Nov 122019

Note – Ted Howze has purchased advertising on Right on Daily. My expose’ of what I believe to be the corruption of the San Joaquin GOP and the political consultants that control the San Joaquin GOP are not necessarily the views of the Ted Howze campaign.

Meet Scott Winn, he runs the San Joaquin GOP

It is a well-known fact that in order to get endorsed by the San Joaquin GOP you need to either be a candidate of Scott Winn’s or have paid tribute to Mr. Winn. This is one of those under the surface not-so-secret secrets in the political world. Four out of the 21 elected members of the current SJGOP Cent Com have the last name of Winn. If all the slots were filled the SJGOP would be 28 members.

I have had a variety of experiences with Scott Winn, I did not have an overly negative opinion of him until recently. He is an out of the closet trump-hater and he and most of his crew are supporting impeaching the President (Corey Uhden, Luis Alvarado and others). Winn has been part of the California Republican Leadership convention control operation for a long time and has also been one of the go-to consultants for CAGOP Leadership. Winn has been good buddies with David Stafford Reade for years – nothing wrong or illegal there – just a point about how inbred the California GOP world is.

Several years ago, I lit up Lee Neves, one of Scott Winn’s long time political opponents. I remember yukking it up with Scott at a subsequent convention with regard to it as relationships and alliances always shift in politics. Lee Neves’ worst offenses were dressing funny which made him an easy target to mess with. Many years ago, I wrote a series of blogs about Carlos Villapadua, N Allen Sawyer and the now Sheriff of San Joaquin County Pat Withrow. All are political opponents of Scott Winn’s. So, I have not always been at odds with Mr. Winn.

Marla Livengood lives in CA-09 and she got hammered by Jerry McDonkey in 2018. She grifted over to CA-10 and has next to no money raised and over half of her money raised is from family. Marla also happens to be a trump-hater who has attacked trump supporters in CA-10 as racists and happens to be the SJGOP’s Secretary.

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In October, the SJGOP attempted to endorse Marla, and it failed. In November, Boss Winn cracked down on dissent and they reached 2/3.

Conservative Republican Tom Patti is running for re-election. He has an opponent who is not a Republican. Tom Patti was not endorsed. Scott Winn is running the campaign of Tom Patti’s non-republican opponent. See how that works? Elbert Holman, Scott Winn’s client is a former officeholder in San Joaquin County and is a democrat.

An unopposed GOP Candidate in CA-09 (vs McDonkey aka Jerry McNerney) was also snubbed. As your intrepid blogger investigates what happened with all the above endorsements, I am prepared for the worst if half the rumors about the Tammany Hall in Stockton are true.

Underscoring the absurdity of the entire CA-10 endorsement caper is this:

Ummm, Marla – the Trump-Hating Party Bosses just rigged up the SJGOP endorsement for you? Or, did you miss the memo?

Marla Livengood, welcome to the Right on Daily grifter series. She has graduated from also-ran trump-hater (and race-baiter) to Grifter status. It makes me grimace just thinking about it…

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