Jul 182018

We’ve written extensively in graphic detail about the Kevin Duffy Scandal. Duffy is alleged to have molested as many as 200 boys in the years he ran the Riverside Sheriff’s activity league.

The facts of the case are disturbing, former Master Investigator Kevin Duffy was molesting children in the Sheriff’s Activity League for years. It came apart on him in 2008 and the investigators were starting to piece together details of his double life. They had a total of 7 confirmed victims with as many as 250 more children defined as high risk.

With the walls closing in on him Kevin Duffy committed suicide. Note, if you watch the video, you learn that Duffy was not arrested and attempted suicide twice before actually killing himself. It is also clear that the second floor at the time was hoping he’d off himself ostensibly to be able to close the thing down and make it go away

Click here for the KMIR Story on the Scandal. Click here to see the horrendous response of the Sheriff to the exposure of the cover-up scandal.

We had our own inside informants that came forward and added explosive disgusting details to the Kevin Duffy story. <<< CONTENT WARNING

  1. Stan Sniff sent his best investigators all over the US to interview kids, at least those on the list. The goal was to suppress release of information and lawsuits

  2. This source confirmed what I knew about the case being put as Open/Suspended in order to prevent the file from being accessed VIA Freedom of Information Act.

  3. Kevin Duffy had a VHS tape in his desk (think 10-20 years prior to 2009) of him raping another kid. This is an inside detail only people with direct knowledge of the case would have. 

  4. Another source told me that sometime within +/- 24 hours surrounding the breaking of this case, the second floor had Captain Leonard Purvis retrieve any and all files from Hemet Station regarding this case and deliver them to the second floor.

Is the second floor destroying evidence as I type this blog? Where is the VHS Tape? What did they retrieve from the Hemet Station?

This morning I received as did countless others a PDF indicating that Private Investigator Luis Bolanos is following up on his original press conference related to the Kevin Duffy serial child molester cover-up by Stan Sniff and others:

Date: July 24, 2018 (Tuesday)
Time: 11:00 a.m.
Location: Riverside County Bar Association
4129 Main St. (Suite 209/Second Floor)
Riverside, California

The Red Book Investigation continues to unravel a cover-up that may lead to the largest trail of child sexual molestation and abuse by a single perpetrator in U.S. history. The alleged suspect, Riverside County Sheriff’s Senior Investigator Kevin Duffy was absolutely one of the most successful and well-respected Deputy Sheriffs and Senior Investigators in his departments history.

GET BIT Investigations began working on this investigation on January 7, 2018. From the onset, sources and whistleblowers close to this investigation have continued to come forward to our investigators and provide us with extremely disturbing and shocking information confirming the criminal actions of this trusted and respected serial child molester and abuser. Our team has been working feverishly nonstop to verify and vet all information that has been provided and discovered by conducting a fair, proper, ethical, unbiased and respectful investigation.

We will be providing new information that has come forward to our investigators and updating you on the current status and direction of our investigation. In addition, we will be formally responding to Sheriff Stan Sniff’s (May 28, 2018/11 p.m.) statement he gave exclusively to KESQ News.

Blogger’s Note: Luis Bolanos and I are not affiliated, nor have we been in contact. Please attend or watch his event online and forward information about this to your friends and family as the true scope of the corruption in the Riverside Sheriff’s Department under Stan Sniff needs to be known.

Jul 182018

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I’d like to thank the retired RSO employees that have been giving me information. It has been corroborated and is deadly accurate. Being able to rip the veil off of Corruption and unethical behavior within the Riverside Sheriff’s Office is a public service I appreciate you helping me do.

It appears that the Undersheriff William DiYorio has quite a few skeletons of his own beyond getting brought back from the great beyond to spike his pension with an Undersheriff Story. Undertaker Diyoyo as we call him clearly had the qualifications across the board to get that position. He is universally loathed, but recent information indicates that he has the personal corruption angle covered as well.

The undersheriff is the SECOND IN CHARGE of the Department! This should scare us all!

… when Diyorio was Captain at Moreno Valley he used to have deputies make repairs of damaged property at suspects residences or random residences when the accord forms were filled out addressed to the county for repairs.  Since he wanted to get promoted the forms never got to the County he would have a specific Deputy do the work.  One time it was fixing drywall at a residence that was damaged by the swat team during a search warrant.  Talking about putting people at arms way.  He would also have deputies assist his girlfriend with a variety of things she was assigned to do.  I believe she was in charge of the Hispanic Chamber of commerce in Moreno Valley. (SNIP)  She personally told a few people she was banging him.  D would also take his Harley Davidson, while working, to get worked on the City of Riverside several times…

No wonder why Undertaker Diyoyo is universally loathed!? Imagine executing a search warrant and then being forced to repair the same place days later? Note, DiYorio was married while having a Girlfriend, pretty much a prerequisite to be on Sniff’s Management team.

Then there is this – Correctional Sgt. Martin Tochtrop returns to RightonDaily after a hiatus as well…

Correctional Sgt. Tochtrop was an instructor at the Corrections Academy. While there, he started a relationship with a female recruit who later became his wife. He was removed from the Corrections academy and sent back to the jail. His recruit girlfriend was then assigned to that same jail and Tochtrop had to be moved to a other jail. Tochtrop was always attending special training classes throughout California and the country. He would take his girlfriend with him despite the fact she didn’t have vacation time saved up. This resulted in her being fired for falsifying her time cards. Tochtrop lied during her PERS but Diyorio refused to fire him. Diyorio did the same thing for several other people, letting them stay on despite lying in PERS, including Joe McNamara.

I spoke to someone that was on Homicide at the time, who saw the reports on Tochtrop. The homicide team was assigned to investigate Tochtrop for Fraud and Perjury. They had him dead to rights on the offenses. Add this to the list of reasons why Undertaker Diyoyo is universally loathed in the department.

Also note that Christopher Brandon Ford did most of the work on the Tochtrop investigation and people recall how upset he was that it was stuffed. Ford appears to have sold out completely, later becoming part of the Ratt Squad, apparently being involved in covering up the Cheating Scandal (along with Diyorio), having an affair of his own and now has residence on Floor Number 2. (When he is not attempting to intimidate Chad Bianco at campaign events)

Lt Mark Bostrom? He matters because he was a leader in the Internal Affairs Department and was a reputed Stan Sniff hatchet man for years before being sent to the Ben Clark Training Center because his tactics were getting the department sued. (Please note that I have edited the email sent to me by the informant in order to protect the identity of the informant)

Sgt. Bostrom at the time was a victim of a burglary.  They stole thousand of dollars in property from his residence.  The case was assigned to a burglary team.  They ended up solving the burglary. His wife told them what jewelry was stolen.  They went through pawn slips and noticed jewelry on a pawn slip that matched what his wife had told the team.  Sure enough they went to the pawn shop (Empire Jewelry and Loan) in Moreno Valley, and asked Bostrom to show up with his wife to see the jewelry.  The Bostroms confirmed it was theirs.  The owner paid out $2000 to the crook for the purchase of the jewelry obviously not knowing it was stolen.  The victim unfortunately has to pay the pawn shop back and then sue the suspect for restitution.  Well Bostrom did not pay back the owner.  We know this because the owner told the team.  It happened in 2006 or 2007.  He’s a P.O.S. (referring to Bostrom) All the jewelry was returned to the Bostrom’s and the owner of the pawns shop was out $2000 because Bostrom did not want to pay him because he was too cheap.  The team asked Bostrom several times to give the owner some money and Bostrom ignored the requests.

Mark Bostrom is norotious for saying “Investigate to Terminate” with regard to cases he used to pursue whilst doing the Sheriff’s bidding. Now we know Bostrom should have been Terminated for stealing $2000 from a Pawn Shop Owner.

When the Second in Command of the entire department is corrupt, is it any wonder that people farther down the food chain in the department feel empowered to be corrupt?

It needs to be cleaned up. Fire Stan Sniff, he hired William Diyorio and he should be held accountable for the corruption that has ensued under Diyorio’s watch (In addition to his own).

Jul 172018

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Did you know that Sniff took $150 from the attorney defending a cop-killer who murdered the wife of one of Stan’s own Employees?

On Stanley’s B-Day Party Flyer is a defense attorney by the name of Virginia Blumenthal.

Blumenthal is another criminal defense attorney with several active cases against the Riverside Sheriff’s Office. Similar to Stan Sniff siding with radical open borders leftists against ICE or siding with the ACLU over law enforcement, here he is with criminal defense attorneys.

Blumenthal is known to represent Police Officers Pro-Bono. She also appears to be respected in some circles.

A quick google search shows that Blumenthal represented a hit man for the cartels that murdered a witness in a big drug case.

It is a tough place to be in when you are a Sheriff and you’re hob-knobbing with a defense attorney.

It does not stop there! Suite 403 corresponds to another attorney! See here for Charles Xavier Delgado!

Mr. Delgado committed such a serious breech of ethics, that his law license actually got suspended. See here on the State Bar Website!

A client filed a Bar Complaint against Delgado and Delgado got popped for misappropriating settlement money in his trust account and he refused to call the injured party back for a period of around two years. It appears that Delgado was attempting to rip the injured client off for $10,000. Delgado also was tasked with negotiating the medical liens the injured client who won a settlement racked up and did not do so until the client lit him up with the State Bar. Read the 16 page PDF for yourself.

Then Delgado got his license suspended for not taking the ethics course that he was ordered to take by the State Bar. Given what I’ve observed, I’d lay odds Stan Sniff would hire this guy if he was 20 years younger for sure.

Think of how Stan Sniff’s own men feel about this? An Attorney who is fighting to get Cop-Killers off is a donor to their boss… is this utter contempt for his own men? And, they guy hosting the event in his office has a licenses Suspension for ethics violations in 2016! #TEAMSNIFF

Given that Sniff has taken money from Felons, and is associating with other felons, we have a well-established pattern of poor judgement that disqualifies him from being Sheriff.

To Be Continued…

Jul 162018

It is the new fad infesting law enforcement, make a lame ass lip-sync video to make your selves
not look like Christian Dekker or Mark Bostrom to the community.

Most inside the Riverside Sheriff’s Office are acting with pure disdain.

Their equipment is broken.

They are forced to work ghastly amounts of overtime. due to staffing shortages

250 colleagues left last year.

People in their management team get away with cheating, lying and stealing and it is covered up.

The Sheriff Sides with the ACLU over deputies on key issues.

They arrest the same felons 5 times a week because the Sheriff has refused to lead on the Jail Staffing Issue.

The budget is being wasted on a variety of things that are pretty easy to address, and occassionally the magic fairy raises her wand and poof there’ some more money!

The solution? Make some lame video. Waste more money and Manpower. Note that Officer Joe Cornejo is highlighted as a participant in the Cheating Scandal. Does this mean he is preforming service for the Second Floor to get back in good graces?

Well another deputy registered their disdain for the lip sync challenge:

Jul 162018

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Stan Sniff is suddenly “Happy as a Clam” with his budget. The budget he is happy with is largely the same budget that he predicted would lead to the Jail being unstaffed.

Stan Sniff is apparently “Happy as a Clam” to be paying out $200,000 – $400,000 in extra money every time a senior member of his staff retire. Given that the turnover in Stan Sniff’s senior management has been horrendous, the Retirement Bomb cost has to be horrendous.

Similar to the disastrous County Maintenance Contracts that are costing the Sheriff’s Office Millions for slipshod work, the Retirement Bomb is costing Millions more. Yet, you never hear about this from the Sheriff. He spends his waking hours blaming the Supervisors for his maladies instead of attempting to solve the problem.

Take a look at the below screenshots of 3 recently retired Second Floor Infestors – we threw in Lt. Tim Elwell for a bonus as it appears people down to the rank of Lieutannant can store up sick and vacation hours to create a nice lump-sum payout at retirement day.

As a note of comparison – in the real world, employees are told they have a cap on the hours they can accrue. It is typically around 18 months worth of vacation and 18 months of sick time.

You will see that former Assistant Sheriff Raymond Gregory hammered the taxpayers for over 400,000 worth of “Other Pay” as in stored up vacation and sick time when he retired. The others listed here hammered us for $201K-267K a piece beyond their six figure salaries.

Where is the Sheriff? Why he’s “Happy as a Clam”. #EPICFAIL