Apr 202010

Arnold. It’s all about Arnold.

This is the same Arnold that Doug LaMalfa betrayed true conservative icon Tom McClintock for in 2003. The same Arnold that Doug LaMalfa and Chuck DeVore served up ceremonial Kool-Aid for in 2005 to get a pre-primary endorsement.


This is the same Arnold that rewarded Abel Maldonado with an appointment to fill the vacated Lt. Governor’s office for his “service” to California.

You could say that Abel already got his payoff – Prop 14. http://www.stopprop14.com


He champions the Citizen’s Compensation Commission – some feel-good band of folks that “set” legislative pay.

OOPS. John Perez likes to pay his staffers a lot of money – Perez also likes his own salary, thank you very much.

Perez is bringing Abel Maldonado’s confirmation up now. The CCC meets on Thursday and is expected to recommend a 10% pay cut for the legislature. Maldo is scheduled to be heard by the Assembly Rules Committee tomorrow at 11am.

The story goes that John Perez is going to make Arnold choose. 10% pay cut or Abel Maldonado.

If I was a betting man: Sorry Abel – you just got torched again.

The next question is – will Martin Garrick enforce a yes vote again? Will Martin Garrick call it a leadership vote and will Republicans stand up to Garrick if he does it?

The State Senate is doing nothing. Screw “comity” I guess.

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