Congratulations Republican Partisan Officeholders: Welcome to Irrelevance Part 4

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Nov 142012

As I write this – Chris Norby just conceded defeat. This is the final seat the dems needed for their supermajority in the assembly.

The leadership of the GOP never liked Norby. He beat their hand-picked candidate the last cycle and he certainly was not a vote for Connie Conway. They let him swing and put no resources in to him whatsoever.

Meantime – $700k in to Beth Gaines, because the author of Prop 8 had to be stopped. $400k of it at least was from Charles Munger.

Munger – $250K in to a the Safe SD-04 race for Jim Nielsen. This was Nielsen’s reward for leading Charles Munger’s attempt to gut the Republican Party Platform.

Charles Munger – $175k in to a Doug LaMalfa-backed effort to try and stop Brian Dahle in AD01. Other interests poured in $225k for a total of $400k spent in another R vs R race. Dahle won anyway.

AD-05: $600K+ spent by groups trying to stop Rico Oller in, you guessed it, another R vs R race.

Got all that – $2Million Plus spent in safe R districts in just the north state trying to elect moderates more to the liking of Charles Munger, Connie Conway and those that crave control.

Paul Cook in CD-08 running against minuteman founder Gregg Imus drew $750K of Charles Munger’s money – an R vs R race while Bono-Mack and Brian Bilbray lost to Democrats. Both of them are regarded as moderates (aka people Munger should have supported) and both got only token amounts for the CAGOP establishment.

Dan Lungren got some help – but none from the CAGOP establishment, he lost.

Tony Strickland got nothing. He lost.

Abel Maldonado, the most Liberal Republican California has to offer, was obviously to Charles Munger’s liking as he got $1.2 million in IE’s but still lost.

Pedro Rios (another seat in the assembly we needed to hold) got about $200k in assorted IE’s but was swamped by the Dems. Charles Munger was nowhere to be found.

A terrible candidate named William Batey in AD-61 benefited from about $300k of Munger’s money after Munger helped muscle out the conservatives in the primary. Batey lost.

Munger did spend big bucks in the AD-76 Primary attacking Conservative Sherry Hodges in favor of RINO Rocky Chavez another R vs R race that drew roughly $400k.

The Target State Senate Races? Lost 3 of 4. The only one that was won was Bill Berryhill who managed to get about $750k spent on his behalf. Where was Munger?

Todd Zink lost. Jeff Miller lost. George Plescia Lost.

Republican Central Committee Races? They drew a combined $200k of Munger’s Money – it was necessary to reward lemmings and punish anyone with independent thought…

… and the money poured in to R vs R runoffs. Congratulations Charles Munger and Republican Leadership you earned irrelevance.

Hey, but Beth Gaines voted for Connie Conway to remain Assembly Permanent Minority Leader! (And Dave Gilliard got to keep a paycheck)

P.S. Not mentioned – the $35 million Munger wasted on Prop 32.

Congratulations Republican Partisan Officeholders: Welcome to Irrelevance Part 3

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Nov 132012

I am picking on Dave Gilliard because he is the best example in my own backyard of what is wrong with the Republican side of the political system.

Gilliard had a really bad 2012 – like the rest of the party. In the ill-fated AD-08 Race, Gilliard’s client flamed out badly and Dave Gilliard sent out a mailer that made Peter Tateishi look like Emporer Hirohito. Dave Gilliard also sent out a racist mailer against Melissa Melendez who upset his client Phil Paule.

Worse than the $200k that Dave Gilliard took from the California GOP before bailing out on Prop 40 was Gilliard running Independent Expenditures in an attempt to help an entrenched liberal democrat Larry Agran hold on to power in the City of Irvine.

The OC Weekly exposed Dave Gilliard’s role in the independent expenditures on behalf of a third candidate apparently recruited by Agran to split votes away from his real challenger:

To help Daigle wreck Republican Party-endorsed Choi, Agran’s alliance isn’t using a liberal political-action committee (PAC). Instead, the PAC behind Daigle’s pro-Agran, anti-Choi messages flooding Irvine mailboxes is—drum roll, please—a Republican-controlled entity:Dave Gilliard‘s California Homeowners Association (CHA).

So – it should come as no surprise that when the liberal Republicans came calling to run a revenge mission against the Placer GOP – Dave Gilliard was their man.

Are you getting a better picture of the California GOP Train Wreck?

Granted, Dave Gilliard is not 100% of it – because there are several like him.

Witness David Stafford Reade. You would think after getting hammered time and again in the local media, he’d get a clue. All he did was move underground. He still ran campaigns thinly veiled behind Dave Gilliard – you will be hearing plenty more on that as circumstances warrant.

You’d also think with the California GOP being beaten in to irrelevance that people would cut the crap and start figuring out how to circle the wagons. David Stafford Reade is currently working on a slate of moderates to run (as paying clients) for California Republican Party office.

If at first you don’t succeed in gutting the Republican Party Platform, try try again.

It is the next paycheck all over again.

But, then there is Charles Munger. This case is special.

You’d think that even as wealthy as he is – nearly $100 million in to campaigns – including at least $41 million in to this cycle would cause him to cut his losses.

Apparently not.

2012 was a different year – in the past, Munger was reputed to have invested as much as $25 million in to Arnold Schwarzenegger’s initiatives and plans.

Munger also bankrolled some $10-$15 million in to Prop 11 and Prop 14. Prop 14 is our open primary and Prop 11 was combined with another prop to give us the disaster known as the “citizens re-districting commission”.

When I saw that the trainwreck was a team effort – stay tuned…

Congratulations Republican Partisan Officeholders: Welcome to Irrelevance Part 2

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Nov 092012

When the Sacramento Bee endorsed Beth Gaines they wrote the following:

As it is, Gaines is free to continue in her bubble world, benefiting from huge campaign money from contributors outside her district and rarely answering questions from the media without a handler at her elbow. Voters in the 6th District have little choice to re-elect her, but should demand better choices the next time.

The Bee was referring to the almost $750,000 in independent expenditures put in to Beth Gaines by wealthy liberals and groups aligned with the do-nothing establishment.
I wrote in the previous post about how some of us dared to stand up against her majesty and now her majesty is trying to get even with all of us one by one – while she has been rendered irrelevant. (She already was, but her staff failed to tell her as she hasn’t figured it out on her own)
Beth Gaines. This is what Republican Leadership foists upon us. A bogus resume, a business created a few days before filing so she can use a ballot designation she has not earned. (Beth Gaines has never written an insurance policy nor held an insurance license, ever)
But – here she is, with the Dave Gilliard endorsement mill churned out behind her: Howard Jarvis, the NFIB, Gun Owners of CA – all endorsing someone who can’t finish a sentence without the aid of staff because of her last name.
The idea was not new – Patricia McKeon, wife of embattled Congressman Buck McKeon ran against former Tom McClintock staffer Scott Wilk with pretty much the same dynamic. The difference is that Gaines was an incumbent that all the donors ponied up to and the Wilk v McKeon race was for a vacant seat.
McKeon got blown out.
But, once again – the last name attracted tons of donors and endorsements despite a candidate with no apparent credentials for office.
This is the Republican Party of the Consultants and Donors.
Having been a member of the State Republican Party for years – I can tell you that the collapse has been a team effort.
Moderate Republicans see Conservatives as the enemy. For years, I have seen brutal primaries where the Mod loses to the Conservative, then the Moderates go home – or worse in some cases they actively help the Democrat. Then they stand on the mountain proclaiming that the Conservatives are to blame.
Then, you have the Jim Nielsen Republican – this is the favorite type of leadership. They sell the used car to the voters in their district then go to the Capitol and sell our butts down the river. Jim Nielsen can think for himself just enough to not need constant maintenance like a Beth Gaines does.
Meantime, consultants like Dave Gilliard leech off of the system to get themselves rich with no conscience or attempts to restrain the actions of their clients.
But, the seductive illusion of control carries the day.
Dave Gilliard had a really bad night on Tuesday. It appears that no client of his with a hotly contested race won.
(But, he got even with a couple of Republican Central Committees… I already wrote about that)

Congratulations Republican Partisan Officeholders: Welcome to Irrelevance Part 1

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Nov 082012

Assembly Permanent Superminority Leader Connie Conway was re-elected today.

She was on watch when the GOP lost another three seats in the Assembly to go below the 1/3 threshold to stop tax increases.

Conway directed liberal Billionaire Charles Munger to spend on Beth Gaines apparently because she needed to keep Beth Gaines’ leadership vote. $750,000 that could have been used on Peter Tateishi or Pedro Rios for example.

The Republican leadership have proven time and again that it is all about control. Control is an illusion – while the Democrats are racking up 75% of the hispanic vote – the Republican establishment is picking candidates like lilly-white 40 something Congressional Staffer Phil “Pabst” Paule over Melissa Melendez. (Melendez appears to have won anyway)

Paule is a client of Dave Gilliard.

Dave Gilliard and control – both go in the same sentence. I have written about Dave Gilliard many times and Dave Gilliard has responded like people of his ilk do – to slither in the shadows trying to exact revenge.

Dave Gilliard is a poster child for the demise of the GOP – he is a political consultant par-excellence whose clients are all over the state. They include a lot of my favorites – Ted Gaines, Beth Gaines, Jim Nielsen, Doug LaMalfa. Gilliard has had his office raided in corruption scandal investigations and in a separate issue, one of his former clients landed in federal prison.

Dave Gilliard fancied himself as a power broker as he was amassing a stable of clients in the North State. Now – he inherits a bag of garbage. None of the above mentioned (except Congressman LaMalfa) will be able to raise a dime nor will they have influence because they are now irrelevant. Even before the GOP dropped to less than 1/3 both Gaines were irrelevant because of their lack of qualification, effort or engagement in anything other than their own paycheck.

But, Dave Gilliard sent out an email celebrating the “new blood” on the Placer GOP Cent Com after he consulted on a revenge mission against the conservatives that refused to endorse his clients.

The so-called Conservatives that are Dave Gilliard’s clients supported a group of Liberals, plus some ‘Tea Party’ recruits in an attempt to take over Control of the Placer GOP Cent Com.

The Placer GOP Cent Com was one of the few GOP Cent Coms that did not endorse all incumbent Republicans like lemmings.

It also appears that Dave Gilliard was involved in a similar mission in Orange County where the Ron-Paul RLC-Type Republicans were almost all ousted from that Cent Com (along with almost all the CRA members as well). The heinous crime? Refusing to endorse Congressman John Campbell and for nearly torpedoing an endorsement of Congressman Ed Royce – both of whom are, you guessed it, Dave Gilliard Clients.

But, Dave Gilliard got his revenge.

Dave Gilliard got his client Beth Gaines re-elected courtesy of a RINO Billionaire who is out $41million in this election cycle alone. And Dave Gilliard is not alone – but he is the poster child for what is wrong with the CRP.

Gilliard also took the CRP for $200,000 in consulting fees before abandoning Prop 40 – a $4 million debaucle.  Wouldn’t those idiots in leadership have liked to have had that money for a few target districts???

Did Dave Gilliard and Beth Gaines Violate Campaign Finance Law?

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Oct 152012

In tracking Charles Munger’s ever-increasing money flow in to politics, I came across a filing for a liberal RINO in CA-08 that Munger has cranked some $410k in to. The filing was signed by Ashlee N. Titus acting as Treasurer as the listed Treasurer is Thomas W. Hiltachk.

Ashlee N. Titus works for the Law Firm that Charles Munger retained to file his campaign finance reports. The Treasurer is Thomas W. Hiltachk, Mr. Hiltachk is a partner in in a law firm with Chuck Bell. Mr. Bell is the California Republican Party’s attorney and is frequently used by Republican officeholders. Ashlee N. Titus is an employee of that firm (it is unclear if she is a partner or not).

Here’s the problem… Ashlee N. Titus is married to Dave Titus, who is Beth Gaines’ Chief of Staff. Since Munger’s I.E.’s go through this office – it is a fair question to ask if Mr. Titus had some foreknowledge.

It is unclear what may have been discussed in their office, but you’d have to think that Charles Munger’s expenditures were a source of discussion at the law firm.

I have noticed that the Pashkenta Band of Indians frequently make independent expenditures on behalf of Dave Gilliard’s clients.  That might seem like a very strange coincidence, since it is illegal for candidates or their consultants to coordinate independent expenditures with the people spending the money.  Imagine my surprise in hearing that this tribe’s independent expenditures are run by a man whose office is right next door to Dave Gilliard’s.  The uncanny timing of these independent expenditures has often aroused my suspicion.  Since people often talk to me off the record, I have never discussed the details of this situation in public, but even people without any “inside information” would naturally be curious about what is going on.

As a result, in insider circles, independent expenditures related to a client of Dave Gilliard draw suspicious inquiry from observers.

This connection to the law firm is far too close for someone to not be curious. Beth Gaines is basically the only conservative that has benefited from Charles Munger’s largesse. Was the Titus connection a major factor in Charles Munger’s decision to decide to support Beth Gaines?

I am no expert in campaign finance laws, but I cannot help but wonder if Charles Munger’s independent expenditures for Beth Gaines were truly independent, in the normal sense of that word, when one of his attorneys is married to the Assemblywoman’s Chief of Staff.