Dec 132019

A few weeks ago, we covered how the San Joaquin GOP stiffed Republican Tom Patti for Supervisor, and endorsed an un-funded Trump-Hater for Congress in CA-10. We believe it had a nexus with the paying clients that the local political boss is running for election.

Welcome to CA-09. Today’s featured attraction is a 4-time failed candidate running for office trying to make it a 5th.

This would be Antonio “Tony” Amador. From Vote Smart:

Candidate, United States House of Representatives, California, District 9, 2016

Candidate, United States House of Representatives, District 9, 2014

Candidate, California Assembly, District 9, 2012

Conservative Mugs 970×250

Candidate, United States House of Representatives, District 11, 2010

The candidate snubbed by Stockton’s Tammany Hall? William Martinek. Check out Martinek’s website and read his story. It is pretty cool and represents a candidate with youth and potential. Tony Amador is 75, twice Martinek’s age.

While I think it is awesome that Amador is still involved publicly and interested at his age, the issue is his 4 failed runs and the laziness of the political machine in San Joaquin County with regard to finding candidates. Both Grifters recruited by the San Joaquin Tammany Hall live in CA-09 and neither will have enough money to walk and chew gum at the same time in their primaries. You’d think that they would do better than a 4 time loser in his mid 70’s?

This is Tony Amador circa 2016

In years’ past I supported Tony Amador, however, once a candidate runs and loses 3 times and they keep running (A la Suzanne Jones) it is hard to view them as any more than a grifter. It is a shame actually that Mr. Amador has allowed himself to be retreaded a fifth time and this time allowing himself to be used as a tool of retribution by jilted political bosses.

The Grifter in CA-10? She actually ran for CA-09 in 2018! Prior, Tony Amador ran for CA-09 in 2014 and 2016. Are you confused yet? Don’t be, that is a whole lot of losing in San Joaquin County.

To be continued…

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