Aug 052012

It’s amazing, really. Sometimes good things happen to good people.

Many of you that regularly read this blog remember when I was thrown off of Red County for being paid by Steve Poizner. Many of you read when months later, I found out that Meg Whitman had bought the Red County Blog 4 days before I was tossed.

People that were recruited by Team LaMalfa (Karen England et. al.) used the fact that I got tossed from Red County repeatedly to get mainly Tea Partiers that had never met me to believe I was some sort of scumbag. Welcome to Politics.

Recently – the FPPC was considering regulating paid blogging. Similar to the Dave Gilliard led media drills against the Central Committee – some of Meg Whitman’s former team ran one against me. They attempted to re-write history claiming that I never had a job offer from Whitman… in a similar manner that the Red County founders were never honest about my disclosing to them my arrangement with Poizner.

The media drill ended with my quote, “… government telling anybody to do anything, but if these idiots would start being ethical about what they’re doing there would be no reason for government to be stepping in with more regulations.”


The Orange Juice Blog broke the story about the demise of Red County. (that I called Meg County to highlight its’ purchase)

I left the following comment:

I don’t believe in Karma.

I wrote previously that I had forgiven Chip Hanlon and Matthew Cunningham years ago for being double-dealing political whores. I continue to stay involved in politics because I meet people like Allen Bartlett and others along the way that remind me there are true people out there for the cause.

Hanlon reaped a whirlwind. I sincerely hope that Mr. Hanlon finds God, or at the very least his integrity as a result of his world collapsing. Everyone is redeemable – but I have a really hard time thinking that either Hanlon or Cunningham are.

I learned a lesson – Matthew Cunningham is a step worse than Hanlon. Cunningham has deluded himself in to believing that his political prostitution is the right thing to do and that every position he takes is the right one.

In retrospect, when Hanlon got bought off by Whitman and threw me out of the blog – it was because his house of cards was collapsing and he needed some cash desperately.

Cunningham has no such defense for his behavior at all.

In the end, Matthew Cunningham got off way easier than Chip Hanlon. Hanlon will likely end up in Prison or so financially devastated that he will be on welfare.

Meanwhile, Matthew Cunningham continues to leech $200 an hour off of the first five bull—- that he opposed when it was on the ballot, and the list goes on and on and on.

I learned another lesson – simply telling a couple people when I have a conflict of interest is not enough. I told Hanlon and he misused the information – and for 2 1/2 years since, political opponents throw it in my face, occasionally, I get calls from the media about related issues.

I learned to jealously guard my integrity, because at the end of the day no one can take that away from me unless I let them…

… and this is where Karma comes in. Matthew Cunningham and Chip Hanlon attempted to destroy me and now look where they are. Both exposed, Hanlon destroyed.

… that’s sad

Will team LaMalfa / Gilliard ever set the record straight over the smears? Of course not.

Wonder Why GOP Numbers slide?! See Also Red County / Matt Cunningham

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Apr 282010

I have been reading the whole slew of blogs for two weeks, I’ve said little. I am trying to help Sam Aanestad get elected Lt. Governor against a fraud – Abel Maldonado.

Now – I have read about another fraud. Meg aka Red County.

1. Chip Hanlon is starting a policy to prevent Matt Cunningham from Attacking people who write here? Thanks a ton Chip. I am still getting email forwards of psychotic rants being written by the Jerbal and others… I’ll believe that deal when I see it.

2. Let me get this straight – I get tossed from Red County because I took money from people associated with Steve Poizner (who, incidentally is gaining big time on her Megness) while Meg County was bought to the tune of $65K that we know of…

The Irony? MEG WHITMAN TRIED TO HIRE ME and I refused to betray Steve Poziner. Maybe if I was a whore, I’d still be writing on Red County!?

Now, Cunningham grandstands telling people “if he (york) only disclosed what he was doing”… really? It only works one way, of course – it took the OJ blog outing the first $25K payoff from Meg Whitman for anyone to realize that while grandstanding on ethics – the real ethics were who was paying them.

3. Now, my friend and principled Libertarian Conservative Allan Bartlett gets ejected from Red County because he would not endorse hypocricy? Allan Bartlett refused to defend Matt Cunningham and his double-dealing.

People like Chip Hanlon and Matt Cunningham create DTS and Libertarians out of Republicans. People assume we are all hypocrites when our public leaders are unprincipled whores.

Now, Cunningham – who grandstanded against the Meathead initiative before it passed, runs to the front of the line with his hand out for the money after it passed. That is called double-dealing… and while legal, is immoral.

Man, do I feel violated. (just like those poor Children Cunningham outed on his blog)

Red County has become a joke – unbelievable.

P.S. Allan – welcome home. Welcome to the halls of real bloggers with ethics.

Apr 062010

Yup. The negative opinion many in the CRA have of Carly Fiorina is because of Chuck DeVore’s characterization of her.

Having met Fiorina in person – she has been groosly underestimated and mis-characterized by the DeVore campaign. But, that’s politics, right? Jam the truth in a corner when it interferes with strategy.

I think Chuck DeVore is a fraud. He is not the Conservative Icon he wants to portray himself as. He is running a taxpayer-subsidized campaign and flip-flopped on tax increases when it became apparent that Chuck DeVore was going to face Carly Fiorina in the primary.

He even chickened out on a campaign promise to oppose Uber-Liberal Republican Abel Maldonado’s confirmation to Lt. Governor.

DeVore had his friends at the Meg County Blog take a shot today – the same blog that has taken $65,000 from Meg Whitman… because I (GASP) asked Chuck DeVore for a job…

DeVore’s responses since then have been vicious and vindictive to say the least and I believe are primarily because I told him no when he asked me to work for him for free. (Which highlights the absurdity of his staff’s “Part-Time” arrangement with the taxpayers)

At the CRA Convention Chuck DeVore told people that I attempted to extort money from him. The evidence? An email I sent to he and Joshua Trevino – which was posted on the Meg County Blog.

The email was on November 8 – and was forwarded to Meg County by DeVore and used in their basis to eject me from their blog.

The money quote: “To that end – I can be retained at a quite reasonable rate or for “projects”. I assume you’re both familiar with my work (ask Doug Ose or Meg Whitman how effective it is)…

Sounds like extortion, right?

If you read the entire email – you’ll realize that DeVore’s current Placer County Chairman was recruited by yours truly! – Even though I refused to help DeVore for free, I found him a volunteer chair.

Despite knowing that DeVore played a role in the attempt by Meg County to destroy my credibility – I approached the DeVore camp in late January in an attempt to reconcile: (I have redacted some of the info and have the original available for proof)

On Jan 29, 2010, at 5:28 PM, Aaron Park wrote:

Several of my friends in the Tea Party movement are excited about your campaign. Multiple people, not just tea party and CRA have asked me to help… which I am willing to do.

When I was thrown out of Red County – several people reported back to me that you had made several phone calls relating to people about our conversation in November.

Is it possible for us to patch things up between us? Does it merit any consideration that I went and recruited you a County Chairman?

I would like to help your campaign – and do not take this email to mean I am asking for a paycheck… however, I need to know where you guys stand.

My cell if you don’t have it anymore is 916-316-9570.

BTW – my new site is

From: “Joshua Treviño (TSM)”
To: Aaron Park
Sent: Jan 29, 2010 7:36 PM
Subject: Re: Email me your #


There’s nothing to patch up, from our perspective. If you’d like to help Chuck’s campaign, we welcome that — the volunteer infrastructure is active and growing. Thanks for it, Aaron.


On Jan 29, 2010, at 7:40 PM, aaron——[email protected] wrote:

Josh – chuck made several phone calls to several people around the time of my ejection from red county. In those calls, he went out of his way to tell people how upset he was with me and how inappropriate our conversation was, etc… Funny, the whole story on that red county deal has not been told… And I will tell my side when I choose to.

Suffice to say, the news of chuck’s phone calls came to me from several people – and even this week, I got called again.

Does it seem unreasonable that I would draw the conclusion that Chuck was getting even with me for some perceived offense? Hence my contact – maybe I was not specific enough in the first email.

Thanks again for the reply, Joshua.

From: “Joshua Treviño (TSM)”
Subject: Re: Email me your #
To: [email protected]
Date: Friday, January 29, 2010, 7:52 PM


With respect, I have a hard time crediting he-said, she-said reports. The idea that Chuck DeVore would be anything less than direct and forthright rings false — and I’m quite sure he has things on his mind other than your Red County fracas.

All the best,

Chuck DeVore obviously had the Red County Fracas on his mind at the CRA Convention.

Joshua Trevino basically told this blogger “Up Yours”.

Quoting a previous Blog about DeVore’s Campaign (Referring to State Employees working half time so they can help him):

DeVore says he’s lucky to have supporters like this, he says a “grassroots” campaign like his would never succeed without talented volunteers because he could never afford their services on his budget. He says this is a shining example of democracy.

Because if you ask DeVore for pay – you’ll get accused of extortion.

If that is direct and forthright – then the Meg County Blog is objective journalism…

The Conclusion of the Red County Saga 6 Week Delay + Team Whitman’s Job Offer

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Feb 192010


Chip Hanlon could have simply ejected me from the Red County blog with no fanfare -i.e. “hey Aaron, your arrangement isn’t going to work for us”… rather, they saw an opportunity to drive traffic and profit -so they took it. That’s the real issue – then they grandstanded about ethics.

Haven’t Republican leaders learned enough about leveling the ethics finger? Just do your business and be done with it, but apparently, that would have inhibited some perceived gain those at Red County saw as a possibility.

As I blogged previously, posts were deleted, comments were deleted, lawsuits were threatened in addition to constant complaints about money.

Whitman’s Job Offer

As I had told a few people, back on December 24th, 2008 – the third of three meetings between Mitch Zak and I had occurred. The third meeting was the decision point, we had negotiated terms and I was to get back to Mitch about what I’d be doing for my compensation (the one-pager referenced below).

The entire email thread is available – but in an email dated 12/24/2008 at 8:50AM, Zak wrote:

Good morning Aaron,

Great seeing you this morning.  I enjoyed breakfast and good conversation.  As promised, I’ve attached Meg’s commonwealth club speech as well as an op-ed she penned on Prop 5.  Please send me the one-pager asap and I’ll begin working on it.  I look forward to reading the next installment from Captain Kool-Aid.

Merry Christmas to you and your family.


I consider Mitch Zak to be a friend – he did nothing wrong in trying to hire me on to the Whitman Campaign. Mitch replied on 12/26 after I had let him know I was not going to rescind my endorsement of Steve Poizner:

Thanks for the follow-up Aaron,

While I’m disappointed that we won’t be able to work together, I certainly understand.  We can revisit our conversation when the general election comes around.

In the meantime, lets stay in touch.


I have been forced to set Zak on fire because of the actions of Chip Hanlon and Matt Cunningham. This is one of the despicable things in politics… but in the case of Meg County vs. the Whitman Campaign, there is no honor amongst thieves.

Now – when I went to Steve Frank about what transpired in the conversation on 12/24/2008 to let him know that there was an offer on the table… that is what ultimately led to my arrangement with Steve Frank. Note that I worked for Steve Frank, not Steve Poizner.

Obviously, Steve Frank thought I had a job offer from Whitman.

Lies of Omission by Red County

Chip Hanlon was told both facts on 10/29/2009. Many who follow the Meg County blog have seen parts of the emails. Hanlon found out about my arrangement, because I told him – on 10/29/2009. However, I was not ejected from Red County until 12/09/2009 – why?

It is not as simple as Red County adhering to an ethical code – they took money from Whitman and said nothing about it. Hanlon wrote the following to me on 10/30/2009:

Understood. Clarifying from yesterday’s call: if you had to disclose the payments from Steve Frank– or whatever the related entity is– so it’s clear you have a Poizner interest, how big a problem would that be for you? I mean, would you reeeaaaalllyy prefer not to, is it no big deal, or somewhere in between? Again, I just have to think through what RC can live with, and I can’t ask Matt for guidance on this specifically.  Thanks.

It is absolutely 100% true that I answered with the following: “The problem is that I would lose the deal and would be devastated financially. I told you about it so you’d understand the backside pressure I have. ” – I had just closed escrow on a new house. Today is a different story.

Mind you, there was no further communication until 12/09/2009 when Chip called me telling me it was over. There were no intermediate options given – such as, “look dude, you’re going to have to go public”. Chip characterized my follow-up questions as begging in the post he had already written before we hung up the phone – as it was up before I got in to my office.


Chip Hanlon chose to do it is public and messy as he could – picking and choosing facts as it suited him in order to get even with Steve Poizner for not buying advertising on the Red County Blog.

They then went out and said I failed to disclose and that was the reason why they did what they did.  I did disclose – some six weeks prior and asked if I could keep the disclosure out of the public. I got my answer.

Hanlon’s company – greenfaucet got $20K from Whitman 12/03 – I was axed 12/09. When coupled with the direct and extremely personal nature of Hanlon’s angry string of blog posts that followed – draw your own conclusions as to what happened.

There it is – that simple. A blog with an extreme financial interest in the Whitman Campaign attempted to publicly destroy a blogger working as a consultant for a consultant with an interest in the Poizner camp.

Campaign combat 101.

P.S. as of 2/18/2010 – Three months after my ouster – the Red County System has finally removed all of my posts.

P.P.S. Lest anyone forget about who we are dealing with in Meg Whitman, watch the embedded video.

Feb 122010

We know the “Conservatives” at Meg County were purchased.

We know that this Conservative refused to betray Steve Poizner (and that story will be told soon) – unlike Jim Nielsen, Brian Nestande and John Campbell who all switched their endorsements to join the establishment.

I am a delegate to the State CRP – this means in the weeks leading up to a convention, I get stuff in my mail. One such piece of cat pan liner was this letter entitled Conservatives for Whitman.

Notably, this letter omits Assemblymember Roger Niello who voted along with Abel Maldonado for the largest tax increase in state history. (Or was it because of Niello taking $7800 from the SEIU?)

But, it does include Senator Dave Cox and Congressmen Wally Herger / Dan Lungren… in the North State where I am from, they are regarded as nominally conservative. In fact, Herger is soft on the abortion issue and Lungren is a celebrated gun-grabber… all three endorsed Liberal Millionaire Doug Ose over Congressman Tom McClintock in the 2008 election. (in my backyard)

There is more to this – Assemblyman Jim Nielsen is indeed regarded as a liberal in the North State, yet his name appears on this letter of Conservatives. When he switched his endorsement, that was a boost to Poizner. Nielsen voted for illegal alien healthcare and against then governor George Deukmejian’s proposed Tax Rebates in the mid-late 1980’s. (Nielsen was a State Senator back then)

Also listed is Darrell Issa – the former employer of Meg Whitman’s Rally Gerbil. While the Rally Gerbil lambastes Steve Poizner for nailing insurance company investments in Iran – Issa is wanting to haul Toyota’s CEO in to a Congressional Hearing? Hmmm… Whitman is getting some mileage out of that $20K ya think?

I know in every cycle how to identify who the moderate is – look for Ed Royce, Kevin McCarthy and John Campbell on their endorsement list. It’s sad but true – we will be a generation in the California Republican Party dealing with the establishment Conservatives who vote good themselves but are remiss to support other real Conservatives for office.

This gets me to my friend – Steve Poizner. He was not a conservative when he ran for Assembly in 2004… and the Rally Gerbil is quick to remind us of that. But the Rally Gerbil and others have permanent memory loss about how Poizner has matured in office. Under the fraudulent veneer of pseudo-journalism that is Meg County – they choose to ignore:

Whitman is a Huge Fan of Van Jones
Whitman is a Huge Fan of H1-N visas (the most abused form)
Whitman said we shouldn’t raise taxes “right now”
Whitman opposes cutting illegal alien healthcare (that her endorser Jim Nielsen helped establish in the 1980’s).
Whitman publicly endorsed with a signed letter – Barbara Boxer in 2004
Whitman’s closest advisor, Henry Gomez has maxed out to every Dem Presidential Candidate in Memory
Whitman herself gave $300,000 to the environmental defense fund – whose Delta Smelt lawsuit shut water off to millions of acres of farms this year.

… and “Conservatives” support her!?

Her campaign team? Arnold’s.

I rest my case.