Jul 102011

UPDATE: RightonDaily is getting some love from other bloggers in our quest for transparency! Click here – this blogger reminded me that Mark Spannagel, Doug LaMalfa’s current chief of staff was part of the operation currently getting assailed by Doug LaMalfa and Ted Gaines! (I had forgotten about that detail)

Have you started to wonder why with the state Billions in the hole, our state education ranked 49th, our credit rating last, our roads crumbling and a new bill just passed mandating 6 year olds be taught about homosexuality – why LaMalfa and Gaines have prioritized attacking Republican volunteers?

I had a close friend email me a video link from Fox news about David Brock. Brock is insane and he is a smear merchant who runs an outfit called media matters. If you watch the video – the parallels to the current situation are obvious.

In late 2009, with the number one donor to her employer the Capitol Resource Institute, (Doug LaMalfa) facing an opponent in Rick Keene who had over $1million in the bank – Karen England went on a rampage.

Her pattern of slander was not new – Conservatives like Jan Pinney and Brett Storey in local office had experienced it firsthand as had Congressman Doolittle.

Her chosen method to advance the candidacy of LaMalfa was to invoke behavior reminiscent of David Brock against anyone that stood between her and her employer’s number one donor getting in to office. (Remember the $27,500 highlighted in post one of this series)

Emails started coming out from local Tea Parties as they represented the only area where Karen England could get traction. People Tom, George and I had never met were regurgitating distortions on their facebook pages, sending emails and writing blogs – parroting talking points about the Placer County Republican Parties’ 2008 Prop 8 effort.

Why most of Karen England’s recruits never questioned what they were told is beyond me, and why they decided to participate in the attempted fraud at the 2011 CRA convention in the name of stopping people they had been convinced were corrupt is beyond me.

Of course, she destroyed the character of Rick Keene in the mind of everyone she could. It’s legal, right? All’s fair in campaign speech, right? A great return on that $27,500 if you ask me.

Late 2009 is when the calls from local media started coming – the timing of those with the beginning of the onslaught of slander, and the financial interests are too much of a coincidence to ignore.

The basis of the charges of embezzlement, fraud, extortion, graft, money laundering and the like had their genesis from the 2008 Prop 8 campaign.

Karen England, who holds herself out as an unassailable conservative, did not support Tom McClintock in the primary in 2008. I was told as such by members of McClintock’s team when I asked them where she was. Unbelievably – I was told the reason was mine and George’s support of McClintock.

I have come to believe that real reason why is that David Reade, a member of the Capitol Resource Institute’s board of directors was the Chief of Staff for Doug LaMalfa (LaMalfa endorsed Doug Ose and not Tom McClintock). It is my belief that between that and the large amount of money LaMalfa had contributed to the Capitol Resource Institute were the nexus for Karen staying on the sidelines. (I found an archived webpage from the Capitol Resource Institute that shows the connection of Reade to the Capitol Resource Institute – the page was removed during the 2010 primary after I had written a blog about the connection at that time.)

The tie in between McClintock and the Placer GOP’s Prop 8 campaign was simple. There was a belief that turning out Prop 8 voters in what was a horrible year for Republicans would help Tom McClintock. (who only won by 1700 votes in 2008.)

Karen England’s Daughter Jordan (who was an adult at the time) was paid out of the Placer County Republican Party’s Prop 8 Get-out-the-vote operation. I found this out courtesy of Ken Campbell (who is also on the Capitol Resource Institute’s Board of Directors) writing a couple of times on blogs that he was shown a copy of a check written out to Jordan England. (She was allegedly paid by some sub-vendor of a sub-contractor of some sort of the Placer GOP’s Main Contractor… or so it has been told, Ken is pretty hard to follow some times.)

In the Meantime – Tom McClintock emptied out an old Board of Equalization account and the Capitol Resource Institute was a beneficiary. $6000 worth.

The donation occurred on 9/28/2008 – around that time, Karen magically began showing up at the Placer GOP / McClintock HQ to run phone banks. Again, like Ted Gaines and Doug LaMalfa – McClintock did nothing wrong by giving the Capitol Resource Institute the money. This is about Karen’s failure to disclose the financial interest in a donor to her employer – and in this case the timing of the donation relative to her activities.

In the months since that campaign – through anecdotal evidence, I was able to determine that the check written to Jordan England was being shown to people and was likely being used as evidence of “corruption” at local Tea Party meetings.

So the mantra of this “Conservative” attacking the Placer GOP’s 2008 Prop 8 effort was born in late 2009. To Be Continued…

Placer County Republican Assembly Members Make an Impact in SD-04 and AD-05!

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Jun 102010

Grassroots activism is still alive.

Even though the State CRA did not endorse in either the AD-05 race or the SD-04 race, it did not stop our members from making an impact for the club’s favorites.

By now, insiders are done buzzing over the 16.4% blowout loss by Rick Keene – losing to Doug LaMalfa in SD04.

The post-mortems and recriminations will go on for a while, but what is known is this:

Rick Keene won Placer County by 3.74% vs losing by 16.4% district-wide.

Andy Pugno won Placer County by 46.58% vs 43.50% in Sacramento County.

Members of the Placer CRA walked precincts (including this blogger) in the portions of each district that overlapped Placer County.

LaMalfa Loses Major Endorsement and Nevada County YR’s Endorse Keene

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Jan 212010

The significance is enormous – Officeholders and Grassroots clubs are endorsing Keene… usually the two are exclusive of one another.

Nevada County YR. College Kids – young professionals, volunteers… not wealthy donors or entrenched tax-raisers…

Excerpting the Press Release:

The Young Republican Federation of California is the largest and most active young Republican organization and is one of the most important Republican grassroots organizations in the state.  In the past, the YRFC endorsement has often been a key indicator of which candidate grassroots conservatives in California will support in elections.


Keene has previously been endorsed by YRFC Chapters in Butte, Yuba, Sutter Counties as well as the state YRFC.

More ominous for Doug LaMalfa is the news coming out of facebook invitations – Citizens for the California Republic announced a major press conference for Rick Keene:

Hi everyone,

I wanted to pass along this message from the folks over at the Rick Keene for Senate campaign. They’re having a major press conference in Redding tomorrow to announce the endorsement of Mayor Patrick Jones and they need us to come out and show some support!

OUCH! Right in the heart of the area LaMalfa was depending on – the Mayor of the largest city in the district has bailed on LaMalfa and endorsed Rick Keene.

This is in stark contrast to the endorsement switchers announced by Meg Whitman (for example) – those that switched to Whitman were because of Consultants or because of promises made… Those that have switched to Keene have done so due to his message.

It seems that when LaMalfa speaks – people endorse Rick Keene.

California 4th Senate District Update – Del Norte Sheriff Endorses Rick Keene

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Jan 182010

If I remember correctly, he had endorsed Doug LaMalfa previously. I have seen a few other such occurrences recently in that district.

It makes you wonder if it is LaMalfa’s performances or Rick Keene’s that is inspiring this transition – I’d hazard a guess that a lot of Placer’s Local electeds didn’t even know Doug LaMalfa before they endorsed him.

5 months to go folks – and it is getting fun already.

(Chico) – Earning yet another endorsement from an influential North State leader, the campaign of Rick Keene for Senate today announced that Keene has received the endorsement from Del Norte County’s chief law enforcement officer Sheriff Dean Wilson, following a recent campaign visit to the region.

“Rick Keene has demonstrated his commitment to keeping our communities safe and supporting law enforcement and other public safety agencies,” said Sheriff Wilson.  “No one has been better or stronger on our issues than he has.  Rick Keene was born in Del Norte County, he fully understands our particular issues as a rural, coastal community.  I know he is prepared to be an outstanding advocate for our region.”

In the Assembly, Keene was instrumental in negotiating the essential elements of Proposition 1A the Protection of Local Government Revenues Act of 2004, this significantly curtailed the state’s ability to raid local funds and enforce unfunded mandates – which always resulted in reductions in law enforcement services funding.

Keene stated, “I am humbled to have earned the endorsement and support of respected law enforcement professionals like Sheriff Dean Wilson.  I sincerely appreciate the hard work our Sheriffs and the men and women of law enforcement do to keep us safe.  I appreciate his support and I will stand strong for Del Norte County in the Senate.”

A North State native, Keene was born in Crescent City and grew up in the rural town of Hayfork and worked his way through college driving a forklift at night.  After college graduation, he worked as a driver for UPS for 9 years, while attending law school at night.  Keene practiced law in the Chico area for 15 years before being elected to the California State Assembly where he served for six years.  Rick Keene, his wife Janice and their five children make their home in Chico.

Jan 122010

The Proposition 8 trial is almost Orwellian. Take a look at this except of comments from Andy Pugno, Chief Counsel for Yes on 8:

Several times Judge Walker interrupted the plaintiffs to question whether the state should be “in the marriage business” at all, asking if the plaintiffs would be happy with eliminating marriage altogether-and allowing only domestic partnerships for both man/woman and same-sex couples. Amazingly the plaintiffs testified that would be acceptable to them.  They actually said: if same-sex couples can’t have marriage, then no one should. Obviously, the elimination of marriage for everybody is certainly not what the people of California , or the nation, have in mind as an appropriate solution to this debate.

Both from the opening arguments delivered by plaintiffs’ attorney Ted Olson, and the witness testimony, it is clear that our opponents are trying to re-characterize Prop 8-which simply restored the age-old meaning of marriage-as part of a agenda of hate and discrimination against gays and lesbians.  One attorney said as much, claiming that Prop 8 promotes hate crimes against gays and lesbians, depression, homelessness, etc. These claims are preposterous, and we hope that they will be seen as such as the trial progresses.

As I blogged previously, the agenda comes out quickly.

Rick Keene is pushing out ahead, making several appearances to grass-roots clubs and countering the Team Ose endorsement list. Recent campaign emails detail appearances in Tehama and Shasta Counties.

Lastly, a Paper in Fresno reports that both Devin Nunes and Tom McClintock will be endorsing Richard Pombo.

Guess what? Now Kevin McCarthy has flipped on Jeff Denham and has endorsed Richard Pombo

It would not surprise me to see Tom McClintock endorse Pombo. The Devin Nunes endorsement is a complete slap in Denham’s face, coupled with the flip of McCarthy and shows that Devin knows that Pombo will be the true ally to getting the water back on to the Central Valley.

Note that alleged Blue Dogs, Jim Costa and Dennis Cardoza have voted with Pelosi 97% of the time – including joining George Miller in favoring the Bay Area over the farmers of the Central Valley.

Judgement Day is coming – Dennis Cardoza had better be nervous.

Update: Dan Logue’s AB-32 Repeal Bill died a partisan death – paving the way for the California Jobs Initiative to continue rolling forward with signature gathering…