Jul 142012

Years ago, when I used to pound a few brewskis, I used to like Coors. A lot of my friends liked Pabst Blue Ribbon – known as “PBR”. My Mexican buddies in Fresno loved Budweiser.

Phil Paule is campaigning as a fiscal conservative and I have him definately pegged as a PBR drinker – as PBR is much less expensive than Coors or Budweiser, even if there is a sale.

Phil Pabst Paule (PPP) must have been enjoying a fiscally conservative bender the other night when sending out emails. He was definitely excited over the endorsement of Michelle Steel. PPP characterized Michelle Steel as California’s highest-ranking Republican.

#EPICFAIL. Allow this blogger to render assistance to Mr. Paule. Kevin McSquishy (McCarthy) is the 3rd Highest Ranking Republican in Congress. I think that is a little higher than a board of equalization member. For the Record, McSquishy is not on Phil Pabst Paule’s endorsement list… but I take note that PPP’s endorsement list is full of Dave Gilliard clients. (Cozy)

This was not a blue ribbon moment for Phil Pabst Paule. David Stafford Gilliard needs to stop taking PPP’s money and needs to start helping Mr. Paule send out emails that don’t make him look like an idiot. (a la Dan Hughes)

But, the checks cash.

  2 Responses to “Phil Paule #EPICFAIL – Cites Endorsement of “Highest Ranking Republican””

  1. What a hack site.

    Blogger’s Note: If this is the best that the campaign can do – God help us all…

  2. Nice ad homs. Your only real point here is that Paule is wrong as far as who the top Republican is, and then you give him derogatory pet names for it? Pretty weak argument, probably why you have almost zero traffic or comments.

    Let me guess. You think Melendez and her big brother TSA/DHS connections are a better option for securing a better future for Californians?

    Paule supports a robust liberty agenda, a stark contrast to the Melendez M.O.

    Blogger’s Note: You’re reading and I appreciate it!

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