Mar 012020

The CA-10 Primary has featured a marginal candidate run by Trump-Haters who got a cent com endorsement and promptly raised $6400. Total since December. Her presence in the race was strictly as a spoiler.

It did yield a fun meme though.

However, San Joaquin County Supervisor Bob Elliott qualifies for nimrod of the year as he was one of the worst candidates for major office I have ever seen. I was actually pretty shocked at how bad of a candidate he is.

Hi I’m Bob, I’m from the swamp

It was all downhill from the terrible airbrush job “I know politics meme”.

This meme practically made itself. By the way, Bob is on the left.

This was a more benign meme, but still bizarre.

Then of course the Coup D’Etat was Bob (white teeth and all) being featured on CNN:

CNN? Bob? Then of course there is the fake billboard – the location is in Ripon but was misrepresented as legitimate by Elliott’s Campaign. (speaking of having a dream)

Elliott has been running almost solely on his military service as well.

Mr. Elliott musta forgot the Military Conduct Code when he got caught by campaign workers in the act of filling the bed of his pickup with Ted Howze signs.

For someone as allegedly experienced as he is, his campaign has been a bizarre trainwreck. Bob Elliott is going to get hammered on Tuesday 3-3-2020 and I won’t have to waste space on him anymore. It will be Harder time.


Feb 272020

Up first is Deanna Lorraine Tesoriero ladies and gentlemen! CA-12 is the Nancy Pelosi Congressional, in San Francisco. But, she is spending Donor money to be at CPAC instead of being in her district campaigning. (BTW – she does not live in CA-12 despite paying a campaign staffer $1500 for “rent”)

Next Up is CA-10 with Supervisor Trainwreck. This would be Bob Elliott folks.

Bob Elliott is 72 years old.

Then we have one of my favorite targets of all time – I still have not figured out if his campaign is a Concert Tour or a scheme to sell more records. It sure is not a political campaign.

Yup. This is “that” guy.

See why I am having a hard time choosing the “Grifter of the Year”?

Feb 122020

Blogger’s Note: CA-10 is an NRCC Target Race. Bob Elliott is not a target candidate, he appears to be a trainwreck.


This is a live action shot of Bob Elliott with some of his competitor’s signs in the bed of his truck

So, Bob Elliott squandered some of his meager resources on a piece of mail. In the mailer – he claims that Ted Howze (the leading candidate for CA-10 against Josh Harder) attacked former Congressman Jeff Denham. (Denham was defeated by Harder in 2018)

First off, citing the Bee for anything is questionable. The Modesto Bee is in the bag for Josh Harder to begin with. Secondly, they love lying about Conservatives.

Third there is this:

Dear Mr. Elliott. You do realize by now that Ted Howze has had this endorsement for a while – or perhaps no one told you that Denham and his wife cast the decisive votes to endorse Ted Howze on the Stanislaus GOP?

Meantime: Bob can take solace in knowing that Richie Valens is about to make another meme for him.

This is because Bob knows politics. Just ask him. He’ll tell you where the signs are buried…

Meantime, if I was Bob Elliott, I’d fire my campaign staff. But, then, Bob knows politics…

Jan 202020

This is a bad photoshop job…

Undaunted, Bob’s Meme dude backs up his photoshop job:

He is a man of integrity, with dozens of Howze signs in the bed of his truck…

Mr. Elliott will be removed from the political gene pool soon. Until then, I am sure it will get worse. (Like Sean Feucht / Tim Donnelly worse)

Note: CA-10= California’s 10th Congressional District currently infested by Dem Josh Harder.