Sep 182010

Let me see.

The Dems are deciding to lead with their chins going in to the last 6 weeks of this election cycle.

This is not unlike the Niello “I’m an honest tax-raiser strategy” being employed against Ted Gaines.

So the dems are doing the following:

Veteran Democratic consultant Chris Kofinis was drafting a memo Friday urging candidates and party officials to boost their efforts to portray the GOP as a party hijacked by extremists with unorthodox ideas such as dismantling Social Security. Democratic candidates should woo two crucial groups — persuadable independents and disillusioned liberals — by highlighting the threat of “a radical, extreme fringe that will control and does control the Republican Party,” Kofinis said in an interview

Attack the Tea Party. Hmmm… they are not all like the fringe in Placer County, this is a loser.

So far, Obama and other top Democrats are sticking more closely to a different theme: If voters return Republicans to power, they say, it will bring back Bush administration policies that led to the financial near-collapse of 2008-2009. This past-is-prologue warning depicts veteran Republican lawmakers, such as House Minority Leader John Boehner, as unrepentant Bush loyalists and entrenched lackeys of wealthy special interest groups.

Bash Bush. (yawn)

And with the remaining part of this Article – you can see how the AP is literally WILLING the DEMS to try a new strategy:

Democratic candidates should marry the two messages, not choose between them, says Rep. Chris Van Hollen, who oversees the party’s efforts to win House seats. Tea party nominees, he said, “represent Bush economic policy on steroids.”

Combining Bush and the Tea Party is absurd.

Establishment Republicans such as Boehner already want to loosen regulations on Wall Street, the workplace and other areas, Van Hollen said. Libertarian-leaning tea party activists will push them even further.

GASP! They want to cut Government Regulations!!!

Matt Bennett, vice president of the Democratic-leaning group Third Way, cites polls finding that most voters, despite an overall anger with the establishment, support Democrats on many specific issues, such as tax cuts for the wealthy. Democratic House and Senate candidates, he said, should constantly tell voters “there’s only two choices, there’s no other.”

The Classic Class Warfare strategy.

Specific issues will hardly matter, however, if Democrats can’t persuade middle-of-the-road voters to calmly weigh the ramifications of lashing out at the party in power.

“The most important thing Democrats can do is unnationalize the election,” said Democratic strategist David DiMartino. “In every state and every district, it has to be a choice between them and us. Our policies are more popular than theirs.”

What it all boils down to is try to divide and conquer.

If this is all the Dems have left – they really are screwed.

Here is the source Article

Jul 032010

The usual Labor-Union Fed crap of lowering the budget threshold to a simple majority makes another appearance… Prop 18 is a disaster – it would actually shut down three dams, accomplishing exactly opposite of what it says it is for… and Prop 23 is the biggie, the rollback of the Cap and Trade Global Warming AB32.

(Prop 26 is also huge – it would stop “Fee” increases by simple majority as well)

From Steve Frank: Secretary of State Debra Bowen just rolled em out, and here they are …

Proposition 18: Safe, Clean, and Reliable Drinking Water Supply Act of 2010 ($11.1 billion bond measure)  NO

Proposition 19: legalizes recreational marijuana use. (Too bad this wasnt Prop. 20, as proponents wouldve been able to say theyre For 20.)  NO

Proposition 20: adds Congressional reapportionment to the authority of the citizens redistricting commission created by Prop. 11 of 2008  YES

Proposition 21: establishes $18 annual vehicle license surcharge to help fund state parks and wildlife programs, with free admission to state parks for all surcharged vehicles  NO

Proposition 22: bars state government from taking, borrowing, shifting or restricting use of tax revenues dedicated by law to fund local government, community redevelopment or transportation projects  YES

Proposition 23: rolls back AB 32, the states landmark greenhouse gas emissions law, until the states unemployment rate drops to 5.5 percent or less for four consecutive quarters  YES

Proposition 24: repeals recently enacted corporate tax breaks letting businesses carry back losses, share tax credits, and use a sales-based income calculation to lower taxable income.  NO

Proposition 25: reduces legislative vote requirement to pass a budget from two-thirds to a simple majority.  NO

Proposition 26: increases legislative vote requirement to impose state levies and charges from a simple majority to two-thirds.  YES

Proposition 27: eliminates citizens redistricting commission created by Prop. 11 of 2008, putting all reapportionment authority back in the Legislatures hands.  NO

Will the nominees for the GOP Inspire?

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Jun 092010

Eric Hogue spoke this morning about the diverse ticket for the California Republican Party.

Of the races I took interest in – only Two Bona-Fide Conservatives Won: Andy Pugno and Doug LaMalfa.

Meg Whitman admits she is a Moderate-Liberal.
Abel Maldonado, while Latino is quite Liberal.
Steve Cooley is regarded as a Moderate. (His staff and supporters would vehemently disagree)
Mimi Walters and Tony Strickland are regarded as “establishment”
Damon Dunn will get railed for not voting. (But he ran as a Conservative)

From a diversity standpoint – Three Women, one Latino, one Black and only two white male nominees of which:

Carly Fiorina is the only candidate in the lot that appears inspiring to the base. Can the ticket sell its’ diversity to overcome the “John McCain-itis” that struck the GOP base in 2008?

The Dems? They feature three liberal freaks from the Bay Area – at least the liberal Republicans we nominated are diverse.

Whitman vs Jerry Brown really looks like McCain vs Obama.

However, Meg Whitman’s team has it in their power to shape her image to get the job done – let’s hope they bring the GOP base with them while they do that…

California Republican Party: Defecit Spending to Victory 2010?

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Jan 042010

That’s right. The Party of Fiscal Responsibility and smaller Government is going in to debt for (the California Republican Party) Victory 2010.

Actually, it never got out of debt after following Arnold Schwarzenegger off a cliff in 2006 to throw the down ticket races under the bus in favor of convincing Californians to vote to put themselves deeper in debt… (remember Arnold’s bonds?)

On December 28th an email was sent with a plan called “Victory 2010”. This is the Bi-Annual CRP (California Republican Party) plan that attempts to retake California for the GOP – it is a financial framework and is supposed to be a collaborative of political operations in California.

You’d think that a document this important would have been prepared weeks before the CRP Board of Directors was supposed to review and vote on it. The CRP Board of Directors is a small group of representatives elected by the delegates to the CRP conventions.

When the conference call occurred on December 29th – several key leaders were absent from the call due to the short notice and the issues having families during the holiday season brings… yet a vote occurred to ratify the plan anyway. Several of the most recognizable names in the CRP were not on the conference call.

The CRP is still over $400K in debt, before “Victory 2010” takes effect.

The details of the plan are as of yet unknown except that it is supposed to be funded through the “One Ask Program” – the deal where major donors are contacted once by a pre-designated person. That never got us out of the debt left over from Arnold, btw…

There is a rumor that  an executive director  for “Victory” has been hired – but no one seems to know who. Is that person a Californian?

… and most significantly, none of the campaigns of the potential nominees appear to have been involved in the creation of Victory 2010.

Could this be the GOP attempting to snatch defeat out of the jaws of victory?