Sep 102010

First of all – we have to have Steve Cooley as Attorney General. The AG’s office has been used as a Left-Wing partisan hammer by both Bill Lockyer and Jerry Brown.

Steve Cooley also has a proven track record in LA County putting criminals in jail… Kamala Harris loves Cop-Killers.

Prop 8, Prop 187 and others have been allowed to die and the AG’s office has subverted the will of the people – most recently, Jerry Brown has obsessively used his power as AG to sue to stop development.

Which brings me to Meg Whitman.

She has done one key thing that Arnold never did – she has finally enumerated a fiscal plan with some details. I still have significant issues with Meg Whitman – but, she has real-world experience and that places her head and shoulders above anyone who has run for Governor since Bill Simon.

Jerry Brown will decimate what’s left of the state period. Chelene Nightengale can’t even balance her own checkbook or herself for that matter.

Abel Maldonado – he is not Gavin Newsome. Gavin Newsome is a liar, hypocrite and in the words of State Senator Elect Doug LaMalfa, “Evil”.

Damon Dunn – a compelling candidate who is talking openly about dealing with election fraud. Debra Bowen is bought and paid for by ACORN.

Tony Strickland for Controller – maybe for the first time in 30+ years we can have someone who is not a rubber stamp of the Democrat leadership who uses their office to exacerbate the year after year budget crisis.

Mimi Walters for Treasurer – see comments about Strickland

Mike Villines for Insurance Commissioner – if you want socialized insurance vote for Dave Jones. Jones also hates insurance agents, insurance companies and small businesses – he scored a perfect 0 from the NFIB and other groups. Villines is to the right of the current Insurance Commissioner Steve Poizner.

Doug LaMalfa for State Senate – he will score 100% from the CRA year after year. Need I write more?

Jun 222010

California Governor Candidates: Jerry Brown – freaked out liberal Mayor of Oakland, Atty General who likes to sue to stop development.

Meg Whitman: Admittedly Liberal Republican

Lt. Governor Candidates: Gavin Newsome – Mayor of Bankrupt San Francisco, sanctuary city where innocent citizens are murdered by illegal alien felons and who violated state law by Marrying people at City Hall (when he was about to be overrun by scandal)

Abel Maldonado: Sold his vote on the largest tax increase in state history for Prop 14. 22% score from the CRA in 2009, worse than some democrats.

Atty General: Kamala Harris – hates punishing criminals, and part of the SF establishment behind the maintenance of their sanctuary city

Steve Cooley: reportedly a social Liberal. Out of the above six – easily the most conservative, taking stands in favor of border security, three-strikes and enforcing existing laws regardless of whether he agrees with them

US Senate – Barbara Boxer, Freaked Out Liberal from San Francisco. Hates the Military, 28 years in office

Carly Fiorina – finally, we hit a top-down conservative.

The question is – are the liberal Republicans enough of a contrast from the Freaked-Out Liberal slate from San Francisco?

I think Cooley can make that case.

Carly makes that case easily.

Maldonado and Meg Whitman?

Failure to have a USP (Unique Selling Proposition) other than Jerry Brown is bad – will not fly.

Will the nominees for the GOP Inspire?

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Jun 092010

Eric Hogue spoke this morning about the diverse ticket for the California Republican Party.

Of the races I took interest in – only Two Bona-Fide Conservatives Won: Andy Pugno and Doug LaMalfa.

Meg Whitman admits she is a Moderate-Liberal.
Abel Maldonado, while Latino is quite Liberal.
Steve Cooley is regarded as a Moderate. (His staff and supporters would vehemently disagree)
Mimi Walters and Tony Strickland are regarded as “establishment”
Damon Dunn will get railed for not voting. (But he ran as a Conservative)

From a diversity standpoint – Three Women, one Latino, one Black and only two white male nominees of which:

Carly Fiorina is the only candidate in the lot that appears inspiring to the base. Can the ticket sell its’ diversity to overcome the “John McCain-itis” that struck the GOP base in 2008?

The Dems? They feature three liberal freaks from the Bay Area – at least the liberal Republicans we nominated are diverse.

Whitman vs Jerry Brown really looks like McCain vs Obama.

However, Meg Whitman’s team has it in their power to shape her image to get the job done – let’s hope they bring the GOP base with them while they do that…

Stop Prop 14! Protect the Free Speech of Political Parties!

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Jun 072010

Prop 14 was the brainchild of Abel Maldonado in exchange for his vote on the largest tax increase in State History.

Proposition 14 would eliminate primaries and throw all candidates for partisan office on to the same ballot. The top two then go in to a runoff unless one candidate gets 50% +1 of the vote…

This brilliant system yielded David Duke vs Edwin Edwards in a Louisiana Governor’s election. Duke was a KKK grand wizard and Edwards was locked up for corruption.

It also yielded Jacques Chirac vs Jean Claude LePen in France. Chirac is a Communist and LePen is a Nazi.

Don’t forget that third parties would be eliminated from any relevance under this system as well.

Finally – the amounts of money that it requires to run a campaign would double or triple in many instances.

Take a look at this from the ballot argument against Prop 14:

Propostion 14 will also decrease voter choice and make elections more expensive:

  • The general election will not allow write-in candidates.
  • Elections will cost more money at a time when necessary services like firefighters, police, and education are being cut. County election officials predict an increased cost of 30 percent.
  • Voter choice will be reduced because the top two vote getters advance to the general election regardless of political party.
  • This means voters may be forced to choose between two candidates from the same political party. Democrats could be forced to choose between two Republicans, or not vote at all. Republicans could be forced to choose between two Democrats, or not vote at all.
  • Independent and smaller political parties like Greens and Libertarians will be forced off the ballot, further reducing choice.
May 022010

If I was Incumbent Assembly Politician Chuck DeVore – I would be looking for some serious spin right now. DeVore voted for Tom Campbell’s 2005 disaster known as a budget with the largest spending increase in state history.

(Tom Campbell was the author on behalf of Arnold)

There is also a nice website set up to educate voters about Tom Campbell., it is much more sophisticated than – but both should end up in the RINO hunter hall of fame.

Mailer 1 that hit two weeks ago featured a letter from the Howard Jarvis Taxpayer’s Association… and it lit Tom Campbell up for being part of the spending problem.

Flip it over and there is a laundry list of tax increases Tom Campbell participated in, sponsored, supported, proposed or voted for. Abel Maldonado would be proud.

Mailer 2 hit today. It was equally as brutal. It asks why won’t Tom Campbell Sign the Taxpayer Protection Pledge?

Flip the mailer over, and here we go again.

Tom Campbell seems to be obsessed with raising Gas taxes. In 1988 he wanted 12 cents, in 1992 he introduced a bill to raise by 6 cents and in 2009 32 cents for California plus a carbon emissions tax!

Most importantly, side two lights Tom Campbell up for the disastrous 2005 budget which paved the way for today’s massive deficits.

Please voters. Make him go away – vote for Carly Fiorina, we can’t afford Tom Campbell.