May 152016

13087928_10209750283141683_6895828956275383658_nRemember the SB277 Referendum Scam?

We wrote ad naseum here about Tim Donnelly, Lauren Stephens and their scam effort to try to overturn SB277.

Richard Pan owes Tim Donnelly a lot. Because of Lauren Stephens paranoid fantasy about a State Senator she hates and Tim Donnelly’s willingness to participate in another fraudulent referendum drill, his beloved payoff to the medical profession and pharmaceutical companies is safe forever.

In the interim, doctors and scientists with proof about the dangers of many vaccines are persevering despite witch hunts by AG Kamala Harris and others. (Similar to the persecution of people that do not believe in global warming fraud)

Del Bigtree showed up in the capitol and had a chance encounter with the cowardly California State Senator Richard Pan.

Richard Pan has gotten a bit better spoken since infesting office – however, he is still poorly spoken. When confronted by Bigtree, he ran. See the video of this sissy running here.

Richard Pan is typical of the Democrat leadership in Sacramento. They can bully common people from behind a legislative desk, but when confronted outside of their chambers, they run away.

SB277 was rammed down by Kevin DeLeon – the scumbag that can’t even pronounce the names of the guns he is obsessed with banning. DeLeon pulled several dirty tricks to get SB277 passed because he needed to pay off his loyal soldier Pan.

As a result – the parents of California are forced to inject their children with poison and the architect of this is ran away when confronted. This is why California is a mess.


Roseville City Council Update: Richard Rocucci’s Union Gambit (a Dem Slate?)

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Aug 192015

politics4 In case you have not heard, Richard Rocucci is back.

Rocucci is in the center of this picture – to his left is Union Made Brian Vlahos (who I happen to like on a personal level), to his right is Democrat Political Operative Todd Stenhouse and my favorite local elected Rene Aggie-lair-uh.

Now why would a “Republican” like Richard Rocucci be out with the finest of the dem party? Even Andy Sheehy – on the outside left – left the dem party because of things like assisted suicide, and the extremism that has taken over Sacramento. Unlike Sheehy, who is now a DTS because that is who he really is, Rocucci registered Republican to hide who he really is. The dem establishment know he is their friend and they also understand that Pauline Rocucci is not Richard.

Richard recently began popping up on people’s radar screens, penning a letter to the editor and doing the other things you’d expect from an old-school democrat.


Richard is pictured here with Big Daddy, Jack Duran – who I expect to run and hide knowing he is in a supervisor district that is 20 points to the good for Republicans. Duran would risk outing himself is a labor union, left-wing democrat. (oh, wait – I just did that.) You should also recognize now SD06 Senator Richard Pan, the author of the SB277 forced vaccination bill and Aggielairuh. Rocucci keeps really good company.

So the conventional wisdom is that the public employee unions are going to come for their pound of flesh. The Police Officers are still seething over actually having to have to negotiate versus being able to bully their way in to double-digit raises and benefits in perpetuity. Rumor has it that the fire-fighters are equally as angry. One or Both may well be preparing an onslaught for Roseville.

The talk is that Scott Alvord and David Larson ( both of whom have run for Roseville City Council Previously) would round out a Democrat City Council Slate supported by the aforementioned unions.

Allow me to remind you a couple things: David Larson is very hard left and is also openly gay. He has supported Republicans in the past for elections based on friendships. I’d assume he will have some support for all the previous reasons listed.

Alvord presents himself as a moderate Democrat businessman. He, unlike Rocucci has stayed true to his political convictions and is still a registered dem. Alvord has a lot of friends in Roseville (including this blogger, who will not be able to consider endorsing him because he is a democrat), and will be a credible candidate.

Rocucci, on the other hand, has a long history of being wrong on almost every issue that matters to Roseville:

Opposed the Galleria – even supporting a local measure that would have forced all large developments on to the ballot at the expense of the developer.

Opposed the Fountains

Attempted to derail transportation improvements – like the Cirby Way and the Harding/Galleria road widening that have reduced accidents

Was involved in forcing the bizarre design of the 65 freeway due to his participating in opposing all growth of any kind at any time.

Attempted to mess up the planning of the downtown revitalization – preferring low/slow growth options that would have been a money loser for the city.

… and would be a reliable vote for the unions to bust the city’s budget. (Remember all the 4-1 votes when Richard was last on council?)

Based on what I know of Scott Alvord, the above agenda sounds way too extreme for him. I’d hope that this “slate” was someone else’s idea and that Scott is along for the ride. David Larson? He and Rocucci may be in competition for who is the most liberal candidate running for Roseville City Council. Whether Alvord is along for the ride or is an active participant with the other two – it will not end well for the three of them.

Look at why Trump is getting traction. It has nothing to do with anything other than people are angry. If you think people in Roseville are not angry, and/or worried about their financial future while the democrats in Sacramento are continuing their rampage year after year making it worse – think again.

Roseville may be one of the best places to live in California, but the reasons why are what this slate will be fighting against. Think it through.

AD-09: Vote Tony Amador and Retire the Imperial Bureaucrat Richard Pan

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Nov 052012

What if I told you there is a candidate that is using government to replace parents, is using government to pay for his second home and is using government to benefit himself?

You’d say – sounds like most of them.

Richard Pan ran on a platform of Job Creation and being a doctor who understands us. Richard Pan lied or worse, he got bought by the $5million in special interest money that elected him to the assembly.

What we’ve gotten is a bureaucrat who has used government to pay for his second home.

The unemployment rate in Pan’s district is over 10% – but Richard Pan has been an advocate against budget cuts and fiscal responsibility on behalf of his fellow doctors who slop at the government trough. While the poor are getting screwed and teachers are getting cut – Richard Pan introduced legislation to make sure doctors get paid!

Richard Pan as a doctor should know better than to get government involved in medicine. However, he has become a tool. Richard Pan has advocated socialized medicine.

Worse- Richard Pan is an authoritarian using government to fine people for smoking because he lacks the courage to ban smoking outright.

But parents should take pause when they realize that Richard Pan authored legislation that was passed and signed that basically takes away parent’s rights to refuse vaccinations – even vaccinations they know are harmful. Why did Pan author such a bill? He is a pediatrician – it is good for business!

Richard Pan represents the worst kind of politician… he is a tool of leadership and the only independent thoughts he has are to author bills to benefit himself.

Fire Him – Vote Tony Amador

AD-09 Update: Richard Pan Wants to Be Your Mommy and Daddy

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Nov 012012

Richard Pan thinks you should be forced by the state to have vaccinations irregardless of your view on the matter.

I wonder if he wants to force Muslims to drink alcohol and eat bacon, too?

What Richard Pan targeted with AB2179 was narrowing the definition of qualification for a personal belief exemption from having to have a child immunized before starting school.

Richard Pan also took about $175,000 in campaign cash from Doctors, Medical Companies and Pharmaceutical Companies as well! Cozy.

The refusers – a group of anti-vaccination activists had a thorough expose’ on what Richard Pan did.

And, this continues the pattern of Richard Pan who uses government to enforce his idea of what life should be in America and his pattern of writing bills to benefit himself and the medical industry at the expense of freedom.


AD-09 Update: Dr Richard Pan – Anti-Smoking Nazi

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Oct 312012

I can understand Richard Pan being against Smoking as a doctor.

By virtue of his pattern – Pan is a supporter and promoter of big government and using government to regulate behavior. More on that soon.

When Pan is not writing bills to benefit the medical industry (aka protecting their taxpayer gravy train) – he is co-authoring legislation to fine smokers.

AB795 was such a bill. It was carried by Marty Block (probably so he could use it in his now State Senate Campaign) and was a punitive fine on smokers who violated college campus smoking rules.

This effectively amounts to a tax and colleges can now set up “smoking traps” and hand out $100 tickets to people.