Nov 152010

Today is the day that McCauley and his crew are supposed to run the outstanding ballots – this according to several sources.

I don’t think any of the results will change – but Ben Mavy ended up beating Otis Wollan on the final count. (Wollan led on election night and when the final talley was made – Mavy won by 55 votes)

Stay Tuned.

The elections office indicated that the counting is done, but will not be certified until later this week. The numbers will be posted then.

Nov 022010

Eric Teed-Bose finished First by a healthy margin in the Eureka USD. Despite the Labor Unions getting Sheehy elected. Jerri Davis – who the Placer Dems threw under the bus is going to be inclined to work with the 3 Republicans on the board now.

Kelli Gnile beat Howard Rudd in Placer County – her election night margin is 761 votes or 3%. Howard Rudd is winning over the entire district.
Cari Dawson Bartley won going away.

Sierra College now has a 5-2 rock-solid Conservative Majority.

Placer County Board of Education – Suzanne Jones knocked off Anti Charter-School Incumbent Trevor Sanders. Her election night margin is 711 votes or about 6%.

This one is especially sweet since Lorene Eurele jumped in to the race and was likely the one destroying Suzanne Jones’ signs.

Suzanne gives the Charter School Movement 4 solid votes on the Placer County Board of Education.

Linda M Park and Scott Huber won convincingly on the Roseville Joint Union High School District race.

How sweet it is! Congrats Mom!!!

Sep 242010

Here’s how it shakes out…

The two young liberal attorneys running for RJUHSD Board both filed papers with the Secretary of State indicating that they were going to pass the $1000 threshold. At the same time – incumbent Teacher’s Union Ally Robert Tomasini filed similar paperwork.

This means that Liberal Kingmaker Jack Duran and his friends on the Dem Central Committee (including David Larson and Gary Miller) are going to engage the fight at the Placer County Board of Education D1 and RJUHSD level.

In addition – the Placer County Democrat Party is promoting the candidacy of Far-Left Andy Sheehy for Eureka USD.

We detailed how the Liberal establishment was coalescing around Homosexual Activist David Larson – now it looks as if Tomasini and the two young liberal attorneys running for RJUHSD board are getting similar attention.

Republican volunteers have made limited contact with homemade flyers advertising Liberal stalwart Rene Aguilera with James Brian Vlahos on the back for Roseville City School Board – along with another homemade flyer for Kathleen Rojas. (one of the two young liberal attorneys running for RJUHSD)

It would also appear that the efforts of Mark Wilder have caught the attention of Robert Tomasini who is looking to avoid the same fate he suffered in 2004 – when a concerted effort by the Placer CRA unseated him after 16 years of running Sierra College in to the ground.

While I have not seen signs for any of the above – it is clear that they are out there or on their way.

As Sherlock Holmes would say – “The Game is Afoot”.