Sep 192012

A few years ago I wrote a post lambasting the Howard Jarvis Taxpayer’s Association for Endorsing Meg Whitman over Steve Poizner.

I caught hell for that post – including having an employee of Jarvis tell me to go to hell in a phone conversation. They hinged their whole decision on Steve Poizner’s support of Prop 39 – the measure that changed the threshold for school bonds to 55%.

They ignored the $300K Whitman gave to the Environmental Defense Fund (think Delta Smelt lawsuit), the over $1million she gave to stop development in Telluride, CO, and a host of other things.

We all know that Whitman got trounced by Jerry Brown as Brown being the deft politician that he is – actually got to the Right of Whitman is his campaign!

I tried to argue that Prop 39 was years ago (2000) and Steve Poizner now is not the same person in 2010.

Didn’t work.

Here we are again – Jarvis dual endorsed Dan Logue and Jim Nielsen. Is it some sort of establishment thing? Is it that Jarvis did not want to cross Dave Gilliard?

I don’t know – but let me point out a few things about Gentleman Jim that the Howard Jarvis Taxpayer’s Association seems to have either ignored or forgotten.

Nielsen voted for the bloated state budget in 2010. So did a lot of other Republicans – but it does not make it right.

2009/2010 Jim Nielsen Voted for AB1422 – increasing “fees” collected to subsidize healthy families Logue Voted No

2009/2010 Jim Nielsen Voted for SB279 – increasing Mello-Roos Taxes – Logue Voted No

OK – so maybe the above bills are really minor and don’t rise to the level of endorsing against an incumbent – something that those of us on the Placer GOP Central Committee have been attacked and assailed for.

Jim Nielsen Voted to Put Prop 14 on the ballot (SB6 – 2009/2010 session) – Dan Logue Voted No. Prop 14 is enabling the Realtors, Charles Munger and the Dentists to attack Fiscal Conservatives in several districts as all three have their reasons for wanting tax-raising Republicans in office. (Granted, Jarvis endorsed on the right side of several of those races)

Jim Nielsen Helped Negotiate the deal that put prop 1A on the ballot – the largest tax increase in state history (Source: Legislative Staff)

Does this count? Does Jim Nielsen’s vote in CRP Platform Committee against the Conservative Party Platform Count? (Voted against Conservative Platform in Drafting Committee but changed in the full Platform Committee)

If these are still not enough to warrant standing up for Dan Logue alone – there is more.

Jim Nielsen voted to give Illegal Aliens Medi-Cal benefits (SB175 in 1987) (This vote removed the citizenship requirement)-

In the late 1980’s Nielsen Voted for AB1202 to help Contra Costa County Circumvent Prop 13! (Here it is – a direct attack on Prop 13)

In 1989, Jim Nielsen Voted for AB1109 to impose the illegal $300 per car smog impact fee! (This was so bad that a court overturned it and California had to pay it back to everyone, including me that got charged it)

(Source on above three: Op-Ed in Paradise post by Jim Ledgerwood)

There is a reason why I have become openly hostile to the Republican establishment – the bunker mentality that has taken over as our numbers continue to shrink statewide and the fact that organizations line of behind the title rather than the principle of the person it what has the California Republican Party doomed.

I was speaking to a campaign operative in a Congressional Campaign who told me that “Aaron, in our area, most of our DTS voters are former Dems… you know in most areas they are former Republicans…”

He was explaining this to me in context of why he candidate who is an extremely liberal Republican should be enthusiastically supported.

I was thinking of that comment in terms of the behavior of the Republican Establishment and their suicide pact in the political bunker. People are registering DTS because the principle has been flushed.

I will probably never get in to the good graces again of the Jarvis folks after this blog, and I don’t care. Charles Munger spent $45k to unseat me from the Placer GOP Central Committee by 20 votes – this is what we are dealing with in the current GOP. Stand up for competent leadership and you get attacked. Take on hypocrites and you get attacked.

Back to Jarvis –

If all the above they could ignore – the next action by Jim Nielsen, they can’t:

Jim Nielsen Supported SCA 2 in 1990 that was a direct attempt to abolish Prop 13 (Source: Jim Ledgerwood Editorial in Paradise Post)

Whoops. Now there’s one up on Steve Poizner, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Meg Whitman.

What was the mission of the Howard Jarvis Taxpayer’s Association again?

Aug 052012

It’s amazing, really. Sometimes good things happen to good people.

Many of you that regularly read this blog remember when I was thrown off of Red County for being paid by Steve Poizner. Many of you read when months later, I found out that Meg Whitman had bought the Red County Blog 4 days before I was tossed.

People that were recruited by Team LaMalfa (Karen England et. al.) used the fact that I got tossed from Red County repeatedly to get mainly Tea Partiers that had never met me to believe I was some sort of scumbag. Welcome to Politics.

Recently – the FPPC was considering regulating paid blogging. Similar to the Dave Gilliard led media drills against the Central Committee – some of Meg Whitman’s former team ran one against me. They attempted to re-write history claiming that I never had a job offer from Whitman… in a similar manner that the Red County founders were never honest about my disclosing to them my arrangement with Poizner.

The media drill ended with my quote, “… government telling anybody to do anything, but if these idiots would start being ethical about what they’re doing there would be no reason for government to be stepping in with more regulations.”


The Orange Juice Blog broke the story about the demise of Red County. (that I called Meg County to highlight its’ purchase)

I left the following comment:

I don’t believe in Karma.

I wrote previously that I had forgiven Chip Hanlon and Matthew Cunningham years ago for being double-dealing political whores. I continue to stay involved in politics because I meet people like Allen Bartlett and others along the way that remind me there are true people out there for the cause.

Hanlon reaped a whirlwind. I sincerely hope that Mr. Hanlon finds God, or at the very least his integrity as a result of his world collapsing. Everyone is redeemable – but I have a really hard time thinking that either Hanlon or Cunningham are.

I learned a lesson – Matthew Cunningham is a step worse than Hanlon. Cunningham has deluded himself in to believing that his political prostitution is the right thing to do and that every position he takes is the right one.

In retrospect, when Hanlon got bought off by Whitman and threw me out of the blog – it was because his house of cards was collapsing and he needed some cash desperately.

Cunningham has no such defense for his behavior at all.

In the end, Matthew Cunningham got off way easier than Chip Hanlon. Hanlon will likely end up in Prison or so financially devastated that he will be on welfare.

Meanwhile, Matthew Cunningham continues to leech $200 an hour off of the first five bull—- that he opposed when it was on the ballot, and the list goes on and on and on.

I learned another lesson – simply telling a couple people when I have a conflict of interest is not enough. I told Hanlon and he misused the information – and for 2 1/2 years since, political opponents throw it in my face, occasionally, I get calls from the media about related issues.

I learned to jealously guard my integrity, because at the end of the day no one can take that away from me unless I let them…

… and this is where Karma comes in. Matthew Cunningham and Chip Hanlon attempted to destroy me and now look where they are. Both exposed, Hanlon destroyed.

… that’s sad

Will team LaMalfa / Gilliard ever set the record straight over the smears? Of course not.

Apr 192012

In politics, self-righteous pompous arrogance has consequences – as does hypocrisy.

There is a story that involves me that pops up occasionally about when I was thrown off of the Red County Blog for being paid to blog for Steve Poizner. The part that is seldom-told is that Red County was told by me about my relationship with Poizner’s campaign and two that 4 days before I was expelled, they had taken the first $20,000 of what ended up being $110,000 from Meg Whitman’s Governor Campaign. (They claim for advertising – I’d love to get 1/10th of that from a campaign – any takers?)

I also remind people that it was Meg Whitman that attempted to hire me – I got the gig with Poizner because I refused to betray him without warning him. He decided to match the offer I had from Whitman – before I was thrown under the bus because of the negative press.

Now the issue is causing the FPPC to attempt to regulate blogging. The obvious issue is that violates the first amendment and the second is that the regulation is unenforceable.

I was called by a Sacramento Bee reporter relating to a newly proposed regulation requiring public disclosure by bloggers if they are being paid by campaigns.

I am Les Baugh’s general consultant – he is not paying me to blog. So, would I have to disclose that?

As an example, what would happen if Steve Frank called me up and asked me to do some more independent contracting on behalf of some of his clients? No campaign is paying me – do I have to disclose? What do I have to disclose?

What if I wrote a blog lighting up a candidate who is a nimrod, then the opponent called me and bought an ad on the blog? What about my ads that I put up that aren’t paid for? What about my right to kick the crap out of candidates I disdain? People could get really really confused and I could be turned in to a criminal by the FPPC for exercising my right to free speech.

The intent of this regulation is bad enough – but this would not be an issue had it not been for Chip Hanlon of Red County and his self-righteous hypocrisy.

Jon Fleischman gets paid by campaigns and he rarely, if ever discloses it. (Sources tell me) He gets paid frequently by Dave Gilliard (or Gilliard’s interests). The irony is that Mr. Gilliard may well have been behind the call from the Bee to my cell phone today as Mr. Gilliard has a proven affinity for floating stories to local media outlets. Gilliard’s nexus would be that several of his clients are frequent victims of this blog.

Almost every “major” blogger I know gets paid one way or another. Here is a story that the Bee reporter I spoke with wrote. (A portion of this came in to people’s email boxes as a Capitol Alert this evening)

I love the quotes that the reporter gave me in the story:

“A lot of people out there that pilloried me and talked about what I dirtbag I was, they’ve all been on the take for years,” Park said.

Park said he opposes “government telling anybody to do anything, but if these idiots would start being ethical about what they’re doing there would be no reason for government to be stepping in with more regulations.”
So, there you have it folks. The hypocritical ranting of a man (Chip Hanlon) who is now in serious legal trouble with the SEC for fraud and selling securities with an expired license has caused the FPPC to attempt to extend the heavy had of government in to blogging.
Sometimes a failure to have personal ethics does indeed hurt others – in ways you never intended when you think you are serving yourself.

The most devastating ad of the 2010 Campaign in California

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Nov 292010

Want to know how you spend $140million and take down every candidate of your own party?

When your opponent puts this on the air:

California fired Arnold and everything that looked like him. Thanks Meg.

I keep beating this drum as I am continuing to see the arrogance of those on her team who are actually trying to place blame elsewhere for this disaster.

Watch the ad… it is the entire campaign in 62 seconds.

Reposted Here: Allow your good Sgt. to Roast some GOP Weenies

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Nov 072010

I gotta rub it in the face of Red County – aka. Meg County Blog, they look like a bunch of Idiots as opposed to just being simple Charlatans right now.

They sell out for cash then stab Meg in the back by supporting Nutbag for Lt. Governor over Abel Maldonado – Meg’s choice. But, at least Matt Cunningham and Chip Hanlon were compensated well for their political prostitution.

Mr. Jerbal and his friends from Orange County can post all their blogs and take all the shots at us (at the OJ) that they want, but the exposure will never end. They are frauds. Allan Bartlett found it out, just like I did – if you tell them the truth, they mess you over.

Does the above sound harsh? Meg Whitman is a Democrat – her positions on issues were quite similar to those of Jerry Brown so people voted for the real thing. Do not call yourself a Conservative leader while you hitch your wagon to that, end of story… otherwise, you’re a sellout.

Once the Primary was over – I gave tepid support to Whitman as the nominee of the GOP, but that was it. I jumped in and supported Abel Maldonado – because he won the primary fair and square only to have someone use him for a cheap fundraising stunt.

There have been a ton of recriminations over the elections results. I can tell you in the state party the immediate cosequences will be that the old leadership will be targeted at the next convention.

Guy Houston – Meg’s hand-picked puppet for Chairman is a goner… I wonder if he even answers the bell?

Jeff Flint – best known as one of the consultants that got Prop 8 passed despite the Obamunism tsunami – lit Arnold, Meg and the whole lot of them up in a post on the FlashReport. I am leaving an excerpt here:

Republicans! The Party of Lower Taxes! Not under Arnold Schwarzenegger, who raised taxes and fees by billions and sought to undermine the two-thirds vote for tax increases.

Republicans! The Party that will End Deficit Spending!  Not under Arnold Schwarzenegger, who repeatedly has papered over deficit spending in a manner that made Gray Davis’ budget shenanigans look amateur in comparison.

Republicans! The Party of Economic Growth, Jobs, and Fewer Regulations!  Not under Arnold Schwarzenegger, whose AB 32 monstrosity will confine California to lower growth and under-performing job creation for decades to come.

Am I putting too much of the blame for California’s failure to follow the rest of the nation in moving decisively to the right on Schwarzenegger?  I don’t think so.  Because there is clear evidence that it is the California Republican brand, as defined by Schwarzenegger, that suffered this past Tuesday, not conservatism.

A new website has popped up – it is called the worst campaign in history and it rips the lack of principle and the incompetence of the $170 million debacule.

The GOP got it’s ass kicked in California because of Arnold and Arnold in a skirt – Arnold was rejected, not Republicans