Feb 172010

There is so much on Abel Maldonado that it is hard to pick a starting point. He introduced himself to the 2010 Lt. Gov campaign with a choice swipe at Republican Activists.

I was watching the confirmation hearings on the California Channel with my brother (who is Sam Aanestad’s Campaign Manager) – I could hardly believe my ears when Jose Solorio ripped in to Maldonado on the Floor of the Assembly lambasting him for having a price for voting on the budget.

For some strange reason, the Assembly Republicans voted as a block to promote Maldo to Lt. Governor. Maybe their strategists and consultants have some sort of master plan, as the excuse du jour is, “we need to get him out of here.”

Principle be dammed – even worse, the Tea Party folks are watching. This Central Committee Member and activist is mad as hell.

Patrick Dorinson – Maldo’s Campaign manager welcomed Abel Maldonado in to the race by attacking Republican activists all over the state:

“I’m tired of seeing the Orange County and Placer County axis try to run the Republican Party in this state,” says GOP consultant Patrick Dorinson. “They should be happy to get a Latino Republican in that job.”

Liberal SOP: If you have a flawed candidate – PLAY THE RACE CARD!

Problem – Maldonado’s laundry list is so astounding that people will forget, and I mean easily forget anything but what the man has done to us in California.

It makes Jose Solorio’s Comments even more timely – he compared what Maldonado’s vote meant versus Anthony Adams, Roger Niello and Roy Ashburn – all of whom he mentioned by name and thanked for voting for the budget without a price tag.

P.S. Please join this blogger and call your Assemblymember and tell them to VOTE NO on the confirmation of Abel Maldonado.

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  1. Abel is doomed. It’s unbelievable the LA Times still sucks this guys throbbing wiener.

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