Nov 202018

Those of us that know Stan Sniff best warned everyone that he was going to burn the department down on the way out the door.

Stan Sniff directed his staff to refuse any assistance or cooperation with the transition. This is similar to the acts of vandalism by Clinton Staffers before George W Bush was inaugurated or Barack Hussein Obama’s Narcissistic Rage post 2016 election.

While Obama did things like recalling the fleets from over seas and pardoning traitors, Stan Sniff has been promoting reviled scum (my opinion and that of a lot of others) such as Christian Dekkker, Tony Pelato and moving others (like Martin Tochtrop) to choice assignments. This is being done while Sniff is fully well aware that a Sheriff Bianco can undo these moves once sworn in.

However, Sniff has made it clear no one is to lift a finger to do a positive thing for the department until Bianco is sworn in on January 8th.

All the people pictured in this photo are roadkill. Sniff is doing nothing to help any of them, despite their years of loyal service doing the bidding of the corrupt sheriff.

Three people in this photo have put in their retirement papers. A 4th, Lyndon Raymond “The Executioner” Wood is having medical issues and may be able to medically retire beyond his expected retirement.

Assistant Sheriff Kevin Vest, who is probably the most hated member of the “Second Floor” has reportedly been meddling in union contract business. (according to at least 7 sources from all over the county) Vest was to have been Stan Sniff’s choice to serve as the lame duck Sheriff so he could stomp off. The County Board of Supervisors – apparently aware of Vest’s role in attempted sabotage – told Sniff to pound sand, including John Taviglione who chose to endorse Sniff.

Upon learning that the morbidly obese Kevin Vest would not be allowed to spike his pension with a short-term promotion to Sheriff, Sniff flew off in to another of his frequent rages which resulted in giving the orders to everyone to mess everything up for the transition.

In the photo next to Vest is Chief Deputy Kubel – evidence we have suggests that Kubel was involved in railroading two whistleblowers.

The first is Tammy Smoak who was subjected to multiple instances of bona-fide harassment. PSB instead used her communications with your intrepid blogger as cause to terminate her rather than dealing with the out of control correctional deputies, Sgts and Lt’s at that jail. It is the Stan Sniff way to hose the whistleblower because terminating one person wrongly is easier than terminating a bunch of perpetrators within the ranks. It is alleged that Kubel was masterminding the cover-up.

The Second? I received a detailed letter and along with a bunch of supporting evidence that suggest there was a major time card ripoff going on at the SW Jail. People named included Sgt Mooney and at least 7 other Deputies/Corporals at the jail leaving work early, going to the gym on the clock, working overtime elsewhere while on the clock. The letter alleges a rip off totaling $115,000. If pushed, I will publish the letter in its’ entirety.

The Lt. and the Captain (Captain Nordstrom) at the SW jail/court services appear to have received a copy of the whistle-blower’s complaint as the retaliation was sudden. PSB is in the process of getting this person fired before 1/7/2019 so they can put a lid on the rip off. It is alleged that Kubel was involved in this as well.

Chief Deputy Jeff Kubel needs to be held accountable for his part in covering up the malfeasance at the SW Jail / court services.

Please note that Chief Deputy Cheryl Evans and Assistant Sheriff Jerry Guitierrez are also considered supervisory personnel for the Jails. I’ve detailed their misdeeds at some length in previous posts.

For reasons that escape me, the Riverside County DA’s office is still pursuing the prosecution of Donald Vincent Brooks. Instead of standing up for common sense, it appears that Riverside County DA Mike Hestrin is taking the easy way out allowing the prosecution to proceed despite the extraordinary Pitchess Motion that was re-heard and granted.

This is the same Riverside DA (Mike Hestrin) that could not tell the rank and file the truth – allegedly claiming that this blog as his excuse for not publicly endorsing Chad Bianco rather than admitting he was too scared to take a stand.

Remember the Deputy that Lt Mark Bostrom had arrested at the training facility that ended up testing clean for dope? Guess what, they fired her too because she had a lot of information on a lot of men in the department. It is alleged that Bostrom was able to cease her “black book” for evidence after she was arrested and handcuffed out of her car.

So given that Sniff has ordered his people to muck up the works after his attempt to promote Vest, the active role of Chief Kubel in firing one and PERS-ing a second whistleblower, vengeful promotions, the malicious prosecution of Donald Vincent Brooks, Sniff’s constant temper tantrums, appearing to be tying up loose ends,  it makes the next bit of info no surprise at all…

… it has been put to this blogger that the entire second floor are on pins and needles. Chief Horton and Raya are under 50. So is AS Vest. Chief Ford is under 50, Kubel may be as well. Misha Graves may well be under 50. They all know they will be without a paycheck until they turn 50 and can milk their bloated retirement. Sniff’s daily rages have the second floor in stasis.

Stan Sniff is seeing to it that everyone there is frozen in place, interfering with their efforts to find other employment. Sniff is also looking after himself only and has basically thrown everyone on the second floor to the wolves. If Stan Sniff is as mentally ill as I believe he is, he is probably blaming his management staff for his defeat at the ballot box.

Think it through, the management team of yes-men / butt-monkeys have been discarded by the corrupt sheriff now that they are no longer useful. Once again, your intrepid blogger called this course of action months ago. I hope all of the soon-to-be-unemployed management staff reflect on what they allowed themselves to become as they are not victims. They deserve what Sniff is doing to them, for entirely different reasons than Sniff has for doing it to them.

Sniff is only getting started, watch him retaliate against other friends. More people will be “PERS-ed”, equipment will be withheld, yellow days will continue, Bianco supporters will be forced to work holidays, budgets will be messed with, and more corrupt losers will be promoted.

Lastly, I’ve received multiple reports of shred vehicles being at the Sheriff’s Admin building. If true, what are they shredding? Records about Kevin Duffy? Records of all the harassment and malfeasance they covered up? Budget games?

Chad Bianco has basically made it clear that a lot of cover-ups were going to be re-opened. It stands to reason that the Corrupt Sheriff would be attempting to cover his tracks.

It is going to be a long 7 weeks until Sniff is finally gone.

  7 Responses to “Stan Sniff Update: (He Is Still Sheriff) Narcissistic Rage in Full Effect, Ordering Staff to Mess Up the Transition and Burning it Down on Way Out”

  1. I think they are just upset because Chad got a cake and they didn’t!

    Eggplant, you and Werges should go get them a cake!

  2. Are you surprised.? I knew this shit was going to happen and Bianco needs to get ” trucha” in English ” wise ” in organizing his OWN trusted transition team and smoke out the haters.

    Yes, the first year is going to be a bitch reconstructing the war zone left by the Cartel of Sniff but it can be done. I always wondered why ” El DEMONIO” de Sniff never had children, adopted or fostered this fucker is wicked and evil. In my opinion, I foresee, Jennifer Sniff will leave him. The demon is 70-years old, and it’s just a matter of time before he lands in a nursing home without no one to visit him, no friends, no children, no grandkids, no wife, no dogs. Just himself, his hospital bed, his wet diaper waiting for the nurse to come by, wipe his butt and change his diaper. That’s it.

  3. Mark 8:36- What does it profit a man to gain the whole world, yet forfeit his soul?

    Mark 13:5- Jesus began by telling them, “See to it that no one deceives you.”

    1 Corinthians 15:33-Do not be deceived: “Bad company corrupts good character.”

    Despite the fact that they knew what was right and wrong, they chose wrong. Now they must reap what they sowed.

    Admin sowed sorrow upon many people in the name of Stanley and the Department. Now that same sorrow has come back 10 fold. You can not keep your misdeeds from the light. The light will always overcome the darkness. And thank God, the people of Riverside County saw through Stanley’s lies and smear campaign.

    If only all of the misdeeds by this administration were to be looked into for criminal conduct. I wonder how much time they would get. Mike Corona, and Lee Back just added a third wheel, named Stanley Sniff.

  4. Steve Kusy, Danny Young, Steve Favero, Tony Pelato, Christian Decker, Josh Adams, and Mike Cornett, I wonder what Bianco is going to do with this group of cock suckers who only got promoted because they sucked off Stan.

    I truly hope that Bianco can do what he has told the SW STN Deps. Ie new uniforms, new tattoo police, no pers for TC and help move the dept into the 21st century. BIANCO, remember who your friends are and remember those that only sucked sniffs junk to get where they are.

    Further, if another city in a different county refuses to take a report and calls it civil, how can Cornett arrest Brooks? How do you even file an aod for SB county at SW Court. This is a trumped up bs case. Brooks conduct may have been unbecoming, but never criminal.

  5. Jeff Kubel is damaged goods, as the Captain at the Southwest Station, a Lt. came to him wanting to demote a Sergeant who was a substandard performer. This Sergeant was a FOS (Friend of the Sheriff), so Kubel compromised his principles as a manager, and ordered the Lt. to give this questionable sergeant a good evaluation, and this sergeant was subsequently promoted to Lt. If Jeff Kubel can compromise his principles on this issue, what other issues of integrity has he also compromised on?

  6. Sniff is a scumbag

  7. In addition to this information it’s appalling that Sergeant Mooney is now out on worker’s comp for alleged heart issues. Maybe the idea of getting caught working out at the department’s gym everyday was stressing him out. This is another way of him giving the county and the department a double F U. What a way to avoid his personnel investigation and show gratitude to the all the slime bags who have successfully protected him up to this point.

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