Jan 082020

The local political bosses have spoken

If you are a democrat and you want to run for AD-13, it is time to hire 3AM Communications. 3AM communications is run by two dudes in San Joaquin County that are Republicans, one of whom sits on the San Joaquin County Republican Party Central Committee.

3AM Communications is all over the reports of Democrat San Joaquin County Supervisor Kathy Miller. See 2014 here and see 2018 here see the $25,000 win bonus from the democrat to 3AM on the third page. (Note, I only linked one report from each cycle but they are all over all of them) Now Miller is running for Assembly to replace extreme left-wing homosexual activist Susan Eggman who is jumping to SD05. Miler’s two opponents are largely unfunded, but 3AM Communications was not able to get a Republican on the AD13 Ballot to help Miller clear out the field in March. Thus, Miller will be in a D vs D runoff where she is still heavily favored. It is the opinion of this blogger that any would be GOP Challenger realized that they would be volunteering to get used and not supported as Miller was to be the beneficiary of a Rep joining the AD-13 race. (AD-XX = California’s XX Assembly District)

CA-09 Candidate Tony Amador is a client (indirectly) of 3AM Communications. (CA-XX = California’s XX Congressional District)

CA-10 Candidate Marla Livengood is a client of 3AM Communications.

Both were endorsed by the San Joaquin GOP over other Republicans.

But not Republican Supervisor Tom Patti who is the only Republican in his race. Is that because Democrat Elbert Holman is running against him and happens to list 3AM Communications as his consultant? 1/6/2020 marked Tom Patti being denied an endorsement for the second time by the San Joaquin GOP.

What happened? The principal of 3AM Communications who is a member of the SJGOP Central Committee suggested a “Closed Session”. This had the effect of kicking all the candidates and staff out of the deliberation. It is also the experience of this blogger seeing closed sessions before in groups that they are done for one of two reasons: 1 people are being intimidated by outside influence or 2 the people that control the committee want to make sure it is easier to track how the members vote.

It did not stop CA-09 Candidate Tony Amador, 75 years of age from attempting to bully a 20-something staffer of Ted Howze. (The young lady is an elected member of that body and despite Mr. Amador’s wishes she was not expelled from the room) I like Tony Amador, (he probably does not like me very much anymore) but his allowing himself to be used as a tool and his behavior against a woman young enough to be his Grand-daughter is just moronic.

If you are scratching your head – allow your intrepid blogger to fill in more blanks.

3AM Communications helped Michael Tubbs (democrat) who is famous for paying gang bangers out of the City Treasury to not commit crime, (sound like the $100+ Billion in Cash to Iran?) over troubled Republican Anthony Silva. Silva was endorsed by the SJGOP at the time 3AM was helping elect Tubbs.

3AM Communications helped democrat Dan Wright win a City Council Seat in Stockton (click here for another financial report too) over Republican Steve Colangelo. Note, Colangelo was also endorsed by the SJGOP.

3AM Communications helped elect a democrat majority onto the Stockton City Council.

The difference was the $3MM worth of Charles Munger’s money that 3AM Communications and others helped direct in 2016 that changed the composition of the SJGOP Central Committee. So instead of pro-forma endorsements of Republicans, 3AM Communications now has the ability to block endorsements of Republicans at the SJGOP Central Committee – or worse get unfunded marginal candidates (Marla Livengood) endorsed for nationally targeted races.

It gets worse, 3AM Communications has also been a vendor to the California Republican Party. In essence, 3AM communications has been helping the democrats build their bench for legislative seats while the CAGOP has been getting shellacked at the polls.

Then, overlay that with these consultants purging through direct and indirect means of dissenters from two county committees to rig endorsements of hopeless candidates and you have to ask yourself if they are deliberately trying to lose.

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  1. Good write up. It is amazing that Never Trumpers (aka “RINOS”) still exist in CA. These are not Republicans and I agree with your research and opinions here.

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