Oct 032019

Apparently, the also ran candidate’s attempt to smear Trump supporters fell flat. Her campaign has flat-lined. (CA-10 = California’s 10th Congressional District, Josh Harder)

Speaking of flat-lining – Bob Elliott is barely polling better than a sugar pill. (The 4th leg in the race is below a sugar pill) I decided to take a look at some of Mr. Elliott’s on line presence. It felt like I had seen him before in my younger years:

FYI – Mr. Elliot is on the left.

I’ve railed on Senate Minority Leader Shannon Grove for encouraging Bob Elliott to exit the SD-05 Race. (Because the other guy turned out to be a train wreck) However, in her defense, I could understand how a 70 year old County Supervisor from the south end of San Joaquin County would be less desirable than a 40 something City Councilmember. Bob Elliott looks like yesterday’s news.

I am not sure how Mr. Elliott would be able to manage a district that will require constant maintenance because of its’ demographics. 3,000 mile flights with another 1.5 Hours to get to and from the airport are exhausting for a 30-something let alone a 70 year old man.

Even more bizarre is this:

I don’t know who Alexander Torres is. We learn that he lives 300 miles away from Ripon in his endorsement. It is a head scratcher. On one hand, it is really cool to see that Elliott has friends that are super loyal… but touting people from Los Angeles in the Central Valley (where people who resent what LA is doing to them live) is absurd.

Why is Bob Elliott calling local Republican Leaders and Telling them he was recruited by the NRCC (National Republican Congressional Committee) and that he has the support of insiders in Washington DC? This is absurd and it is also a bald-faced lie.

Is Bob Elliott so so ronrey?

There seems to be something in the political water this year as I have surveyed districts around California where marginal candidates are claiming national support they don’t have.

Bob Elliott has support – his buddy in LA. But Bob Elliott is so so ronrey in CA-10. Bob Elliott should retire and call it a day.

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  1. Yes, Los Angeles! I support friends based on his integrity—Not on geography!
    Alexander Torres

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