Nov 182010

Susan Rohan won Big – she almost doubled second-place finisher Tim Herman. David Larson is the big loser as he was telling local Media he was going to overtake Sam Cannon for third place. Didn’t happen.

There was one huge upsetting of election night results. Vic Markey was beating Miguel Ucovich by 27 votes, after certification, Ucovich won by 3 votes.

Eric Teed-Bose thrashed left-wing moonbat Andy Sheehy by 950+ votes in the final talley. Sheehy spent $8500 vs. Teed-Bose. Considering that Teed-Bose won with 5790 Votes, 900 votes is a whuppin. (I guess Andy’s people should have destroyed more signs)

The Reverend Karen England got 1302 votes for Lt Governor vs the 4K plus she got for Central Committee – an Assembly Campaign is born.

The rest of the upsets held – Suzanne Jones won by nearly 900 votes, the two tea party candidates in Lincoln increased their margins and George Romonsky prevailed by nearly 900 votes over his opponent.

Click here to see the carnage.

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