What Do Richard Pan and Roger Niello Have in Common?

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Nov 012010

The CTA loves them!

The Teacher’s Union has been getting involved in several local races. The California Teacher’s Association (Union) has sent mailers on behalf of Niello and Richard Pan.

Here is a comparison shot between the two mailers.

The Union knows that both Richard Pan and Roger Niello will cut the deals necessary to keep the money flowing to their union workers.

Nice, Huh?

Richard Pan!? He is a freaked-out liberal who is lying in his campaign ads saying he supports balanced budgets.

Vote for Richard Pan and Roger Niello if you want your taxes to go up even further – look to the CTA for proof of that.

Andy Pugno’s New Ad – a Home Run

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Oct 222010

Dr. Richard Pan is an empty shirt. He still can’t finish a sentence and he has had his pimps um, friends in the labor unions shilling for him to the tune of $3 million.

Andy Pugno’s ad is really simple. It is what Jack Sieglock should have done in AD-10. Pugno will win, Sieglock will lose for one simple reason.

Pugno says “I will cut taxes, I will cut spending”. Sieglock allowed Allison Huber to define herself and failed to remind people what Democrats do in California.

They raise your taxes.

Take a look at Andy’s New Ad.

This will have an impact as it flies right in the face of all the extremist Labor Union attack ads.

Oct 202010

Kevin Johnson – the left-wing Mayor of Sacramento. He announced his endorsements today.

With every endorsement comes baggage. Kevin Johnson has a ton – a federal investigation in to his Charter School and his recent endorsement list is even worse baggage for anyone that is not a freaked-out liberal.

KJ endorsed Kamala Harris – you know, the SF Nutbag that refuses to prosecute Cop-Killers? He also endorsed SF Nutbag Gavin “any Twosome” Newsome.

KJ Endorsed Barbara Boxer – while left-wing papers are bailing out on her. KJ Endorsed Jerry Brown (to round out the SF freakshow) and John Chiang (the empty-suit who whores for unions every year at budget time)

Darrell Steinberg for Senate, Richard Pan (who can’t finish a sentence) over Pugno for Assembly and Roger Niello for…. WAIT!? Roger Niello?

Is this what effectiveness looks like? What does Roger Niello have in common with Darrell Steinberg!? If I was Roger Niello, I’d wink and say “You sure about that, Kevin… you know there is Ken Cooley on the ballot!?”

Otherwise – it looks like Roger Niello really IS a compromised Republican vs the conservative he is campaigning as. Ted Gaines will be sure to point this out to voters.

KJ’s endorsement sucks as bad as the Sacramento Bee’s does.

Now – Tim Herman? That’s a different story – Tim Herman had a recent fundraiser headlined by Kevin Johnson.

That’s right – KJ who went No on 23, like Herman and Yes on 25, like Herman. So they both support killing 1 million plus jobs and simple-majority tax increases at the state level.

Kevin Johnson is the biggest name yet that Tim Herman has gotten to endorse him – certifying his left-wing credentials. David Larson should be jealous – Herman snagged both the Sacramento Bee and Kevin Johnson.

The package is clear with Tim Herman – he is a liberal Democrat who forgot to register as such.

Think about it – his top supporters are all Democrats.
He supports Prop 25 – simple majority budgets / tax increases
He opposes Prop 8
He opposes Prop 23 – and supports an electric car ordinance in Sun City
He has talked about extending the time to pay city taxes, not cutting them…

The Kevin Johnson endorsement makes sense for Tim Herman.

Andy Pugno attacked by Abortion Dr. Richard Pan for being (GASP!) Pro-Life!

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Oct 032010

Standard attack pattern of the left- get a bunch of women to say what a evil meanie the Republican is for being Pro-Life.

The ad of course is replete with the hyperbolae that you’ve come to expect from the “Women’s rights” groups. (Who, incidently have nothing to say about the mutilations, beatings, hangings, etc of women in the middle east)

The fact that Pan uses an 8-month Pregnant woman to make one of his points – suggests that he thinks she have a late-term abortion? At best he using her as a prop at worst he is advocating partial-birth abortion.

They want you to pay no attention to the fact that Pan:

1. Can’t Finish a sentence when he speaks in public.
2. Is bought by the Labor Unions

Which means he will: Raise your taxes even more, give away the store to the Unions, take away more of your freedoms, etc etc etc.

But Pugno is a bastard for Being Pro-Life. The horror.

Here is Richard Pan’s ad – (which I am sure Richie Ross or the Cuban Embassy made for him…)

Sep 182010

Let me see.

The Dems are deciding to lead with their chins going in to the last 6 weeks of this election cycle.

This is not unlike the Niello “I’m an honest tax-raiser strategy” being employed against Ted Gaines.

So the dems are doing the following:

Veteran Democratic consultant Chris Kofinis was drafting a memo Friday urging candidates and party officials to boost their efforts to portray the GOP as a party hijacked by extremists with unorthodox ideas such as dismantling Social Security. Democratic candidates should woo two crucial groups — persuadable independents and disillusioned liberals — by highlighting the threat of “a radical, extreme fringe that will control and does control the Republican Party,” Kofinis said in an interview

Attack the Tea Party. Hmmm… they are not all like the fringe in Placer County, this is a loser.

So far, Obama and other top Democrats are sticking more closely to a different theme: If voters return Republicans to power, they say, it will bring back Bush administration policies that led to the financial near-collapse of 2008-2009. This past-is-prologue warning depicts veteran Republican lawmakers, such as House Minority Leader John Boehner, as unrepentant Bush loyalists and entrenched lackeys of wealthy special interest groups.

Bash Bush. (yawn)

And with the remaining part of this Article – you can see how the AP is literally WILLING the DEMS to try a new strategy:

Democratic candidates should marry the two messages, not choose between them, says Rep. Chris Van Hollen, who oversees the party’s efforts to win House seats. Tea party nominees, he said, “represent Bush economic policy on steroids.”

Combining Bush and the Tea Party is absurd.

Establishment Republicans such as Boehner already want to loosen regulations on Wall Street, the workplace and other areas, Van Hollen said. Libertarian-leaning tea party activists will push them even further.

GASP! They want to cut Government Regulations!!!

Matt Bennett, vice president of the Democratic-leaning group Third Way, cites polls finding that most voters, despite an overall anger with the establishment, support Democrats on many specific issues, such as tax cuts for the wealthy. Democratic House and Senate candidates, he said, should constantly tell voters “there’s only two choices, there’s no other.”

The Classic Class Warfare strategy.

Specific issues will hardly matter, however, if Democrats can’t persuade middle-of-the-road voters to calmly weigh the ramifications of lashing out at the party in power.

“The most important thing Democrats can do is unnationalize the election,” said Democratic strategist David DiMartino. “In every state and every district, it has to be a choice between them and us. Our policies are more popular than theirs.”

What it all boils down to is try to divide and conquer.

If this is all the Dems have left – they really are screwed.

Here is the source Article