May 262018

Man have the floodgates come open since we posted this in early February 2018.

Check out this comment left on another post a couple of days ago:

Rumor is that Purvis played a major role in the cheating scandal to cover it up.  Insiders claim that investigators did the interviews of all the involved players and those interviews were turned over to the second floor where “group think” actually wrote it.  They even omitted some of the players.  The investigator who has their name attached to it wrote nothing. That is apparently common practice in the Mark Bostrom era, where digital copies of reports are routinely changed after they are turned in to meet the needs of an unethical administration.
Secondly, we’ve determined through inside sources that Leonard Purvis lost a promotion from Captain to Chief Deputy due to the exposure of his malfeasance. We are not done with Leonard Purvis or anyone else that has been an instrument of Stan Sniff. (whether they have their own issues or not)

Lt. “Investigate to Terminate” Mark Bostrom appears to be almost universally loathed within the Riverside Sheriff’s Office. He appears to have cost the County of Riverside some serious money.

Witness this anonymous email I received:

So here is another “investigate to terminate” story with some documentation. Gabe Dennington was fired from RSO something like 5 years ago. The word is that during depositions the “investigate to terminate” came out and his settlement offer from the county went from $250,000 to $2.2 million. This is supposedly the reason Bostrom was moved to the academy. Word is that Dennington told the county to go f*** themselves and is seeking damages and his job back. Attached is a photo I received showing his case is over.
This is a regular thing, people get fired and get their jobs back. The department knows what it’s doing and knows how bad it punishes people.
Its funny how certain ranks in the department are untouchable. Capt. Dave Nordstrom was investigated for handcuffing his step daughter to her bed at night (his current wife is a CSO and it was her adopted daughter). The investigators working the case were slowed in their efforts and they are almost certain Nordstrom was given the heads up before they did the search warrant at his house. He got a misdemeanor filing and it was dragged on for years before getting nothing. People are freaking out about the Turpin child abuse case in Perris and we had one within our own department. Nothing internally happened to him and he is still employed with us today!
I am also aware that the captain central to the Thermal Station caper is also seeking to get his job back. Additional information on that case about his behavior is equally as disturbing as the above.
If the anonymous email is true, and I have asked others who believe its’ contents are indeed true, then add these two cases to the growing list of misconduct by the Sheriff and his minions. Captain Dave Nordstrom seems to have gotten away with Child Abuse again, if this anonymous email is indeed true.
We’ve seen the cover blown off of the cheating scandal which is opening pandora’s box. To those of you that have suffered injustice at the hands of Stan Sniff’s regime, help is here. You can remain anonymous. To Be Continued…
May 262018

What If I told you that there is an unspoken rule in Riverside County that deputies are not supposed to pursue suspects on to local Indian reservations?

See the text message exchange between officers that were told to let a suspect get away. In this particular case the tribal security people managed to apprehend the suspect…

This is not an uncommon occurrence at all as I’ve been told several similar stories. Then there is this one in a local city, apparently letting bad guys get away is a county-wide problem on Sniff’s watch:

…I tackled an attempted murder suspect off a dirt bike that was running from xxx pd. They suspect just shot the homeowner 5 times and was still armed with his gun. I was told by a corporal not to respond when the allied agency asked for help. And when I found the suspect I was told not to pursue by a sgt. I am not that guy I went anyways and chased him and jumped out tackled him and retrieved the gun that was still in his back pocket. From the top down their all scared to be cops.

It is every man for himself in Riverside County. Remember, we’ve written about the spiraling crime rate, so these stories inform us as to why it is happening.

Then we have other issues, such as favoritism being displayed to towing companies. Remember, Towing companies can make lots of money off of law enforcement contracts.

Then we have the well-known case of a cheating scandal on advancement exams, Note, once again people worried about being identified. What is central in this cheating scandal is Jason Gxxx being promoted, as his wife is a $120k a year administrative assistant to the Sheriff. The correspondence I got continues:

(Source deleted) …150 deputies were caught up in it. Because of the scope of it, admin stopped the Investigators from identifying more and told them to only investigate the ten worst offenders. All offenders were given 16 hours of discipline including one who was caught outright lying, normally a firing offense. Included in this group was a Deputy named Jason Gxxx. Gxxx is married to (XX), Sniff’s $120k a year secretary. Not only was Gxxx allowed to stay on the promotion list, he was promoted to the very rank he cheated to get in November. The promotion list just came out for this last testing cycle, and Gxxx finished very high on the Sergeants list and will likely promote to that rank.
Are you getting a flavor for why the rank and file are acting like abuse victims? Here is a re-post of a comment (unedited) on a recent blog about intimidation and retaliation:
I’m currently a retired Investigator from the Sheriffs Department of 30 years. I helped Chad Bianco when he ran agains Sniff in 2014 and I was very vocal about it. I posted several comments supporting Bianco on my Facebook account and they were clearly monitored. I was told by supervisors and co-workers I was doing career suicide and I was blind. I thought nothing would happen to me, I had a great career and had never been disaplened in my 30 years. I was wrong, a few months after the election my Sgt and Lt came into my office and told me I was being transferred to the jail. The jail Investigator position was routinely used for newly promoted Inveatigators or if an employee was being punished. To my knowledge I have never seen a Investigator in good standings and with as much training in child crimes along with others be placed I tithe jail. All my training went to waist. Thousand of dollars of training went to waste to punish me and it was absolutely because I publicly helped Bianco with his campaign. I retired earlier then I was planning but I couldn’t take working for a Sheriff that was so vendictive and could care less about his employees.
All this and more than one deputy / county employee has told me about the Thermal Station caper where Several Thousand Cases were literally laying on tables and desks and had not been prosecuted, referred, re-investigated, etc. Many of the criminals got away with their crimes because the statute of limitations expired by the time people sent there TDY had been able to review them.
Last but not least is the case of Sgt/Lt/Captain Coby Wxxx. She is now severely disabled after an accident. She should have been medically retired where she’d have received really good compensation and lifetime benefits. Instead, she has been promoted twice while not being able to stand without a cane and can not fire a weapon unless seated. Think of this from the paradigm of law enforcement and the needs of a Captain to be reasonably mobile. Instead of paying two officers what she is being paid, there she sits growing her pension while unable to perform the usual duties of a captain. Worse, according to stories, she has been an instrument of Sheriff Sniff’s revenge against the disloyal. Again, this sort of personnel decision furthers the resentment and further decimates morale.
Don’t forget – there is a hiring freeze. This means the taxpayers are paying 150% of the normal hourly rate for hundreds if not thousands of hours of police work AND the cops themselves are routinely forced to work 16 hour shifts because of the extremely high rate of people calling in sick.
If anyone reading has any further information on these stories or similar stories please reach out to us, we are on facebook and YOU CAN REMAIN ANONYMOUS. Thank you… to be continued…
P.S. The sources for the information in this post are known to this blogger. They wished (for the most part) to remain anonymous. They are current and former employees of the Sheriff’s Department in Riverside County
May 252018
So – the Jail, which I have written about a lot is also a disaster. The jail is also under the purview of Stan Sniff. Detailed in this article is a report about an inmate that was nearly beaten to death. The inmate later got a $6MM settlement.
On Feb. 18, 2015, 10 days after Soriano’s arrest, Jackson beat Soriano for 20 minutes. Three times during that confrontation, Soriano pressed the intercom button that was supposed to make a sound and trigger a light on a panel in a room where deputies monitored the panel and video monitors assigned to each cell.

But no one heard the audio signal because it had been disconnected “several years earlier,” Trujillo said. Additionally, deputies did not see the light on the panel or the beating being shown on the video monitor.

“It was really sad,” Trujillo said. “There was nowhere this guy could go. He had no chance.”

Soriano is in a permanent vegetative state as a result, Trujillo said.
Then when you add in the following, you will see that lawsuit costs are a huge problem for the county.

Riverside County Sheriff Stan Sniff is under pressure to reduce liability claims resulting from the actions of his deputies. (File photo by Mark Dustin, Contributing Photographer)

Riverside County officials are urging the Sheriff’s Department to do more to limit lawsuits that have  cost taxpayers millions of dollars.

The lawsuits have contributed greatly to an almost 100 percent increase in liability claims payouts and a more than doubling of liability insurance premiums in the past five years.

Sheriff Stan Sniff has said that lawsuits are to be expected in his profession, in which deputies sometimes use force to arrest suspects and pursue vehicles in high-traffic areas. But Chief Deputy Kevin Vest said in an interview Thursday, May 11, that evolving tactics, uniform-mounted cameras and new software that better tracks incidents could reduce the frequency and cost of litigation.

The county’s projected 2016-17 costs — $32 million on claims and $7.6 million on insurance in “general and auto liability” — come at a time when the county’s expenditures exceed its income.

“Without question, we need to do more to control that cost,” Paul McDonnell, the county’s finance director, told the Board of Supervisors at a budget overview on May 9.

While a number of county departments contribute to the lawsuit payouts, the Sheriff’s Department is responsible for “well over half,” Assistant CEO/Human Resources Director Mike Stock said during a budget presentation to the supervisors in September.

“I think we need to say we’re looking at sheriff for changing practices and training,” County Supervisor John Tavaglione said at that meeting. “Public safety needs to be addressed in a more aggressive manner in terms of training, in my opinion. Better tactics, time’s on their side, most of the time, and I think we could save a lot of money there.”

The county is grappling with creating a budget for next year while trying to pay for court-ordered improvements in inmate health care that could cost $40 million annually, high labor and pension costs and an expansion of the Indio jail.

The Sheriff’s Department has the most liability costs to control. Deputies’ use of force, vehicle collisions or other incidents have produced 31 of the 51 most recent payouts of at least $1 million, Stock said.

Those payouts often go well beyond $1 million. Four times since 2014, jury awards or settlements have resulted in the county and its insurer paying at least $5 million in cases related to the Sheriff’s Department.

The county is self-insured for general and auto liability, workers’ compensation, medical malpractice, short-term disability, dental, unemployment and health insurance.

The county basically has a $3.5 million deductible on each claim. It must pay an additional $2 million after paying the first claim before insurance will kick in on subsequent claims, Stock said.

Other departments that have settled million-dollar general-liability claims include Riverside University Health System Medical Center, the Department of Public Social Services, the District Attorney’s Office and the Transportation & Land Management Agency.

“I don’t think we’re ever going to eliminate them,” said Vest, the sheriff’s chief deputy,  “but giving the county the means to dispose of them quicker and more efficiently is a huge goal.”

When the Sheriff’s Department was awarded a $577,900 grant for body-worn cameras in October 2016, part of that money was earmarked for software that will allow sheriff’s supervisors to more quickly collect information on uses of force by, and complaints against, deputies.

“It can be much more real time and much more accurate,” Vest said.

McDonnell said at the May 9 supervisors meeting, “The sheriff’s office is implementing a new tracking system which will identify officers who may be in need of some additional training in order to keep them on the straight and narrow.”

Vest, in the interview, put it differently.

By tracking trends in deputies’ actions, “It is something we are going to use to modify our existing training or create new classes,” he said.

Asked how the Sheriff’s Department could limit liability lawsuits, Vest focused on the effect of the video cameras’ role in more quickly resolving or disproving claims against the department, or disposing of them for lesser dollar amounts. Every patrol deputy is supposed to be outfitted with a camera by 2018.

Vest added that the department is creating new courses in tactical operations and trains deputies to work with mentally ill people, calm tense situations and drive more safely during pursuits.

Add this to the list of issues with Stan Sniff’s department.

May 252018

Sniff likes to claim that crime has been decreasing during his administration. However, a quick look at the numbers reveal yet another lie in hopes of convincing voters to to re-elect him.

The following numbers are for the unincorporated areas of Riverside County and were taken DOJ website. They are complete, not cherry-picked like Sniff’s fake numbers from February of 2018.

Overall violent crime has increased during the last four years.

Overall property crime has increased during the last four years.

Unlike the numbers that Sniff’s lackeys in the Riverside Press-Enterprise used in February, these numbers are infallible and complete.

The year 2014 was used as a baseline since it was the last year Sniff campaigned for reelection.

During that 2014 campaign, Sniff ran on a platform of lowering crime, increased cost savings and improved employee morale.

He can’t honestly run on any of these issues now, but he’s trying to. Take a look at the numbers and decide for yourself.

CRIME                  2014            2017        CHANGE
All Violent Crime    749             767         2.4% increase
All Property Crime 6718          7529        12% increase
All Crime              7467          8296        11.1% increase
Homicide                17               19          11.7% increase
Rape                        51              52              4% increase
Robbery                 144            167            16% increase
Aggravated assault 532           520             2% decrease
Burglary                 1972         1668        15.4% decrease
Motor Vehicle Theft 1041       1211        18.2% increase
Larceny/Theft         3705         4815        29.9% increase

Stan Sniff lied. He claimed a 10% reduction in crime that was regurgitated by the Riverside Pravda-Enterprise.

As we’ve learned, the truth is negotiable in the Sniff Regime.

May 242018

“I think the morale thing is typical nonsense that comes out election time,” said Sniff about his opponents. “When you don’t have anything else to run on, you talk about morale.”

Translation – I don’t care about Morale and neither should you.

Something like 250 Deputies have left the Riverside Sheriff’s Office since 1/1/2017. We’ve detailed at length the retaliation, selective terminations, abuses of injured employees, broken equipment, abuses of overtime, corruption, felonies, cronyism, incompetence and the like for months on this blog. Under the pressure of a campaign, even Stan Sniff is starting to tell the truth for a change.

Quote Source: ABC7