Sep 162012

Recently, Conservative Hero Shannon Grove gave Andy Pugno $3900.

So, Connie Conway had to answer that. Beth Gaines received a total of $5000 from three tax-raising moderate Republicans. Paul Cook (whose congressional campaign was heavily funded by Charles Munger IE’s), Jeff Gorell (who voted for the timber tax) and Katcho Achidijian (who also voted for the timber tax).

Don’t take my word for it. Click Here.

What I think is amazing is that Beth Gaines did not raise a dime for two months after the primary. Either she couldn’t, or was too lazy to make the calls. (If she is even making them now)

Neither scenario is a good thing.

However, David Stafford Gilliard is the big winner here – he gets to make more consulting fees now that he and Connie Conway basically welcomed Andy Pugno back in to the race.

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