Feb 282010

That is correct. The committees in the legislature are likely be re-doing the confirmation hearing for Senator Abel Maldonado tomorrow.

This is fresh from Capitol sources in the know.

I guess the play is that they are going to get him out of the Senate and then try to run him through in the Lt. Governor Primary. They have to do the hearings now or else Maldo will not be able to use Incumbent on his ballot title.

There are multiple deals being done by the governor to convince Democrats to vote for Maldonado’s confirmation – in addition, Senator Maldonado has boasted that he has been in contact with several Assembly Democrats to line up their vote.

Problem – the “Third House” donors are unlikely to go against Arnold. Arnold has proven to be as vindictive as he is unprincipled – so it looks like Maldonado will be able to fund his primary campaign after all. (The third house are the lobbyists and high-rollers who donate based on strategy and bottom-line, not principles per-ce’)

If Maldonado wins the primary – the Republicans in the legislature will look like idiots.

That being said – stay tuned tomorrow – the play is that the main vote should occur tomorrow afternoon or Tuesday.

This is insane.

The same sources are indicating that Team Whitman is so confident that she is going to win her primary – that she has made it known that her preference of running mate is Abel Maldonado. (ostensibly, for diversity sake?)

Makes sense. Team Whitman = Team Arnold

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