Oct 282020

Your intrepid blogger is now up to 29 legal demand letters received since 2008. A young lady got caught calling voters telling an outright lie (so bad that she could get sued over the lie) to a voter who recorded her.

Harder is on the Left. Ted Howze is on the right.

The attorney of the young lady basically told me in as many words, because the liar is under 18 that I am breaking the law by calling her out publicly.

Check out the campaign facebook page of Ted Howze: https://www.facebook.com/374108446391390/posts/1002388633563365?sfns=mo 

This is the Ted Howze campaign post with the youtube video that was the subject of the legal demand against your intrepid blogger.

Secondly – look at the PUBLIC Linked In Page that the young lady posted (Which I just pulled again 10-28-2020 at 7:15AM)

Let me give the young lady and her attorney a hard lesson. #1 This is a Public Linked In Profile that was not hard to find. #2 Note that she references herself as part of the Josh Harder Campaign as well as an editor for a school newspaper. This could very well make her a limited service public figure even though the legal demand letter was not alleging libel – it was primarily a whiny leave her alone because she is under 18 letter. My suggestion to both of them is for the young lady to pull her public profile down and of course calling voters telling an outright lie about Ted Howze (that is far enough afield that she could get sued herself for what she said) is not a wise course of action.

Since it is clear that Josh Harder is unethical, I am not sure he is even embarrassed that she is publicly bragging about being a part of his campaign.

Then of course there is the fact that this was also in the Turlock City News as well.

I checked with both the Turlock City News and the Ted Howze Campaign – neither have been threatened by an attorney to pull their versions of this story.

Quoting the Turlock City News:

Turlock City News was tipped off by two local groups supporting Dr. Howze and we began investigating. TCN contacted several members of the Howze campaign team who provided copies of emails and audio recordings between a woman named Maria, who received a call from the Harder campaign, a former Harder campaign volunteer named Grayson, and his supervisor Willow, who has been verified as a Harder campaign staffer.

Maria identifies herself in an email as an individual whom received a call from a Josh Harder team member named Grayson who makes a claim that Howze, a local veterinarian, has had “several suits of veterinary malpractice”. Maria describes how she questioned the claim and asked to speak with Grayson’s supervisor. Maria is directed by Grayson to his Harder campaign supervisor Willow. A suspicious Maria records her call to Willow who is heard eagerly verifying the slanderous claim. When questioned further about no such records existing on the California Veterinary Medical Board website, Willow backs off the claim and deflects by saying “it’s something she’s heard from other voters.”

The Willow referenced in the article is the person pictured above who had her attorney send me a legal demand letter. I printed the letter and made a paper airplane with it.

It looks like Willow was the aggressor here and having an attorney send me a legal demand letter was felony stupid.

A staff member with the Howze campaign confirmed to TCN that their legal team has possession of emails and audio recordings of the Harder team spreading the false claims of veterinary malpractice. In addition, the Howze legal team claims it secured cooperation from Grayson who agreed to turn over screenshots of texts between himself and his Harder for Congress Supervisor, Willow. In one text Willow tells Grayson “Ted [Howze] is a pretty bad character-there are some suits of veterinary malpractice against him along with some other unofficial anecdotes that cast a bad light on him.”

TCN has verified with the California Department of Consumer Affairs Veterinary Medical Board that Ted Howze has had no complaints filed against him during his 26-year veterinary career. The claim by the Harder campaign team we have evidence of is a lie and does rise to the level of slander, according to two attorneys TCN spoke with. This follows in the wake of recent pictures of Howze being clearly photo-shopped and audios from Howze interviews that the Harder campaign deceptively edited for hit-piece attack ads.

These last two political campaign incidences that have been exposed appear to show concern by Josh Harder and outside-money Democrats associated with his multi-million dollar campaign, and that the Harder camp has clearly stepped on their own toes with these recent blunders.

Asked to comment, a Howze campaign spokesman responded, “There is the truth, and then there is Josh Harder, voters in the District know that Ted Howze is the real deal and that’s why the Harder campaign is hitting below the belt.”

Harder has had to spend $3 Million and Nancy Pelosi just directed another $400K in to CA10 just the other day. Interesting stuff.

And, typical of the extreme left – they resort to bullying when caught using Saul Alinsky tactics. So, it is not just the leftist Placer County Counsel that is in the running for the Right on Daily Legal Moron of the Year in 2020.

P.S. Similar to Mike Cargile – Ted Howze was lynched by Jessica Patterson and crew, this despite his viability as a candidate and the fact that the CA10 Race has been a huge resource drain for the democrat leadership.

Oct 112020

The Modesto/Sacramento Bee recently lamented how Ted Howze could still be competitive after they killed him by breaking a story about some Social Media posts.

Apparently the Bee is A-OK with Josh Harder Volunteers making calls to people falsely claiming that Howze is subject to several lawsuits related to his Veternary Practice. Standard Liberal attack pattern of trying to destroy people’s businesses or livelihoods. (I can’t count the number of times wackjobs post links to my business or attack its’ social media pages in an attempt to meet out revenge)

Witness this audio of a Josh Harder Volunteer bald-faced lying. It is crystal clear that there was zero basis in fact and was so far afield that the Harder Campaign could indeed be successfully sued despite the extremely high bar for libel in a political campaign.

The Bee could not be bothered with this story despite the “volunteer” having a very clear connection to the campaign:

Note that the school costs north of $50,000 a year. Also note this person is also an editor of a newspaper so it appears she is getting an early start on lying about Republicans professionally. (I’d lay odds the Bee might give her an internship given this impressive start to her career)

Unfortunately, Ted Howze had to lawyer up in order to get the smears to stop (who knows, they may still be going on). That said, the Sacramento/Modesto Bee are so in the bag for Harder that they did not cover this newsworthy story.

The Modesto Bee, published in the mop room of Harder HQ?

However, as further evidence the CAGOP is on a suicide mission to lose as much as they can, I give you this mailer:

How fun.

Sep 292020

With friends like Kevin McCarthy, President Trump really does not need CNN. Kevin McCarthy and Tom Emmer have been lightening quick to assail, un-endorse and run media drills against Republican nominees that say anything controversial. In a couple famous cases, despite McCarthy’s best efforts said candidates won. In California, however, McCarthy and Emmer at the behast of Jessica Patterson and Scott Winn took out Ted Howze in #CA10 and threw in

Meet Jimmy Camp. My memories of him at CRP Conventions are replete with him being so drunk he was slurring his speech talking about “Felching” and other topics. I also remember when he supported Obama in 2008 over McCain – yet the Oligarchy of Controlled Failure kept hiring him.

Meg Whitman 2010, Mitt Romney 2012, a wad of Target GOP races in 2014. Then in 2016, Jimmy Camp went postal against President Trump.

Note that Jimmy Camp who has an extensive police record (he talks openly about it and the fact that he still smokes weed daily as well), loves to take potshots at people of faith. Also note his promotion of anti-GOP groups that the national press have promoted extensively.

Here you see Jimmy Camp calling President Trump a Puss, piling on to the left psychosis from when the President showed up to pay respects to the deceased Ruth Bader Ginsburg. In the other tweet he is advocating for the defeat of Lyndsay Graham R-SC.

I guess this is a great resume for the Congressional Leadership Fund to hire Jimmy Camp?

The Congressional Leadership Fund is a Super Pac that is basically controlled by Republican Leadership. This means currently it is basically controlled by Tom Emmer and Kevin McCarthy. Perhaps they should have taken a break from trying to lynch Republican Candidates they thought would not be leadership votes for Kevin McCarthy to start vetting some of their vendors?

I have been told by people I trust that Jimmy Camp’s company Silverstreak is doing precinct operations in #CA21. It is possible that Mr. Camp’s firm is a sub-vendor of another firm doing work there. CA-21 is the David Valadao vs TJ Cox race. It is believed that Cox is extremely vulnerable due in no small part to the list of scandals he is embroiled in. Can we Trust Jimmy Camp’s work in CA-21 given his open hostility to Republicans, not just President Trump?

I have a positive confirm that Silverstreak has been retained to run ads in #CA25 on behalf of Mike Garcia. Again, this demonstrates extremely poor judgement to hire someone so far off the ledge against Republicans to do anything on behalf of a Republican incumbent!

Whomever thought it was a great idea to hire a disaster like Jimmy Camp needs their head examined. It is probably time for Kevin McCarthy and the GOP members of congress to have a meeting about the future of national party leadership.

I could go to the rescue mission and do a better job of hiring consultants. Meantime, Kevin McCarthy is lynching Trump-Supporting Nominees because they support Q-Anon and is paying trump-hating drunk / potheads (my opinion of Camp based on my personal interaction with him) thousands of dollars in consulting fees.

Jun 222020

Is this simple incompetency? Or is it more of the team McCarthy trying to wreck candidates he does not like?

As you recall, McCarthy and Emmer (the Congressman that is the figurehead in charge of the National Republican Congressional Committee aka NRCC) threw Ted Howze out with the bathwater over social media posts first aired on Politico.

Right On Daily burnt a local political consultant and the Chair of the CAGOP for being part of what looked like a planned assault on Ted Howze in #CA10. We believe the exposure of the insider machinations stopped the execution in its’ tracks. Ted Howze is still very much alive and competitive.

Then, a couple of weeks later Politico went hunting for a #GA14 Candidate, Emmer and McCarthy threw that candidate over the side as well in a continuing display of weakness.

Now comes this – a letter sent by the aforementioned NRCC in to #CA10 raising money off of the competitive #CA10 race. You read this correct, within weeks of screwing over Ted Howze, these same luminaries are trying to raise money off of his competitive campaign.

So, I thought #CA10 was no longer a priority for the NRCC?

For years, your intrepid blogger has told people to give to candidates directly after investigation (see also Deanna Lorraine or Joe Collins for examples as to why you need to investigate candidates before donating or participating).

Not only do we have CAGOP leadership dodging tough issues, hiding from democrat scandals, screwing over conservatives – but now we have them fundraising off of everything. At best, it is an act of gross incompetence.

The leadership has to change or else Nancy Pelosi, Adam Schiff and Jarrod Nadler will have two more years of investigations and shutting down legislation. Or is this what the GOP leadership really wants? You have to wonder sometimes.

Jun 032020

It looks like the consultants and political leaders planning the run of Kristen Olsen for CA-XX (when CA-10 is redrawn in 2022) are going to have to put their plans on hold. Ted Howze has bounced back from the Jessica Patterson-Scott Winn led assassination attempt. (political assassination that is)

We had detailed how the CAGOP noticed a special meeting at 9:14 AM 5-20-2020, then they sent out an agenda at 4:15 PM the same day in advance of a 5:30PM vote that CAGOP Chair Jessica Patterson ramroded down. The board members did not have time to do due diligence and Ted Howze was not given a chance to defend himself or speak.

Then, your intrepid blogger was sent a copy of a magic letter.

What is key is that is was created by jilted consultant Scott Winn AFTER the CAGOP Board had voted to rescind the endorsement. (I got the letter on 5-22 which makes yesterday 5-21).

Two other key points – Rev Dwight Williams is the Chair of the SJGOP and he is very close to Scott Winn. (nothing wrong with that, it just matters politically) The SJGOP endorsed Scott Winn’s client and the SJGOP was never asked by the Howze campaign post-primary for an endorsement, yet here is this after-the-fact letter acting as if the SJGOP is asking the CAGOP to yank the endorsement.

Then this brings us to Joe Day, the Stanislaus GOP co-conspirator in the plot. He is the Chairman of the Stan GOP and was burnt red-handed participating in the attempted lynching of Ted Howze.

He had called a special meeting of the Stan GOP to reconsider the endorsement of Ted Howze.

Under the Stan GOP rules, Joe Day can not vote as Chairman. (I guess only to break a tie) As such, the vote was unanimous. Also note, that unlike with the NRCC and the CAGOP – Ted was allowed to defend himself. When a string of one-at-a-time political decisions are made without the victim of them getting a chance to answer questions or defend themselves it is a classic political lynching.

This pattern will repeat itself. I’ve seen it all before – the people behind the CAGOP Curtain are lining up targets for their next paychecks.

Also – speaking of race relations. Not once has new GOP Nominee Kelly Seyarto (AD67) or Diane Dixon (AD74) been highlighted or mentioned in CAGOP communications I have been forwarded. (I have been removed from their list and get none of the emails) Just today another email with “Talking Points” was sanitized of any White Candidates in the featured races portion of it.

We have some great candidates on the General Election ballot that reflect the strength and diversity of our state.  These candidates include Michelle Park Steel (CA 48), Young Kim (CA 39), Suzette Valladares (AD 38) and Rosilicie Ochoa Bogh (SD 23), among others. And of course, we need to get Congressman Mike Garcia re-elected to the 25th District.

So the CAGOP brain trust tries to lynch a card carrying member of the Choctaw Nation. (Did you know Ted Howze spent part of his childhood on a reservation and is considered native American?) And they are ignoring CA-21 David Valadao and AD-74 Diane Dixon, the top two targeted races in California for their respective houses in their communications. 

Let’s see – 2020 CAGOP Priorities list:

  1. Promote Kevin Faulconer for Governor 2022
  2. Ignore President Trump
  3. Promote only 4 specific candidates with a courtesy mention of CA-25
  4. Ignore President Trump
  5. Ignore Kelly Seyarto AD-67, Diane Dixon AD-74, CA-21 David Valadao and CA-45 Greg Raths.
  6. Ignore President Trump
  7. Attempt to lynch Ted Howze CA-10, a card carrying member of the Choctaw Nation
  8. Ignore President Trump
  9. Remind everyone that the “Chairwoman” is the first woman Chair of the CAGOP and the first Latina Chair of the CAGOP while ignoring White candidates for office
  10. Ignore President Trump
  11. Use people, even (GASP) that Orange Dude and Mike Garcia (that they didn’t endorse) to raise money to pay salaries.

Good Lord.