Nov 172018

Welcome to the world of Mike Madrid. Miguelito was in gratuitously quoted as a “Republican” by Politico’s Carla Marinucci. Marinucci is also associated with the San Francisco Chronicle which may as well be published in Bejing China.

I’d suggest Miguelito use Tinder to find a date, but then he may end up being connected with Kristen Olsen. Like Olsen, Miguelito left the GOP in disgrace, selling himself out for six figures in retainers from Antonio Villariagosa.

For a small sum, a democrat can purchase the services of Manchurian Republican Mike Madrid. And part of the “Value” you will receive is him venting his frustration on straw men so he does not have to own responsibility for making a horrible life choice. It is much easier to declare the GOP dead once you’ve gotten your 100,000 pieces of silver, and easier still when you have to cover your bruised ego from losing to someone you outspent 4-1, failing to reach 20% of the vote with a combined aggregate for $50MM spent.

Madrid had some choice quotes which actually highlight his hypocrisy – as I quote the Political Click-Bait hit piece on the CAGOP:

They believe the rebuilding process could require years, if not generations, to rid the state GOP of the taint of a president who is blamed for ramping up anti-immigrant sentiment in a state that is home to more immigrants than any other in the country.

(Referring to Kirsten and Madrid)

Mike Madrid is seeking to participate in the Chad Mayes / Kristen Olsen Narcissistic Rage, cloaking their feelings of inadequacy and irrelevance in the old tired rhetoric of the move left GOP crowd.

Madrid also went on to attack both John Cox and Travis Allen – which makes sense as their performance in the Primary was humiliating to Mr. Madrid. (ahem, Travis Allen finished a very close 5th to Villariagosa’s 3rd… and John Cox finished a strong 2nd) The focus of his attack was immigration politics, a go to for GOP Critics to use in order to cloak other personal issues.

Madrid should also know a few things about Immigration – witness a past campaign he managed: (Mike Madrid Ran John Geranios’ Campaign)

Ask Republican John Geranios why voters should elect him to represent the 43rd Assembly District and he starts gushing.

“I’m the absolute dream candidate for this district,” he enthusiastically explains. “I’m a perfect match for the values of the voters here. . . . I’m fiscally conservative and I’m anti-illegal immigration.”

$1ooK+ can buy a conscience it appears.

Back to the Politico hatchet job, Mike Madrid actually makes a case for Travis Allen for CAGOP Chairman succinctly:

“I believe that the party has to die before it can be rebuilt. And by die — I mean, completely decimated. And I think Tuesday night was a big step,’’ says veteran California GOP political consultant Mike Madrid. “There is no message. There is no messenger. There is no money. And there is no infrastructure.”

Amazingly – Travis Allen’s CAGOP Chairman campaign is all about Message, Messenger, Money and Infrastructure.

Got that Andy Vidak? Got that Mimi Walters? Got that Jeff Denham? Got that (fill in name of candidate here)? Got that volunteer clubs? The same Mike Madrid that called veteran Republican Activist Allen J Wilson a White Supremacist on twitter for no reason at all, is now lecturing the GOP. Worse, he makes it clear what he thinks of Jim Brulte, Harmeet, Shawn Steel, Tony Krvaric, Vidak, Walters, Denham and anyone else seeking leadership roles in the GOP.

This is yet another clinical reason I am referring to the “Wrong Way CA” crowd as a crew on a Narcissistic Rage. If Mike Madrid and his crew get their way, the CAGOP would be a wing of the CADEM Party, and anyone they disagree with would be expelled. Talk about going to the polar opposite extreme to fix a perceived problem!!!

If you have any doubts about Madrid’s psychosis, check out his twitter account and watch him rage on the far left and the far right of the GOP and everything in between, it is a sight to behold. It appears that the humiliation of Antonio Villariagosa has affected him in a deep manner to the point of having PTSD.

Mike Madrid has also demonstrated that he is the head of the snake, as he came right out and said what Chad Mayes and Kristen Olsen were to scared to admit: They were working for and cheering for the failure of the GOP.

Count on Madrid to try and leverage his dwindling relationships (as the dems know he is a charlatan and his pathological rage is isolating him from the GOP) to plant media stories quoting him as a “Republican” in order to further his psychosis.

At the end of the day Mike Madrid will have to live with his own legacy of ideological harlotry and failure for the rest of his life – even as he rages on former friends and alienates himself from reality even more.

Nov 092018

As you can imagine the rank and file in the Sheriff’s Department are elated.

Pictured is Chief Deputy Jason “Deuce” Horton – he has said to some that he is going to run for Sheriff in 4 years against Sheriff-Elect Chad Bianco. Then, later, he was attempting to brown nose to keep a job. Horton is 48 and needs another 15 months or so for a full retirement. #EPICFAIL He better hope the file about the DUI he allegedly got away with was destroyed by his pals in Sheriff’s Admin. (If it is untrue, then he has a lot of issues to worry about anyway)

Lyndon Raymond “The Executioner” Wood – another Chief Deputy is suddenly ill. Something about heart issues, no one I spoke to knew anything about Wood having health issues as just two weeks ago he was threatening people in their offices. Rumors are just that, rumors. One set has him putting in his retirement papers and another set has him attempting to medically tap out.

Update: It appears that Chief Deputy Ray Wood did indeed end up in the ER on Wed with some sort of legitimate heart issue. All my opinions of him aside, I hope he is OK physically. Never, EVER root for people you don’t like or political enemies to suffer ill, otherwise you’re no better than the ill you attempt to defeat at the ballot box. Good luck Ray and recover fully.

Another insane rumor that turns out to be partially true is an alleged Stan Sniff temper tantrum, no, not the infamous video folks, a real tantrum. It appears he had to be talked out of shutting down the CCW Department as his refusal to have reasonable CCW issuance practices was a major campaign issue. (And exposed the hypocrisy of the NRA and H Paul Payne) Somehow, shutting the CCW department down was supposed to accomplish something.

That’s correct, a sitting Sheriff had a serious enough conversation that even his butt monkies (ohhh there is that word again) had to talk him out of yet another felony stupid move.

In other news – Sheriff-Elect Chad Bianco has made it clear that the Kevin Duffy Serial Child Molestation Case will be followed up on and finished the right way.

Your intrepid blogger has received multiple reports of Shred Trucks parked at or near the Sheriff’s Admin Office. I am not 100% sure what that means, but I have written many times I am of the opinion that Sniff and Crew will seek to cover their tracks.

The malicious prosecution of Donald Vincent Brooks is continuing. (Again, my opinion of the case) The investigator in the case that I think is dirty was attempting to brown-nose the Sheriff Elect after the election.

Your intrepid blogger was contacted by Stan Sniff major donor and failed assembly candidate Mohammad Ali Mazarei to pay off on a bet he made with me related to the election. I have not determined if I am going to return the call.

A personal note to Riverside DA Mike Hestrin: It was put to me that you refused to endorse Chad Bianco because of this blog. I don’t know you and I have never met you. I hope that rumor is false, not because I care, but because it makes you look weak in the face of corruption. That is not a good look for a DA who looks to be busy for a while with several messes within the Sheriff’s Department. Help the Sheriff clean it up so four years from now I have little or nothing to write about.

Several photos on social media started to emerge post election. In one case, it appears that the Sheriff or one of his Butt-Monkies got a group photo from Chad Bianco’s home station of Hemet removed. It is re-posted here.

I do not envy the job Chad Bianco has to deal with. But, man do I think he is equal to the task.

Your Intrepid Blogger will continue to follow up as events warrant. Thanks again to all within RSO and interested citizens that had the courage to come forward. I may have been the forum, but all of you supplied me with the tools to play a role in this election.

Nov 082018

I have been active in California Republican Politics for 21 years and counting.

I have had a front row seat to watch 20 years of Controlled Failure.

First off, let me say that I think it is absurd and insane for anyone to talk to Travis Allen about running for Congress. Dana Rohrabacher is not gone yet and Scott Baugh needs a clear avenue to get his clock cleaned once and for all should Dana lose the final tally. Travis has a young family and a financial planning business he is trying to get cranking again.

It is alleged that Harley Rhouda had about 3,000 paid operatives on the ground in the final days of the election as they appear to have made over 100,000 door knocks in the final 72 hours before election day. The GOP had not much more than a standard token ground game. I am not sure anyone outside of a Rich dude looking for a new adventure in CA wants to mess with that kind of fire.

The CAGOP is going to need a religious experience to manifest 3,000 volunteers in Orange County, let alone a Congressional District.

Having seen first hand what happened in Northern Nevada, I get 100% what happened. I saw canvassers sometimes 5 deep in precincts in Central Reno (think dem areas). I know of several people in Reno that were not contacted by anything other than mail (Registered R’s). Heller and Laxalt got beaten on the ground, period.

I’ve watched a generation of Republican consultants that eschew the ground game. You can’t win with just a ground game, and you can’t win with just media.

I’ve watched a generation of CAGOP Chairman talk a good game about grassroots but the grassroots and ground games continue to degrade. Jim Brulte was successful at digging the CAGOP out of Bankruptcy and holding a shrinking, fractured party structure together. Most of his predecessors that I knew failed at one or the other.

I have also watched as big money has allowed a very small oligarchy of consultants to basically take over the skeleton known as the California Republican Party. They dictate everything that goes on behind the scenes and had ironclad control until Chad Mayes’ very public meltdown shattered that paradigm of control. They are scrambling to regain that stranglehold.

For as much as I love Jim Brulte – that small group basically wielded a tremendous influence over him while grassroots groups have withered and died. I have seen a generation of term-limit babies that could care less about the condition of the CAGOP or the size of the GOP caucus in the legislature as long as they are one of them. Matthew Harper is a poster child for this, he did not and could not raise money (getting elected on $15,000 originally) and his vulnerability sapped resources out of other Republican Districts.

In my home Area, Kevin Kiley had $400,000 in the bank that he did not share with his colleagues as he just declared for State Senate. It is literally every man for himself.

Now, we are down to 11 Senators (out of 40) and likely 19 maybe 20 members of the Assembly (out of 80).

If Kiley beats Dahle or Dahle beats Kiley – there were be a feeding frenzy for the vacated Assembly seat. I am not sure why, but people seem to line up to run for state legislature for the privilege of being irrelevant. Special Bonus! Former Assemblymember Beth Gaines is going to run for that Senate Seat as well! (BTW – of the Three, Dahle is by far my favorite as I helped get him elected against the GOP establishment in 2012 and it is likely I will support Dahle in that SD01 Special Election)

Here’s my main point – our candidates (rumored and declared) for CAGOP Chair Present a striking contrast:

Career Activist and former 1996 Assembly Candidate Stephen Frank.

Former AD-74 (3 Terms) Assemblymember Travis Allen

Liberal Former Assemblymember David Hadley.

Hadley is making calls and locking up establishment endorsements. He is 100% more of the same. The same got us shellacked in the 2018 election and his solution was to take to AM 1070 KNX in LA and trash the sitting GOP President. I heard this from three people that listened to it live.

Filtering my past history with Steve Frank and focusing only 100% on his accomplishments, I do not think Steve Frank will be able to deliver on his plan for the CA GOP. While his talking points are cogent and his approach is better than I have seen him take in a long time, I don’t see a future for the CA GOP in electing a 72-year old Chairman with no demonstrated history of being able to organize or fundraise.

Frank has a successful online presence and serves as a voice for Conservative principles. I believe that Mr. Frank will continue well in to his golden years using his golden keyboard.

I took Steve Frank on in a CRA Chairman’s Race fight in 2013 and unseated an incumbent CRA President and unseated him as a CRA Vice President, I am worried that he is not able to organize grassroots either.

Steve Frank also lacks the charisma and presentation of Travis Allen.

I see the CAGOP Chairman’s race as a clear choice between two middle aged white guys, David Hadley and Travis Allen.

Hadley represents more of the same. Period. Nothing else matters as it pertains to him.

Travis Allen represents a different course. Regardless of his Governor Campaign, as a CAGOP Chairman he’d represent a mouthpiece for Republican Values, someone who is not afraid to mix it up with the other side, someone who will paint a clear contrast with the other side.

Travis Allen for his faults did have a rabid base of support and with some seasoned people coming alongside him could help harness that enthusiasm in to something real for the CAGOP. I really had not seen that since the days of McClintock for Governor in 2003.

We’ve tried the same approach for 20 years. I think it is time to burn it down and start over. I think someone like Travis Allen would be a great place to start trying to redefine the CAGOP.

Nov 072018

Look at the results on election night – Chad Bianco gained from the initial drop of results. This means that the late ballots are going to trend in Chad Bianco’s Favor.

Buh-Buy Stan Sniff.

There is the first drop at 7.02% Margin…

Then, it got worse for the Sniffmeister from there…

Look at the margin expand until the final (8.9%) Margin.

Nov 062018

Bill Halldin is staked to a sizable first-place lead in Rocklin. His wife Susan Halldin is also in first place for Rocklin School Board. Republican Derek Counter is in Second in Rocklin.

Krista Bernasconi is way out ahead in Roseville, along with Pauline Rocucci.

The results are such that I am in doubt about Bruce Houdesheldt being appointed. It looks like Jessica Morse’ turnout drill against Tom McClintock brought voters out for David Larson who finished 3rd. Stephanie Dement and Bruce Houdesheldt are not separated by very many votes at all.

Measure B will pass almost 2-1.

Lincoln City Council yields another interesting result – 3 time candidate Dan Cross finishes a distant 3rd behind Alyssi Silhi and Holly Woods Andrieatta.

With the result of Ted Gaines’ latest election basically known, Assemblyman Kevin Kiley is jumping to his next office and will be announcing his run for State Senate.

The Citizens of Roseville have given John Allard, Susan Rohan, Scott Alvord and the other two a mandate. Let’s hope they spend the money from Measure B wisely and deal with the contract negotiations well.