May 222020

I have gotten quite an education on Jessica Patterson since her rigged election to CAGOP Chair. (remember 44% of her support was via proxy) She is obsessed with identity politics, she is ruthless and vindictive. When I did opposition research on Patterson I heard tons of stories about her conduct in campaign offices and her reputation as the “Little General”. Recently, #CA10 GOP Nominee Ted Howze came under fire from Politico by virtue of opposition research sent to them by a Tom Steyer staffer from San Francisco. Jessica Patterson responded the way all squishes respond at the first sign of trouble – surrender and collaborate with the liberal media in hopes they won’t hurt you.

We are constantly reminded that Jessica Patterson is the first female chair of the CAGOP and that she is a latina. Anyone that has to run with labels and advertise them is over-compensating for something. Secondly, Patterson has made it clear most White Males are not welcome in her world. (Just Ask Lloyd White who was on the receiving end of $1Million of the scant resources the CAGOP could bring to bear in SD23)

About A week before Jessica Patterson engineered a withdrawal of the CAGOP endorsement of Ted Howze, an email went out on the CAGOP email system. (Note: I have been scrubbed from the list and do not receive any of them. Please forward any you get to [email protected] and you can remain anonymous) Stephen Frank wrote about the email on 5-20-2020 on his blog:

The Big Story

This came in the email from the California Republican Party: “We have some great candidates on the General Election ballot that reflect the strength and diversity of our state.  These candidates include Michelle Park Steel (CA 48), Young Kim (CA 39), Suzette Valladares (AD 38) and Rosilicie Ochoa Bogh (SD 23), among others. And of course, we need to get Congressman Mike Garcia re-elected to the 25th District.“

What about Greg Raths where the GOP got 49% of the primary vote against radical AOC type Regressive Katie Porter?  Or David Valadao, who is LEADING in the polls against the openly corrupt and investigated T.J. Cox?  Or Ted Howze in the 10th CD, the old Jeff Denham seat, who raised more than one million dollars and is running an aggressive campaign???

Why are Raths, Valadao and Howze ignored?  Plus in the 38th Assembly District there are TWO GOP-ER’S in the race! One is a Hispanic and the other is a LEGAL immigrant—why isn’t she mentioned as well?  What is the commonality that causes the California Republican Party to promote one set of candidates that can win over another set of candidates that can win?

You will note the sexism in her choice of candidates to highlight. Not even David Valadao, a former Congressman made the cut for being highlighted. Mike Garcia got an afterthought mention. Greg Raths (CA45) and Ted Howze (CA10) were both shunned. Now we know why Howze was shunned, and I’d imagine that Jessica Patterson and her friends are lining up Greg Raths for a similar fate. Valadao is Portuguese so he does not check a box either and failed the vetting for Jessica Patterson’s racial pandering.

Note the labels, labels, labels.

Why was Jessica Patterson so quick to slit Ted Howze throat? Also note that Ted Howze was not given a chance to defend himself to the CAGOP board. While I have no evidence to prove this, I believe that the NRCC did not give Howze a chance either before they turned their back on him. With Republicans like these who needs the Mueller investigation?

  1. Ted Howze voted for Travis Allen for CAGOP Chairman. 
  2. Scott Winn and Jeff Acquitaspace ran the campaign of Marla Livengood who was humiliated in the CA10 primary. They are close to Patterson and crew having done paid work for the CAGOP establishment for years.

Winn could get vindication with a take-down of Howze and Jessica Patterson could seek revenge on another Travis Allen suppoter – similar to the Trump delegation being thin on Travis/Steve Frank People and next to none of them being on anything CAGOP.

Patterson’s crew have threatened people for talking to your intrepid blogger. This is why you can email me at [email protected] and remain anonymous if you have information you think needs to be brought in to the light.

The offending social media posts? Criticizing Islam for violence and pedophilia. Talking about black fatherlessness and crime. Apparently Patterson is cool with Marie Waldron talking about letting felons out of jail but Howze’ social media accounts discussing the CAUSE of said crime is bad. Nothing Howze is alleged to have posted is any different than President Trump’s words.

But then, Jessica Patterson, Scott Winn and most others in the sphere of CAGOP leadership are never-trumpers.

Patterson did not stop at just ramrodding a withdrawal of the CAGOP endorsement for Ted Howze. Your intrepid blogger received a scarlet letter twice. This is a letter that is reputed to have been written by Jessica Patterson (see below) and sent to the County Chairman of Stanislaus and San Joaquin County for them to sign and return AFTER the CAGOP yanked their endorsement. Jessica Patterson was trying to enlist the local GOP Chairs in giving her vendetta political cover.

The letter was emailed to the county chairs by Jessica Patterson, However, If you pull the metadata off of the letter, none other than Scott Winn created it. Checkmate – this is the CAGOP of 2020. There is your connection, a jilted consultant who was humiliated in the primary working with the CAGOP Chairman to get revenge on a candidate they both have reasons to hate.

When these people preach unity in public, you know they are lying through their teeth. They don’t want unity, they want control – including helping Josh Harder beat Ted Howze in 2020 so they can run someone like Kristen Olsen in 2022 for #CA10.

Everything Jessica Patterson and her crew are doing is to position their candidates for office in future elections. The rest of us be dammed.

May 212020

In less than 2 weeks your intrepid blogger has been given firsthand knowledge that Politico is attempting to perform the work of DCCC opposition research in targeted congressional races. 1. Politico attempted to spin the loss of Christy Smith to Mike Garcia in #CA25 5 days before it happened – suggesting that the reporter was tipped off as there was no public polling available. 2. Politico wrote a cheap shot hit piece article against Ted Howze in #CA10.

It appears that the Democrats are using Russian fake twitter-bot farms. Just today, I checked Ted Howze’ twitter feed and an account with 0 followers quoted DCCC pablum and had 9 tweet likes from accounts with 10 or less followers.

One of the goals of the democrats and their partners in the media and twitter is to try and play Republicans off against each other. This includes Mentioning President Trump repeatedly in order to try and get skittish consultants (or party chairman) to acknowledge they are trying to avoid President Trump.

Another tactic is using fake twitter accounts – which Politico cited in their first hit-piece against Ted Howze. The “Reporter” Ally Sputnik-Mutnick penned both pieces referenced previously. Another Politico reporter Carla Marinucci is on a CNN-Level rampage jihad against President Trump and CONGRESSMAN Mike Garcia.

This behavior is not unique. For example, Josh Richman parlayed slipshod reporting in to a Press Secretary gig with Eric Swalwell.

Yet another tactic is re-airing decades old un-vetted smears, which they appear to be doing in #CA45 against Greg Raths. (Hey NRCC, I thought #CA45 was not on the target list?)

In the case of #CA10 it has been made clear to me that Politico and other media outlets are vetting more social media smears against Ted Howze. Politico already admitted they got the poorly vetted Twitter smears from a democratic operative.

This does seem to be having an effect on Republican operatives that are continually looking over their shoulder. You’d think that after 4+ years of a psychotic media rampage against President Trump that these political insiders would be prepared for the media to expand their creative reporting to Congressional Candidates.

Still others, it appears resent the presence of President Trump in the first place and use poorly vetted smears as confirmation bias of the wrong-headed opinions they still hold.

Whatever the cause, Republican political insiders need to grow a spine and/or finally accept that the President is indeed Donald Trump and the future of the GOP in 2020 is indeed in his hands. Fighting against it or deliberately falling victim to the same un-vetted political attacks against the President will have disastrous consequences.

The media knows that establishment are weak at the knees which is why they continue to run cheap shot articles in hopes they will break through and have the desired effect – in this case trying to separate Ted Howze from institutional support as they know Josh Harder is vulnerable.

P.S. – here is a facebook post that is unlikely to be covered by the DCCC Hacks at Politico:

May 082020

Update on the Ted Howze hit piece – it turns out that some of the Twitter accounts Politico Hack Reporter Ally Mutnick referenced are fake. It gives color to her deliberate attempt to help the sagging Josh Harder in CA10 by reporting on “suddenly” discovered tweets that she admitted were provided to her by a paid democrat operative.

There is no doubt at all that Politico is an arm of the democrat party. Recently Politico botched a story claiming Donald Trump owes China Money. It was a lie and as of the writing of this blog they have had to edit the story twice despite face saving attempts to avoid admitting what they did. Recently, Politico also posted inaccurate information about Project Veritas.

The reporter from Politico is Ally Mutnick – quick research indicates that she came to Politico from NPR and she promotes environmental causes on her personal social media. In addition, she has written several stories overstating the democrat party’s strength in the 2020 Congressional Election Cycle.

Why then would she write an article sounding the alarm in #CA25? Two reasons – one is to help the democrats spin the loss if it happens and two a lame attempt to look objective. When you read the article she wrote, it is grotesquely biased similar to her hatchet job against Ted Howze in #CA10.

The title of the article does grab your attention: Democrats are on verge of the unthinkable: Losing a swing district in California

You only need to get in to the first paragraph for the first cheap shot from the 20-something Social Justice Warrior reporter:

Armed with a highly touted recruit and an older, less diverse electorate than in general elections, Republicans feel they are on the verge of an upset.

Yawn – the racist, ageist attack of the extreme left again. Those old white guys…

Then the young, inexperienced mouthpiece for the democrats starts casting pearls:

Private polls show the race in the state’s 25th District is within just a few points, and Democrats are already downplaying expectations for their nominee, state Assemblywoman Christy Smith, citing depressed turnout in the midst of a pandemic and the negative impact of the scandal surrounding Hill, who resigned amid allegations that she had inappropriate sexual relationships with staffers.

So, the Christy Smith for Congress campaign sent her (ahem some anonymous source) leaked the internal polling data to ask for help spinning Tuesday’s impending results. The young, inexperienced mouthpiece dutifully started laying the groundwork for some face-saving recriminations for Christy Smith. COVID! SCANDAL! It’s not her fault.

Then the inevitable Trump bashing:

The close race is remarkable, in part, because voters in the district, which spans the northern Los Angeles suburbs, backed Hillary Clinton by 7 points two years prior. And President Donald Trump is still highly unpopular there; one Democratic survey found his favorability ratings underwater by double digits. Those same conditions could be present in several key seats that Republicans hope to flip back.

“It is not a unique district. It is similar to many of the districts that we won in the fall,” said one Democratic consultant who works on House races. “This was an anti-Trump response district, and if we’re ebbing in those districts we need to find out why. We can’t just brush it off.

Two Trump bashes in less than 100 words of drivel. Not bad. Wait – did that democrat consultant just say “Anti-Trump sentiment” is Ebbing? Hmmm….

The electorate so far is older, less diverse and more likely to favor the GOP. Of more than 118,000 returned ballots counted as of Friday, 44 percent are from registered Republicans, and just 36 percent are from Democrats, according to Paul Mitchell, the vice president of Political Data Inc., a bipartisan company that analyzes voter data.

Omitted from the Politico article is that Paul Mitchell’s wife is a high-ranking executive with Planned Infanticide Parenthood who makes a ton of money off the industrialized abortion mill industry. No surprise that the allegedly non-partisan Paul Mitchell would take the same cheap shot as the young, inexperienced mouthpiece did.

Privately, Democrats are pessimistic about their odds. The DCCC has spent over $1 million on TV ads boosting Smith after the March 3 primary, but the cavalry of outside groups that typically drop millions in special elections has largely sat out the race.

Spin part 3, all those dark money / big money groups the democrats attack publicly but privately coordinate with are not spending money in #CA25? No Bloomberg? No Steyer? The horror of not having billionaires rage-spending millions of dollars? Did the young, inexperienced mouthpiece just publish an admission by democrat operatives and consultants that they can’t win elections without the “Citizens United” money that they publicly rail against?

The following is the entirety of the leftist hack reporter’s comments (aka the young, inexperienced mouthpiece) about Mike Garcia:

Garcia is running heavily on his bio as a former Naval aviator who returned to the district to work for Raytheon, a defense contractor.

He landed a Twitter endorsement from Trump but is also hoping to pickup independents turned off by the president. He has avoided many recent requests for media interviews, including for this story. And Democrats complain that has allowed him to avoid taking positions on key issues, including the administration’s Covid-19 response.

Bash Trump. Attack Garcia for not talking to her so she could butcher his comments like she did those of Ted Howze and of course vent her frustration because Garcia has been disciplined and not stuck his foot in his mouth like her hero Christy Smith. Someday, the young, inexperienced mouthpiece will realize that Dem leadership only want brainless idiots they can control for recruits.

But Christy Smith apologized that is supposed to make it all okay. Like Katie Hill and Joe Biden, right?

Democratic strategists believe the fall election will be more of a referendum on the president, and that the shadow of Hill’s resignation will have subsided. Private Democratic polling from December found Hill’s unfavorable rating exceeded her favorable rating by double digits, according to a source familiar with the survey.

Hill waded into the race in April with her new PAC, cutting a direct-to-camera TV ad aimed at juicing Democratic turnout. Her $200,000 expenditure caught the DCCC by surprise, according to a source familiar with spending in the race.

In an interview late last month, Hill said she believed she was still popular with Democrats in the district and hoped her familiar face would boost turnout among her party’s low-propensity voters.

“I was hoping that the race would be much easier to win, right?” she said. “And we want to be smart about how we spend the money. Do you spend it now, or do you spend it in November?”

It looks like Katie Hill is a legend in her own mind that may well be delusional. I sincerely hope she continues to actively participate in #CA25. She is on the minds of people, just ask her. Note that the young, inexperienced mouthpiece waited until the end of the story to give Katie Hill more words than Mike Garcia.

I also hope that the democrats continue with their psychotic rampage against President Trump. It is likely going to get several people in government prosecuted over their role in the Russia Did It Lie, so why not hope that the rage continues the self-destructive pattern?

The young, inexperienced mouthpiece also highlighted how the democrats in their psychotic rage are going to politicize COVID-19 even more than they already have. Somehow, they are going to make the case that it is all Trump’s fault while democrat governors, judges and mayors are arresting people.

Buried 75% of the way down in the story is this:

“Christy Smith is a horribly flawed candidate who spit in the face of Mike Garcia’s military service and the public school teachers she voted to fire,” NRCC Chairman Tom Emmer (R-Minn.) said in a statement. “These issues are going to sink her campaign next Tuesday, and they will keep her sunk in November.”

This was added in to the article only after the young, inexperienced mouthpiece had completed the mission her democrat handlers had dispatched her to do. That was to completely spin the results coming on Tuesday 5-12-2020. Politico is a joke, but despite the horrific bias of this reporter there are nuggets to be gleaned.

The bottom line – is Christy Smith and #CA25 a “Canary in the Coal mine” for the Democrat Party’s House Majority? You can make bank that this partisan leftist reporter will celebrate the great referendum against Trump (note the media never calls him President Trump – a psychological trick to de-legitimize him) should Smith Win. If she loses, you now know the talking points.

May 062020

There is no doubt at all that Politico is an arm of the democrat party. Recently Politico botched a story claiming Donald Trump owes China Money. It was a lie and as of the writing of this blog they have had to edit the story twice despite face saving attempts to avoid admitting what they did. Recently, Politico also posted inaccurate information about Project Veritas.

While Democrat Congressman Josh Harder and the rest of the House of Representatives under San Francisco’s Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi won’t go back to Washington DC to help the American People, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) is continuing to do Harder’s dirty campaigning and is launching an early attack on local veterinarian and Republican Ted Howze. Turlock City News learned just today that a campaign for Harder is circulating several-years-old social media posts and attempting to link them to the Howze Campaign.

The social media posts being circulated by the circles of Harder’s campaign and the DCCC are reportedly from 2017 and 2018. They are also from social media accounts unrelated to the Ted Howze for Congress campaign.

So, here we are in the midst of the COVID-19 crisis and Politico blinked. They are trying to link tweets to Ted Howze and they framed his response to their request for comment in a completely different context than the Turlock City News did. Has Politico been alerted by their handlers in the DCCC that CA-10 is in Jeopardy of falling?

Howze responded to the allegations of anti-Muslim social media posts to Turlock City News by saying, “The posts in question were ugly and I absolutely do not agree with or support them. I’m extremely hurt that these were done by individuals whom unknowingly had access to several of my social media accounts. Like many others, I’ve learned an important lesson about removing personal information from old devices before disposing of them.”

When Politico posted Ted Howze’ response they deleted the two sentences in bold. This is typical for media smear jobs. When Politico posted the lie about President Trump’s finances, the Democrats used the lie to fund-raise with until it was edited. This is how the corrupt legacy media works.

Within minutes of the Politico story going live – this was out by the Harder Campaign:

This is how it works with the legacy media, they print stories that may or may not be true long enough for their preferred candidates to use them

I found the Turlock City News courtesy of a snarky comment left near the end of the politico story as they characterized it as a “Sporadically updated local blog”. Your intrepid blogger is 100% familiar with the contempt the legacy media have for bloggers, I can only imagine how much more intense the disdain is coming from a 20 something social justice warrior reporter looking to influence the outcomes of elections.

The reporter from Politico is Ally Mutnick – quick research indicates that she came to Politico from NPR and she promotes environmental causes on her personal social media. In addition, she has written several stories overstating the democrat party’s strength in the 2020 Congressional Election Cycle. If the democrats were so strong, why did she pen a half-baked story about Ted Howze?

It looks like party time is here early in CA-10.

Mar 042020

Ladies and gentlemen, it is Wednesday Morning. I sit here blurry-eyed and exhilarated.

#1 Grifter of the Year Nominee Sean Feucht #CA03 got hammered: Tamika Hamilton won convincingly.

Sean Feucht’s campaign was marked by a lot of bizarre occurrences and several anecdotal stories of his behavior. Fortunately, the superior candidate won in a rout.

#2 #CA12: Grifter of the Year Nominee Deanna Lorraine was humiliated, garnering only 2.1% of the vote in the final election night canvass.

I guess not even San Francisco was not ready for this freakshow.

#3 Drama-Riddled Liberal RINO Carl DeMaio (who is set to bolt the GOP over his loss) got hammered by Darrell Issa in #CA50

#4 Supervisor Bob Elliott got thrashed and the no-name grifter that moved from #CA09 to #CA10 to run got 3% of the vote. The SJGOP has egg on its’ face as both Marla Livengood (CA10) and Jesus Andrade (SD05) got blown out last night. The party bosses in San Joaquin County jammed down endorsements for both of them. NOTE: winning GOP candidate Ted Howze is a paid advertiser on Right on Daily.


So um, Bob – time to use that truck of yours to pick up your own signs. Marla Livengood has now run and gotten shellacked twice. She can go away now.

#CA08 – Grifter of the Decade Tim Donnelly is in a solid third place and has finally been stopped at the ballot box.

Don’t worry folks, Tim Donnelly has no shame and he will be back for more.