Mar 132010

Well – Meg Whitman keynoted the dinner, it was a good speech (off of a teleprompter) and was well received. Also in tow was Mitt Romney – looks like Mitt is coming back for another crack at it.

I was greeted by a mess under my front door from Whitman telling me what a loser Poizner is – but again, there was nothing telling us why to vote for Whitman…

I had a bird’s eye view from my post as a Sgt. At Arms for the event last night – but this weekend will be relaxing compared to the last…

Last night featured the usual hospitality suites replete with booze and college campaign interns as well.

The campaign game is afoot – the convention has been swarmed with campaign staff. There is also an unusual amount of media here – they are looking for the usual kooks to interview, because in their faux objectivity they want to portray the entire Republican Party by interviewing the fringe.

Abel Maldonado? His campaign signs look like Obama’s. Suffice to say – Abel Maldonado is to the left of every Republican not named Tom Campbell. It will be interesting to see what his website or campaign ads look like.

Today’s drama is going to surround the unification of the CYR and the YR. Mark Abernathy (see also RINO) has sent a contingent to attempt to derail and disrupt the unification – and his side is groosly outnumbered.

DeVore – ran across one of his staff who made it a point to tell me that I $^%&ed DeVore last weekend. Now, contrast that to the Whitman people who all came up and shook my hand thanking me for the job I did – along with the Poizner people!

Also found out that Chuck himself was telling people that I tried to extort money out of him at the CRA convention – and he wants to run for Senate? I’m sorry – even if what he said or what they believed was true, it is a sign of arrogance and campaign stupidity to pick a fight with an officer in the CRA. There is zero upside for Chuck and it does not reflect well on a candidate for Statewide office to be so vindictive to anyone, let alone a blogger.

I have also come to know that Chuck’s characterization of Carly Fiorina has been patently absurd. Not Bad – campaign 101.

P.S. I made a bet with Mitch Zak Poizner +15 Dinner. We’ll see what happens!

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