Oct 032019

Apparently, the also ran candidate’s attempt to smear Trump supporters fell flat. Her campaign has flat-lined. (CA-10 = California’s 10th Congressional District, Josh Harder)

Speaking of flat-lining – Bob Elliott is barely polling better than a sugar pill. (The 4th leg in the race is below a sugar pill) I decided to take a look at some of Mr. Elliott’s on line presence. It felt like I had seen him before in my younger years:

FYI – Mr. Elliot is on the left.

I’ve railed on Senate Minority Leader Shannon Grove for encouraging Bob Elliott to exit the SD-05 Race. (Because the other guy turned out to be a train wreck) However, in her defense, I could understand how a 70 year old County Supervisor from the south end of San Joaquin County would be less desirable than a 40 something City Councilmember. Bob Elliott looks like yesterday’s news.

I am not sure how Mr. Elliott would be able to manage a district that will require constant maintenance because of its’ demographics. 3,000 mile flights with another 1.5 Hours to get to and from the airport are exhausting for a 30-something let alone a 70 year old man.

Even more bizarre is this:

I don’t know who Alexander Torres is. We learn that he lives 300 miles away from Ripon in his endorsement. It is a head scratcher. On one hand, it is really cool to see that Elliott has friends that are super loyal… but touting people from Los Angeles in the Central Valley (where people who resent what LA is doing to them live) is absurd.

Why is Bob Elliott calling local Republican Leaders and Telling them he was recruited by the NRCC (National Republican Congressional Committee) and that he has the support of insiders in Washington DC? This is absurd and it is also a bald-faced lie.

Is Bob Elliott so so ronrey?

There seems to be something in the political water this year as I have surveyed districts around California where marginal candidates are claiming national support they don’t have.

Bob Elliott has support – his buddy in LA. But Bob Elliott is so so ronrey in CA-10. Bob Elliott should retire and call it a day.

Sep 122019

Bob who? He who skips board of supervisors meetings to go to campaign events – that’s who…

It appears that the RNC / NRCC Leadership and their counterparts in the socialist party know who the front runner is in CA-10. (Hint, it is not the race-baiting trump hater whose campaign is staffed with trump-haters, nor is it the above pictured San Joaquin County resident)

Josh Harder confirmed what we all knew:

Leroy — Josh has several opponents running against him in 2020 in our “toss-up” district, but one stands out from the rest. There’s a reason we call Ted Howze the “#1 GOP opponent in the country.” Just in the last few weeks, he has:
  • Been named to the National Republican Party’s “Young Guns” list of target districts for 2020, ensuring he’ll receive the support of Republican mega donors.
  • Aligned himself with President Trump when he said millions of Californians are voting illegally in every election.
  • Attacked Josh’s support of Medicare for All on Twitter
We have to take this seriously. Ted Howze has already loaned his campaign $600,000 and has the most money to spend of any Republican challenger.
We certainly don’t have six-figure checks sitting around if we fall short of fundraising goals, and Josh won’t ever take a dime of corporate PAC money.
So we’re asking you, our biggest grassroots supporters: Can you help us by rushing a contribution of $5, $10 or whatever you can today so we can hit our end-of-month August fundraising goal?
At the moment, we’re still $(some random number) short of where we should be by midnight on the 31st.
Thanks for all of your help.
— Team Harder

Sorry Bob – you probably skipped that Board of Supervisors meeting for nothing. Sorry Madam Trump-Hater, fly away.

It’s time for Ted in CA-10.

P.S. IF you were at the CAGOP Convention and saw Trump campaign manager Brad Parscale speak, you’d have heard him promote Ted Howze for CA-10.

Aug 022019

Josh Harder is a puppet and a tool of Nancy Pelosi. He has another problem, he is a freshman and is in the same crew as “the Squad”. The Squad are four wackjob racist Congressmembers that are sucking the political oxygen out of the dem party.

Ted Howze is using Ilhan Omar, a Somali immigrant who has ties to terrorist sympathizing organizations and has repeatedly attacked Jews in public as a ragdoll.

It looks like Ted Howze has been hammering Josh Harder for a while. At some point, Harder is going to have to answer. #hiddenharder

Note: the Monday is 7-29-2019 in the below post.

Jul 312019

Bob Elliott is 70. He will be 72 within weeks of taking office. Even with the advances of modern medicine and increasing longevity (until Obama took office that is), 70 is still 70.

CA-10 is a Targeted Seat that is Dem +3.6% in Registration with a whopping 24.6% Independent Vote. This will never be an easy seat for anyone that lives in it. This means that the incumbent congressman will be under pressure to be back in his district as often as possible. Can a 72 year old man endure the physical drain of flying 3300 miles and three time zones twice a week for months on end? I’m 48 and I shudder to think about that in my own circumstance.

Elliott also has limited resources in his campaign account – most are rollovers from his Supervisor or State Senate Account. Will Elliott be able to raise any more money or support or has he peaked?

Bob Elliott’s primary resume is his service as a San Joaquin County Supervisor. CA-10 lists only 25% of its’ voter universe in San Joaquin County.

Mr. Elliott also has a problem with the demographics of CA-10, CA-10 is 42% Latino. While Latinos are not guaranteed to discriminate against White Candidates, (see also Andy Vidak) consider that a disproportionate amount of Latinos are under 40 (heck, under 30). It has been my observation that people will vote for their father, but not their Grandfather making it a net negative for Mr. Elliott.

Even the lilly white AD-73 has a similar problem with 71 Year old Ed Sachs vetting a run against the embattled and scandal-marred Bill Brough. Unless Sachs has $1,000,000 to spend (and Ana Bryson did when she lost to Brough in the original tilt) or Bob Elliott has $1MM to make up for the glaring presentation weakness, it is a problem.

Elliott’s Facebook Page has 199 likes and he has yet to set up a website, thus suggesting that he may also not be tech savvy.

Ted Howze is 51. Thus, his age is less of an issue. Howze has also been a veterinarian in the district for many years which will give him connection to the voters in Stanislaus County (75% of the electorate).

Howze has 4+ times the resources as Mr. Elliott. It has been put to me that Mr. Howze has the ability to spend nearly limitless resources on his campaign. This will neutralize one of Josh Harder’s key strengths as Harder is almost 100% funded by PAC’s and Special Interests despite his pledge not to be beholden to them.

The third Republican candidate Marla Livengood, a lobbyist, somehow has less than $30,000 in her campaign. I am seriously not sure why she is still running for congress.

The tale of the tape in CA-10 is as follows:

Josh Harder democrat incumbent, age 35 puppet of Nancy Pelosi, Jarrod Nadler, Elijah Cummings – #1 Fundraiser of the vulnerable democrats.

CA-10: 42% Latino, Registration: 36.7% Dem, 33.1% Rep and a whopping 24.6% DTS.

Bob Elliott, has about $140K in the Bank, Age 70.

Ted Howze, has $675K in the Bank, Age 51.

Marla Livengood, has $30K in the Bank. Age 39.

This is one of the cases where the most conservative candidate (Howze) may well be the most viable candidate in the race. I think by any objective measure as a Republican that Ted Howze is the choice.

Jul 162019

THUD is right.

As you recall, we wrote a post lambasting the Modesto Bee for their journalistic abortion attacking Ted Howze after people we believe were affiliated with Livengood ran a media drill trying to smear Howze. How quickly that went away.

Worse, Livengood spent some of her meager resources (likely paying for said media attack) and has only $22k left on hand.

We’ve also discussed Bob Elliott who was twisted out of the SD-05 Race in to the CA-10 Race by “leadership”. Elliott for his trouble was able to transfer most of the money he raised for his state senate campaign in to his Congressional. That said, he only raised about $20k in new money himself.

Howze? Love him or hate him, he has over $600k on hand, which places him atop the list of GOP contenders trying to re-take lost congressional seats. It looks like we have a contender on our hands folks.

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