Jul 122012

Remember the ridiculous initiative against the State Senate Districts? The CAGOP emptied their treasury and Dave Gilliard pocketed an estimated $200k in Consulting fees for/from?

Dave Gilliard decided to take the money and run. Today, the capitol alert released a blog including quotes from Dave Gilliard blaming the California Supreme Court for why they won’t try to campaign for what is now known as Prop 40.

I love this quote:

Jason Kinney, spokesman for the Senate Democratic Caucus that opposed the referendum, said he was not surprised that GOP sponsors have decided not to bankroll a Proposition 40 campaign.

“This was a highly partisan, high-risk gambit by a handful of Republican Party establishment members — and it’s clearly backfired,” Kinney said of the referendum.

Yup. But what Kinney missed is that Dave Gilliard was the only winner – pocketing a ton of money at the expense of Republican activists and donors.


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