Jan 132020
He sure has the breaking the law part down well.
Your Intrepid Blogger is in exclusive receipt of a letter that blasts Bob Elliott for using his military uniform in a campaign ad. It is signed by 6 Military Veterans and cites specific parts of the DOD code that explicitly detail what Elliott did. What did Elliott do? He featured himself in full dress uniform in a campaign ad. This is a big no-no and is one of the most common mistakes do-it-yourself-candidates commit.
Bob Elliott himself should have known better as he was a career military man before becoming a career politician.
January 13, 2020
Dear Bob Elliott,
Honor and duty are two words that we hold sacred as veterans of the United States Armed Forces. Unfortunately, it has come to our attention that a political campaign television ad is currently airing  featuring you in military dress uniform. As veterans of the United States military we believe that you are denigrating the uniform we all wore protecting and defending this nation by using it as a political prop. Further, you are likely well aware that you are in direct violation of the United States Department of Defense directive all former military service men and women must uphold.
Mr. Elliott, you have neither been in an active duty or reserve member military role for 20 years. The use of your military uniform in political advertising is in clear violation of Department of Defense Directive 1344.10, 4.3.2,, which states, members of the military not on active duty may NOT, in campaign literature (including Web sites, videos, television, and conventional print advertisements): or allow the use of photographs, drawings, and other similar media formats of themselves in uniform as the primary graphic representation in any campaign media, such as a billboard, brochure, flyer, Web site, or television commercial. For the purposes of this policy, ‘photographs’ include video images, drawings, and all other similar formats of representational media.
Given this blatant disregard for regulations that our duty and former service require us to abide by, we ask that you immediately cease and desist immediately with these campaign advertisements and the politicization and denigration of our nation’s uniform solely for your own political gain.
Donald “Duke” Cooper
United States Marine Corps
Rudy Molina
United States Marine Corps / Army
1967-1968 / 1971-1972
Roy Mason
United States Army
Alan Taylor
United States Navy
Robert Skillman
United States Navy
Arlen Groom
United States Navy
You would think that someone who served 20 years in the military would respect his service more than to sell it out on a cheap political stunt like this… to be continued…
P.S. CA-XX = California’s XX Congressional District
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  2 Responses to “CA-10 Update: “Denigration of the Uniform” Veterans SLAM Bob Elliott for Abusing His Uniform in a Campaign Ad.”

  1. You are allowed to do it as long as it is not the only representation of your life and service…but if you do use a photo in any military uniform you must clear display or state this disclaimer: (From US Title 10)

    U.S. Title 10 Disclaimer: _______(name) is a member (or retired or former) of the ________ (Army, Navy, Air Force or US Marines). Use of his (her) military rank, job titles, and photographs in uniform does not imply endorsement by the Department of the _______(Army, Navy, Air Force) or the Department of Defense.

    If he doesn’t do that it is a Title 10 violation of the US Code and not allowed.

  2. In a recent debate I attended with the three republican candidate for congress district 10 state of California. I was a little put off by the repeated comments of his military service. I felt he thought he was better than the other candidates that had not made the military their careers. I was put off by his arrogance and portrayal of his worthiness due to his military service. I am appreciative of his service but that in itself does not make him the best candidate.

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