CA-Sen Update: Bizarre Appeals and Polls showing Fiorina 50+ vs Other at (who cares)

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Jun 072010

It’s over.

It was over two weeks ago.

Still, the information minister fights on to get a few last shots in at Carly Fiorina (in an attempt to assist Barbara Boxer?) – is it spoiled rotten brat syndrome or a bonfire of Ego. Thomas the Tax Engine folded up his tent a week ago.

In a post called the time for choosing – Carly Fiorina is called Lyndsay Graham or John McCain by Red State Blog. They also compare this race to the hysteria surrounding Arnold and the “Go for the win” mentality.

They emplore people to throw away their votes on the information minister – dragging out his half-baked lines about what a baby-killing, tree-hugging squish Carly is.

They are dead wrong about Carly and will end up eating their words. I would hope that these guys help us against Barbara Boxer.

And now for the truth that Chuck DeVore will likely deny until leeches and electrodes are applied:

Flap’s Dental Blog reported a new poll. Carly 54% – any questions?

Let’s look at the numbers a little closer…

Looking at the changes in the US Senate contest, Carly Fiorina’s campaign has increased her support by 10 points, up from 44%, Tom Campbell has dropped 2 points from 21% to 19% and Chuck Devore has increased by 2 points, up from 14%. Other candidate support has decreased 2 points to 5%, and undecided voters has decreased 8 points from 14%.

They also have Steve Poizner losing 64-22.

Jun 052010

I like to dive in to numbers sometimes. This poll is tighter than the slew of other polls I have seen lately – so I decided to have a look.

First off – Quoting the Field Poll:

Carly – 37 / Campbell – 22 / DeVore – 19. (The Race for 2nd Place is tightening)

I wanted to take a deeper look and a couple of quotes were astounding:  

Statewide 38% of the Republican primary electorate identify a lot with the Tea Party populist movement. Among this segment of voters Fiorina is preferred with 42%, followed by DeVore at 25% and Campbell at 17%.

Carly is the Tea Party Candidate!

Among strong conservatives Fiorina is supported by 43%, with DeVore running second at 23% and Campbell trailing at 16%. Among voters who identify as moderately conservative, Fiorina’s lead narrows to twelve points. By contrast, among the nearly one in three GOP primary voters who are either middle-of-the-road or liberal in politics, Campbell leads Fiorina narrowly (32% to 30%).

Carly is the conservative Candidate! (The other point is the liberals now know Tom Campbell is the Liberal)

And the all-important Popularity Contest:

(69%) said they had an opinion of Fiorina and their views divided 57% favorable to 12% unfavorable.

(64%) can now express an opinion of him, and they divide 45% positive and 19% negative

DeVore is still the least known of the GOP senatorial candidates, with 51% of likely GOP primary voters unable to offer an opinion of him.

DeVore did score 41-8 on his fav/unfav (I am proud to be part of the 8%) – but my favorite quote of the entire survey follows:

Just 12% of the GOP primary voters believe DeVore has the best chance against Boxer. Even among those who are supporting DeVore in his primary election bid, less than half (42%) think he has the best chance of winning in the fall, while nearly as many (33%) think Fiorina does.

Yet, DeVore continues to attack Carly. Does he want Boxer to win? His own voters seem to know the truth.

CA-Sen Update: Fiorina looks forward to the General Election

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Jun 032010

This while Chuck DeVore continues to scream to a shrinking universe. Read this email from team Carly and tell me what you hear?

1.    Political consultant Matt Klink calls it like he sees it in a post for Fox and Hounds Daily titled “Stick a Fork in Tom Campbell, His Senate Campaign is Done.” You can check it out here:

2.    Carly penned a column for the Flash Report today laying out the case against Barbara Boxer, you can check that out here:  <>

Now read what Carly writes – you never see passion like this from a Moderate, ever.

3.    The Capitol Weekly poll is out today showing Carly with a double digit lead and confirming that Campbell is dropping like a rock as DeVore continues to dog paddle.

Poll number 5 – Chuck is Stuck (16) and Campbell is at 21 and sliding. The real race is for 2nd place. Note that the last Captiol Weekly poll was badly skewed in favor of Chuck DeVore – but even this poll showed Carly moved up 27 points.

4.    For those of you who missed our state of the race call this morning, Team Carly Creative Genius Fred Davis reported that Tom Campbell’s much-discussed new ad has at this point a grand total of $4300 (and no, not a typo, I didn’t forget to include zeros) behind it between tomorrow and Monday.

Sounds like the two spots bought on 24.

5.    And finally, Barbara Boxer had an event today in the Bay Area in an effort to pretend that her vote for the $800 billion stimulus has somehow created jobs. We’ll probably have more for you on this shortly, but below is a response for those of you who covered the event:
“Barbara Boxer’s claim to have created jobs in this state would be laughable if the reality of unemployment for millions of Californians were not so devastating. For the last 28 years she has sat back in Washington collecting a taxpayer funded salary and benefits while voting to raise taxes by more than a trillion dollars and taking every opportunity to expand government and its reach. And what is the result?  Nearly 13 percent of Californians are without a job. Her hollow election year grandstanding today underscored that politics are much more her forte than producing actual results – which probably explains her vulnerable standing in the polls.”

I can’t wait to light her up.

CA-Sen Update: Information Minister DeVore: I Can Win

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Jun 022010

I received the below email today. I am inserting comments within it’s text as appropriate.

Dear Aaron,

I know you may not live in California but what happens in the U.S. Senate effects ALL Americans.

(spell-check – affects)

Are you willing to sit by and let a moderate Republican get elected in place of Barbara Boxer?

NO. Campbell is behind by 20 or more points.
There are three things you need to know:
This election is not over.
We can win this race.
But I need your help to make it happen.

Math lesson – margin for error of 5% Carly 41% Devore 16% – make it Carly 36% and DeVore 21% if the entire Margin for Error was skewed against DeVore. Then freeze Campbell at 21% and give chuck 75% of the remaing 22% und – see how it works?

Past Senate primary races have shown dramatic tightening in the last week of the campaign. This election is no different.

In the last two weeks Carly has jumped 15% – I’d need chemicals to understand how that is called tightening
This may be the last time I ask you for a donation during the primary. I need your help to raise $50,000 before Friday. But we need you to act today!
It only takes a minute. Click here to make a donation using our secure online server.
We have radio and TV ads running all up and down the state but we need your help to keep them running.

People are still making up their minds on who to vote for. Challenge your friends and family on this:

Problem is – people are chooisng Carly

There’s only one candidate who opposed the Wall Street bailout.

There’s only one candidate who opposed Obamacare from the start.

There’s only one candidate who has been consistently opposed to amnesty and supportive of the Arizona law
I am that candidate.

Notice how the words are parsed – Chuck got hammered for mischaracterizing Carly and it seems he has backtracked

In short, there is only ONE conservative in this race:. California Republicans have been burned before by their current Governor and especially by the establishment forces in Washington who have chosen Carly Fiorina to be their moderate champion.

We also need integrity in a Senator and calling Fiorina a Moderate is desperate and dishonest.
Why would you replace Barbara Boxer with a moderate Republican? You wouldn’t. I know you. I know your values. I honor your concern about America’s future.

Tom Campbell is out of money and is nosediving. If DeVore honors people’s concern he should suspend his campaign and endorse Carly.
This is a time for bold choices.
Please, make your choice for Chuck DeVore.

Chuck DeVore

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It has been shared on this blog – I have done my part for California.

CA-Sen Update: Tom Campbell forgot one key detail while citing polling data…

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Jun 012010

How many of you got Tom Campbell’s letter on Friday asking for money? (Auburn-Placer Recology picked it up today)

I got the following email from Tom Campbell – it told me two things. One is that he is broke and two is that he forgot about the prupose of next Tuesday…

I don’t have personal millions like Carly Fiorina to spend on my campaign – but I do have something my opponents can’t offer.

According to a just released LA Times/USC poll, I am defeating Barbara Boxer by 7 points – the first time a Republican has ever led her. The poll shows Carly Fiorina losing by 6 points, and Chuck DeVore losing by 10.

I can defeat Barbara Boxer, my opponents can’t – the case I make in this new video, which I urge you to watch and then pass along to your friends.

While 30-second TV ads have had an impact in this race, the most powerful way to sway voters is through a personal contact from a friend or colleague – you.

Here we go again from Tom Campbell: only my brand of liberalism can beat Barbara Boxer – I am pro-choice, pro-mixed marriage, anti-gun and darn it anyway, college professors think I am a righteous dude!

Tom Campbell’s opening line about personal millions also gives us a window in to the soul of a politician obsessed with raising taxes. That is something James Fisfisfis can’t fix fix fix.

There’s a big problem, Tom Campbell. It’s called a Primary. Problem two, Boxer is vulnerable to anyone, and was vulnerable against Bill Jones in 2004 – Jones was unable to raise money (like Campbell).

Campbell’s fellow Liberal Republican Meg Whitman apparently grasped this concept as she spent liberally on ads calling Steve Poizner a liberal and promising to close the borders. (If Tom Campbell called someone else a liberal it would cause laughter.)

I’d like to direct you back to the Memorial Day Trifecta for Thomas the Tax Engine. Terrorism, Taxes and (vote) Talley – three areas where Tom Campbell comes up wanting.

The California GOP is looking for a few good men, the Information Minister and the Tax Engine just ain’t it.