Proof: Jim Nielsen Supported a Peripheral Canal and Dam Removal on 11/04/2009

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Sep 262012

Jim Nielsen’s campaign staff have a nightmare. They have claimed that Jim Nielsen opposes a Peripheral Canal and Opposes Dam Removal.

Jim Nielsen even said as much in person at the Placer GOP Cent Com Meeting on 9/19/2012.

Jim Nielsen lied to the Placer County Republican Party, the independent expenditure paid for by liberal billionaire Charles Munger on his behalf is lying.

SB X7 2 11/04/2009 – here is the vote tally – Note the title: TOPIC: Safe, Clean, and Reliable Drinking Water Supp

Whoops. Dan Logue NO, Ted Gaines NO – JIM NIELSEN YES. SB X7 2 was the vote to put the water bond on the 2010 ballot. It has since been moved twice.

The title is key – because the summary linked here has the same title, yet reads SB2. So that no one can attempt to parse words – this was SB2 from an extraordinary session as the legislature usually recesses at the end of August. Also – look at the link in your browser – you will see that it matches the term SB X7 2 in the link.

Please refer to page 25 – Page 25 provides $250,000,000 for Dam Removal in the Klamath River Watershed – this is in Siskiyou County.

What about the Peripheral Canal? – well, take a look at Governor Arnold gushing over the approval of this measure!

This is from the Stockton Record and is dated NOVEMBER 4, 2009 – an exact match with the above.

If you look closely at this bond – you will see that it is an environmental grab bag of pork, watershed restoration, clean drinking water – a veritable agenda 21 shopping spree.

Jim Nielsen can not wiggle free from this – his own record has doomed him. This bond that Nielsen supported will be on the ballot in 2014 unless it is moved again.

Jim Nielsen’s Senate Campaign just got aborted.

California Air Resources Board Wants to Design Cars Now

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Dec 222010

Thank you Governor Arnold and all the corporate losers that poured money in to stopping Prop 23.

Their desire for profit is allowing a bunch of despots to reign.

A youtube video details what CARB would do to Santa and his sleigh.

BTW – seem far-fetched… they are discussing mandating that cars get 60MPG by 2017. The CARB is out of control and companies that eyed profit in a defeat of Prop 23 enabled their tyranny… not to mention Arnold.

Jeff Flint – Arnold took us down hard

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Nov 052010

Thanks Arnold. Jeff Flint lit up the legacy of Arnold Squishenegger.

Jeff Flint wrote an artful column in the flashreport and below is an excerpt:

But the bright lines of differentiation between the parties nationally have been hopelessly blurred in California by Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Republicans! The Party of Lower Taxes! Not under Arnold Schwarzenegger, who raised taxes and fees by billions and sought to undermine the two-thirds vote for tax increases.

Republicans! The Party that will End Deficit Spending!  Not under Arnold Schwarzenegger, who repeatedly has papered over deficit spending in a manner that made Gray Davis’ budget shenanigans look amateur in comparison.

Republicans! The Party of Economic Growth, Jobs, and Fewer Regulations!  Not under Arnold Schwarzenegger, whose AB 32 monstrosity will confine California to lower growth and under-performing job creation for decades to come.

Am I putting too much of the blame for California’s failure to follow the rest of the nation in moving decisively to the right on Schwarzenegger?  I don’t think so.  Because there is clear evidence that it is the California Republican brand, as defined by Schwarzenegger, that suffered this past Tuesday, not conservatism.

Apr 202010

Arnold. It’s all about Arnold.

This is the same Arnold that Doug LaMalfa betrayed true conservative icon Tom McClintock for in 2003. The same Arnold that Doug LaMalfa and Chuck DeVore served up ceremonial Kool-Aid for in 2005 to get a pre-primary endorsement.


This is the same Arnold that rewarded Abel Maldonado with an appointment to fill the vacated Lt. Governor’s office for his “service” to California.

You could say that Abel already got his payoff – Prop 14.


He champions the Citizen’s Compensation Commission – some feel-good band of folks that “set” legislative pay.

OOPS. John Perez likes to pay his staffers a lot of money – Perez also likes his own salary, thank you very much.

Perez is bringing Abel Maldonado’s confirmation up now. The CCC meets on Thursday and is expected to recommend a 10% pay cut for the legislature. Maldo is scheduled to be heard by the Assembly Rules Committee tomorrow at 11am.

The story goes that John Perez is going to make Arnold choose. 10% pay cut or Abel Maldonado.

If I was a betting man: Sorry Abel – you just got torched again.

The next question is – will Martin Garrick enforce a yes vote again? Will Martin Garrick call it a leadership vote and will Republicans stand up to Garrick if he does it?

The State Senate is doing nothing. Screw “comity” I guess.