Mar 132020
Here is yet another story from a former employee who actually won their civil service case yet had their career wrecked by Jeff Wilson:
How long does a personnel file remain available to review ? I would love to offer the investigative material from mine. I was up on the chopping block at the same time as Karin [Bjork].
I have heard rumors concerning the investigative process during the time I was placed on leave but just ignored them.
The unsuccessful attempt to fire me gave me insight to the Civil Service process. In hindsight I should have called more staff into the process as witnesses.
The list Scott had included Brad Alford to testify against me. After my attorney posed several questions Brad Alford actually cried. Kind of shocked me. Aside from the fact he lied! I would love to get a transcript of that hearing. He was a sexual assault investigator at the time and I was the Advocate for 2 minors that were assaulted by a CHP Officer.
I always thought that since he heard all of the sex case interviews, maybe he was under more pressure to keep secrets and bend the facts than I realized.
Sorry to say this. I hope Alford realizes how I felt when he lied about me.
I can verify age related pressure from administration.In 2016 Clark G. called the Victim Compensation Staff into a closed door meeting in the Law Library. (this is the section that processes claims for the State of California Crime Victim Compensation Board.) In a very pensive and unusually nervous manner he basically wanted to know how long we all planned to continue to remain employed there.
As the four of us sat there and all looked at each other, I commented; “are you even allowed to ask us that?” Nervous laughter ensued but, ultimately that event none the less, led me to make the final decision to leave. He was at one time the Union Shop Steward, and should have known the question would be hurtful and damaging. I wonder now if he was told to do it.
I am really wondering what the hell has been going on in the Placer DA’s office for the last 8 years. What has become clear is that there was a stalinistic purge executed under Jeff Wilson. Regardless of the defenses of Dave Tellman, everyone in senior management has to be tainted by this rampage.
During the onset of the ravaging of staff, I was one of the original first bunch being constantly harassed. I was walked out and placed on leave for over four months. I followed up with the above person who emailed me.
I was ordered in writing to :
Phone in to Troy Kenney Chief Investigator every day.
To remain at home to answer a call back.
And on 3 occasions asked to meet and be served legal documents relative To the attempt to terminating me.
I demanded a full Board hearing.
Alfords testimony was supposed to be some slam dunk investigative brilliance that was extracted from the investigative process in that CHP case.
He was a witness at my Civil Service Hearing
I was at the time; The Victim Services Unit Supervisor defending my employment against the charges that I was obstructive .
His testimony was not factual. He lied. Then he cried. Scott O turned beet red and hung his head in shame. (Blogger’s Note: Scott O is Scott Owens, the former DA of Placer County)
I think I was the practice run for what would be a series of ignorant blunders.
Karin B. Todd K. I think Rick O was a target. Carl M. Then poor Dave K. Parks on the railroad tracks. (Blogger’s Note, we’ve written about some of these previously.)
(That CHP Officer was prosecuted and terminated and is registered as a sex offender.)
I was reinstated with a demotion to Victim Advocate.
In retaliation, I never worked as a Crime Victim Advocate again. Against the findings of the Civil Service Board ruling and oral statement, I never worked with another crime victim again.
I did entry level clerical intake.
…and yes this is a mess. There is so much
To those of you that have been reading Right On Daily for any length of time, this resembles the stuff I was writing about in the Riverside Sheriff’s Office Drama. Regarding the Alford referred to in this article – it is the assertion of this source that Alford lied in testimony to help a CHP officer that got caught committing sexual misconduct. What a small world it is.
Then I got another tidbit:
Hey Aaron, just thought I would chime in with my 2 cents on Dave Tellman
Yes he is a really nice upbeat guy but for some reason since December I have been invisible to him. I don’t work for him now but did in the past.  He has always been very pleasant to me now he just looks past me. Weird don’t understand it.  Then the second thing he is very close to a couple staff members where their families go on weekend get always,  I know friendships will occur at work but should not show up at work but it is obvious.  There is the looking the other way when it comes to time off.  Even weirder still if there is a riff between him and Jeff, these staff members are also Jeff’s favorites. Just an odd fact!
Now I would like to throw another name into the mix.  Kelly LeRossignol,  when Jeff promoted Doug And Jennifer he also promoted her and she became responsible for the office staff.  She’s been at the office a few years I guess not really sure but was also very friendly. But I had never worked with her so when he promoted her I asked someone who I always saw talking to her what was she like since she was now over me.  I said she seemed nice and she said. “ oh let me tell you, she will slit your throat and you will bleed out before you even know what she has done” I thought that was kind of harsh but a few weeks later I got called in to Doug’s office because I dared to be unhappy with a decision she made and let me tell you that statement was no lie!  Doug glared at me but said nothing but there is no kindness or give and take in that person.
Please keep it anonymous!  Are you getting crazy with all the stuff you are getting!
Dave Tellman – open invitation. I want to interview you on the record about why you are qualified to be the Placer County DA. I want to ask you questions about all of the stuff that occurred while you were a part of management. Please email me at [email protected] – my cell phone has also been circulated around as well. Let’s talk, I want to know why I and my readers should be able to trust you to be DA.
To the other candidates for DA that made it through the backgrounds (there are five of you not named Jeff Wilson) I will interview any of you as well. Jeff Wilson, withdraw your application and retire.
Mar 082020
This is one of a few people that have come forward to talk to your intrepid blogger about Jeff Wilson and his crew in the DA’s office.

I am close to retirement age he’s asks me often,  when are you going? Do you want me to fill your paperwork out?

For a few years I was verbally abused by a few attorneys and a couple secretaries and he would do nothing for me.

He said to me  I believe that you believe this story.  Basically calling me a liar then went on to say.   Why would I do anything to help you, there is nothing special about you.

I earned 2 ulcers during this time of abuse.On the first day his assistant/secretary started, I showed her where the restroom was and how to make her way back to her cubicle, he saw us walking and said to her in a very firm tone “ I need to speak to you know”. I thought well she will never speak to me again.  She rarely has.  Shortly after that he came to me and told me he did not want me spreading my poison all over the office!  Cripes I showed her the restroom!  I hardly even speak to people in the office and for sure never anyone new now since they are all friends or friends of friends.

Like I said my are only a few. I try to avoid him like the plague, I mostly see what his hangers on get away with in that office it is atrocious!

It looks like Scott Owens was not running the office the last few years he was there. Then I got another email with follow up about the lynching of the Rocklin Cop:
This is what happens when political ambition  and a malignant ego distort the criminal justice process:

 Rocklin Police Officer Brad Alford was charged as a result of a violent confrontation between Officer Alford and a gang member that was captured on video, after the gang member drove erratically through a residential Rocklin neighborhood, initially failed to yield to an officers attempts to pull the gang members vehicle over, failed to follow lawful commands and resisted the attempts of the officers to arrest him.

Jeff Wilson personally lead the investigation.  Jeff Wilson made the decision to charge Officer Alford with the following crimes:  three felony charges of assault with a deadly weapon causing great bodily harm, assault by a public officer. Jeff Wilson ordered the arrest of Brad Alford against the advisement of the Chief of D.A Investigators, who had been a law enforcement officer for more than 20 years.

Once the case was charged, the case was assigned to the Public Integrity Unity.  Van Breeman was formerly the supervisor of that unit.  Van Breeman is now the Assistant Deputy District Attorney immediately responsible for the Public Integrity Unit.  At the trial during the month of May 2018 the other two officers who were present testified for the prosecution, i.e., they were called as witnesses by the District Attorney’s office.

The jury viewed the body camera video and the dashboard camera videos of the arrest.The jury unanimously found Officer Alford “not guilty” of all charges in a mere two hours.  The jury must have believed the testimony of the two Rocklin Officers.

The Placer County D.A.’s office, like many D.A.’s offices, has a “Brady” committee, the purpose of which is to inform defense attorneys of  perceived dishonesty on the part of law enforcement personnel.

Being added to a “Brady” list is very damaging to an officer’s career, and is only done when the alleged dishonesty is objective and unquestionably accurate. It is not intended as a means of retaliation.In a  vindictive  and retaliatory response, the District Attorney’s Office, Brady Committee used the Brady List to punish the two Rocklin officers for their testimony, which the jury certainly had to believe in order to have reached their quick and unanimous “not guilty” verdicts.

Immediately after the not-guilty verdict , the so-called “Brady committee” in the Placer County D.A.’s office decided to add to the “Brady List  the two Rocklin Police Officers who had been  called to testify by the prosecution.  This is has probably never happened in any other County in the state. A letter to that effect was sent to the officers and the Rocklin  Police Department.  (See attached document.)

At the bottom of the letter, Dave Tellman’s name appears as being a part of the Brady Committee, the committee that decided to put the officers on the list.      According the the Placer County D.A. policy, an officer placed on the Brady list has an opportunity to respond, or respond through counsel, to the alleged dishonest conduct.  The two officers who testified for the prosecution in the Alford case have attempted to meet with the Brady Committee to respond, but the Brady Committee has ignored their requests.

This is in violation of the Placer County D.A.’s own policy.   Van Breeman also personally signed the brady letter to Rocklin.  Dave Tellman is on the Brady Committee On other topics: According to the transcripts in the sexual discrimination lawsuit, Tellman, at Wilson’s direction, wrote the notice of proposed disciplinary action that eventually brought on the lawsuit which culminated in a $2 million settlement to Karin Bjork.

Some people think that this shows Tellman is willing to do the dirty work for management for his own gain. All of Karin Bjork’s job performance  reviews prior to this were satisfactory for Karin (according to the deposition transcript). Of course, hindsight is 20-20, but  the D.A.’s office lost at the Civil Service Commission hearing, and at the federal trial court level. There is no doubt that the second attempt to fire Karin was poisonously vindictive.

Tellman is also on the Brady committee. Some people think that  Tellman was a willing errand boy for Wilson until he was passed over for promotion in December 2018 (Van Breeman and Jennifer Miszkewycz became Assistant Deputy District Attorneys,  whereas Tellman remained a supervisor).

I have been told that Morgan Gire told the DSA and Roseville POA that if he were appointed as District Attorney, Tellman would be his Chief Deputy (#2).  Tellman has told the DSA and RPOA that if he is selected, Gire would be his #2 (although, it appears Gire has a better job as #3 in Sacramento County.  Gire lives in Sacramento County).    However, you know how the story changes as it goes around, I am sure, and I am not sure this is relevant in any event. A D.A. is entitled to choose his Chief Deputy.

It’s getting thick. More stories are coming from employees that have suffered under Jeff Wilson and crew. My heart goes out to the three Rocklin Cops whose careers have been wrecked by these guys. My heart also goes out to the list of people that have been mistreated by these guys as well.
Take note, however of the split between Tellman and Wilson. It informs us as to why they are rivals for the DA appointment.
Mar 072020

If you’ve been reading my series about the Placer County DA Office Vacancy – you should be familiar with Jeff Wilson’s reign of terror (more on that soon as several have come forward). Other names I am hearing mentioned are Dave Tellman and Doug Van Bremen. Tellman and Wilson are candidates for Placer DA. Van Bremen has been alleged to be a hatchet man for Jeff Wilson by people I have spoken to.

There was a just completed trial of a Rocklin Cop named Brad Alford. Alford was ACQUITTED on all counts in less than two hours. We pick up the story:

Alford went off duty shortly after the event occurred on the morning of September 24, and wrote his report that evening when he returned for the graveyard shift. By approximately 9 a.m. on the morning of September 25, the Rocklin P.D. Internal Affairs lieutenant was looking at some of the video evidence concerning this incident. He did not like what he saw, and would later testify that, based simply on his view of the video, and without reviewing either the report written by Alford or the reports written by Nitz and Adams (which described active resistance by Perez during the period of time when Alford was striking him), he formed the opinion that Alford’s use of force was excessive and unreasonable. He reviewed some of the existing video with his captain for approximately 30 minutes, and together with the captain and the chief for a similar time period, and then took the case to the DA’s Office. Alford was placed on administrative leave on the late afternoon of September 25.

The DA’s Office was asked to investigate the possible use of excessive force on the same afternoon. Within 24 hours, the DA’s Office had an arrest warrant prepared and Alford was taken into custody. Although the seminal case of Graham v. Connor (1989), 109 S.Ct. 1865, tells us all that the analysis of an officer’s use of force depends upon the perceptions of a reasonable officer on the scene at the time of the incident, the Rocklin Police Department administration had no idea of what Alford’s perception was or what the perceptions of Nitz and Adams were, because they did not read their reports. The DA’s Office gave pitifully little if any consideration to anything written by the officers and didn’t even bother to consult a use-of-force expert before issuing the felony criminal complaint and taking Alford into custody.

You can see that the slipshod behavior of people in the Rocklin PD and the zeal of the Placer County DA’s office (see also Jeff Wilson and Dave Tellman) led to Brad Alford being put through 2+ years of hell.

Next speaks to how lousy the DA’s case was against the officer: (IA = internal affairs, the POST / Learning Domain refers to police training protocols)

I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to ask the IA lieutenant if he could conceive of a use-of-force expert giving an opinion concerning the propriety of an officer’s use of force in California without knowing what POST is or without understanding Learning Domain 20 or Learning Domain 33. The IA lieutenant agreed that such an individual would be ill-qualified to offer an opinion.

When the former Henderson police chief testified, I asked him if he could envision a situation in which an individual offering an opinion concerning an officer’s use of force would be reliable or accurate if they did not even bother to review the officer’s report in order to understand what the perceptions of that officer were when the officer applied force. The police chief indicated that an opinion offered under such circumstances would essentially be worthless.

The IA Lieutenant in Rocklin should be terminated immediately for what he did. The attorney for PORAC took him apart and then took apart the “expert witness” Jeff Wilson and his crew brought in (the Henderson police chief) as well.

When the dust of this trial cleared, the jury was asked to do the analysis that had never been done by the administration of the Rocklin P.D. or the Placer County DA’s Office — to apply the use-of-force analysis required by the United States Supreme Court in Graham v. Connor, required by POST in Learning Domain 20 and required by the Rocklin P.D. in its use-of-force policy and determine, whether, given the perceptions of Alford, Nitz and Adams, Alford’s decision to use force and the use of force itself was reasonable under the circumstances.

The jury’s verdict was swift — only about two hours of deliberations following the conclusion of instructions. No requests were received for testimony to be reread, and no requests were made to review video evidence. The not guilty verdicts made all of us at the defense table and the supporters of Alford in the audience jubilant that he could return to his family for the first time in over a year and half without facing the infamy of felony charges and a possible prison sentence.

In the attempted lynching of Brad Alford, Wilson and crew failed to do basic prosecutor work. This should give you pause about everyone involved. But wait, there’s more. Wilson and crew retaliated against every cop involved in the case – even though the exoneration happened and by definition there was no longer a crime.

Wilson, Doug Van Bremen and Dave Tellman executed a “Brady Listing” the officers involved. If you are a cop, being Brady Listed is basically the kiss of death on your career as a cop.

Our collective happiness did not last long. Within only a few hours of the jury’s verdict, Nitz and Adams received letters from the Placer County DA’s Office advising them that the DA’s Office was considering placing them on the Brady list for (1) failing to report criminal offenses committed by Brad Alford on September 24, 2017, and (2) giving testimony at trial that was inconsistent with some of the video evidence.

Pretty amazing, given the fact that the jury had just told the DA that no crimes were committed on September 24, and both the DA’s own expert from Henderson, Texas, and our expert Sean McCann had agreed that an officer’s account of an event will always be different than video evidence.

We are now waging the fight against this retaliatory, vindictive action by the Placer DA’s Office on behalf of Nitz and Adams, hoping that someone in that office will come to their senses and realize that Nitz and Adams did not report criminal or other inappropriate behavior by Alford on September 24, 2017, because they observed him acting reasonably under the circumstances. They did not see or even hear all of the events that transpired in a span of seconds the way the cameras captured it because they, like Alford, are human — not perfect, just human — and no amount of training can ever change that.

Brad Alford and RLS join in thanking the PORAC Legal Defense Fund for giving us the resources and the ability to make this acquittal happen. Had we not been allowed to do the necessary video analytical work or call a use-of-force expert of the high quality of Sean McCann, challenging these serious charges and making sense of this graphic video would have placed Officer Alford’s liberty in jeopardy.

I’ve been told that Dave Tellman is also a candidate for Placer County DA but I have not confirmed it myself. The Placer GOP Endorsed Morgan Gire. I personally have no preference other than anyone in current management of the Placer DA’s Office.

Well isn’t that special. Survive a lynching and Doug Van Bremen, Dave Tellman and Jeff Wilson Brady List the officers that testified on your behalf. See all three of them on the letter sent to one of the officers. Lovely. They were Brady Listed for not reporting a crime that never occurred. These vengeful arrogant attorneys should know – especially as prosecutors that an innocent verdict by definition means no crime occurred. There is no other conclusion a reasonable person could draw than this being retaliation for the humiliation the DA’s office suffered losing a high-profile attempted cop-lynching in 2019. This happened under the watch of all three.

When we continue our series, we will be hearing from several anonymous (because they fear retaliation) employees and former employees of the Placer DA’s office that have all mentioned Wilson and sometimes the other two in their communication with your intrepid blogger, and we will also be providing even more detail regarding the three people mentioned in this blog and their role in the attempted lynching of Brad Alford. Stay tuned.

Jul 112018

Back in 2008, we had a 5 Republican Board of Supervisors in Placer County. By 2012, it was 2.

In 2018, a motion to oppose Sanctuary State died for lack of a second, why did that happen? (note that the local media are celebrating it’s demise)

IN 2010, the Late Rocky Rockholm was up for Re-Election. Jack Duran, a School Board Trustee ran against him and was not found on the campaign trail. Duran in person is combative and was not a good candidate. So, the Democrat operatives running his campaign put him on ice and made the whole campaign about Rocky Rockholm’s taking a plane trip at the cost of $8,000 to return to vote on a project in North Lake Tahoe called the 3-lane hybrid.

They took Highway 28 in North Lake Tahoe and reduced it from a 4 lane expressway with no turn lanes to a 2 lane highway with roundabouts and a center turn lane.

Rockholm lost 100% because people cared more about the Plane Ticket than any other issue.

District 5 Supervisor Bruce Kranz had beaten the far-left Rex Bloomfield in 2004. Kranz went ballistic over the 3 Lane Hybrid Project and a lot of the animosity over that episode carried forward in to 2008. Bloomfield recruited Jennifer Montgomery, herself a Bernie Sanders type of Democrat to run for Supervisor and she won.

In the meantime Jim Holmes, a lifelong Democrat, turned Republican beat Alice Dowdin in 2004 for Supervisor. During 2011. Jim Holmes un-registered as a Republican and went DTS because he was upset with the County Party for consistently opposing Bonds and Parcel Taxes that local government are fond of floating.

So, just like that in 2010, 5 Republicans. In 2013, 2.

Worse, no one opposed Duran for Re-election in 2014. Now, in 2018, Duran was drubbed by 22 points by Bonnie Gore… who will not be sworn in until December 2018.

Holmes has been opposed both times he has run for re-election, but not by anyone serious. In 2016, Montgomery drew no serious opposition as 5 people filed against her.

Robert Weygant is the dean of the Board of Supervisors. He is a moderate / liberal Republican. He knew that the Sanctuary State Resolution did not have 3 votes, so he did not see fit to second Kirk Uhler’s motion to oppose the Sanctuary State. In his mind, there was no upside to taking a position sure to fail.

Robert Weygant is one of the breed of Republicans that Chad Mayes / John Kasich / Arnold are trying to promote. He has been in office since 1994 and on most all county issues has voted with Conservatives.

This leaves us with Kirk Uhler, the son of Lew Uhler, Placer County’s lone Conservative (at least until Bonnie Gore is sworn in) Supervisor.

The sad irony is that several within the Placer GOP’s Central Committee supported a liberal Bay Area transplant against Mr. Uhler in 2016. I’d lay odds they will leave Uhler alone in 2020 and go after Holmes and Montgomery. (One would hope)

Kirk Uhler is the one supervisor pictured without a “hat” on.

Aug 162011

You can’t predict tomorrow – especially if the Unions and their whores in the media come out fangs bared to stop a referendum.

Here are the final Districts in Placer:

SD04 – LaMalfa has Roseville and Western Placer.

SD01 – Ted Gaines is moving and has the rest of Placer all the way up to Siskiyou, Modoc, Shasta. Ted Gaines wins, get over it – even if the unions, RINO’s et. al. come after Gaines.

AD06 – Beth Gaines has Roseville, Granite Bay, Lincoln, Rocklin, Penryn, Loomis, Orangevale, Fair Oaks, Folsom, El Dorado Hills and Cameron Park.

Beth Gaines is in serious debt from her recent race – there is some question with the new districts if the “third house” is going to give much to Republicans since it seems that soon they will be completely irrelevant in state government. Will Beth draw a Republican Opponent in this +20 district?

AD05 – this is the State-Level District that will breed the fireworks in Placer. First off – this district has Newcastle and Auburn in it from Placer. It has ElDorado minus Cameron Park and El Dorado Hills + all of Amador, Calaveras, Alpine, Mono, Toulumne, Mariposa and Madera Counties in it.

The rumored candidates as I understand them are El Dorado County Supervisor Ray Nutting, Auburn City Councilmeber Kevin Hanley and Madera County Supervisor Frank Bigelow.

I know Nutting and Hanley well – I do not know Bigelow at all.

AD-01 – Dan Logue has moved in to Nevada County. This is his race to lose. The RINO’s and the Labor Unions are rumored to be looking over some Shasta County liberals like Stan Statham (who is now a DTS) to run against Logue.

CD-04 – with a recent Bee article, this district that takes in 90% of Placer and stretches down the foothills to rural Fresno County is McClintock Country – but the Bee stated emphatically that Dan Lungren could move in to the district and take on McClintock.

If that happens – it will be Ose V. McClintock on steroids. I predict that should Lungren run against McClintock, it will be national news all the way to the wire.

CD-01 – Herger. This takes in roughly 10% of Placer and goes all the way to Siskiyou. Herger wins.

Situation Normal.