Jan 192020

Live action photo of Bob Elliott with several Ted Howze signs in the bed of his truck.

A couple of young Ted Howze volunteers caught Bob Elliott in the act with his wife. They were picking up Ted Howze signs and throwing them in to the back of his pickup. Apparently, Mr. Elliott is not handling having to run a competitive campaign all that well.

somehow this meme of Bob Elliott on CNN makes better sense now

The two youthful volunteers were confronted by Bob Elliott who promptly ditched them.

I wish the volunteers would have gotten some better photos of Bob in action…

It remains to be seen if the trump-hating also-ran candidate gets in on the fun. Because “she’s one of us”… but I digress.


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  5 Responses to “CA-10 Update: What would a campaign be without a little Sign Stealing! (BY THE CANDIDATE HIMSELF!?)”

  1. He’s running scared and stealing.

  2. No, Howse folks did a number to make it look like Bob Elliott’s deed. Meanwhile Ted Howse continues to accuse and threaten the San Joaquin County Republican party and its leaders. I am alarmed at the thug tactics, lies and accusations by Howse. Having given my name and email here, I will see what they try to do in my direction.

    Blogger’s Note: Given the negative history we have Nancy, (remember the CRA officer elections, etc?) this is quite a statement.

  3. This action says a lot about his character.

  4. Where are the photos of the signs?? All I see is a man in his truck. So why should we believe these campaign workers???

    Blogger’s Note: It appears Bob’s campaign is well aware of what happened 😉 Might want to ask them while you’re at it.

  5. Elliott should not be allowed to represent us in Washington, CAN’T BE TRUSTED.

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