Jun 072010

Folks – I try to stay out of local races for anything south of the Kern County Line. There is a reason – California might as well be three worlds… Bay Area, Southern California and the rest of the state. I live in the rest of the state.

Ben Lopez wrote an Op-Ed on behalf of Craig DeLuz (who I have endorsed) and bascially accused Andy Pugno of negative campaigning.

Mr. Lopez – I wanted to help you out with a few things:

1. Fact – Andy Pugno has been the front-runner and a target forthe others running.

2. Fact -the establishment tried to recruit Steve Miklos, Susan Peters, Sheriff McGuiness and a couple others I can’t remember – but none of them stepped up.

3. Fact – The establishment came forward with support of Andy Pugno only after their attempts to recruit another candidate failed. Then Roger Niello and Dave Cox endorsed Andy just before filing closed.

4. It is misleading to imply that anyone called Craig DeLuz establisment – since the same Niello/Cox have frequently been at odds with him. Andy knows this, everyone knows this.

5. It is 100% accurate to call Craig DeLuz a grassroots leader – that’s why I endorsed him and gave him $250. Andy Pugno is a leader from the grassroots that has made statewide impact and has 15 times the money of all five others combined.

6. Allow me to point out where the “establishment” money for Andy Pugno came from – 7,000+ donors. 1 Pac.

Andy Pugno is the general counsel for Prop 8 – he is a bona-fide conservative in the same mold of values as Craig Deluz.

This is why I stood up for Andy Pugno when the CRA convened an endorsing convention.

Let me quote the previous post:

If Andy Pugno, as conservative as he is, could get the “liberal establishment” to come kicking and screaming on to his endorsement list… it means he is a force to be reckoned with.

They tried to recruit someone else and Andy Pugno made them yield – Steve Miklos, Susan Peters, Sheriff McGuinness, none answered the bell.

And in a rare combination, the Establishment and the CRA almost endorsed the same candidate – and this time the establishment came to the right to meet us.

Andy Pugno is the only candidate I have ever seen pull that off.

Andy Pugno has done the work – he’s one of us and he will earn the office.

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