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This is one of a few people that have come forward to talk to your intrepid blogger about Jeff Wilson and his crew in the DA’s office.

I am close to retirement age he’s asks me often,  when are you going? Do you want me to fill your paperwork out?

For a few years I was verbally abused by a few attorneys and a couple secretaries and he would do nothing for me.

He said to me  I believe that you believe this story.  Basically calling me a liar then went on to say.   Why would I do anything to help you, there is nothing special about you.

I earned 2 ulcers during this time of abuse.On the first day his assistant/secretary started, I showed her where the restroom was and how to make her way back to her cubicle, he saw us walking and said to her in a very firm tone “ I need to speak to you know”. I thought well she will never speak to me again.  She rarely has.  Shortly after that he came to me and told me he did not want me spreading my poison all over the office!  Cripes I showed her the restroom!  I hardly even speak to people in the office and for sure never anyone new now since they are all friends or friends of friends.

Like I said my are only a few. I try to avoid him like the plague, I mostly see what his hangers on get away with in that office it is atrocious!

It looks like Scott Owens was not running the office the last few years he was there. Then I got another email with follow up about the lynching of the Rocklin Cop:
This is what happens when political ambition  and a malignant ego distort the criminal justice process:

 Rocklin Police Officer Brad Alford was charged as a result of a violent confrontation between Officer Alford and a gang member that was captured on video, after the gang member drove erratically through a residential Rocklin neighborhood, initially failed to yield to an officers attempts to pull the gang members vehicle over, failed to follow lawful commands and resisted the attempts of the officers to arrest him.

Jeff Wilson personally lead the investigation.  Jeff Wilson made the decision to charge Officer Alford with the following crimes:  three felony charges of assault with a deadly weapon causing great bodily harm, assault by a public officer. Jeff Wilson ordered the arrest of Brad Alford against the advisement of the Chief of D.A Investigators, who had been a law enforcement officer for more than 20 years.

Once the case was charged, the case was assigned to the Public Integrity Unity.  Van Breeman was formerly the supervisor of that unit.  Van Breeman is now the Assistant Deputy District Attorney immediately responsible for the Public Integrity Unit.  At the trial during the month of May 2018 the other two officers who were present testified for the prosecution, i.e., they were called as witnesses by the District Attorney’s office.

The jury viewed the body camera video and the dashboard camera videos of the arrest.The jury unanimously found Officer Alford “not guilty” of all charges in a mere two hours.  The jury must have believed the testimony of the two Rocklin Officers.

The Placer County D.A.’s office, like many D.A.’s offices, has a “Brady” committee, the purpose of which is to inform defense attorneys of  perceived dishonesty on the part of law enforcement personnel.

Being added to a “Brady” list is very damaging to an officer’s career, and is only done when the alleged dishonesty is objective and unquestionably accurate. It is not intended as a means of retaliation.In a  vindictive  and retaliatory response, the District Attorney’s Office, Brady Committee used the Brady List to punish the two Rocklin officers for their testimony, which the jury certainly had to believe in order to have reached their quick and unanimous “not guilty” verdicts.

Immediately after the not-guilty verdict , the so-called “Brady committee” in the Placer County D.A.’s office decided to add to the “Brady List  the two Rocklin Police Officers who had been  called to testify by the prosecution.  This is has probably never happened in any other County in the state. A letter to that effect was sent to the officers and the Rocklin  Police Department.  (See attached document.)

At the bottom of the letter, Dave Tellman’s name appears as being a part of the Brady Committee, the committee that decided to put the officers on the list.      According the the Placer County D.A. policy, an officer placed on the Brady list has an opportunity to respond, or respond through counsel, to the alleged dishonest conduct.  The two officers who testified for the prosecution in the Alford case have attempted to meet with the Brady Committee to respond, but the Brady Committee has ignored their requests.

This is in violation of the Placer County D.A.’s own policy.   Van Breeman also personally signed the brady letter to Rocklin.  Dave Tellman is on the Brady Committee On other topics: According to the transcripts in the sexual discrimination lawsuit, Tellman, at Wilson’s direction, wrote the notice of proposed disciplinary action that eventually brought on the lawsuit which culminated in a $2 million settlement to Karin Bjork.

Some people think that this shows Tellman is willing to do the dirty work for management for his own gain. All of Karin Bjork’s job performance  reviews prior to this were satisfactory for Karin (according to the deposition transcript). Of course, hindsight is 20-20, but  the D.A.’s office lost at the Civil Service Commission hearing, and at the federal trial court level. There is no doubt that the second attempt to fire Karin was poisonously vindictive.

Tellman is also on the Brady committee. Some people think that  Tellman was a willing errand boy for Wilson until he was passed over for promotion in December 2018 (Van Breeman and Jennifer Miszkewycz became Assistant Deputy District Attorneys,  whereas Tellman remained a supervisor).

I have been told that Morgan Gire told the DSA and Roseville POA that if he were appointed as District Attorney, Tellman would be his Chief Deputy (#2).  Tellman has told the DSA and RPOA that if he is selected, Gire would be his #2 (although, it appears Gire has a better job as #3 in Sacramento County.  Gire lives in Sacramento County).    However, you know how the story changes as it goes around, I am sure, and I am not sure this is relevant in any event. A D.A. is entitled to choose his Chief Deputy.

It’s getting thick. More stories are coming from employees that have suffered under Jeff Wilson and crew. My heart goes out to the three Rocklin Cops whose careers have been wrecked by these guys. My heart also goes out to the list of people that have been mistreated by these guys as well.
Take note, however of the split between Tellman and Wilson. It informs us as to why they are rivals for the DA appointment.
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  4 Responses to “ICYMI: The Rest of the Story About the Lynching of Brad Alford and the Brady Listing of the Two Other Officers Involved. Not a Good Look for the DA’s Office”

  1. Question. Would my comments be confidential? or are they made public as part of this blog?

    Blogger’s Note: Comments are moderated due to threats, felonies, profanity, etc.

  2. Have you seen the video of Alford beating that guy?

    blogger’s note: The Jury did and they acquitted him in about 2 hours. Go away now.

  3. Hey, Aaron, I don’t believe we’ve ever met, but I try to give everybody the benefit of the doubt until I have a reason not to, and from most of your posts, it seems like you care about getting your facts right.

    I bring this up because somebody asked if you had seen the video, and I don’t think that’s a fair question. I have. And I can tell you that if you also had, there is NO WAY you can say he was resisting attempts of the officers to arrest him when he got struck repeatedly. The guy had both hands up when Mr. Alford hit him with a baton six times, and he was completely prostrate and on his back when Alford hit him another five times.

    I mean, I won’t doubt it if you say there are shenanigans with the prosecutor’s office, and I know the criminal case jury said what it said in response to a criminal charge of battery resulting in serious bodily injury. But that’s NOT saying he didn’t do anything wrong.

    I know from reading one of the stories that it said the guy that got hit filed a claim against the City of Rocklin. Do you know what happened with that? Put another way, did this officer’s conduct cost the taxpayers of Rocklin any money?

  4. I mean to say “I don’t think that’s an UNfair question.” Thanks in advance for any thoughts you want to offer.

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