Mar 152010

No endorsements for Abel. None. The CCR almost endorsed Sam Aanestad.

Abel Maldonado’s stuff looks like Obama’s – take a look at Abel’s new LG Website… it sucks and looks like Obama Junior. Maldo apparently is trying to win the general election in the Primary. Brandon Gisecki is showing the same kind of wisdom that netted his client Bill Kirby 22% of the vote in 2002 against John Doolittle…

The Lousy Website? It has one gigantic lie on it – it says Lt. Governor elect on it. Nope. Sorry Abel… and his site is as sorry as his booth, with no one at it most of the weekend despite his hiring of a couple attractive staffers.

One oddity is that Maldonado brought his wife with him to this c0nvention – usually Maldo preferred to attend conventions stag… (more on that later if necessary).

At least Maldo didn’t send the state a bill for aviation fuel to go to this convention… he drove the short distance to get there.

Sam Aanestad? All he had to do was address the convention on Sunday and say, “Hi I’m Sam, I am running for Lt. Governor and I did not vote to raise your taxes…” The Crowd erupted in Laughter and Maldo went home with his tail between his legs.

Harman for Ag wins the convention award for best hijinks – I am partial to anything kool-aid related and I give team Harman credit for the Cooley Kool-Aid… drink the Kool Aid and believe Cooley is a conservative. Nice.

Team Harman also had the second best – with the Umpire reminding everyone that Three Strikes and your out is correct – not Cooley’s idea of 5+ strikes. This lampooned Cooley’s soft on crime record.

Problem for Harman – John Eastman was the rock star of the convention, cleaning house for endorsements.

Aanestad was not far behind – people were coming out of the woodwork offering help and event planning. We all need to help people get to know Sam Aanestad – because they’ll soon see too much of Abel.

As far as lousy Hijinks – there was the lame Al Gore characture as Whitman went neagtive again – forgetting to tell us what she is going to do for California – but reminding us of the check Poizner wrote to Al Gore. (Whom she endorsed also)

Compared to the Cooley Umpire and Cooley Kool-Aid… lame.

Under the category of expected: The Demon Sheep showed up… both as a suited up college sutdent and a 3D hologram stuck under the doors of convention attenders…

Under the true suprise category – the Barbara Boxer Zepplin.

Unbelievable – I love going to conventions… how could I forget my Meg Whitman playing cards. The simplest of hijinks neutralizes tens of thousands of dollars…

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  1. There is a major 3rd Republican running for Lt. Gov. Check it out.

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