Mar 232016

1918072_10209258290962186_6568122461335710224_nLast Night, Ted Gaines was rejected by the CRA. The CRA endorsed Stephen Baird for State Senate last night over Ted Gaines.

My feelings about the CRA aside, this is a stunning rejection of the Gaines dynasty and further proof that their aloof acerbic style of carpetbagging governance has worn thin.

I am sure that the Gaines are so disconnected from reality that they are going to blame your intrepid blogger for the occurrences of last night. Allow me to remind them and others that after the CRA’s Pol-Pot Bellied Information Minister Thomas N Hudson appointed 17 people to the CRA’s state board, George and I were expelled from the organization for life.

This means that for the Gaines’ latest paranoid fantasy to be true, that we’d have had to orchestrate the Baird endorsement from beyond the grave.

All this said – we don’t expect the Gaines to pay any attention to this or anything else they don’t like. Nothing to see here, move along now.

#EPICFAIL (both for the CRA and for Ted Gaines)

Dan Morain’s Epic Column: Ted Gaines is a Mouse

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Mar 232015

I guess word is getting out (finally), but not after the PAC Donors in all their brilliance helped foist a second Gaines on the North State.

In a column entitled, “The Mouse Roars at Tesla Rebate”  – Dan Morain just blew up Ted Gaines.

Those of us that have not drank the institutional kool-aid have known for years that Ted Gaines lacks the necessities to be a leader and about the only thing he is of average intelligence on is getting even with people. (Witness that he is currently out on the warpath trying to settle imaginary scores on people pre-2016 election cycle)

Morain also points out that Gaines lacked the critical thinking skills to even put on average political theater:

He went to a Home Depot, bought a shovel, painted it gold and delivered it to Tesla’s Silicon Valley headquarters, just in case the billionaire Musk needed groundbreaking equipment. He got as far as the receptionist.
Gaines traveled to Texas, which was competing for the factory, and showed up outside the Capitol in Austin with a cardboard cutout of a Tesla, to drive home the point that, by law, there are no Tesla showrooms in Texas. Corny, yes. But again, political theater isn’t Gaines’ core thing.

You see, Ted Gaines did figure out how to ruin a business partnership of 30+ years in order to make his wife a “Small Business Owner” for the ballot title. That part he understands because it was about his family paycheck.

And, he did figure out that trying to use the NorCal Tea Party to beat the crap out of Kirk Uhler in advance of Mrs. Gaines next run for a government job was a bad idea only after it detonated in his face. So they bid adieu to Placer County (for now) and moved over to El Dorado County so that Beth Gaines can run for supervisor in the last area that can still stand them.

Morain lit up Ted Gaines for introducing Senate Bill 40, which would slash the vehicle value before a government subsidy would apply for people that buy electric cars. Right now, you can get the $2500 off of any priced car. Ted wants to slash that to $40,000. Tesla dissed California despite Gaines’ quixotic efforts and located in Nevada.

Given that Ted Gaines participated in the gutting of the Placer GOP after failing to get its’ endorsement in 2012; given that Ted Gaines has meeted out revenge on several local electeds that have refused to kiss his ring; And, given that Ted Gaines has vengefully gone after anyone that stood up publicly against his incompetent wife in her runs for office – Dan Morain is right to recognize that Senate Bill 40 is Ted Gaines attempt to get even with Tesla. Its’ called a pattern, folks.

Heaven forbid Ted Gaines ever took a look at his part in how he looked as bad to California as the certificate-wielding doughboy makes his wife look locally.  If I was Elon Musk and I saw Gaines’ antics, knowing that Gaines is from the “pro-business” permanent minority party, I’d pull all remaining operations out of California.

Ted Gaines will be running for re-election in 2016. Thankfully, the Labor-Union Redistricting Commission Gerrymandered Roseville out of SD-01. I never thought I’d write this, but I am indeed grateful to be a constituent of Jim Nielsen.

Jan 312012

In italics is a short summary I wrote for a local media inquiry on behalf of Les Baugh. I think it sums it up in both cases. Don’t think for a second that Les wouldn’t have said something similar – he would, and therein lies another major difference voters get to choose from.

Interestingly – I have been getting anxious inquiry from political insiders as to why Linda is running against Beth Gaines and why I took Les Baugh on as a client.

Neither Les Baugh or Linda Park owe anyone an apology for running – Ted and Beth Gaines owe people an apology for the way they have governed.

I am a citizen legislator – meaning that I am one of the people I seek to represent. I will not reign – instead, the door or my office will be open to all comers.

I am a staunch conservative and I believe our government has more than enough money to do its’ job – however, the priorities are badly misaligned. The issue for this Senate (Assembly) District is the utter lack of leadership and engagement.

Simply refusing to acknowledge people you disagree with guarantees more of the same and I know very few people who are better off in 2012 than they were in 2008. I am motivated to run because of the need for accountable, engaged governance. I am not afraid to negotiate with people that do not believe as I do in an attempt to make progress without compromise. Leaders engage.

It is that desire to engage that I believe is my primary defining difference, it is the desire to be accountable to those I serve rather than being sequestered away from the constituents that is the other defining difference.

I believe that with engaged leadership the efforts to close public land, destroy dams, regulate water, eliminate the 2nd Amendment and the attempts by the legislature to eliminate risks from life can be mitigated by negotiating with those attempting to do these things in an effort to solve the perceived issue without destroying freedom.

And to think – the Gaines are renting a house in Rocklin, probably for just long enough to retain power if they are successful in getting re-elected. How does that make you feel as a voter? What kind of message does that send?

It’s not a matter of who is more conservative which is the easy-way-out cheapshot in a lot of Republican Primaries – as Les is a Pastor and Linda is a long-time CRA member.

Beth Gaines won’t be able to use a boogie man attack like she did against John Allard against Linda – where she lied about John Allard (standard faire in political attacks) and used his experience against him. (Linda, while in her first term on school board – ironically has been in office longer than Beth!)

The Gaines are going to have to stand up and defend the way they have governed and are also going to have to explain why a husband-and-wife political dynasty is a good thing for California. This is a double-loser for them.

CA SD-01 Update: Roger Niello and the Republican Party: Endorse Liberals and Fight with Central Committees

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Oct 232010

Roger Niello recently took an endorsement from uber-liberal Kevin Johnson. Barbara Alby has said nothing about this in public.

Niello has a laundry list of liberal Democrats supporting him – yet in candidate forums Alby never discusses this, Why? Only a Ted Gaines mailer discussed Jimmy Yee and Don Notoli.

Roger Niello endorsed Doug Ose over Barbara Alby in 1998 because in Alby’s words “I am pro-life”. We heard Alby mention this once in a public forum but little else as she has been focused on attacking the Pro-Life Ted Gaines.

Roger Niello has endorsed numerous liberal Republicans for local office in Sacramento County. Niello has endorsed very few conservatives pre-primary.

In fact, the current AD-05 nominee got Niello’s endorsement grudgingly only after the game of dial-a-squish failed. Susan Peters, Steve Miklos, John McGuniess and others who are on Niello’s endorsement list were all candidates Niello tried to recruit to run against Andy Pugno.

Roger Niello endorsed Doug Ose again over Tom McClintock.

On California Republican Party metters – Niello prefers to stay out of them and avoid the contraversy.

Now Niello is running for SD-01 claiming the mantle as the true conservative.

When the Placer County Republican Central Committee endorsed the Pro-Life Tom McClintock over the Pro-Choise Liberal Millionaire Doug Ose, Roger Niello retaliated.

He withdrew the money he was contributing for bounty payments to the Placer County Republican Central Committee for voter registration and never resumed paying it again.

In addition, Niello’s representative came to the Central Committee meetings with orders to vote against the conservative majority on the Placer County Republican Central Committee.

This was not Niello’s first participation in action against conservatives at the local party level. In Sacramento, support the platform was started as a result of a Dan Lungren / Roger Niello led effort to install moderates in positions of power and control over the Sacramento County GOP Committee.

The results of that were two years of ineffectiveness and major losses of voter registrations.

Roger will counter by talking about the donations he has made to various Republican candidates statewide. That’s awesome – and thank you for that, but it never translated to promoting conservatism at the local level.

Ask many on the Placer and Sacramento County Republican Central Committees about it. The issue is Roger Niello attempting to campaign as the real conservative when his history – recent history 2006-2010 is one of being at odds with local conservative leaders.


CA SD-01 Update: Barbara Alby Has Issues: Her Supporters are making Scorched Earth

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Oct 232010

Ever since Barbara Alby got in to the CA SD-01 race, it seems Alby has been on a single-minded public rampage against Ted Gaines.

There have been some scant attacks on Niello – but his $10Billion Spending Increase vote, votes to give away the store to the public employee unions and his vote for the largest tax increase in state history have gotten little or no attention from Alby. (Alby’s site has some – but Alby rarely addresses Niello in public)

And I thought Barbara Alby was the “True Conservative in the CA SD-01 Race.

Truth is – I supported her for board of equalization when a lot of her current supporters were supporting George Runner.

Alby supporters are attacking the CRA, an orginization she’d been active in years ago but has been seen in sparingly in the last 10 years. Why – the CRA was going to endorse Ted Gaines and Karen England was spreading a malicious rumor that endorsement was bought.

Psychotic Alby supporter Ken Campbell perpretrated that rumor about the CRA emdorsement again.

No one is entitled to a CRA endorsement. Ted Gaines earned it with his 90+% CRA Scorecard –

Barbara Alby has very little money and has spent her time attacking Ted Gaines only – another of her supporters, supporting her only because those of us on the Placer County Republican Central Committee are supporting Ted Gaines wrote this:

Fellow Patriots, while the NorCal Tea Party Patriots leadership and other Northern California Tea Party “Patriots” group leaders (emphasis on Tea Party “Patriot” groups, other Tea Party groups are still out here uncorrupted and want to expose the truth on ALL sides of the isle) choose to go along with this corruption and not inform their groups of the “real Ted Gaines” due to political favors that were given to them for their 9-12 Event, the rest of us within the Tea Party Movement are still fighting the fight uncorrupted.

Scorched earth – Barbara Alby style. Everyone who supports your opponent is corrupt and only you are the true Conservative.

Of course while you turn a blind eye to the man who voted in the largest tax increase in California History. (At least her “tea party” supporter is equal opportunity as evidenced below – gotta love it)

Some people take this stuff so personally. Attribution for the above cartoon goes to Karen England ally and former Nor Cal Tea Party activist Jim Moore.

Alby could learn something from this guy – he attacked Keene and Niello for supporting the 2007 budget (which raised spending $10 billion but did not raise taxes)… but Alby has yet to do so.

Makes you wonder Barbara Alby is trying to accomplish by running, really.

And, speaking of Karen England – she’s supporting Roger Niello. This is certainly a bizarre election.