Jan 162020

Who did this meme for Bob Elliott? (NOTE CA-XX = California’s XX Congresional District)

CNN? Do the people running Bob Elliott’s CA-10 campaign remember he is running as a Republican? Also note, the bad airbrush on the teeth.

So, CA-03 Candidate Sean Feucht is adding County Coordinators! Kool-Aid is included I am sure – but you, yes YOU can be a County Coordinator in SACREMENTO County. Meantime, Sacramento County GOP endorsed Tamika Hamilton. You’d think the expensive consultants running his campaign and Mr. Feucht himself would at least know how to spell the geographic locations within that district! (Strange things happen when you live 150 miles outside the population center of a district you are trying to grab)

Note that the CA-10 Grifter Marla Livengood’s consultant is good buddies with Doug LaMalfa’s Consultant. It looks like there are not a lot of original thoughts in that crew.

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