Mar 182010

Why Do I seem annoyed?

Someone explain this to me – you have someone in your midst that votes for horrific budgets year in and year out. He votes for nanny state laws, extreme environmental regulations and expansions of government that the mind strains to quantify.

Yet his fellow Republicans want to promote him to the second highest office in the State. It is especially absurd when you realize that his appointment to Lt Governor was itself a payoff for rolling over for King Arnold time and again.

And Martin Garrick – the Assembly Republican Permanent Minority Leader has basically told the CRA, Conservatives and the Tea Party to go pound sand.


There’s a State Senate seat in the balance, don’t you know. That’s right – the former Assembly Permanent Minority Leader – Sam Blakeslee wants to become a State Senator in Abel’s District.

The Play?

They claim to have polling showing that Blakeslee can win in this majority Democrat District. So get Maldo out of the Senate and Blakeslee can become the Senator denying the Dems a vote on the budget.

How many voters do you think will see it that way?

Only the 29 Republicans in the Assembly. Self-Styled Maverick Republican Chuck Devore cowered to Assembly Permanent Minority Leader Martin Garrick and reneged on his promise to oppose Abel Maldonado.

… and the rest of the Republicans who refused to stand up to Garrick subjugated Republican Values in the name of Strategy.

We need leadership Martin Garrick – not strategy.

What has happened is that the voters are now going to see Maldonado as a victim of the Democrats. And the second confirmation hearing will occur in May – right as people are getting their absentee ballots.

Meantime the Assembly Republican strategy will come at the expense of one of the Republican Party’s finest. Sam Aanestad.

So – there you have it… Martin Garrick has picked Ultra-Liberal Republican, gun grabber, eco-nazi, Serial tax-raiser and nanny government potentate Abel Maldonado over Sam Aanestad.

Man, do I feel violated…

DeVore? Anyone?

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