Jun 152017

SB96 is a bill that will pass the California State Senate today. It changes the rules of a recall election. The Media spin on this was for the obvious reason of saving embattled and extremely vulnerable State Senator Josh Newman who won his election by less than 2,000 votes in 2016.

I got some news for the news – Newman will lose no matter when the recall election is.

SB96 does the following – (which will have the effect of delaying the certification of Recall until after the 12/7 deadline. 12/7 is significant as the Governor could consolidate the Recall onto the next regularly scheduled election.)

  1. It allows a 30 day cooling off period where people can withdraw their signatures. (This is designed to allow labor unions and other thugs to intimidate people who signed in to sending notes to the registrar to withdraw)
  2. It creates a bureaucracy to evaluate the cost of the recall (another 30 day delay and uses tax dollars to promote one of the primary campaign issues against a recall – the cost)
  3. It requires the counties to count every single signature, instead of using a “Snap Count”. This allows left-leaning counties to drag their heels as long as necessary to delay the certification until after whatever deadline is needed

It would be easy to stop here and say, gheez, they are changing the rules to save Josh Newman. All this does is keep Newman in office 6 months longer, it is not worth the bad PR and the residual bad blood post tax increase.

The real reason as I have learned from both a well-placed Capitol Source and a Labor Union Source is much more sinister.

The California Nurses Association have declared war against all opponents of the Single-Payer Healthcare Bill. The Nurses association is the second most powerful union behind the SEIU. They are fast becoming the most powerful.

They believe they are entitled to $250k a year salaries with lifetime retirement benefits at all of our expense. If single payer passes, the biggest winners would be the Nurses. The biggest losers, of course are all of us whose healthcare would be rationed and provided by the same people that brought us the DMV.

The Single-Payer Bill only passed the Senate 23-14, but did so with massive arm twisting and intimidation by the Nurses.

The Nurses are stalking assemblymembers and threatening to Recall them if the bill does not pass. The votes are not currently there in the Assembly to pass the bill.

Connect the dots.

With the proposed rules of SB96, recalling an assemblymember becomes impractical. With the vulnerable Josh Newman as cover – SB96 is brilliant in what it accomplishes. You would have to start a recall of an assemblymember in an even-numbered year, which guarantees its’ failure to qualify (because the assemblymember is already on the ballot). Or, you would have to start the recall right after the election (which you can’t do for 60 days anyway). This means, you have about a 3 month window to effect a recall of an Assemblymember, to have the recall election NOT be consolidated with the following regular election.

Even with all of the money and power the Nurses Union has, they could not overcome these obstacles.

I have to tip my cap to the democrats with SB96. This is one of the most brilliant bills I’ve seen from them in a long time.

Reposted Here: Allow your good Sgt. to Roast some GOP Weenies

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Nov 072010

I gotta rub it in the face of Red County – aka. Meg County Blog, they look like a bunch of Idiots as opposed to just being simple Charlatans right now.

They sell out for cash then stab Meg in the back by supporting Nutbag for Lt. Governor over Abel Maldonado – Meg’s choice. But, at least Matt Cunningham and Chip Hanlon were compensated well for their political prostitution.

Mr. Jerbal and his friends from Orange County can post all their blogs and take all the shots at us (at the OJ) that they want, but the exposure will never end. They are frauds. Allan Bartlett found it out, just like I did – if you tell them the truth, they mess you over.

Does the above sound harsh? Meg Whitman is a Democrat – her positions on issues were quite similar to those of Jerry Brown so people voted for the real thing. Do not call yourself a Conservative leader while you hitch your wagon to that, end of story… otherwise, you’re a sellout.

Once the Primary was over – I gave tepid support to Whitman as the nominee of the GOP, but that was it. I jumped in and supported Abel Maldonado – because he won the primary fair and square only to have someone use him for a cheap fundraising stunt.

There have been a ton of recriminations over the elections results. I can tell you in the state party the immediate cosequences will be that the old leadership will be targeted at the next convention.

Guy Houston – Meg’s hand-picked puppet for Chairman is a goner… I wonder if he even answers the bell?

Jeff Flint – best known as one of the consultants that got Prop 8 passed despite the Obamunism tsunami – lit Arnold, Meg and the whole lot of them up in a post on the FlashReport. I am leaving an excerpt here:

Republicans! The Party of Lower Taxes! Not under Arnold Schwarzenegger, who raised taxes and fees by billions and sought to undermine the two-thirds vote for tax increases.

Republicans! The Party that will End Deficit Spending!  Not under Arnold Schwarzenegger, who repeatedly has papered over deficit spending in a manner that made Gray Davis’ budget shenanigans look amateur in comparison.

Republicans! The Party of Economic Growth, Jobs, and Fewer Regulations!  Not under Arnold Schwarzenegger, whose AB 32 monstrosity will confine California to lower growth and under-performing job creation for decades to come.

Am I putting too much of the blame for California’s failure to follow the rest of the nation in moving decisively to the right on Schwarzenegger?  I don’t think so.  Because there is clear evidence that it is the California Republican brand, as defined by Schwarzenegger, that suffered this past Tuesday, not conservatism.

A new website has popped up – it is called the worst campaign in history and it rips the lack of principle and the incompetence of the $170 million debacule.

The GOP got it’s ass kicked in California because of Arnold and Arnold in a skirt – Arnold was rejected, not Republicans

Oct 192010


Why it sucks to be a Democrat. (WISTBAD)

No one wants to walk precincts for socialists.

Willie Brown: “I do not believe Jerry Brown has a ground operation.” Neither does Gavin Newsom or Barbara Boxer, Willie sez

From the SF Chron – who could not bring themselves to support Boxer this time around…

…A bombshell blog post that had California Socialist Party Chairman John *()#$&^%#^* Burton hopping mad.

You see Socialist Party Chairman John %$&*(^$# Burton had to put up with two of his top Moonbats lambasting the lack of passion on the Democrat side:

First there was Willie – then there was Garry South:

South told the gathering that unless Jerry Brown has a lead of 7 or 8 points going into election day, “we’re in serious trouble.”

And John *(^%$*( Burton hit the ceiling:

Dem Party chair John Burton told us in plain Burtonese: “Willie Brown is full of (poo-poo). And Garry South never liked any politician who wasn’t paying him. So you’ve got two full of (poo-poo) guys who aren’t relevant to anything in this campaign talking about it.”


Why it sucks to be a Democrat. Only paid whores Union Workers on sick days will walk precincts for you?

P.S. Note how Newsome was included in those grim comments? Could it be that the Dems know Maldonado is winning as well?

Sep 182010

Let me see.

The Dems are deciding to lead with their chins going in to the last 6 weeks of this election cycle.

This is not unlike the Niello “I’m an honest tax-raiser strategy” being employed against Ted Gaines.

So the dems are doing the following:

Veteran Democratic consultant Chris Kofinis was drafting a memo Friday urging candidates and party officials to boost their efforts to portray the GOP as a party hijacked by extremists with unorthodox ideas such as dismantling Social Security. Democratic candidates should woo two crucial groups — persuadable independents and disillusioned liberals — by highlighting the threat of “a radical, extreme fringe that will control and does control the Republican Party,” Kofinis said in an interview

Attack the Tea Party. Hmmm… they are not all like the fringe in Placer County, this is a loser.

So far, Obama and other top Democrats are sticking more closely to a different theme: If voters return Republicans to power, they say, it will bring back Bush administration policies that led to the financial near-collapse of 2008-2009. This past-is-prologue warning depicts veteran Republican lawmakers, such as House Minority Leader John Boehner, as unrepentant Bush loyalists and entrenched lackeys of wealthy special interest groups.

Bash Bush. (yawn)

And with the remaining part of this Article – you can see how the AP is literally WILLING the DEMS to try a new strategy:

Democratic candidates should marry the two messages, not choose between them, says Rep. Chris Van Hollen, who oversees the party’s efforts to win House seats. Tea party nominees, he said, “represent Bush economic policy on steroids.”

Combining Bush and the Tea Party is absurd.

Establishment Republicans such as Boehner already want to loosen regulations on Wall Street, the workplace and other areas, Van Hollen said. Libertarian-leaning tea party activists will push them even further.

GASP! They want to cut Government Regulations!!!

Matt Bennett, vice president of the Democratic-leaning group Third Way, cites polls finding that most voters, despite an overall anger with the establishment, support Democrats on many specific issues, such as tax cuts for the wealthy. Democratic House and Senate candidates, he said, should constantly tell voters “there’s only two choices, there’s no other.”

The Classic Class Warfare strategy.

Specific issues will hardly matter, however, if Democrats can’t persuade middle-of-the-road voters to calmly weigh the ramifications of lashing out at the party in power.

“The most important thing Democrats can do is unnationalize the election,” said Democratic strategist David DiMartino. “In every state and every district, it has to be a choice between them and us. Our policies are more popular than theirs.”

What it all boils down to is try to divide and conquer.

If this is all the Dems have left – they really are screwed.

Here is the source Article

Sep 112010

People are coming out of the woodwork.

I still can’t believe that some of my friends are getting sucked in by a charlatan like Nightengale… I really am.


Nightingale is a colossal fraud.  I sued her, along with four others, in 2008 for malicious defamation for her participation in the failed attempt to hijack and plunder my Minuteman Project.  You will hear nothing complimentary about her from me, or many others in the activist arena.

My personal opinion is that she is running for governor simply as a means to plunder donations from the public for the personal aggrandizement of her and a handful of fanatical cronies who see her exploitation as a means to collect hundreds of thousands of dollars for their own enjoyment.  Scams abound throughout the country, and this is just another one.


I don’t think Nightengale has raised a whole lot of money – but she is flat broke and unemployed.


Nightingale was part of the cabal to destroy my organization, along with her friends and associates Marvin Stewart, Deborah Courtney, Paul Sielski (whom I had arrested on a felony warrant and imprisoned for six months back in March of 2007), and members of the California Coalition for Immigration Reform operated by Barbara Coe of Huntington Beach.

After 3 ½ years of prosecution against Stewart, Courtney and Sielski, a jury in Orange County Superior Court found them all guilty of internet fraud and piracy, U.S. Postal fraud, federal bank fraud and bank theft, and a number of other things.

Stewart and Courtney were forced into bankruptcy because of the judgments I got against them.  Sielski fled the area and is currently on the lam again.

Nightingale has severe personality disorders and is about as dangerous as a crackpot can get.  She routinely associates with some very hateful fascists and bigots and expects unwavering allegiance and homage from her minions.  In short, she’s simply a “kook.”

She got out of the law suit against her for defamation because the lawyer (an idiot) representing me failed to show up for court and the judge dismissed the case.  I fired the lawyer and did not reopen the suit.

J gilchrist

Third Parties… unbelievable. We have a guy running in Rocklin for City Council that was thrown out of the Libertarian Party, for real. Maybe he and Chelene should go out on a date or something.