Nov 022010

Eric Teed-Bose finished First by a healthy margin in the Eureka USD. Despite the Labor Unions getting Sheehy elected. Jerri Davis – who the Placer Dems threw under the bus is going to be inclined to work with the 3 Republicans on the board now.

Kelli Gnile beat Howard Rudd in Placer County – her election night margin is 761 votes or 3%. Howard Rudd is winning over the entire district.
Cari Dawson Bartley won going away.

Sierra College now has a 5-2 rock-solid Conservative Majority.

Placer County Board of Education – Suzanne Jones knocked off Anti Charter-School Incumbent Trevor Sanders. Her election night margin is 711 votes or about 6%.

This one is especially sweet since Lorene Eurele jumped in to the race and was likely the one destroying Suzanne Jones’ signs.

Suzanne gives the Charter School Movement 4 solid votes on the Placer County Board of Education.

Linda M Park and Scott Huber won convincingly on the Roseville Joint Union High School District race.

How sweet it is! Congrats Mom!!!

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