Oct 032010

Standard attack pattern of the left- get a bunch of women to say what a evil meanie the Republican is for being Pro-Life.

The ad of course is replete with the hyperbolae that you’ve come to expect from the “Women’s rights” groups. (Who, incidently have nothing to say about the mutilations, beatings, hangings, etc of women in the middle east)

The fact that Pan uses an 8-month Pregnant woman to make one of his points – suggests that he thinks she have a late-term abortion? At best he using her as a prop at worst he is advocating partial-birth abortion.

They want you to pay no attention to the fact that Pan:

1. Can’t Finish a sentence when he speaks in public.
2. Is bought by the Labor Unions

Which means he will: Raise your taxes even more, give away the store to the Unions, take away more of your freedoms, etc etc etc.

But Pugno is a bastard for Being Pro-Life. The horror.

Here is Richard Pan’s ad – (which I am sure Richie Ross or the Cuban Embassy made for him…)

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