
  5. Not own any real property in your name while running for major office
  6. Have Criminal Convictions related to not paying your bills or any criminal conviction less than 10 years old
  7. Have active liens or judgments
  8. Have a limited or fabricated resume
  9. Be divorced more than once (aka on Marriage 3 or more) or be in your late 30’s (or older) single, never married
  10. Be a Registered Republican 5 years or less running for major office
  11. Run your entire campaign using trigger words or sound-bytes dropped by others to conceal your lack of knowledge
  12. Spend significant sums of campaign cash for out-of-district events
  13. Be gone from your district for extended periods of time during the campaign season
  14. Act like an entitled primadonna when you have not earned it
  15. Get caught in lies frequently

Grifter of the decade nominee Tim Donnelly (CA-08) is guilty of more than 10 items on the grifter list

If you and’or your campaign is guilty of 7+ items on the above list, you are a chronic grifter that needs the therapy only Right on Daily can bring. You should terminate your campaign now and work on the systemic issues in your life that are causing you to want to run for office to overcompensate. It may be possible to run for office later once issues have been resolved.

If you and/or your campaign is guilty of 6 or less – you may be redeemable sooner rather than later.

As such, AD-74 train-wreck Kelly Ernby is just an unqualified candidate, not a Grifter. Bob Elliott in CA-10 is an unqualified candidate, but is far from a Grifter. Bill Brough (AD-73) is a scumbag, but not a grifter by this definition, he has different issues. The point here is that Grifter status is for a special class of candidate, the unqualified with no chance of winning who will disappear as quickly as they came.

Bizarre Grifter Campaign of the Year Nominee Sean Feucht (CA-03) Jesus told him to run

In simple terms, grifter candidates run in lopsided districts with little hope of winning. They are usually undisciplined, manipulative, get caught in lies, treat people who don’t fall in line poorly, have little money (sometimes hiring on line fundraiser firms to compensate), have to run their campaign on social media and the like. It is also typical that on further examination that their life up until running for office demonstrates several potentially disturbing patterns.

As much as I detest true squishes/liberals (not people I chide as squishes) and their unclear values and compromise, I despise grifters who make a mockery of conservative values. This is why I am harder on Conservatives than any other breed, I expect squishes to compromise and demonstrate unclear values, I expect liberals to wreck America – but Conservatives that manipulate and lie to well meaning people to finance a scam campaign deserve more RightonDaily than the others.

To be continued…

Nov 092019

Note that half the people in the picture are with a wedding party.

Heaven forbid I miss the 10 whole people that were at Deanna “the Grifter” Lorraine’s last event. It looks like we had the same again.

We had posted about Deanna Lorraine who talks about God and Values when people are paying attention, yet was partying like a rock star in Florida the night before an event. When she was in Florida we identified that guy she was partying with as a Proud Boy.

I have no idea who the proud boys really are as they appear to have all races among their ranks and they appear to be some sort of quasi-secret society. I know that two of them were lynched in New York by a leftist judge and prosecutor that let Antifa members go free while giving the two proud boys 4 years in prison after a fight.

If Deanna wants to sleep with Proud Boys and Snort Lines and was not a Congressional Candidate, I’d not be writing about it. But since she is a candidate for Congress campaigning on values and invoking God, this makes being a slut who uses drugs and/or who gets wasted a problem. That is called being a scam artist – aka a Grifter.

Also in attendance are people that are connected to Kyle “Based Stickman” Chapman. He pled out to a felony related to weapons and felony battery charges. Chapman is a reputed part of the bay area proud boys crew that were almost all of the people in attendance at the 11-7 “event”. Champan has had several run-ins with the law. Why Mrs. Make Love Great Again hangs out with this crew is beyond me.

What we do know is that DeAnna Lorraine wants to stop Imeachment. What is Imeachment? Leave a comment on this post if you have any ideas.

Who is the brain surgeon that picked a photo with no one in it? Who spellchecked this? Why am I having to waste space on this blog writing about this trainwreck?

Nov 082019

I just wanted to let my readers know that as a Conservative Christian, that the candidates I like the least are those that abuse their faith for political ends. CA-08 Grifter Tim Donnelly and CA-12 Grifter Deanna Lorraine are God-soaking their campaigns as well. (CA-XX = XX Congressional District in California)

Your intrepid blogger has learned that Feucht is something of a musician who likes to take overseas trips for short term missions. Neither of these are a bad thing, but grifting in to a Congressional Campaign to sell some CD’s is ridiculous. (At least I did not type records)

I am alternatively getting treated to Sean’s Jesus-told-me-to-tell-you emails and solicitations for his Non-Profit. Send me ‘yo monaaaay.

Sean Feucht lives in Redding – smack in the heart of CA-01 (LaMalfa) – thus requiring him to grab his amp and his gheetar and go to CA-03 whose extreme northern boundary is 50 miles away in sparsely populated Glenn County. However, the population center is in Vacaville/Fairfield – both 150 miles away.

I am reticent to call Feucht a fake Christian or a Narcissist as some of his detractors have on twitter. I’ll have to investigate him further, but at this time I see a lot of indicators that suggest Sean’s campaign for Congress is not what it seems on the surface. Having grown up in the Church and seen my fair share of pseudo-religious movements and just plan religious manipulation – Mr. Feucht has my antennae up.

He started his campaign by staging an event at the Church of his Republican Primary Opponent Tamika Hamilton (who I am supporting) without disclosing to said Church he is running for Congress against her and it also appears he is church hopping mixing ministry and politics in a manner that may be a violation of applicable campaign law.

Sean Feucht for CA-03: Grifter Alert Issued.

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