Jul 312012

The Placer GOP is doing an endorsing convention for local races. This mimics what the San Diego Republican Party has done since their process was started by Ron Nehring over 10 years ago. The San Diego GOP is relevant as a political force in San Diego County as a result.

Jon Fleischman is someone that the media sometimes goes to for quotes on things Republican.

He decided to trash the idea of our local elected endorsing convention. Jon Fleischman is a former CRA President who apparently lost a lot of influence when the Contract with the CRA won the CRA officer elections in April of 2011.

And what’s worse for Jon Fleischman, is that he is no longer able to control outcomes of CRA endorsements in Orange County.

Jon Fleischman is also an acolyte of David Stafford Gilliard – the campaign manager of Beth Gaines and Doug LaMalfa. Neither Gaines nor LaMalfa like the Placer CRA-led Placer GOP Central Committee that much.

Many party insiders have told me off the record that Jon Fleischman routinely sells his blog to Dave Gilliard and his interests – one recent piece of evidence is a post he put up highlighting Beth Gaines’ first hit piece against Andy Pugno. This was done despite Pugno’s work on Prop 8 (which Fleischman publicly and actively supported) and despite a long-standing relationship between himself and Pugno. Apparently, money talks.

Which leads me to an apparent nexus for Fleischman to trash our endorsing convention coming up.

The Bee quoted Fleischman as saying: “It stands to reason that the 27 members of the county committee will each bring 10 people that are in agreement with them on how to vote on local endorsements, and so outcomes are unlikely to change with a larger group,”

And of course, no cheap shot would be complete without the requisite: “When you multiply the $25 registration fee times 270 participants, that’s a tidy little fundraiser for the Placer County GOP,” he said.

Leave it to the Placer County Dem Party Chairman to understand the stupidity of Jon Fleischman and the CRP leadership – he gets it and understands why an endorsing convention is a good idea:”It sort of surprises me that the Placer Republican Party would do this. I wouldn’t guess they would want a larger caucus-style process,” said Washman, chairman of the Placer County Democratic Central Committee. “If it were suggested we do something like that, I would not fight it.”

It was a backhanded compliment but a clear signal that the Dem Chairman gets it.But, not Jon Fleischman – he joined with the Munger-backed Liberals, RINO’s and the coalition of the angry to trash the idea of the endorsing convention.

Was Jon Fleischman an agent of Charles Munger in this story – or was he simply the latest illustration of the gross stupidity that exists within California Republican Leadership – or was he both?

Click here for the Bee article

P.S. – Please note that the CRP is broke as in 450k in the hole. Now a former CRP Vice President is quoted criticizing a County Central Committee for raising money, bringing new people in and assuming a mantle of leadership. Amazing.

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